Product Liability Library This online library includes federal cases annotated by theredman


									Product Liability Library

This online library includes federal cases,
annotated statutes, rules, administrative materials,
and timely reports of current developments

The Library’s biggest benefit is that you can find specific
references that an opinion-only search might miss – because
every point of law has an assigned West Key Number based on
case concepts, not just case language.

This comprehensive library also includes the following treatises
and texts:

-   Products Liability Texts and Periodicals
-   Alabama Law of Damages
-   American Law of Products Liability 3d
-   Automobile Design Liability 3d
-   Am Jur Proof of Facts – Products Liability
-   Am Jur Trials – Products Liability
-   Au Jur Pleading and Practice Forms – Products Liability
-   American Law Reports – Products Liability
-   Causes of Action – Products Liability
-   Consumer Product Safety Information
-   Crashworthiness Litigation
-   Expert Witness Resumes
-   Lawyer Desk Reference 8th Edition
-   The Legal List: Research on the Internet
-   Mass Tort Litigation
-   Madden & Owen on Products Liability
-   New York Products Liability 2d
-   Pattern of Discovery: Products Liability 3D
-   Pattern of Discovery Tort Actions 3rd Edition
-   Pattern Deposition Checklists
-   Products Liability Advisory
-   Toxic Torts: A complete Personal Injury Guide

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