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									Australian Boss: Diamond Ring
Author: Jennie Adams

Ever since Fiona Donner breezed into Brent MacKay's office with her sunny smile, bouncy enthusiasm
and infectious laughter she's turned his ordered world topsy-turvy.The attraction zings between them, and
Brent believes that Fiona may be the woman to finally release his fears—and the secret he's lived with his
whole life.Only then can he put a sparkly ring on her finger...
Author Bio
Jennie Adams
Jennie's first attempt to become a writer at age four involved sneaking off to go to school with her older
siblings. Unfortunately, those efforts were foiled by a very small tricycle, three-and-a-half very long miles
of dirt road between her and the school, and a vigilant mother who could drive faster than Jennie could
pedal.At age eleven, Jennie conducted her first love affair—on paper, of course. Sadly, that relationship
was not to be. Jennie buried her disappointment in several years of poetry writing. Her English mistress
said (perhaps more kindly than truthfully), that Jennie's work showed promise.Life as a farm girl included
twice weekly classical piano lessons, the occasional terrifying eisteddfod (a competitive festival of the
arts), egg fights, billy-cart races, and Jennie and her siblings begging their Dad to let them run through
the empty sheep dip (in their defense, they were very young at the time).Jennie walked straight out of her
years of schooling into a bank job. There, she learned that there is no automatic carriage return on a
ledger machine, a trans-coding machine will blow up if you use it continuously for several hours, and a
waste bin full of carbon paper burns very quickly. After some time on the road as a relief bank officer
(truly, it had nothing to do with the unfortunate incidents mentioned above), Jennie discovered her real-life
hero and fell instantly in love. On their first date they agreed they were going to get married—and they've
been together ever since.Her first real "story" was written whilst raising two babies. Sadly, there didn't
seem to be much of a market for the tale of a cartoon possum who enjoyed retail shopping.While Jennie
shifted from at-home-mother to secretary, to piano teacher and numerous other jobs, the desire to write
grew and grew until, when her children were in primary school and Jennie was working part-time as a
Church secretary, she signed up for a correspondence writing course and began to write and submit h

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