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									                                         The Grapevine

               Sharing Information from the Manassas Senior Day Program
                         7757 Ashton Ave., Manassas, Va. 20109
                           Phone Number-703-792-4034 Fax 703-792-4035
                                        May 2007
           April in Review
Tea with Carolyn Frey
Carolyn Frey, the Prince William County        Evelyn B. helped a group of participants
volunteer of the quarter, treated the MSDP     make egg salad with the left over boiled
participants to a lovely spring tea. She set   eggs. Everyone helped to peel and wash
the tables with red linen tablecloths and      the eggs. Evelyn added the pepper, relish,
embroidered white napkins.        She used     and mayonnaise. It was a delicious
antique china cups and saucers. The menu       afternoon snack.
included, lemon poppy crumpets, cream
puffs, assorted creamed cheese, and
crackers served with spiced apple tea.
What a repast the seniors enjoyed! Each
participant took home a decoupage egg.
She donated two adorable stuffed lambs for
bingo prizes.

Spring Celebration
During circle of care, the participants dyed
eggs beautiful shades of the blue, pink,
yellow, and green. They looked like a
spring garden when they were displayed in
a basket. The participants shared memories
of coloring eggs with their children and                Netta and Oliver
grandchildren. Many remembered hiding
the baskets for the children to find. They     Therapy Dogs        Visit   Senior    Day
discussed     meal     preparation,    house
cleaning, the excitement of family and
                                               Therapy Dogs International, Inc. is a
visitors coming home for the holiday. Each
                                               volunteer organization, which tests and
person took several eggs home.
                                               certifies dogs as suitable for pet therapy.
                                               The organization operates in all 50 states.
                                               A certified TDI evaluator tests the dogs’
behaviors and temperaments. The dogs             Cinco de Mayo
must get a good bill of health as well as be     Cinco de Mayo is a national holiday
up to date with inoculations.         Once the   celebrating a Mexican victory over the
dogs meet all the requirements, they are         French. The poorly equipped, outnumbered
able to schedule regular visits to nursing       Mexican army defeated Napoleon’s army.
homes, hospitals, adult day, or any place a      The day program will celebrate with music,
little extra love and attention is needed.       dance, food, and drink. If your senior has
                                                 memorabilia from Mexico, please have him
In April, TDI handler Kathleen Hurst brought     bring it on Friday.
her corgi, Oliver for two visits. Shirley Way
brought Bouncer for a pet therapy session.       Celebration of Mothers (Apron Week)
The dogs did tricks. They begged, rolled         The weekly theme for May 7-11 will be
over, spoke, and batted a toy. They were         aprons. Please send in an apron from the
both such sweet, well-behaved dogs. The          past. If there is a special story associated
seniors     were    grateful   to   TDI    for   with the apron, write it on a card and send it
volunteering to share their dogs with the        in also.
Manassas program.
                                                 On Friday May 11, the seniors will
Special Daily Events                             reminisce about their mothers as well as
      Monday- Home Arts, Weight                  the joys of parenthood. The day will begin
Training, Remember When, Weight                  with a special pancake breakfast.    There
                                                 will be an afternoon tea with finger
                                                 sandwiches and cookies.
      Tuesday-Small Group Activities,
Creative Circle, Choir, Flexibility and
Balance Training,
      Wednesday- Weight Training,                Sweet Sixteen 50’s Celebration
                                                 The Manassas Senior Day Program turns 16
Bingo, Circle Ball
                                                 this year. On May 16, families and friends
      Thursday- Creative Cooking,                are invited to an open house from 2-4 to
Men’s Club, Circle of Care with Mary             celebrate the 16th birthday. The theme of
      Friday –TGIF Bingo, Weight                 the party will be the 50’s. Participants,
Training, Movie and Popcorn Day,                 visitors, and staff should dress in a 50’s
Nail Care, Life Stories                          costume and come prepared to jitterbug!

             May Highlights                      Older Americans’ Month/Picnic
                                                 May is older Americans’ month. The
May 4       Cinco de Mayo
                                                 seniors will celebrate by attending a picnic
May 11      Celebrating Mothers                  at the Manassas Senior Center on May 24.
May 15      The Happy Hoofers                    They will participate in the festivities
May 16      Sweet Sixteen Party                  from10:30am until 1:30pm. Please make
            (2:00 – 4:00)                        sure your senior is dressed appropriately.
May 24      Annual Senior Picnic                 Apply sunscreen at home and send in
                                                 sunglasses and a hat. There will be musical
            (10:00 - 1:30)
                                                 entertainment. The Happy Hoofers will
May 28      Center closed for                    dance. Permission slips need to be filled
            Memorial Day                         out ahead of time. Transportation will be
           May Special Events                    provided.

Program Information                             In Memoriam
                                                Eddie A. will always be remembered for his
Memorial Day Holiday                            enthusiasm for life. He loved to play cards,
The senior center will close on Monday,         put puzzles together, and sing like Frank
May 28 for the Memorial Day holiday. It will    Sinatra. He had been a regular attendee of
reopen on May 29.                               MSDP.
Please drive carefully if you plan on
traveling.                                      Methral A. passed away in April. She had
                                                attended the program in 2006. She will be
Hats, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen                 remembered for her sense of humor, the
On beautiful days, seniors will go outside      stories she told, and her love for her little
for a walk. Please make sure your family        dog, Pierre.
member has sunglasses and hat. Please
apply sunscreen at home. Regulations            Geneva G. died in April. She had attended
prohibit staff from applying without a          the program in 2005. She will be
doctor’s order.                                 remembered for her poetry, her sense of
                                                humor, and her kindness to others.
        Participants’ Corner                    Patricia R., Wenona’s granddaughter, and
May Birthdays                                   Betty’s daughter, died unexpectedly in
May 14    Edward F.                             April. Our thoughts and prayers are with
May 17    Peggy M.                              the family through this difficult time.
May 20    Kay G.
                                                Thank you to the following members
Goodbyes                                        of our family or community for the
Best wishes to Sophie Z. and her family.        following   contributions  to  the
We wish her a wonderful stay with her           program…
daughter. We look forward to her return in
                                                    •   To Carolyn Frey for supplying all the
several months.
                                                        food and decorations for a spring
Maria Verry, from George Mason, has
                                                    •   To Helen Kren for the delicious
finished her internship and will graduate in
                                                        dessert she made for the program
May. We thank her for all she did for the
                                                        staff and participants.
                                                    •   To Suzie and Paul for the pictures,
                                                        bingo prizes, and wonderful orange
Welcome                                                 and chocolate cake.
It is with pleasure that we welcome Alice C.,       •   To Betsy for the bag of bingo prizes.
Ed H., Jim C., and Daniel V. to the MSDP.           •   To Gloria and Evelyn for the
Welcome to all the families.                            beautiful pictures and game board.
                                                    •   To Michael Henry for the 5 pairs of
Get Well Wishes                                         scissors.
Get well wishes are sent to Lucille H. We           •   To Mary Kren for the new scissors.
hope she feels better soon-everyone                 •   To Melissa Slater for the 4 bags of
misses her!                                             VHS tapes.
                                                    •   To Deborah for the flower seeds
                                                    •   To Eddie Avila’s family and friends
                                                        for the $125 donations for the
                                                        program in his memory.

  Helen Kren’s Angel Food Dessert                       Manassas, VA 20109
Ingredients you will need:                   Leader and information:
1 large or 2 medium angel food cakes         Mary Kren 703-792-4034
1 large 16 ounce Cool Whip (lite is ok)
2 Knox gelatin envelops                      Manassas Senior Day Program Staff
1 8 ounce Cream Cheese (1 20 ounce can       Shirley Gibson, RN – Program Coordinator
Crushed Pineapple                            Kathy Anderson – Recreation Specialist
6 Tbsp. conf. sugar                          Connie Deskins, CHA – Health Aide
1-cup milk                                   Deborah Slater, CHA – Health Aide
1.     To begin get one large or 2 medium    Mary Kren, RN – Health Aide
pans lightly greased.                        Kay Gibson, RN – Health Aide
2.     Cube cake: (one inch cubes) into      Michael Henry-Van Driver
large mixing bowl and set aside.             Dorothy Caldwell, CNA –Health Aide
3.     Mix 2 pkgs. Knox gelatin in 1/2 cup   Sidra Arshad-Health Aide
cold water to dissolve. Add one cup          Kathy Keim-Volunteer
HOT water until completely dissolved. Let    Gesela Ribas- Volunteer
cool.                                        Betsy Russell-Volunteer
4.     In large mixing bowl combine soft
cream cheese, 6 Tbsp. conf. sugar.           Francis M.   Volunteer Office Volunteer
5.     Add Pineapple with juice, milk and    Emma W.      Volunteer Helper
Cool whip. Mix all.                          Lillian R.   Volunteer Program Assistant
6.     Fold in cubed cake.
7.     Pour mixture into pan (s) and                          May Menu
refrigerate.                                 Tue     May 1     Steak and Peppers
Can cover with saran wrap in 1-2 hours.      Wed     May 2     Stuffed Manicotti
Can be made 1-2 days ahead and keeps         Thurs   May 3     Chicken Salad
well.                                        Fri     May 4     Special Luncheon
   8. CUT INTO SQUARES and serve with
        choice of toppings: Cherries,        Mon     May 7      Beef Stew
        Strawberries, or Blueberries.        Tue     May 8      Chicken Cordon Bleu
                                             Wed     May 9      Tuna Salad
                Wish List                    Thurs   May 10     Veal Parmesan
Bingo Prizes                                 Fri     May 11     Salmon Patties
Garden plants for the outdoor container
Musical Entertainer       Arts and Crafts    Mon     May 14     Scrambled Eggs
Supplies                                     Tue     May 15     Stuffed Peppers
Assorted Paper            Used Computer      Wed     May 16     Steak and Cheese
                                             Thurs   May 17     Chicken A La King
                                             Fri     May 18     Baked Fish
       Support Group Meetings
Alzheimer’s Association Support Group
                                             Mon May 21         BBQ Pork
meets twice a month at the following times
                                             Tue May 22         Hot Dogs
and locations:
                                             Wed May 23         To be Announced
                                             Thurs May 24       Picnic
May 18 from 7:30pm-9:00pm at:
                                             Fri   May 25       Pizza
            Caton-Merchant House
           9201 Portner Avenue
                                             Mon May 28         Center closed
           Manassas, VA 20110
                                             Tue   May 29       Chicken Chow Mien
May 25 from 4:00p.m.-5:00p.m. at: PWAAA
                                             Wed May 30         Heart Healthy Lunch
            North/Central Office
                                             Thurs May 31     Spaghetti and Meat Sauce
     7987 Ashton Avenue, Suite 231
                                        May 2007 Calendar-Manassas Senior Day Program
MONDAY                          TUESDAY                              WEDNESDAY                     THURSDAY                          FRIDAY
themes                          1                                    2                             3                                 4
Week 1- Cinco de Mayo                9:30   Sliders                      9:30   Tin Can Alley       9:30    Name that Tune            9:30 Baseball
                                    11:15   Creative Circle              1:30   Chair Dancing      11:15    Creative Cooking/Men’s   11:15 TGIF Bingo
Week 2 Mothers and Aprons            1:30   Rhythm Band                  2:00   Bingo              Club                               1:30 Hockey
                                     2:00   Small Group Activities       2:45   Ping Pong Bounce    1:30    Volleyball                2:30-3:30 Cinco de mayo
Week 3 Babies                        2:30   Three Throw                  3:30   Weights/ROM/Ball    2:00    Circle of Care/Mary      Celebration
                                     3:15   Flexibility and ROM          4:00   Discussion Group    3:30    Flexibility and ROM       3:30 ROM/ Weights/Ball
Week 4 Picnics and Memorial          4:00   Discussion Group             4:30   21-(Dice Toss)      4:00    Word Game                 4:00 Nail Care/TLC/Ball
Day                                  4:30   Bean Bag Toss                                           4:30    Dominoes                  4:30 Life Stories

7                               8                                    9                             10                                11
 9:30   Shuffleboard                  9:30 Horseshoes                 9:30      Ping Pong Bounce    9:30    Bowling                    9:00 Mother’s Day Breakfast
11:15   Senior Choir                11:15 Creative Circle            11:15      Circle Ball        11:15    Creative Cooking/Men’s     9:30 Ring Toss
11:45   Trivia                       1:30 Rhythm Band                 1:30      Chair Dancing      Club                               11:15 Horseshoes
 1:30   Parachute and Trivia         2:00 Small Group                  2:00     Bingo                1:30   Volleyball                 1:30 Parachute and Trivia
 2:00   Home Arts               Activities                             2:45     Baseball             2:00   Circle of Care/Mary        2:00-3:30 Remembering
 2:30   Skee Ball                    2:30 Target Bean Bag              3:30     Weights/ROM          3:30   Flexibility and ROM      Mother’s Day-Tea
 3:30   Weights and ROM         Toss                                   4:00     Discussion Group     4:00   Word Game                  3:30 ROM/ Weights
 4:00   Remember When                3:30 Flexibility and ROM          4:30     Skee ball            4:30   Puzzles                    4:00 Nail Care/TLC/Ball
 4:30   Ring Toss                    4:00 Discussion Group                                                                             4:30 Life Stories
                                     4:30 Tin Can Alley
14                              15                                   16                            17                                18
 9:30   Target Bean Bag Toss      9:30 Sliders                         9:30 Three Throw              9:30   Musical Bingo              9:30   Yogi Bean Bag Toss
10:30   The Chimers              10:30 Happy Hoofers                  11:15 Circle Ball             11:15   Creative Cooking/Men’s   11:15    TGIF Bingo
11:15   Senior Choir             11:15 Creative Circle                 1:30 Rhythm Band            Club                               1:30    Volleyball
11:45   Word Game                  1:30 Chair Dancing                  2:00-4:00 Sweet Sixteen       1:30   Chair Exercise             2:00   Movie and Popcorn
 1:30   Hockey                     2:00 Small Group Activities       Open House                      2:00   Circle of Care/Mary        3:30   ROM/Weights
 2:00   Home Arts                  2:30 Bowling                        4:00 Weights/ROM/Ball         3:30   Flexibility and ROM        4:00   Nail Care/TLC/Darts
 2:30   Basketball                 3:30 Flexibility and ROM            4:30 Discussion Group         4:00   Story and Discussion       4:30   Life Stories
 3:30   Weights and ROM            4:00 Remember When                                                4:30   Game of Choice
 4:00   Remember When              4:30 Horseshoes
 4:30   Ring Toss
 21                             22                                   23                            24                                25
 9:30    Tin Can Alley            9:30      Baseball                  9:30      Shuffleboard          9:30 Name That Tune             9:30    Game of Choice
11:15    Senior Choir            11:15      Creative Circle          11:15      Circle Ball         11:15 Creative Cooking/Men’s     11:15    TGIF Bingo
11:45    Word Game                 1:30     Hockey                    1:30      Volleyball         Club                               1:30    Chair Dancing
 1:30    Parachute and Trivia      2:00     Small Group Activities     2:00     Bingo                12:30 May Birthday Party         2:00    Movie and Popcorn
 2:00    Home Arts                 2:30     Shuffleboard               2:45     Sliders                1:30 Rhythm Band               3:30    ROM/ Weights
 2:30    21-Dice Toss              3:15     Flexibility and ROM        3:30     Weights/ROM/Ball       2:00 Circle of Care/Mary       4:00    Nail Care/TLC/
 3:30    Weights and ROM           4:00     Discussion Group           4:00     Discussion Group       3:30 Flexibility and ROM       4:30    Life Stories
 4:00    Remember When             4:30     Skee Ball                  4:30     Ring Toss              4:00 Story and Discussion
 4:30    Ping Pong Bounce                                                                              4:30 Bunco

28                              29                                   30                            Daily AM Schedule                  Daily PM Schedule
                                  9:30      Basketball                9:30      Ring Toss          7:00 Coffee, Puzzles, News        12:00 Lunch
                                 11:15      Creative Circle          11:15      Circle Ball        7:30 Morning News/Small           1:00 Music Relaxation or
                                   1:30     Volleyball                1:30      Chair Exercise     Group Activity                    Cognitive
                                   2:00     Small Group Activities     2:00     Bingo              8:15 Morning Snack                3:15 Snack
                                   2:30     Three Throw                2:45     Game of Choice     9:15 Morning Walk and             3:45 Current Events
                                   3:15     Flexibility and ROM        3:30     Weights/ROM/Ball   Greeting                          5:00 Reading, Talking, Music
        Memorial Day Holiday       4:00     Discussion Group           4:00     Discussion Group   10:00 Cognitive/Morning Talk
           Center Closed           4:30     Croquet                    4:30     Puzzles            10:30 AM Fitness Fun

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