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St Nicholas Parish Church Prestwick Newsletter October 2009


									St Nicholas Parish


  October 2009
Dear Friends,

We are back into the swing of things as the summer is well and truly past and the
autumn, and a new session is upon us. As I write this newsletter we have just
finished our parish visitation and I would like to say a word of thanks to all those who
were involved to the Mission Committee and particularly Pam Ellis and Isobel Fisher
for their organisation, and to the many visitors who went out in the name of the
church and of Jesus to knock on doors. It is never an easy task to go knock doors
and especially in the first week when the rain was torrential; the folk who went out in
such terrible conditions deserve a special commendation. It is good for us to be
involved in the parish and to let people see that we have some sort of concern for
them and that they might just realise that they are actually in the parish of St.
Nicholas Church. I think it is good for us as a church to be in the habit of going out
beyond the walls of our church and making representation to our community. I also
honestly believe that many people, even though they never darken the door of our
church, are glad to see us going out and undertaking a visitation.
Things are changing in Prestwick and we will be seeing the departure of the minister
of Monkton & Prestwick North Church, Rev Arthur Christie, as he goes off to pastures
new to be minister of Anstruther and Cellardyke in the Kingdom of Fife. I am sure he
will be greatly missed by his congregation and by the town as a whole, for all the
work that he has undertaken in the tenor so years he has been with us. We wish
Arthur and Grace God’s lessing as they start a new chapter in their ministry in
  hrist’s church.
One of the things that is ongoing in the church is the flower ministry where flowers
are in the church every Sunday. We are grateful for those who regularly donate, or
arrange or deliver flowers on a fairly regular basis. We are fortunate on many
occasions to have flowers left for the church service after weddings. After the service
the flowers are distributed to those who are perhaps ill or elderly, or had a
bereavement or perhaps just need something to brighten their day. The gift of flowers
can really be a great joy to those who receive them and I would say thank you for
your help and support in this work. If you would like to be involved then the flower list
is on the notice board in the corridor and you can leave your name and telephone
number on the list. You can either donate or arrange or help with the delivery, any or
all. I might make an appeal particularly for help with the delivery as it is something
that can be done quite easily, but at present is something that I am finding myself
more and more involved with Sunday by Sunday.
We look forward to our Harvest Thanksgiving at the end of this month and another
Family Service. We really are so blessed at St. Nicholas to have so many young
people in our church and, to have so many people who regularly attend morning
worship, apart from being a great blessing it is an encouragement to me and a
testimony to people who visit St Nicholas to see such a vibrant worshipping

Your servant in Christ,

                                                       the Church. A few of these photos are now on
                                                       our own church website.
                                                       As not everyone has access to our website, we
                                                       are setting up a wall board in the old hall where
                                                       we will share information and photographs for
                                                       those who are interested in finding out more.
                                                       Our Women’s Guild has written to the Phiri
                                                       Women’s Guild in the hope of building
                                                       friendships and support systems. The
                                                       Women’s Guild in Phiri is instrumental in ‘care
                                                       in the community’ and, as such, we wish to
                                                       provide them with spiritual and practical
                                                       Malawi is desperately poor and sadly lacking in
                                                       even basic health care - almost nine million
                                                       children die every year before reaching their
                                                       fifth birthday. The situation very much requires
                                                       our prayers as well as our tangible support so
                                                       we encourage you to please remember the
                                                       people, and their state of affairs, in your
                                                       prayers. Please check the website
Coffee After Church                                    (
We are very please to advise that the                  malawi_intro.htm) or contact any member of
donations received at our Coffee After Church          the committee if you would like any further
over a six months period amounted to over              information about this initiative.
All money received (after expenses) will be            Sandra McCall (Chair)
divided equally between Malawi and
Blythswood, and we have sent £250 to both.
Thank you all for your support, and hope you           Sunday School
continue to enjoy your time of fellowship.
                                                        Hello again,
Bob Smillie                                            What a great start to our new session - all
                                                       those children and haven’t they all have grown
                                                       over the Summer!
Malawi Committee                                       We are now just settling in to our tasks for this
Things have remained busy for the Malawi               new session - and already it’s October! Time
Committee over the last month or so.                   certainly does not stand still where the Sunday
We continue to work closely with The Against           School is concerned an on the premise that
Malaria Foundation and the District Health             time flies when you are happy then… we are
Manager for the Nkhata Bay District of                 having a ball!! Being happy in no way detracts
Northern Malawi, to establish the most effective       from the important work that our teachers and
way to implement a malaria prevention                  helpers are doing - in fact it is part of our
programme. This is a long term project through         philosophy “of learning the Bible can be fun.”
which we hope to provide long lasting
insecticidal mosquito nets and a carefully             In the next newsletter I will give you more
monitored local programme for correct use and          specific information on our lessons.
We have also been in contact with two nursing          We had our first Activity Sunday School a few
lecturers from Inverness College who visited           weeks ago and although it was a holiday
Phiri Church during their sponsored cycle              weekend a large number of children (22 in all)
through Northern Malawi during the summer.             received their Christian instruction in an
They have helped us to pinpoint it on the map,         informal way under Andrea Hammond with
confirmed conditions there, and even brought           help from Robert (Andrea’s husband), Clare
back some photographs of Rev Chimembe and
Fraser and Irene Holt. A great time was had by             looking for a volunteer – or a few volunteers to
all.                                                       form a rota – who would be willing to spare
                                                           these two hours, from 7-9pm, on a Wednesday
                                                           night. If you feel you could help, please speak
Andrea has asked me to pass on this message
                                                           to George or contact Laura at church or via
to you –
Activity Sunday School is calling all                      email on
helpers!! Would you like to be part of the                 By the time this issue is printed we will have
Activity Sunday School Team? We are                        returned from our weekend away to Barcaple
planning a get together meeting to discuss                 Adventure Centre. At the moment, we are
how best to approach the Sunday School                     looking forward to this with great anticipation.
during the holiday periods so if you are                   With 15 of us sharing in this adventure
interested in being part of it then please call            together, it promises to be a great weekend!
Andrea Hammond on 471176. (Don't worry -
we won't throw you in at the deep end!).                   It’s only with the valued assistance of you, the
                                                           congregation, that we are able to provide such
                                                           opportunities for our young people and I wish
Finally, the Calendar for the Session 09-10 is             to thank you, once again, for your support. Our
on page 7 of the newsletter. Please note our               last fundraiser – soup after church on Sunday
end date is 27th June – a week later than usual.           13th – raised £170 which has greatly aided us
                                                           in covering costs for this weekend. Many
Keith Lyons (Superintendent)                               thanks go to all those who showed up to
                                                           support this venture, as well as to those who
☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺                                                 took the time to cook and prepare the soups.
                                                           Your efforts do not go unnoticed.
                                                           With many thanks,

In:Spire Youth Update:                                     Laura Bridge
Youth activities have continued in their usual             Youth Worker
flow since our last update, with those in S1 and
above meeting on:
Sundays @ 10am, for Bible Class
Sundays @ 6pm, for a time of musical worship
Sundays @ 7-9pm, for youth group                           Astley Youth Band Concert
Wednesdays @ 7-9pm, for youth club                         The concert by Astley Youth Band on 29th
                                                           August raised the sum of £555 which will be
Numbers have continued to increase since the               donated to Blythswood Care. Sincere thanks to
start of the new school year and we now see                all who contributed to the success of this event.
approximately 15 young people meeting
together each Sunday night. Things are very
lively and very loud! Amongst all the bustle and           St Nicholas Outreach
activity, we have been exploring issues of
identity and where our faith fits in to this. It has       Thanks to the continuing generosity of
been really encouraging to hear the young                  yourselves, a sum of £2000 has been donated
people opening up and grappling with some of               to Blythswood this year. This sum has been
these issues.                                              raised through events, coffee after church and
                                                           the Humber van. The committee is also grateful
Wednesday nights have also grown and                       for the donation of £3203.65 sent to
continue to provide a more informal session in             Blythswood directly from the Centenary Fund.
which our young people meet together to chat,
entertain themselves with various games and                Bryce Wilson
activities, and generally enjoy each other’s               (Secretary)
company. With numbers increasing, we now
find ourselves in need of some fresh adult
blood to assist us by simply spending these
2hours in the young people’s company. We’re
Financial Report                                        Thank You
For several months now our collections have             I would like to thank everyone for their loving
been falling well behind budget and at the              kindness during my recent stay in hospital. All
beginning of September offerings totaling               your prayers, cards, gifts and flowers were very
£59,636 were some £1,700 down on the                    much appreciated and your visits were so
corresponding period of 2008. Comparison with           enjoyable and a great source of
last year, however, may be misleading when              encouragement to me.
the many Centenary events, special services
and an increased number of visitors no                  With love
doubted resulted in higher than usual offerings.
Another reason for the decrease in giving will          Nancy Borland
have been the ‘Credit Crunch’ which will have
had an effect on members’ savings, investment           Thank You
income and employment.
                                                        We would like to thank our many friends in St
Whatever the reasons for the shortfall the trend        Nicholas Church for all the flowers, cards and
is worrying and will be monitored closely for the       expressions of good will received on the
remainder of the year when more definite                occasion of our Golden Wedding on 12th
action will be taken if the situation has not           September. We feel greatly blessed for all the
improved.                                               love shown towards us from our Church family
                                                        here in St Nicholas. Many thanks to you all.
Apart from the above, however, other aspects
of our finances are in good order - income from         Alan and Nina McGregor
other sources (weddings, hire of halls etc.,) is
ahead of last year, expenditure is being                Thank You
contained generally within budget and our               I would like to give a big thank you for all the
reserves were greatly increased in May by a             prayers, cards, gifts and thoughts that came
generous legacy of £46,000 from the late Miss           my way after my operation. I am feeling much
Hanson.                                                 better and will be heading back up to Aberdeen
The latter funds have gone a long way to                for uni life.
replacing the substantial outlay on the vestibule
last year. It is also relevant to record the            The flowers from the church were a nice
excellent continued support, financial and              surprise and brightened my morning. I would
practical, given by the congregation to outreach        like to thank Mr Fiddes for being able to look at
projects such as Blythswood and Malawi.                 my swollen face as he delivered them as I
                                                        know that can't have been a nice sight to see.
Bill Jackson    Treasurer
                                                        I hope I will be back down in Prestwick soon
Thank You                                               and see you all.
On behalf of the Renovare Group I am writing
to thank you for the wonderful donation of £250         A Big Thank You once again,
received from the “Coffee After Church” fund.           Rachel Forbes xxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks to those in our congregation who
provide and support this enjoyable time after           Shoebox Appeal 2009
morning worship and contribute so generously            Our final “event” for 2009 is the annual
to the fund, we in turn are able to continue to         shoebox appeal and appreciation is expressed
support the Presbytery initiative to Malawi             in anticipation of any contribution you can
through our “Moment for Malawi” appeal.                 make. A leaflet accompanies this newsletter
Everyone’s generosity continues to encourage            with details on it, which is similar to before.
us and is greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,                                           Best Wishes

Janette Morrison                                        Bryce Wilson (Secretary)
Guild                                                  No personal explanation from God ever seems
                                                       to be forthcoming for inexplicable adverse
The Guild meets every Thursday at 2.15pm in            experience which befalls a Christian, not for
the Old Hall. It was good to welcome back              Job, not for Joseph, not for the blind man in
familiar faces at our opening meeting and to           John 9, not for Paul; only an assurance that
welcome some who have just joined us. If you           ‘My grace is sufficient for thee’.
are free on a Thursday afternoon why not
come along? If you are a bit shy bring a friend        Basing counsel and advice, however well-
and just make your way towards the noise and           meaning and sound, on appearances is
laughter.                                              inappropriate. We neither see the full picture
Here are some dates for your diary                     nor know the whole story. The words of Jesus
Thursday 8th October Mauchline Ware, Mr J              to Peter: What I do thou knowest not now’ are
McGhee                                                 very relevant to these situations and so it is
Thursday 15th October Mr Robin McGinlay will           dangerous to presume.
give us hints about Fire Prevention.                   What is made clear is that this – and related
Thursday 22nd October Mary’s Meals – bringing          human experiences of a similar nature – are
much needed help to the under privileged               not divine punishments but in fact divine
Thursday 29th October Mrs Julie Shaw shares            demonstrations. God Himself initiated this
her experiences of The Great Wall of China             incident by ‘boasting’ about Job’s
Thursday 5th November Guild Lunch. This                righteousness to Satan. He had confidence in
takes place in the New Hall at 12.15pm for             Job and twice removed the protective barriers
12.30pm. One of our own members, Mr Howell             to let Satan attack him.
Jones is our speaker this year and the title of
his talk is “With a Bible in the Balkans”              The church and individual Christians are God’s
                                                       demonstration models in a fallen world. Isaiah
Advance Notice Our Annual Morning Market               talks of ‘a people planted by the Lord for the
will take place on Saturday 14th November from         display of His splendour’ and Paul says in
10am until 12noon. Tickets will be on sale in          Ephesians that the wisdom of God is made
the near future.                                       manifest by the church’, just as Jesus Himself
                                                       was the ‘express image of His person’. It is part
                                                       of the cosmic purpose of God and He depends
                                                       on ‘faithful witnesses’.
                     Unlocking the
                                                       The key to such experiences is trust. It is not
                     Bible (25)                        the justification or explanation of adversity but
                     Praise the Lord O my soul:        how we respond to it and behave during it.
                     The Books of Experience           Paradoxically, although naturally seeking relief
                                                       and some explanation, deep down Job knew -
The first of the “Books of Experience” outlined
                                                       and trusted, as expressed in the declaration: I
last month is the Book of Job with its strange
                                                       know that my Redeemer liveth and though He
story of undeserved deprivation and suffering
                                                       slay me, yet I will trust Him.
confounded by the lack of opportunity to
defend his cause and further aggravated by             In the end, all was restored. Though he
inappropriate ‘advice’ from his friends. But the       suffered devastation - of possessions and
book, unlike the experience, provides the              health - he lost nothing but gained so much in
context and with it the explanation of what is         experience and assurance. And God was
happening, and why.                                    vindicated.
At face value, Job is suffering unjustly and           That is an encouragement as we face the
expresses the equivalent of, “Why is this              rigours of seeking to live righteous lives in our
happening to me, I don’t deserve it and want           contexts: families, home, neighbourhoods,
an explanation.” Yet, that is precisely what he        work, even ‘church’, knowing that we are part
is not given, neither during the experience, or        of God’s great and deliberate experiment of
later when it is all over.                             entrusting believers to respond in such a way
                                                       that speaks of His glory, continuing the
So, what can we learn from this remarkable
                                                       effective ministry of Jesus on earth. It is not
book? Here are some suggestions.
                                                       only the heavens that declare the glory of God,
but also human believers as they constitute the
‘church which is His body’. What a privilege;
                                                        Church Office
and what a responsibility. Job’s only real              The Church office is operating from the
mistake was to become too self-important, an            Crawford Room, and the opening hours are
attribute that merited the rebuke of God at the         10.00am to 12.00noon Monday, Tuesday,
end. We have the added example of Jesus,                Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The telephone
’meekly enduring sorrow’ as our inspiration to          number is 01292 671547 and the e-mail
be ‘faithful witnesses’ in whatever situations we       address
find ourselves in or what circumstances we are
called to encounter and respond to.                     Intimations
                                                        If you wish to have an intimation added to the
Coffee after Church                                     weekly Order of Service, please send the
Volunteers are required for October and                 details by e-mail to
November.                                      or contact
Please add your name against the dates you              the Church office.
are available to the sheet on the notice board.
                                                        All intimations should be submitted at the latest
                                                        by the Friday prior to the Sunday you require
Biggart Hospital                                        the intimation to be announced.
The Biggart Hospital urgently needs
volunteers. Can you spare 3 hours a month to
work in their cafe, shop, or take the trolley
                                                        Newsletter Articles
round the wards?                                        Please be advised that any
If you are interested, please contact Alison            articles for the church
Craig on 01292 479954.                                  newsletter should be
                                                        submitted by e-mail,
                                                        whenever possible. Please
Church Newsletter                                       forward articles for the
We need another person to distribute the                newsletter to the following e-mail address
church newsletters. If you are able help, please
contact Kenneth or Helen Johnston on 01292
471980.                                                 All articles must be submitted by the 20th of the
CD Recordings
Recordings of the Church Newsletter (recorded
by Mrs E. Gulland and Mrs M. Robertson) and
the Sunday Service are available free of
change on CD to anyone wishing a copy.
For example, if you are housebound, ill, on
holiday, or if you were at church and wish to
listen to the service again.

If you wish a copy of the Sunday Services or
Newsletter, or if you know of someone who
would benefit from this service, please contact
the Church Office.

Bob Smillie

Hospital Transport
Those requiring help in visiting local hospitals
can contact Mr A. Johnston, on 477172, or
Miss M. McIntosh, on 470161, who will make
the necessary arrangements
Office Bearers on Duty
October:                     D. Shepherd, S. O’Neill, M. Shepherd, S. Waddell
                             Counting Duty: A. McIntosh

November:                    A. Wilson, R. McMeechan, J. Macphail, J. Orr
                             Counting Duty: R. Taylor

Beadle Rota
                 October                          November

       4th      H. Gorman                 1st   A. Wason

      11th      E. Provan                 8th   D. Gulland

      18th      R. Smillie               15th   A. McGregor

      25th      J. Hope                 22nd    H. Gorman

                                         29th   E. Provan

Recording Rota
                  October                          November

       4th      I. Moffat                 1st   H. Gorman

      11th      I. Moffat                 8th   H. Gorman

      18th      A. Wason                 15th   R. Smillie
           th                              nd
      25        A. Wason                22      R. Smillie

                                         29th   A. Wason

Car Pool Rota
                        October                                     November

       4th      Mr D Gulland           478317         1st      Mr A Henderson    477811
                Mrs. B Bickerton       475287                  Mr W Leslie       470812

      11th      Mr J Telfer            478090         8th      Mr D Gulland      478317
                Mr E Provan            476594                  Mrs B Bickerton   475287
        th                                                th
      18        Mr. R Ellis            470321        15        Mr J Telfer       478090
                Mrs. J Smith           476229                  Mr E Provan       476594
        th                                             nd
      25        Mr. A Horsburgh        478754        22        Mr R Ellis        470321
                Mr. J Anderson         470936                  Mrs J Smith       476229

                                                     29th      Mr A Horsburgh    478754
                                                               Mr J Anderson     470936

      For further information contact E. Provan 476594

Parish Register
September   Romy Ellen Watson, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. I. Watson, 35,
            Teviot Street, Ayr

August      Amanda Bennet, 53, Honeybag Road, Glasgow to Nicholas
            Francis, 19b, Waverley Grove, Portsmouth
            Jenna Picken, 135, Adamton Road, Prestwick to Niall
            McCrossin,135, Adamton Road, Prestwick.
September   Jan Paton, 4, Kidlaw Crescent, Alloa, to Ian McCall, 4, Knoll
            Park, Ayr
August      Martha Mairs, 16a, Ardayr Road, Prestwick.
            Thomas Kennedy, 5, Alvord Ave., Prestwick.
            David Muir, Grangemuir Court, Prestwick.
            Marion Macartney, 13, Allanvale Road, Prestwick.


                                                  Training Team of the year 2008
                                                  Care at Home Provider of the Year 2008
                                                  Entrepreneur of the Year 2008
                                                  Business Diversity Recruitment Award 2008

                 A Totally New and Diverse approach to homecare

HRM Homecare Services offer ‘at home’ specially tailored care programs for Older
People, Children and Families and Adults with Disabilities. We have been providing
support services in partnership with social services in Ayrshire for 14 years. Our
support workers are carefully recruited, requiring references and an Enhanced
Disclosure. HRM Homecare is inspected and regulated by the Care Commission,
and the Scottish Social Services Council. For a free consultation and advisory
service, please telephone 01292 476778. The services provided include;

   Personal Care & Bathing                   Shopping services/pension and
   Household cleaning                         prescription collection
   Assistance with meals & medication        Escort services to hospital
   Overnight care & respite services          appointments
   Dementia Care                             Palliative Care

    Your Local Electrician
     * Prestwick * Troon * Ayr *                  Cleaning Services
           Len Brady
       Approved Electrician                    We offer weekly cleaning of homes,
                                                    and also one off cleans.
      All Jobbing Electrical Work
             Free Estimates                     We also provide end of tenancy
           Competitive Rates                      and house move cleans.
                                                  References can be supplied
          01292 478045
                                               Please contact Marilyn Larmour
        32 Berelands Road
                                                     Tel No: 01294 541035
        Prestwick KA9 1JY
                                                   Mobile No: 07867 953 400


REFLEXOLOGY: Whilst working on specific points on
the feet, reflexology aims to treat the whole individual,
helping conditions such as: stress, IBS, hormonal
imbalance, insomnia, headaches & migraines, infertility,
back problems, and sinusitis.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE: A therapeutic seated
massage of the shoulders, neck, scalp & face, without the
use of oils, which relieves tension and headaches, neck
and back pain.

                      PICTURE FRAMING AND CRAFT SHOP
         Creative Framing from Needlework to Decoupage, Photos to Sports Shirts
                               You Name it We Frame It!
       Extensive Range of Mouldings … Mounts cut while you wait … Free estimates

  You are welcome to browse our Craft Shop/Gallery for ideas and inspiration. We stock a
  wide range of art & craft materials including Canvas, Decoupage prints and tools, Card
                 making supplies, Needlework materials and threads etc.

             We run CRAFT WORKSHOPS Monday, Wednesday & Thursdays
                     Cost £6.00 for 2 hours (refreshments provided)
                      Come along, have fun and make new friends

Tel: Eileen on 01292 479225            70/72 Waterloo Road, Prestwick (2mins from Aldis)


               Help Prevent accidents in the home.
             Have your electrical installations checked.
              All types of electrical work carried out.

 For all those odd jobs about the house that need doing give me a ring.

          Jim McLoughlin                                      TROON 315 927

                                                           MOBILE 07803590552

                                                        Frances Coid
                                                  Dressmaking & Alterations
                                                      01292 478448

If you wish to advertise your company or organisation through the newsletter, please
contact the Church office on 01292 671547 or e-mail for further information.

Church Contacts
MINISTER                               Rev. George Fiddes     The Manse, Bellevue Road 477613
SESSION CLERK                          Margaret McIntosh      6 The Riggs                        470161
ASSISTANTS TO SESSION                  Pam Ellis              18 Ayr Road                        470321
CLERK                                  Kerr Morton            65 Ayr Road                        470894
KIRK TREASURER                         Bill Jackson           90 Stobhill Crescent, Ayr          280410
GIFT AID SCHEME                        Stanley Smart          33 Fullarton Road                  478792
FREEWILL OFFERING                      William Ritchie        32 Overdale Crescent               479651
ROLL KEEPER                            David Bowman           4 Highfield Avenue                 474067
                                       Rosina Purdom          8 Capper View                      470152
FABRIC CONVENER                        Alan McGregor          43 St. Andrew’s Avenue             479549
PRESBYTERY ELDER                       Elizabeth Lyons        4 Craigneil Drive                  476607
ORGANIST                               Isobel McIlwraith      58 Doonfoot Road, Ayr              441966
CRADLE ROLL SECRETARY                  Karen Provan           61 Ayr Road                        471969
                                       Keith Lyons            4 Craigneil Drive                  476607
HALL KEEPER                            John Grant             36 Templeton Crescent              471615
ORGANISERS OF ‘L1FE &                  Ken & Helen Johnston. 2 Ryelands                          471980
WORK’ DISTRIBUTION                     Jennifer Clow         13 Castlehill Road, Ayr             265646
NEWSLETTER EDITOR                      Ian Kirkpatrick        17 Ardfin Road                     479702

Church Organisations
Organisation                    Time of Meeting                 Contact                    Telephone
Beavers                         Thursday 6.15 – 7.30pm          Colin Risk                 477338
Bible Class                     Sunday 10.15am                  Alec Milne                 478566
Bible Study                     Wednesday 7.30pm                Rev. George Fiddes         477613
Brownies                        Thursday 6.30 – 8.00pm          Lisa Tierney               475142
Choir                           Friday 7.45pm                   Isobel McIlwraith          441966
Cubs                            Friday 6.00 – 7.30pm            Scott Frew                 470013
Guild                           Thursday 2.15pm                 Ella Young                 479609
Jolly Tots                      Tuesday 10.00am                 Clare Fraser               471278
Rainbows                        Tuesday 5.30 – 6.45pm           Jo Forman                  263705
Scouts                          Friday 7.30 – 9.30pm            Nigel Cochrane             677898
Sunday School                   Sunday 11.00am                  Keith Lyons                476607
Youth Group                     Sunday 7.00pm                   Laura Bridge               475690

Church Office           telephone:         01292 671547

Church of Scotland No: 100589                                        Reg. Charity No: SC011750


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