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Short course guide 2010

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January – June 2010                                       @ your local Boroondara community neighbourhood house
Alamein Neighbourhood &
Learning Centre Inc
Ashburton Community Centre Inc
Balwyn Community Centre Inc
Bowen Street Community Centre
Camberwell Community Centre Inc
Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre Inc
Craig Family Centre Inc
Hawthorn Community House Inc
Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre
Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre Inc

What’s on...
Art & Craft                                    2          “When I come here it lifts my spirits.”
The Arts                                       3
Book Groups, Cards                                        Leola was 90 years old and a member of the
& Games                                        4
                                                          Knit and Sew Social Group
Business, Education &
Workshops                                      4
Children                                       5          “It was a godsend finding so many things
   Preschool                                   5
   School Aged Activities                      5          to do at the Centre, (when I was new to
   Art Classes
   Occasional Care
                                                          Melbourne). First I joined a walking group
   Kindergarten                                5          and then I learnt to play solo. Now I come
   Preschool                                   5
   Playgroups                                  5          here at least twice a week for walking
Community Activities                           6          and solo group. Those ads in the
Computer & Technology                          6
                                                          paper, they were wonderful.”
Cooking                                        8
English as a Second Language                   8          Edna, new resident
Exercise & Wellbeing                           8
First Aid Training                             9
General Interest                               9
History & Culture                             10          Proudly sponsored by Noel Jones Real Estate
House & Garden                                10
Languages                                     11          Expand your horizons and try something new...
Market                                        11          Over 200 exciting courses offered throughout Boroondara’s
Parenting                                     11          Neighbourhood Houses and Community Centres...
                                                          Don’t miss out - sign up now!
Special Programs                              11
 Art & Craft

 Short course, activity & social guide @ your local Boroondara community neighbourhood house

                                                               Art & Craft
                                                               Explore the richness and texture of acrylic painting and gain a greater
                                                               knowledge of colour and composition.
                                                               Alamein: Mon 5pm - 6.30pm (6wks). 8/2, 19/4 $65 - $85
             K                                                 Balwyn: 7.30pm - 9.30pm (10wks) $143
                                                               N Surrey Hills: Mon 1.30pm - 3.30pm (7wks) 1/2 - 22/3 $98,
                                                               12/4 - 21/6 (9wks) $126 Tutor Artist Velda Palazzi
                                     Ca            S           N Beaded Jewellery Making
                                                               Make your first earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more advanced items
                                                               using beads and crystals.
                             C                                 Ashburton: (4wks) $45
                                                               Bobbin Lace
                                                               A creative and relaxing craft dating back to the 16th Century.
                                                               Projects can be adapted to classic or modern applications.
                                                               Ashburton: Mon or Tue 1pm - 3pm or 7.30pm - 9.30pm (8wks) $90
                                                               Bobbin Lacemaking Group
                                          A        Cr          Bring along your current project.
                                                               Ashburton: Thur 7.30pm - 9.30pm $2/session
                                                               Botanical Art
                                                               Learn specific watercolour techniques as applied to botanical illustration.
Al   Alamein Neighbourhood & Learning                          Balwyn: Mon 10am-12pm ,Wed 10am - 12pm or 1pm - 3pm (10wks)
     49 Ashburn Grove Ashburton 3147                           $143 Materials list available.
     T: 9885 9401 E:                   Canterbury: Mon 9.30am - 12pm or 12.30pm - 3pm 1/2 (7wks)
     W:                                  $136.50, 19/4 (8wks) $156
A    Ashburton Community Centre                                Ceramics/Sculpture
     160 High Street Ashburton 3147                            Create with clay. All techniques taught.
     T: 9885 7952 E:              Balwyn: Mon 10am - 12pm, Tueday 7pm - 9pm (10 wks) $187
     W:                                 Camberwell: Tue 1pm - 3pm or 7pm - 9pm, or Wed 7pm - 9pm (9wks)
Ba   Balwyn Community Centre                                   $180 or Wed 12.30pm - 3.30pm (9wks) $260
     412 Whitehorse Road Surrey Hills 3127                     N Chinese Calligraphy
     T: 9836 7942 E:                      Learn the ancient meditative art of painting Chinese characters.
     W:                                    Kew: Mon 9.30am - 12pm (ongoing) Freet
B    Bowen Street Community Centre                              N Chinese Painting
     102 Bowen Street Camberwell 3124
                                                               Learn basic techniques, traditional brush strokes and the use of Chinese
     T: 9889 0791 E:
                                                               inks and colour. Materials kit can be purchased from tutor. All levels.
                                                               Ashburton: Wed 7pm-9pm (8wks) $90
     Camberwell Community Centre
     33 Fairholm Grove Camberwell 3124                         Découpage
     T: 9882 2611                                              Découpage is the 18th Century fine art of composing unrelated paper
     E:               cut-outs onto painted objects.
                                                               B Balwyn: Mon 1pm - 3pm (10wks) $165
                                                               Balwyn: Mon 1pm - 3pm or Tue 7pm - 9pm (10wks) $165
Ca   Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre
     171 Canterbury Road Canterbury 3126                       Drawing
     T: 9830 4214 E:                 Object drawing, still life, figures and outdoor work, using a variety of
     W:                                mediums. Explore line, tone perspective and more. All levels.
                                                               Alamein: Sat 1pm - 2.30pm (7wks) N 13/2, 24/4 $75 - $95
Cr   The Craig Family Centre
                                                               Ashburton: Fri 9.45am - 12pm or 1pm - 3.15pm (8wks) $130
     7 Samarinda Avenue Ashburton 3147
     T: 9885 7789 E:             Balwyn: Wed 10am - 12pm, Thur 10am - 12pm or 7pm - 9pm,
                                                               N Sat 10am - 12pm (10wks) $143
                                                               Camberwell: Wed 1pm - 3pm (9wks) $150
     Hawthorn Community House
     32 Henry Street Hawthorn 3122                             Life Drawing
     T: 9819 2629 E:                   A tutored life drawing class. All levels.
     W:                                  Camberwell: Sat 10.30am - 12.30pm 8/5, 22/5, 5/6, 19/6 (4wks) $120
     Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre
     2-12 Derby Street Kew 3101
     T: 9853 3126 E:                      B    Beginners             *   Funded by Adult Community and Further Education.
                                                                                             You must have permanent residency or be an
     W:                                      I   Intermediate              Australian Citizen to enroll in these courses.
S    Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre                        A    Advanced
     157 Union Road Surrey Hills 3127                         N    New Course                Printed on Mega Recycled Silk 115gsm, a balanced
     T: 9890 2467 E:                                               blend of 50% recycled pulp and 50% FSC certified
     W:                                                  plantation fibre.

     Venue Hire/Room Hire
     Many of the above centres are available for hire, including weddings, parties, seminars, meetings, workshops and dinners.
     Contact the centres to find out what facilities they have available. Price on application.

 2    Contact the centre that runs your preferred activity or course to confirm details and book now!
                                                                                             Art & Craft cont. l The Arts

                               Short course, activity & social guide @ your local Boroondara community neighbourhood house

Felting Workshops                               Kew: Tue 10.30am - 12.30pm (7wks) 9/2         2/2, 10am - 12pm 13/4 (8wks) $148
Make an original felted scarf; progress to      $110,(10wks) 13/4 $165                         B I Camberwell: Tue 10am - 12.30pm
wool-silk wraps, bags, hats.                    Ashburton: Wed 1pm - 3pm (8wks) $88           or 1pm - 3.30pm (5wks) $100
 N Ashburton: Mon 7pm - 9.30pm (8wks) $90                                                      A Wed 10am - 12pm or Thur 7.30pm -
                                                Parchment Craft Workshop
 N Balwyn: Dates TBA, contact centre                                                          9.30pm (9wks) $150
                                                An enthusiastic group creating items such
Camberwell: Fri or Sat 9.30am - 3.30pm                                                        Canterbury: Tue 9.30am - 11.30am or
                                                as cards and gifts. (No tutor)
(1 day) 30/4, 1/5, 28&29/5 $60 (per day)                                                      12.45pm - 2.45pm (8wks) 2/2, 20/4 $110
                                                Balwyn: Tue 12.30pm - 3pm $4.50/session
                                                                                              Surrey Hills: Wed 10am - 12pm
Floral Art
                                                Pastel Painting                               3/2 - 24/3 (8wks) $112, 14/4 - 23/6
All styles of floral arrangement are covered.
                                                All elements of drawing and sketching.        (11wks) $154
Tailored to suit individual requirements.
                                                Balwyn: Tue 10am - 12pm or 1pm - 3pm
All levels. Flowers not included.
Ashburton: Thur 10am - 12pm (8wks) $90
                                                (10wks) $143                                  The Arts
or Fri 9.30am - 11.30am                         Patchwork Quilting                            Creative Writing
N Japanese Ikebana                              Work on individual projects. Some             Encourage your imagination!
Floral arranging                                patchwork or basic hand/machine sewing        Ashburton: Tue 9.30am - 11.30am
 B Hawthorn: Fri 2 - 4pm                        skills needed.                                (8wks) $99
 N Jewellery Rehab Workshops
                                                Ashburton: Thur 1pm - 3pm $2 per session
                                                N Surrey Hills: Professional tutor            Drama
Create something new with broken pieces of       B Fri 10am - 12pm 5/2 - 26/3 (8wks) $96      Have you always wanted to learn to act
jewellery, earings, old buttons and charms.                                                   but never tried? Or maybe you would like
Balwyn: Contact centre for details              Portraiture Workshops                         to brush up on your skills?
                                                Structured 2 x 3hr weekend workshops.         Ashburton: Drama for teenagers
                                                Balwyn: Dates TBA. Register your interest     Thur 5pm - 7pm (8wks) $90
All levels. Project ideas, patterns and
                                                on 9836 7942. (2wks) $80                      Ashburton: Drama for adults
some wool provided.
Kew: Tue 6pm - 8pm (6wks) 20/4 $95               N Print Making                               Thur 7.30pm - 9.30pm (8wks) $90
                                                Introduction to the printing processes of     Florins for Women
Knit & Sew Social Group
                                                monotype & collograph printing.               Excursions to places of cultural, social,
Knit and stitch and share your skills with
                                                Kew: Tue 1pm - 3pm (7wks) 9/2 $110,           historic and architectural interest.
others in these friendly groups.
                                                (10wks) 13/4 $165                             Surrey Hills: 4th Thur/month
Camberwell: Thur 10.30am - 12.30pm
(ongoing) $3 per week                           Sewing Classes                                (5 excursions) 25/2 - 24/6
Canterbury: Thur 1.30pm - 3.30pm                Dressmaking and Alteration Workshop           Foreign Film Club
fortnightly from 4/2 No cost                    Tips and techniques. Machine/hand sewing.     Enjoy a great foreign film, wine, cheese,
Surrey Hills: 2nd & 4th Mon/Month               Bowen St: Sat 9.30am - 12pm (2wks)            coffee in the heart of your own
1.30pm - 3.30pm 8/2 - 22/3 &                    13/3 $88                                      neighbourhood.
12/4 - 24/5 $2/session                          Overlocker                                    Surrey Hills: 3rd Wed/month
                                                Learn all the functions of your overlocker    7.30pm - 9.30pm (5 sessions)
                                                and apply these techniques.                   17/2 - 16/6 $7.50/session
Repair leadlight, make new panels, lamps
                                                Camberwell: Tue 1.30pm - 4.30pm
etc using lead and copper foil techniques.                                                    Hawthorn Community House Choir
                                                9/3 (3wks) $90
Balwyn: Tue 10am - 12pm or                                                                    If you enjoy singing or want to learn,
                                                Stitch it up-Learn to Sew
1pm - 3pm (10wks) $137.50                                                                     come and join us. All levels welcome.
                                                Use & adjust commercial patterns and
Mandalas                                        create garments/accessories/homewares.        Hawthorn: Thur 6pm - 7.30pm
Learn to design and paint your own              Learn tips for a professional finish.         Karen Knowles Singing School
mandala. No experience necessary.               Camberwell: Mon 1pm - 4pm (8wks) $200         Individual/small group tuition for all ages.
Camberwell: Fri 9.30am - 12.30pm or             N Kew: Tue 6pm - 8pm (7wks) 9/2 $110
                                                                                              Hawthorn: Tel 9898 5051
1pm - 3pm (7wks) $210 or (7wks) $140                                                
                                                Soy Candle Making
+ materials
                                                Create your own mosaic candle, tea lights     Out & About in a Group
Hawthorn: Tue 7pm - 9pm Tel Karen on
                                                and melts for the oil burner.                 Excursions embracing art, architecture,
9754 4811
                                                Canterbury: Thur 15/4 12.30pm - 3.30pm        galleries, gardens, and places of cultural,
Mosaics                                         or Fri 4/6 12.30pm - 3.30pm                   social and historic interest.
Traditional glass mosaics or use of tiles.      $48 materials included                        Surrey Hills: 2nd Tue/month (4 sessions)
Alamein: Fri 1pm - 3pm (7wks)                                                                 9/2 - 8/6 Cost: budget conscious.
                                                Spinners & Knitters Group
12/2, 23/4 $75 - $95
                                                Join in on the group chat while working on    Pure Music Singing Lessons
Balwyn: Tue 10am - 12pm or 1pm - 3pm
                                                your knitting or spinning project.            Children & adults, beginners to advanced.
(10wks) $137.50
                                                Ashburton: 2nd & 4th Wed each month           Hawthorn: Tel Danielle on 9419 0316
Oil Painting                                    12.30pm - 3pm $2 per session
Individual tuition in oil painting.                                                           Writers Group
                                                Tapestry/Cross Stitch/Needlework.             A group that provides opportunities to
Work at your own level.
                                                Advanced group work on individual pieces.     present and discuss your own writing in a
Balwyn: Fri 10am - 12pm & 1pm - 3pm
                                                Balwyn: Tue 10am - 12pm $4.50/session         friendly, supportive environment.
(10wks) $143
Camberwell: Fri 9.30am - 12.30pm                Watercolour Painting                          Canterbury: 4th Thur/month
(10wks) $210 or Fri 1.30pm - 3.30pm             Learn many techniques including how to        25/2 10am - 12pm $3/session
(8wks) $110                                     mix colours, brush strokes, laying washes     Writers Workshop
                                                and paper treatment.                          A stimulating group to support and extend
Painting for Pleasure
                                                Ashburton: Mon 1pm - 3pm or                   your writing.
Basics of painting and drawing using a
                                                Tue 7.30pm - 9.30pm (8wks) $90                Canterbury: Thur 10am - 12pm
variety of mediums.
                                                Balwyn: Mon 10am - 12pm or 1pm - 3pm,         (fortnightly) 11/2 $58 (4 sessions),
Balwyn: Mon 1pm - 3pm, Wed 7pm -
                                                Thur 10am - 12pm or 7.30pm - 9.30pm,          22/4 $71.50 (5 sessions)
9pm or Thur 1pm - 3pm (10wks) $143
                                                Fri 10am - 12pm (10wks) $143                  Kew: Wed 1pm - 3pm (7wks) 10/2 $110
Camberwell: Mon 10am - 12pm or
                                                Bowen St: Tue 10am - 12pm (8wks)              21/4 (8wks) $125
7pm - 9pm (8wks) $135
  Contact the centre that runs your preferred activity or course to confirm details and book now!                                         3
Book Group, Cards & Games l Business, Education & Workskills

Short course, activity & social guide @ your local Boroondara community neighbourhood house

                                             Camberwell: Tue 12.30pm - 3.30pm                    Kew: 2 X 4hr shifts/week plus workshops.
Book Group,                                  ongoing $3/week                                     New intake each school term. (10wks) $50
Cards & Games                                Camberwell: Supervised Solo
                                                                                                 *Welcome to Horticulture
                                             Wed 9.30am - 11.30am ongoing $5/week
Book Group                                                                                       Learn how to treat plant pests, diseases
                                             Surrey Hills: Mon 1pm - 4pm weekly
Share your pleasure of reading with other                                                        and disorders using safe methods and
                                             1/2 - 21/6 $2/session
like minded people                                                                               also different types of soils and what you
Ashburton: (in conjunction with CAE)                                                             can grow in them.
1st Wed/month 1pm - 3pm $2/session
Balwyn: 2nd & 3rd Wed/month
                                             Business, Education                                 Alamein: Wed 12.45pm - 3.30pm
                                                                                                 (18wks) 10/02 - 23/06
1pm - 3pm $4.50/session                      & Workskills                                        Minimum cost $66.50
Camberwell: Mon 1.30pm - 3pm                  N Barrista Training for Young People               Medical Reception Office Skills
(every 4wks) $3/session                      Introduction to coffee making for young             Medical terminology, reception and
Canterbury: Tue 1pm - 2.30pm                 people seeking cafe work.                           administration. Ideal training for fulltime or
1st Tue/month No cost                        Kew: Tue 4pm - 6pm (2wks)                           partime work in medical office. Certificate
Hawthorn: Monthly                            Course each month $45                               of attendance on completion.
Kew: last Thur/month 11am - 12.30pm
                                             Basic Bookkeeping                                   Bowen St: 9:15am - 12:15pm (13wks)
No cost
                                             Introduction to bookkeeping procedures              10/2 $286 (includes Medical dictionary)
Surrey Hills: 4th Tue/month
1.30pm - 3.30pm or 7pm - 8.30pm              for home or work.                                   MYOB Payroll
(5 sessions) 23/2 - 22/6 $3/session          Bowen St: Tue 7pm - 9pm (6wks)                      Learn how to set up MYOB for payroll.
                                             16/2 $114                                           Prerequisite: Knowledge and skill using
N Book Group for Men
                                             Bookkeeping Level 2                                 MYOB software
Ashburton: (in conjunction with the CAE)
                                             Balance sheet, petty cash, bank                     Alamein: Fri 12.30 - 3pm 18/06
3rd Wed/month 1pm - 3pm or
                                             reconciliation, payroll, journals, trial balance,   (1 session) $33/$30/$28
2nd Thur/month 2pm - 4pm $2/session
                                             P&L, BAS.                                           N *Office Skills
Book Group for ESL Learners                  Bowen St: Tue 7pm - 9pm (6wks)                      Want to work as an administrative officer
Kew: Wed 1pm - 3pm No cost                   27/4 $114                                           or receptionist? Short course includes
Bridge Group                                 *Certificate III in Aged Care CHC30102              understanding the office environment and
Ashburton: (Duplicate - Partner needed)      Gain this accredited certificate which will         Microsoft Word fundamentals.
Tue 12pm - 4pm $2/session                    qualify you to work in the Aged Care sector.        Kew: Mon 9am - 3.30pm (8wks)
Balwyn: (Duplicate - Partner needed)         Alamein: Contact centre on 9885 9074                8/2, 19/4 $90 includes manual
Experienced beginner - advanced levels.      for times and more information.                     Personal Finances -
Mon 7.15pm - 11pm,
                                             *Certificate III in Children’s Services             Managing Your Own
Tue Thur & Sat 12.15pm - 4pm
                                             (Accredited training)                               Learn to prioritise spending, make your
$4.50/session ($40 for 10 tickets)
                                             Part time childcare course                          money work harder, improve your future.
Camberwell: Wed 12pm - 3.30pm
                                             Hawthorn: Mon                                       Looks at ways to evaluate your financial
Learn to Play Bridge                         *Confidence & Life Skills                           Bowen St: Wed 7.30pm - 9.30pm (5wks)
Camberwell: Ring for details                 Identify your skills and gain confidence.           24/2 & 9.45am - 11.45am (5wks)
Balwyn: Contact centre for details           Learn how and where you can use your                26/5 $113 each course
                                             skills in the workplace
Learn to Play Solo                           Alamein: Tue 12.30pm - 3.30pm (18wks)               Free Environmental Workshops
Camberwell: Wed 11.45am - 1.45pm             9/02 -22/06 Contact centre for costs                Waterwise Gardening
(5wks) $60 plus $20 booklet”
                                             *Delivering Customer Service                        Wed 3/2: Camberwell
Mah Jong                                     (BSBCUS201A)                                        Wed 14/4: Bowen St
(Western version) Improve your skills in a   Learn how to deliver great customer                 Habitat Gardening
relaxed and friendly atmosphere.             service with this course.                           Wed 3/3: Kew
Ashburton: Wed 9.15am - 12.15pm or           Part of Certificate 2 in Business                   Sustainable Shopping
Fri 12.30pm - 4pm $2 per session             Alamein: Tue 9.30am - 12pm (16wks)                  Wed 24/3: Kew
Camberwell: Thur 1.30pm - 3.30pm             9/02- 8/06                                          Green Plumbing
(ongoing) $3 per week                                                                            Seminar on solar hot water
 N Surrey Hills: Fri 1.30pm - 4pm weekly     *Intro to Bookkeeping                               Thur 25/3: Craig
5/2 - 25/6 $2/session                        (FNSICGEN305A)                                      Fri 16/4: Balwyn
                                             Prepare and process forms, applications,            Yummy Yards
Scrabble Club                                documents, petty cash transactions and              Sat 17/4 & Sat 1/5: Alamein
For beginners and experienced players.       invoices. Part of Certificate II in Business        Energy in the Home
New members always welcome.                  and a good course to do with MYOB.                  Wed 28/4: Bowen St
Balwyn: Mon 1pm - 4pm $4.50/session          Alamein: Fri 12.15pm - 3pm (7wks))                  Gardening in Small Spaces
Camberwell: Thur 1.30pm - 4.30pm             12/02 -26/03 Contact centre for costs               Mon 10/5: Hawthorn
Ring for details
                                             *Intro to MYOB (ICAU1211B)                          Green Cleaning
Canterbury: Wed 1pm - 3pm 27/1,
                                             Manage personal and business finances.              Wed 12/5: Bowen St
14/4 $18 per term or $2.50 per week
                                             Prerequisite: Bookkeeping knowledge                 Composting & Worm Farming
Surrey Hills: 1st, 3rd, 5th Tue/month
                                             Alamein: Fri 12pm - 3pm (8wks) 23/04                Thur 25/2: Bowen St
1pm - 4pm (9 sessions) 2/2 - 15/6
                                                                                                 Wed 26/5: Surrey Hills
$3/session                                   *Intro to Café Work
Solo                                         Gain hands on practical work experience
All levels welcome to join the group.        in our ‘Sparechair café’ to help you find
Balwyn: Wed 7pm - 10pm or                    employment or access further study in
Fri 9.30am - 12pm $4.50/session              hospitality. Tel Bev Rae on 9853 3126.

4     Contact the centre that runs your preferred activity or course to confirm details and book now!
                                      Children - Preschool & School Aged Activities l Art Classes
                                      l Occasional Care l Kindergarten/Preschool l Playgroups

                               Short course, activity & social guide @ your local Boroondara community neighbourhood house

                                              Bowen St: Mon - Thur 1pm - 3.30pm               Hawthorn: Mon - Thur (am) 2 - 3yr olds;
Preschool Activities                          (4 days) 29/3 $128                              Mon, Tue & Thur (pm) 3 - 4yr olds
                                              Learn how to use a commercial pattern to        Kew: Mon, Tue, Wed or Thur 9am - 12pm
N Baby Massage
                                              produce an item of your choice. Understand
Canterbury: Fri 10am - 11am                                                                   Shoestring Plus: 3 to 5 year olds
                                              your machine, learn tips and techniques to
12/3 (3wks) & 14/5 (3wks)                                                                     Cooking, science , art and drama with a
                                              help make your finished work special.
Contact Stacey Matters 0408 505 739                                                           focus on learning by doing.
                                              Bowen St: Mon 4.30pm - 6.30pm (6wks)
                                                                                              Kew: Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 1pm - 4pm
Ballet fun for Tiny Tots – 2½ - 4yrs          3/5 $156
Kew: Thur 9.30am - 10.15am/10.15am –
11am 11/2 (7wks) $80,15/4 (11wks) $120        Children’s Art Classes                          Kindergarten/Preschool
Creative Dance for Toddlers - 5yr olds                                                        3yr old Program
                                              For those wanting more than school can
Surrey Hills: Tue 10am - 10.45am                                                              A safe, healthy and stimulating environment.
                                              provide. Enjoy painting, printmaking,
(Toddler 2yr olds), 11am - 11.45am &                                                          Help your child develop essential skills for
                                              drawing and much more.
 N 12pm - 12.45pm (3yr olds+) (8wks)                                                          4yr old kindergarten.
                                              Art (5 - 8yrs)
2/2 - 23/3 $104, (11wks) 13/4 - 22/6 $143                                                     Craig: Mon, Wed, Thur 9.30am - 12.30pm
                                              Kew: Tue 4pm - 5pm (7wks) 9/2 $80
                                                                                              Tue 1pm - 4pm
Hey Dee Ho Music for Tinies                   (11wks) 13/4 $120
For babies, toddlers and preschoolers.        Thur 4pm - 5pm (7wks) 11/2 $80                   N Early Learners 3 - 5yrs
Hawthorn: Fri am 1300 139 631                 (11wks) 15/4 $120                               Accelerated learning with Kindergarten
                                              Art (7 - 11yrs)                                 Teacher and Language Specialist.
Mother Goose                                  Hawthorn: Thur 4pm - 5.30pm $115                Contact Allison 0414 393 144
Music and rhyme - supporting the mother       Art Classes (7yrs+)                             Surrey Hills: Tue 1pm - 2.30pm
and baby bonding process.                     Balwyn: Mon 4.30pm - 6pm (10wks) $121           (7wks) 9/2 - 23/3; (11wks) 13/4 - 22/6
Craig: Thur 8.45am - 10.30am                  Fun with Art (7 - 11yrs)
Ashburton Maternal and Child Health                                                           Pre-school Education Program 3- 5yrs
                                              Camberwell: Fri 4pm - 5.30pm (8wks) $115
Service 9885 4795                                                                             Learning with an experienced Kindergarten
                                              Artworkers (10 - 13yrs)
Music Enrichment Program                      Camberwell: Wed 4pm - 5.30pm
                                                                                              Surrey Hills: Tue (7wks) 9/2 - 23/3
Bowen St: Babies to pre-schoolers.            (8wks) $115
                                                                                              (11wks) 13/4 - 22/6
Thursday mornings Contact Melinda             Art (8 - 12yrs)
0412 921 053                                  Kew: Tue 5.15pm - 6.15pm (7wks)
                                              9/2 $80, (11wks) 13/4 $120                      Playgroups
Music Fun for Tiny Tots                       Art Spectrum (13yrs+)
Kew: Wed 9.20am - 10am 10/2 (7wks)                                                            Parent Led Playgroups
                                              Camberwell: Wed 6.30pm - 8pm (8wks)             Spacious room/good equipment available.
$75, 14/4 11(wks) $115                        $115
Fri 930am - 10.10am (7wks) 12/2 $75,                                                          Contact centres for times and costs.
(11wks) 16/4 $115                              N Cartooning with Jim                          Bowen St: Daily
                                              Learn the technique to create your own          Canterbury: Afternoons
Music & Movement for Pre-Schoolers            cartoons in both eastern and western style.     Craig: Fri 10am - 12am
A program of movement, dance,                 Balwyn: (7yrs+) Thur 4.30pm - 6pm               Hawthorn: Bookings required
vocalisation and imaginative experiencees.    (10 wks) $121                                   Kew: Afternoons
Ashburton: 1 - 2yrs Mon or Thur or Fri                                                        Surrey Hills: Daily
9.15am - 9.45am (8wks) $56                    Children’s Pottery
Ashburton: 2 - 3yrs Mon or Thur or Fri        Balwyn: (7yrs+) Mon 4pm - 5.30pm                Chinese Playgroup
10am - 10.45am (8wks) $72                     (10wks) $135                                    A playgroup with a focus on both Chinese
Ashburton: 3 - 5yrs Mon or Thur or Fri        Camberwell: Tue, Wed Thur & Fri (6yrs+)         and English language skills as well as social
11am - 11.45am (8wks) $72                     4pm - 5.30pm (8wks) $125                        development in a friendly playgroup setting.
                                                                                              Craig: Thur 1.30pm - 3pm
 N Baby & Me Music Group                      Clay School Holiday Programs                    Tel Verity 9885 7789
(Crawlers to Walkers)                         Camberwell: (5 - 13yrs) Ring for details
Ashburton: Fri 12pm - 12.30pm (9wks) $60                                                      Featherweight Club Premie Playgroup
                                              N   Teenager’s Stencil Art Class                Meet parents with similar experiences and
Walking with a Pram                           Suitable for teenagers and VCE students         support each other.
For Mums, Dads or Carers. Enjoy the           wanting to learn the skills of stencil screen   Craig: Babies - pre-sch. 2nd Tue/month
outdoors and meet other new parents.          printing, painting and T-Shirt design.          10am - 12pm Tel 9819 6220/0412 976 224
It’s great fun and keeps you fit.             Balwyn: Tue/Wed 4.30pm - 6pm
Contact Ashburton for details $1/session      (10wks) $121, materials extra                   Grandparents Playgroup
                                                                                              For grandparents who are minding their
                                              Yoga for Children/Youth                         preschool grandchildren.
Activities (School Aged)                      Camberwell: Mon 5pm - 6pm (6wks) $60            Kew: Wed 10.30am - 12pm
Baby Watch - Babysitting Education
Program (13yrs+)                              Occasional Care                                 My Time Playgroup
                                                                                              Peer support group for parents of children
Skills to look after children/babies          These Centres provide sessional care in a       with disabilities.
confidently as qualified babysitters. Child   friendly, secure and stimulating environment    Craig: Tue 10am - 1pm 3rd Tue/month
development, management and                   for your child. Bookings on a school term
behaviours, health, safety and play.                                                          Structured Playgroup
                                              basis. Contact centres for dates and costs.
Certificate on successful completion.                                                         Art, craft, music and constructive play. Parents
                                              Balwyn: Mon & Wed 9am - 12pm,
Bowen St: Mon 6.30pm - 8.30pm                                                                 in attendance. Phone centres for details.
                                              Tue, Thur & Fri 9am - 4pm
(6wks) 8/2                                                                                    Canterbury: Mon to Fri mornings
                                              Bowen St: Tue 9:15am - 12.15pm 2yrs+
Tue - Fri 1.30pm - 4.30pm (4 days)                                                            Kew: Wed or Fri
                                              Wed & Fri 9:15am - 12.15pm 6mths+
6/4-9/4 each course $85                       Wed & Fri 9:30am - 2.30pm 1yr+                  Three Year Old Learning Program
Sewing for teens                              Canterbury: Mon & Thur 9am - 1pm, Tue,          Qualified staff encourage children to enjoy
Learn how to use a sewing machine and         Wed, Fri 9.15am - 12.15pm.                      the afternoon of stimulating activity.
complete a simple project each day.           Craig: Mon - Fri 9.15am - 12.15pm               Balwyn: Mon & Wed 12.30pm - 3pm
                                                                                              Tel 9836 7833 for more details.
  Contact the centre that runs your preferred activity or course to confirm details and book now!                                          5
Community Activities l Computer & Technology

Short course, activity & social guide @ your local Boroondara community neighbourhood house

                                                Drop-in Lounge
Community Activities                            Come and have a cuppa and find out           Computer Activities &
Afghan Women’s Group                            what’s on offer.                             Techology
Dari speaking social support program for        Alamein: Mon to Fri 9.30am - 3.30pm
                                                                                              N Apple Mac for Beginners
women and children.                             Florins Women’s Discussion Group             Bring your own Apple Mac laptop. Course
Craig: Wed 11am - 1pm (excl. school holidays)   Surrey Hills: 2nd Thur/month                 inc word processing, file management,
Afghan Men’s Group                              2.30pm - 4.30pm (6 sessions) 11/2 - 8/7      backup, trouble shooting, internet, music
Dari speaking social support program for men.   $2/session                                   and video.
Craig: Tue 2pm - 4pm fortnightly                Friends of Same                              Kew: Mon 1pm - 3pm (7wks) 8/2 $145;
( holidays)                          Help support people in East Timor.           Thur 11am - 1pm (8wks) 6/5 $165
Australian Breastfeeding Association            Hawthorn: 9818 0011                          Basic Word Processing
Bowen St: monthly Email: abaashburton_                     Produce professional looking pages. for details                Growing Older and Living Dangerously         Basic computer knowledge.
Craig: Support for breastfeeding mothers        [GOLD]                                       Bowen St: Fri 10am - 12pm (5wks) 28/5
Tue 10am - 12pm monthly                         Social support program for women 55+         $147
Bus Trips (Never-Too-Old-To-Learn               Craig: Thur 10.30am - 12.30pm fortnightly    Computers for Chinese Speakers
Program)                                        Homework Support Group                       Bi-lingual classes to develop a wide range
Alamein: 1st & 3rd Wed/month.                   Homework support for all upper and           of skills for our Chinese speaking community.
Contact centre for start dates and costs        secondary students. Access to computers,     Kew: Tue 9am - 11am, 11am - 1pm
                                                tutors and a quiet space to study.           Fri 1pm - 3pm (8wks) $165. Tel for dates.
CAMBA - Multiple Birth Group
Bowen St: Tue mornings                          Craig: Thur 4pm - 6pm                         N *Computers for Employment
                                                Tel: Yvonne on 9885 7789                     Learn fundamentals of Windows 7;
Chinese Find Out and Connect Activity
                                                International Women’s Friendship             manage files and folders; learn basic word
                                                Group                                        processing; send and receive emails. Adults
Recreational, social and support activities
                                                Meet other women for informal                with some beginning computer skills seeking
for members of our Chinese speaking
                                                discussions, sharing food and outings.       to re enter or remain in the workforce.
                                                Low cost.                                    Kew: Thur 9am - 12.30pm (10wks) 28/1
Kew: Wed 11am - 2pm
                                                Hawthorn: Wed during school term time.       $50
Contact Helen Lin on 9853 3126.
                                                New members welcome.                         Computers: Introduction
Community Bus                                   Tel Marianna on 9819 2629                    Thorough but relaxed introduction for
Alamein: Available for hire (seats 13
                                                Local Transition Town Boroondara             complete beginners.
passengers) endorsed licence required.
                                                Film Nights                                  Bowen St: Fri 10am - 12pm (5wks) 5/2 and
Community Connections                           Join with others to find out how             10am - 12pm (5wks) 23/4 $147 each course
Assists newcomers to Melbourne and the          communities are helped to shift from         *Hawthorn: Wed Powerpoint and
Boroondara area from interstate and             shock and resistance at the idea of peak     Publisher 2007, Introduction to the Apple
overseas wishing to meet local people.          oil and climate change to a safe and         MacBook. Contact centre on 9818 8919
Canterbury: Contact centre, social              sustainable future.                          for times and more information.
gatherings and email link                       Camberwell: Wed 7pm 10/3, 28/4, 2/6          *Alamein: Thur 9.30am - 12pm (7wks)
                                                Gold coin donation                           11/02 $66.50/$121.50 (new students)
Community “Fun” Lunches
(Never-Too-Old-To-Learn Program)                Roast Lunch for over 70’s                    Computers: Intermediate
Alamein: Every second Wed/month $5              Dine in good company and treat yourself      *Hawthorn: Windows 2007 and 2003.
                                                to our famous ‘ritual of the roast’.         Contact centre on 9818 8919 for times
Cultures Together
                                                Bookings essential 9890 2467                 and more information.
Do you want to get to know people in
Boroondara from a different cultural            Surrey Hills: Thur 12.30pm - 2.30pm          *Computer Literacy
background to you? Or are you a second          throughout the year 4/2 - 8/7 $10            For learners on a Disability Support
language learner who would like to              Sudanese Women’s Group                       Pension.
practice your English? We match mentors         Social support program for women             Kew: Mon 1pm - 3.30pm ongoing
with learners.                                  Craig: Tue 12.30pm - 3pm Fortnightly         enrolments. $50 for year.
Kew: Contact Anouk.                             [excl. school holidays]                      Computers for Seniors
Dads in Distress (DIDS)                                                                      Complete beginners. Learn how to use a
For men going through the trauma of             Youth Activities                             mouse; practice keyboard skills; discover
divorce or separation.                          A group of young people meet to              the internet and email
Craig: Tue 7.30pm Tel 1300 853 437              administer Youth Foundation Victoria         Kew: Wed 11am - 1pm (7wks) 10/2 $145
                                                project which funds youth related projects   Thur 1pm - 3pm (7wks) 11/2 $145
Dial-A-Bus                                      in the area.                                 Mon 10.30am - 12.30pm (8wks) 3/5 $165
Shopping Service on Friday to Chadstone         Craig: Wed 4pm - 6pm (Fortnightly)           Thur 1.30pm - 3.30pm 6/5 $165
and Ashburton Shopping Centres and              Tel Verity on 9885 7789                      Camberwell: Free internet access and
Monday to Forest Hill Chase or the Glen.
                                                                                             computer training for 50+ Ring for details
Alamein: Contact centre for details
                                                                                             *Computer Skills for 40 to 60yr olds
Drop In Morning Tea and Chat
                                                                                             Hawthorn: Contact centre on 9818 8919
Surrey Hills: Mon 9.30am - 11.30pm
                                                                                             for times and more information
1/2 - 21/6 $2/week
                                                                                              N Computing support group for
                                                                                             ESL learners
                                                                                             Practice your language and literacy skills
                                                                                             as you improve your computing skills
                                                                                             Hawthorn: Wed 3.30pm - 4.30pm

6    Contact the centre that runs your preferred activity or course to confirm details and book now!
                                                                     Computer Activities & Technology cont.

                               Short course, activity & social guide @ your local Boroondara community neighbourhood house

*Database Applications (ICAU1131A) -          File Management                             Mobile Phone for Seniors
Access - Evening Class                        Introduction to PC based file management    Learn how to send and receive texts,
Learn how to use this database                system. Uses Windows Explorer to            add numbers to your contact list etc.
application.                                  manage and view drives, folders,            Small groups.
Alamein: Wed 6pm - 8.45pm (7wks)              subfolders, files.                          Kew: Fri 9am - 11am (3wks)
10/02 - 24/03 $66.50/$121.50 + manual         Bowen St: Thur 7.30pm - 9.30pm (3wks)       12/2, 12/3, 22/4, 21/5 $45
(new students) or Thur 12.30pm - 3.15pm       11/3 $105
                                                                                          MYOB: Introduction
(7wks) 11/02 - 25/03 $66.50/$121.50 +         N   Getting Started on Facebook and         Manage personal and business finances.
manual (new students)
                                              Twitter                                     Assumes basic bookkeeping knowledge,
Desktop Publishing: Introduction              Intro to Facebook, a global social          computer skills.
Learn to master this program to design        networking site.                            Bowen St: Thur 7.30pm - 9.30pm (7wks)
invitations, newsletters, cards, brochures,   Kew: Wed 9am - 11am (8wks) 21/4 $165        6/5 $234
notices, etc.                                 Hawthorn: Fri.
                                                                                          *PowerPoint: Introduction
Bowen St: Fri 12.30pm - 2.30pm (4wks)
                                              Google Adventures                           (ICAU1132B)
4/6 $137
                                              Get familiar with Gmail, iGoogle, Googles   Learn how to give a great presentation.
N Digital Cameras Made Simple                 special features - searches, language       Alamein: Wed 12.30pm - 3.15pm (7wks)
Choosing and understanding digital still      tools, maps, web sites, images and more.    10/02 - 24/03 $66.50/$121.50
cameras, including video capabilities         Kew: Wed 1.15pm - 3.15pm (7wks) 10/2        + manual (new students)
Surrey Hills: Wed 7pm - 9pm, 4 sessions       $145, Wed 11am - 1pm (8wks) 21/4 $165
                                               N Hawthorn: B Mon
                                                                                          Publisher: Introduction
24/2, 3/3, 10/3, 24/3 $72
                                                                                          Create professional publications for
Digital Camera and the Computer               Intermediate Access                         personal or professional use
Learn how to transfer your photos from        Consolidate and add to your knowledge of    Alamein: Wed 12.30pm - 3pm (8wks)
the digital camera to the computer;           Access. Evening class.                      21/04 - 09/06 $66.50/$121.50
Create a slide show; add special effects.     Alamein: Tue 6.30pm - 9pm (3wks) 20/04      + manual (new students)
Alamein: Tue 1pm - 3pm (3wks) 16/02           $88/$80/$71
                                                                                          Tailored classes to suit your
$55/$50/$44 or Wed 6pm - 8pm (3wks)
                                              Internet and Email: Introduction            Computing Needs
19/05 $55/$50/$44
                                              Include web search, setting up a personal   Small groups abd private tuition available.
Kew: Mon 10.30am - 12.30pm (7wks)
                                              web address/emailing. Pre-req. Intro to     Beginners welcome. e.g. Word, Excel,
8/2; Fri 11am - 1pm (7wks) 12/2 $145,
                                              computers or equivalent.                    Powerpoint, websites, digital photography,
(8wks) 23/4 $165; Thur 9am - 11am
                                              Bowen St: Fri 10am - 12pm (3wks)            facebook, myspace, twitter.
(8wks) 6/5
                                              12/3 $105                                   Alamein: 9885 9074 for more details
Digital Photos and your Computer               N Hawthorn: No previous exp. Mon am        Hawthorn: 9818 8919 for more details
Learn to download, view and manipulate
                                              *Internet and Emailing (ICAU1133A)          Touch Typing
photos from digital cameras onto your
                                              Learn how to search the web and send        Learn to touch type.
computer using a card reader.
                                              emails.                                     Kew: Fri 9am - 11am (8wks)
Bowen St: Sat 9.30am - 12.30pm (1wk)
                                              Alamein: Wed 9.15am - 12pm (7wks)           12/2, 23/4 $125
17/4 $64
                                              10/02 - 24/03 $66.50/$121.50
                                                                                          Tutoring (Individual) Computer
eBAY Trading                                  + manual (new students)
Learn about trading, buying and selling on
                                              *Intro to Computers & Word                  Internet and basic Microsoft applications.
eBAY including privacy and security issues.
                                              (ICAU1128A/ICAU1129A)                       Surrey Hills: Thur 9am - 12pm by
Alamein: Tue 1pm - 3.30pm (2wks) 16/03
                                              Learn how to find your way around a         appointment. 4/2 - 24/6 $4 per hour
                                              computer. Mouse and keyboard skills
Bowen St: Thur 7.30pm - 9.30pm (3wks)                                                     Website Design
18/2, (3wks) 15/4 $105 each                                                               Learn to build a website and go live!
                                              Alamein: Tue 9.30am - 12pm (16wks)
Kew: Mon 9am - 10.30am (3wks)                                                             Bowen St: Fri 12.30pm - 2.30pm (6wks)
                                              09/02 - 08/06 $66.50/$121.50
15/2,10/5 $50                                                                             23/4 $220
                                              + manual (new students)
*Excel (ICAU1130A): Introduction                                                          Word 2007: for Beginning Computer
                                              *Intro to Computers (ICAU1128A)
Learn how to use spreadsheers. Excellent                                                  Users
                                              Learn how to find your way around a
for those returning to the workforce                                                      Kew: Wed 9am - 11am 10/2 $145 &
                                              computer. Mouse/keyboard skills
Alamein: Tue 6pm - 8.45pm (7wks) 09/02                                                    Wed 1.15pm - 3.15pm 21/4 $165
or 12.30pm - 3pm (8wks)                                                                    N Windows 2007 for Business and
                                              Alamein: Thur 9.30am - 12pm (8wks)
20/04 $66.50/$121.50
                                              22/04 $66.50/$121.50 + manual               the Workplace
+ manual (new students)
                                              (new students)                              Update your skills and improve your
Excel: Intermediate                                                                       employment opportunities.
                                              iPod Training
Consolidate and add to your knowledge                                                     Hawthorn: B I Mon/Tue 7pm - 8pm
                                              Buying an iPod or iTunes?
of Excel.
                                              Want to learn more about one you’ve got?    *Word: Introduction (ICAU1129A)
Alamein: Tue 6.30pm - 9pm (3wks) 20/04
                                              This workshop will help explain it all.     Learn how to produce professional looking
                                              Bowen St: Sat 9.30am - 12.30pm (1wk)        documents.
Excel: Introduction                           1/5 $64                                     Alamein: Wed 9.30am - 12pm (8wks)
Basic spreadsheet concepts. Assumes                                                       21/04 - 09/06 $66.50/$121.50
                                              Keep your Computer Running Smoothly
good mouse skills and familiarity with                                                    + manual (new students)
                                              Tuning up your software, removing rubbish
Windows.                                                                                   N Update your skills from windows
                                              (to speed up programs), re-installing
Bowen St: Fri 12.30pm - 2.30pm (4wks)
                                              operating systems, etc.                     2003 to Windows 2007
5/3 $137
                                              Bowen St: Sat 9.30am - 12.30pm (1wk)        Learn to make the most of the new
                                              6/3 $64                                     Windows 2007 operating system
                                               N Hawthorn: Weekend and evening            Hawthorn: Various times. Ring for details.
                                              workshops. Call centre for details.

  Contact the centre that runs your preferred activity or course to confirm details and book now!                                  7
Cooking l English as a Second Language l Exercise & Wellbeing

Short course, activity & social guide @ your local Boroondara community neighbourhood house

Cooking                                         Exercise & Wellbeing                                Surrey Hills: Conducted by
                                                                                                    Physiotherapist Contact centre 9890 0314
N Blokes in the Kitchen                          N Alexander Technique Yoga
                                                                                                    Fit for You
For older men (in a carer role or with little   Improve posture/coordination. Safe for people       Small group, strength and resistance
cooking experience) - basics and more,          with injuries. Small class size. From 17/2          training, stretching along with body
plus a meal to take home.                       Kew: Wed 6pm - 7.30pm                               balance and modest cardio conditioning.
Surrey Hills: 2nd & 4th Tue/month               Tel Jane 0423 693 695.                              Canterbury: Wed 10am - 11am 3/2 $80
9.30am - 1pm Feb - June.                         N Arts-based Workshops for Women                   (8wks) 14/4 $110 (11wks)
Cooking with Herbs & Spices from                with Endometriosis                                  Kew: Mon 8.30am - 9.30am (8wks)
around the world                                Use art to share experiences of living with         1/2 $85 (11wks) 12/4 $115
Explore herbs and spices through a              endometriosis. Small group working                  Wed 8.30am - 9.30am (8wks) 10/2 $85
culinary journey across many cultures.          towards an exhibition.                              (11wks) 14/4 $115
Learn how to buy, store and cook with herbs.    Hawthorn: Call centre for more details              Fitness & Wellbeing - all ages
Bowen St: Mon 7.30pm - 9.30pm (3wks)                                                                Bowen St: Thur 8.30am
                                                N   Balance Back to Exercise
3/5 $88                                                                                             Tel Bill 0402 420 904
                                                For older adults. Small group, strength /
Indian Vegetarian Cooking                       resistance training, focusing on balance/           Golf for Beginners
Put spice into your family mealtimes!           stretching. Work from a chair where required.       An introduction to the skills and game of
Learn to cook delicious and nutritious          Kew: Mon 9.30am - 10.15am (7wks)                    golf at Riversdale Golf Club. Equipment
dishes from various regions of India.           8/2 $65 (11wks) 12/4 $85                            and information booklet provided.
Hawthorn: B I Wed lunchtimes (4wks)                                                                 Ashburton: Sun 9am - 10.30am (4wks)
                                                Belly Dancing
$75 inc ingredients.                                                                                $130. Bookings Ashburton Community
                                                Get fit and have fun. All ages and body types.
Lebanese and Moroccan Cooking                   Alamein: Wed 6.45pm - 7.45pm (8wks)                 Centre
Craig: Wed 7pm - 9pm (5wks) $120                21/4 $65 - $85                                      Golf Short Game Clinic
                                                Camberwell: Wed 6.30pm - 7.30pm                     Held at Riversdale Golf Club.
Meatless Indian Dishes
                                                (8wks) $80                                          Ashburton: Sat 1pm - 4pm (1wk) $70
Learn about the regional specialties and
                                                Canterbury: Mon 6pm - 7pm/7pm - 8pm                 Bookings and further details contact
flavours you can prepare including desserts.
                                                1/2 $70 (7wks), 19/4 $80 (8wks)                     Ashburton Community Centre
Bowen St: Thur 7.30pm - 9.30pm (4wks)
4/3 $111                                        Bike-Ride in Company                                 N Health for Life
                                                Fun, friendship and fitness via bike path           Interactive, practical workshops focusing
Sicilian Cooking
                                                and lanes (public transport return journey)         on physical and mental fitness, health and
Cook and enjoy a fabulous three course
                                                20 - 30km rides.                                    nutrition. Gain knowledge and strategies
meal and wine.
                                                Surrey Hills: 2nd & 4th Mon/month                   to live longer and stronger.
Surrey Hills: Mon 7pm - 10pm
                                                9.30am (6 sessions) 8/2 - 28/6 Free                 Canterbury: Wed 1pm - 3pm (4wks)
1/3, 3/5, 7/6, $70 per class
                                                Coeliac Information Session                         21/4 $64
N  Spanish Cooking & Basque Culture
                                                A speaker from the Coeliac Society of Vic.          Keep Fit
Cook and enjoy traditional Basque dishes
                                                will provide information on Coeliac Disease.        Incorporating weights, stretching, cardio
and wine. Tutor Maria Cabello
                                                Canterbury: Fri 23/4 10am                           fitness and specific exercises for
Surrey Hills: Thur 7pm - 10pm,
                                                Gold coin donation                                  strengthening problem areas.
11/2, 18/2, 25/2 or 11/3, 18/3, 25/3
Series/3 classes $180 4/3 single class $65       N Dealing with Grief and Loss                      Ashburton: Tue 10.45am - 11.45am or
                                                The group provide mutual support and                Fri 11am - 12pm $4.50
What’s for Dinner Mum? (or Dad)
                                                understanding of individual responses to            Laughter Club
Tired of complaints? Ideas for easy,
                                                grief and loss.                                     Laugh your way to improved physical,
nutritious dishes appealing to the whole
                                                Kew: Fri 10am - 12.30pm (6wks) 14/5 $40             mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
family; includes turning leftovers into
yummy school lunches.                           Dream Group                                         Surrey Hills: Wed 8.30am - 8.50am
Bowen St: Mon 7.30pm - 9.30pm (3wks)            An ongoing group for women who have                 (23wks) 3/2 - 7/7 Free
8/2 $88                                         experienced child abuse. Explore your               N Lawn Bowls
                                                dreamscapes as part of the healing process.         An introduction to the skill and game of
English as a Second                             Canterbury: Thur 6.30pm - 8.30pm
                                                monthly $10/$5 concession
                                                                                                    Lawn Bowls, held at North Balwyn Bowls
Language                                        Further enquiries call 0422 646 021
                                                                                                    Balwyn: Thur 10.30 - 12pm (6wks)
Improve your speaking, listening, reading        N Empty Nest: Where to Next?                       $6 per session
and writing in English. Day classes for post    Are you trying to identify the next stage of life   Enquiries: Kevin 0417 062 091
beginners through to advanced learners.         after children? Plan for your new life!             LifeStyle Refocus Workshops:
Government funded ACFE places for               Kew: Fri 10 am - 12.30pm (6wks) 19/2 $40             N DeClutter Your Space
permanent residents and/or Australian
                                                Exercise-Low Impact - Get Fit!                      A practical step by step planning process
Citizens. Fee for service places for visitors
                                                Balwyn: Thur 9.15am - 10.15am                       on clearing your space and retaining
to Australia and non permanent residents.
                                                $9 per casual class                                 control of your home or office.
Contact programs below for detailed
                                                                                                    Canterbury: Tue 1pm - 2.30pm 13/4 $20
timetables and to arrange an interview to       Exercise to Music (50 yrs+)                          N Systemise yourself to have a
find out which class suits your needs and       Gently improve fitness with exercise to             productive day every day
interests.                                      music - qualified instructor.                       Discuss the importance of daily planning,
Alamein: contact Isabel or Sandii on            Ashburton: Mon 11.30am - 12.30pm                    why and the benefits of doing it.
9885 9401 or              Tue 9.30am - 10.30am,                               Canterbury: Tue 9.30am - 11.30am
Hawthorn: contact Andrea on 9819 2629           Fri 9.30am - 10.30am $4.50 per session              23/3 or 8/6 $26
or                        Camberwell: Thur 12.30pm - 1.30pm
Kew: contact Robin or Anouk on                  (ongoing) $5 session
9853 3126 or

8     Contact the centre that runs your preferred activity or course to confirm details and book now!
                               Exercise & Wellbeing cont. l First Aid Training l General Interest

                                 Short course, activity & social guide @ your local Boroondara community neighbourhood house

LifeStyle Refocus Workshops cont:                  Heart Foundation Walking Groups
 N Organise Your Life                              Make enjoyable and easy regular physical     General Interest
Correct the balance in life by learning how to     activity part of your weekly routine.        Armchair Travel
prioritise, plan and achieve long term goals.      Catering for various levels of difficulty.   Explore faraway places with guest
Alamein: Thur 10am - 12pm (4wks)                   Canterbury: Contact centre for times. Free   speakers, films, includes afternoon tea.
16/2 - 20/4 $55 - $75                                                                           Camberwell: last Fri/month, 2pm - 4pm
                                                   Walking for Health & Pleasure
Canterbury: Tue 7pm - 9pm (4wks) 2/3 $60
                                                   Low intensity exercise. Comfortable           N Astrology
Canterbury: Tue 9.30am - 11.30am
                                                   clothes and firm walking shoes required      Intro to Astrology
4/5 (4wks) $60
                                                   Ashburton: Wed 10am - 11am $1/session        Use your birth chart for a basic analysis.
Line-Dancing                                       Thur 10am $3.50/session                      Camberwell: Sat 10am - 4pm 13/3 $60
Get those feet tapping and enjoy a great           Camberwell: Tue 9.30am - 10.30am             (1day) Fri 9.30am - 12.30pm 19/3 $60
work-out to music.                                 Canterbury: Thur 9.30am (1hr + coffee)       (2wks)
Surrey Hills: Wed 8.15pm - 9.30pm                  28/1, 15/4 Free (brisk walkers)              Experiential Astrology
(8wks) 3/2 - 24/3, $56                             Kew: Tue 9.30am - 10.30am or                 Delve deeper Into the study of the planets
(11wks) 14/4 - 23/6 $77 per term                   Thur 9.30am - 10.30am Free                   and your birth chart.
                                                   2-3hr along the Yarra River 3rd Tue/month    Camberwell: Fri 10.30am - 12.30pm
Overcoming Shyness & Social Anxiety
                                                   Surrey Hills: Mon & Fri 8.30am - 11am        23/4 $130 (8wks)
Hawthorn: Mon 7pm - 9.30pm
                                                   (23wks) 1/2 - 5/7 Free                       Zodiac, Myths & Legends
Tel Catherine Madigan 9819 3671
                                                   Women’s Only Swimming                        Camberwell: Mon 7pm - 8.30pm
Pilates                                                                                         Tue 10.30am - 12pm $60 (4wks)
                                                   Women from a diverse range of backgrounds
Pilates is an exercise system for improving
                                                   socialising and exercising together.         Barista Training
flexibility and strength.
                                                   Craig: Saturday 8pm - 10pm fortnightly       Make the perfect café espresso.
Alamein: Thur 7.30pm - 8.30pm (7wks)
                                                   $5 per person $15 for a family of 5          Covers coffee care, heating and texturing
11/2, 22/4 $55 - $75
                                                   Children welcomed - boys under 5 only        milk, equipment and more.
Balwyn: Tue 9.30am - 10.30am (10wks)
$126.50                                            Yoga (Hatha)                                 Kew: Thur 6pm - 8pm (1wk)
                                                   Relax and add another dimension to your      25/2,18/3,29/4,20/5,17/6 $45
                                                   life. Bring a rug and a yoga mat.             N ESL - English Skills Club
Surrey Hills: Wed 10am - 11.15am (8wks)
                                                   Contact centres for costs and dates          Learn and improve your English. Small group.
3/2 - 24/3, (11wks) 14/4 - 23/6 $4/session
                                                   $60-$120/term.                               Balwyn: Mon 6.30pm - 8.30pm (10wks) $120
Relaxation/Meditation                              Alamein: Mon 7pm - 8pm
Relax your body and mind into basic                Ashburton: (Continuing) Mon 9.30am -         Families Facing Climate Change
meditation. Simple stretching and breathing        10.30am B Tue 9.30am - 10.30am               Empowering communities with climate
exercises to improve fitness and release stress.   Thur 6.30pm - 7.45pm B Thur 8pm - 9pm        change knowledge.
Bowen St: Sat afternoons                           Balwyn: Mon 9.30am - 10.30am                 Craig: Contact
Tel Julie 9509 6858                                10.30am - 11.30am                            Family History
Camberwell: Tue or Fri 2pm - 3pm                   Wed & Thur 7pm - 8pm, 8.15pm - 9.15pm        Learn skills to develop your own voice
(8wks) $80                                         Bowen St: Wed evenings                       whilst writing your family history.
                                                   Tel Jane 9569 8540                           Kew: Tue 1pm - 3pm
Strength Training
                                                   Camberwell: Tue & Fri 9.15am - 10.30am       (7wks) 9/2 $110 (8wks) 20/4 $125
Improve your bone density, strength and
                                                   & 10.30am - 11.45am
balance using weights in a supervised program                                                   Men’s Shed/DIY Workshop
                                                   Mon & Thur 6.30pm - 7.45pm, 7.45pm - 9pm
of group activities, qualified instructors.                                                     Learn new skills, share skills or just have a
                                                   Craig: Tue 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Surrey Hills: Mon, Wed & Fri 8.15am,                                                            cup of coffee with other men.
                                                   Kew: I Tue 9am - 10.15am
Tue & Thur 6pm & 7.15pm                              B Fri 10.30am - 11.45am                    Alamein: Thur 10.30am - 2.30pm
(16 sessions) 1/2 - 26/3 $48                                                                    Meets at 7 Samarinda Avenue, Ashburton
                                                   Surrey Hills: Mon 6pm - 7pm &
(22 sessions) 12/4 - 25/6 $66                                                                   Balwyn: N Contact centre
                                                   7.15pm - 8.15pm, Wed 7pm - 8pm
Balwyn: Thur 10.30am - 11.30am $9/session                                                       Kew: Contact Bev 9853 3126
                                                   Your Healthy Spine
Table Tennis                                                                                    Stillness Speaks
N Kew: Tue 7.30pm - 9pm or
                                                   A course to teach you easy flexibility and
                                                   improve posture. Especially suitable for     Explore the deeper meaning of connection
Wed 1pm - 3pm. Ongoing $2                                                                       using ideas from Eckhart Tolle’s books.
                                                   neck/back/shoulder problems.
Surrey Hills: Mon 7.45pm - 9pm (19wks)                                                          Camberwell: Mon 6.30pm - 8.30pm
                                                   Ashburton: Wed 12pm - 1pm or
1/2 - 5/7 $3/session                                                                            (4wks) 12/4 - 10/5 $60
                                                   Thur 7.30pm - 8.30pm (9wks) $75
T’ai Chi - Beijing 24 Style                                                                      N Tuesday Movies
Relax the body and focus the mind in
gentle exercise.
                                                   First Aid Training                           Surrey Hills: 2nd Tue/month 2pm - 4pm
                                                                                                9/2, 9/3, 13/4, 11/5, 8/6
Camberwell: B Thur 11am - 12pm                     EpiPen Training                              Contact 9890 2467
4 Feb (7wks) $70                                   Recognise triggers and practise scenarios,
Tue & Thur ongoing (7wks) $70                      understand legal requirements, prepare       Understanding Today’s World
Surrey Hills: Tue, Thur, Fri &                     procedures for emergency situations and      Tutorial and discussions incl. international
Sun 8.15am - 9.15am (10wk blocks)                  develop anaphylaxis policies.                political relations in a globalising world.
1/2 - 11/4; 12/4 - 20/6                            Bowen St: Tue 6pm - 9pm (1wk)                Canterbury: Wed 10am - 11.30am
$27 per block x 2 + sessions weekly                16/3 $58                                     (fortnightly) 10/2 (4 sessions) $39.50
$14 per block x 1 session                                                                       22/4 (5 sessions) $49
                                                   1st Aid Level 1 (incl. CPR)
Tennis (Social)                                    Includes key elements for emergency          Wiser Driver Course for Drivers over 55
Social tennis. Members pay an annual fee           situations. Covers paediatric as well as     Build confidence, gain awareness of new
and have their own key.                            general information.                         road rules, handle difficult conditions.
Balwyn: Casual hire weekdays 9am - 4pm             Bowen St: Sat 9.30am - 4pm (1wk)             Class room situation
$20/hour                                           29/5 $80                                     Bowen St: Tue 10am - 12pm (4wks)
                                                                                                13/4 Free

 Contact the centre that runs your preferred activity or course to confirm details and book now!                                          9
History & Culture l House & Garden

Short course, activity & social guide @ your local Boroondara community neighbourhood house

                                                 Alphabet Quiz Time Again!                       Gardening
History & Culture                                Exercise your brain and have fun.               Learn about drought tolerant plants, water
 N Alsace                                        Ashburton: Wed 1pm - 3pm (3wks)                 conservation and preparing your garden
Discover France’s famous eastern region -        Starts June 9 $42                               for a hot, dry summer. Field trip included.
its history, fauna, flora, architecture,         Anglo-Saxons                                    Canterbury: Tue 12.30pm - 3pm (7wks)
ceramics and local gastronomy.                   Review the rich diversity of these war-like     20/4 $92
Camberwell: Thur 1pm - 3pm (6wks)                tribes, their culture, society and their oral
                                                                                                 Garden Club (Never-Too-Old-To-Learn))
18/2 $95                                         tradition of epic and lyrical poetry.
                                                                                                 Informal meetings to discuss your
                                                 Canterbury: Thur 1pm - 3pm (6wks)
Canterbury History Group                                                                         gardening ideas and problems. Occasional
                                                 18/2 $82
Learn about the fascinating history of                                                           outings to local nurseries.
                                                 Writing Dialogue
Canterbury.                                                                                      Alamein: 4th Wed/month 10am - 12pm
                                                 2 week intensive course in creative dialogue
8pm 22/2 AGM, 22/3 1.30pm, 24/5 1.30pm,          in fiction. Write extensively and workshop.     Gardening for Health
28/6 8pm monthly meeting/excursion.              Canterbury: Thur 10am - 12pm (2wks)             Learn about therapeutic gardening and the
Canterbury: Tel Frances 9836 9117                1/7 $30                                         benefits that gardening can have on your
The Impressionists                               The Age of Victoria                             health and wellbeing. Guided tour of
This series explores the period in history       An age of great progress and extreme            community garden included.
that gave rise to Impressionism and looks        poverty ruled over by an intriguing and         Canterbury: Tue 10am 20/4 Free
at significant artists from 1750 - 1920s.        fascinating queen
                                                                                                 Gardens & Gardeners
Camberwell: Thur 1pm - 3pm (8wks)                Ashburton: Tue 7pm - 9pm (6wks)
                                                                                                 Guest speakers, trips to unusual gardens/
29/4 $130                                        Starts Feb 17 $85
                                                                                                 nurseries; rare, exotic and native plant species.
                                                 Canterbury: Thur 1pm - 3pm (6wks)
Discover the Regions of France                                                                   Surrey Hills: 3rd Mon/month 1.30pm -
                                                 6/5 $82
Explore the countryside, history and                                                             (5 sessions) 15/2 - 21/6 $5 session
                                                 Wonderful World of Words
cultural life of four regions in France. Taste                                                   Contact centre
                                                 A light-hearted look at the origins and
the wines, cheeses and other delicacies.         usage of popular words and phrases.             Pot Gardening
Camberwell: Thur 7pm - 9pm (4wks)                Canterbury: Thur 10am - 12pm (2wks)             Find out about drought friendly plants and
15/4 $65 plus materials                          1/4 $30                                         learn how to care for pot plants indoors
Surrey Hills Historical Society                                                                  and outdoors.
Surrey Hills: 3rd Tue/month 8pm - 10pm           House & Garden                                  Hawthorn: Contact Andrea 9819 2629
16/2 - 15/6, $2/session                                                                          Grow your own Vegetables
                                                 Community Garden Group
Surrey Hills NC Heritage Collection              Share like minded people and enjoy the          Produce delicious, healthy vegetables in
Learn the art of preservation, cataloguing       harvest of the crops and gardening.             your own garden. Includes soil preparation,
photos, documents and memorabilia.               Lease a plot for a year.                        organic pest control and more.
Surrey Hills: 1st, 3rd & 5th Mon/month           Balwyn: $90 annually. Wait listed.              Canterbury: Tue 12.30pm - 3pm (4wks)
9.30am - 12.30pm 1/2 - 21/6 Free                                                                 2/3 $68
                                                 Cushion Making                                  Kew: Fri 10am - 12pm 5/3, 23/4 (4wks) $70
History & Culture Classes with                   Learn to make beautiful, quality cushions
Dr Heather Sebo                                  to suit your individual style. BYO sewing       Therapeutic Gardening Workshops
The Parthenon Part I:                            machine.                                        The Horticulture Therapy Association of
The making of an Icon                            Ashburton: Tue 10am - 12pm (8wks)               Victoria will be offering therapeutic
Ashburton: Thur 1pm - 3pm (3wks)                 $97.50                                          gardening workshops during 2010.
Starts Feb 11 $45                                                                                Balwyn: Contact centre 98361128
The Parthenon Part II:                           N Drop in gardening group
                                                 Come help us plan, plant, weed and              Soft Furnishings
Myth and Meaning                                                                                 Make a bed head or footstool, a bean bag,
Ashburton: Thur 1pm - 3pm (3wks)                 maintain our garden and share a cuppa.
                                                 All welcome.                                    bolsters or scatter cushions or do repairs.
Starts March 11 $45                                                                              Canterbury: Mon 12.30pm - 3pm
Odyssey Intensive Part I:                        Hawthorn: Mon 11am - 1pm
                                                                                                 1/2 (7wks) $114, 19/4 (8wks) $130
The Wanderings                                   French Polishing                                Tue 9.30am - 12pm,12pm - 2.30pm
Ashburton: Thur 1pm - 3pm (5wks)                 Restore an old piece of furniture with a        (8wks) 2/2, 20/4 $130
Starts April 22 $75                              French polished finish. BYO project.
Odyssey Intensive Part II:                       Note: No storage is available                   Waterwise Gardening Workshop
Homecoming                                       Ashburton: Tue or Thur 7.30pm - 9.30pm          Camberwell: Wed 7.30pm 3/2 Register
Ashburton: Thur 1pm - 3pm (5wks)                 or Wed 1pm - 3pm (8wks) $115                    online City of Boroondara or 9278 4889
Starts May 27 $75                                + materials charge payable to tutor             Upholstery
History & Culture Classes with Sue Braint        Furniture Restoration & French Polishing        Work on your own project. Classes
Olga Master Short Stories                        Restore old furniture, repair inlay and learn   suitable for all levels. Note: storage not
A fascinating journey into rural domestic life   French Polishing. BYO project to work on.       available at all centres.
Ashburton: Wed 1pm - 3pm (3wks)                  All levels.                                     Ashburton: Thur 9.30am - 12pm or
Starts Feb 3 $42                                 Balwyn: Wed 10am - 12pm or 1pm - 3pm            12.30pm - 3pm (8wks) $130
Aussie Speak                                     Thur 12.30pm - 3.30pm or 7.30pm - 9.30pm        Balwyn: Mon & Tue 5pm - 7pm &
The distinctiveness and idiosyncrasies of        (10wks x 2hrs) $148.50 (10wks x 3hrs) $220      7pm - 9pm (10wks) $148.50
Australian English                               Canterbury: Thur 9.15am - 11.45pm 4/2,          Canterbury: Mon 12.30pm - 3pm
Ashburton: Wed 1pm - 3pm (4wks)                  22/4 $129 (8wks)                                1/2 (7wks) $114, 19/4 (8wks) $130
Starts March 3 $56                                                                               Canterbury: Tue 9.30am - 12pm,
Graham Greene Country                            Gardening Interest Group                        12pm - 2.30pm (8wks) 2/2, 20/4 $130
Focusing on The Heart of the Matter,             Canterbury: Contact Canterbury
                                                 Neighbourhood Centre for information.           Upholstery Weekend Workshops
A Burnt Out Case, The Power and the                                                              Beginners and advanced students
Glory and his short stories.                     Camberwell: Meets 2nd Thur of month.
                                                 Contact Camberwell Morning Garden Club          Canterbury: Sat 10.30am - 4pm $60
Ashburton: Wed 1pm - 3pm (4wks)                                                                  Contact centre for dates
Starts April 14 $56                              0427 090 599.

10    Contact the centre that runs your preferred activity or course to confirm details and book now!
                                               Languages l Markets l Parenting l Special Programs

                               Short course, activity & social guide @ your local Boroondara community neighbourhood house

                                               Italian: Beginner
Languages                                      Some classes require a little previous
                                                                                               Parenting Workshops
                                                                                               Strategies and solutions for parents of
French: Beginners                              tuition.                                        children of all ages including learning the
Alamein: Wed 6.30pm - 8.30pm (7wks)            Ashburton: Mon 1pm - 2.30pm                     skills to become confident parents
10/2, 14/4 $90 - $110                          (7wks) $92                                      Canterbury: Contact the centre for details
Ashburton: Mon 6pm - 7pm (8wks) $76            Canterbury: Wed 12.45pm - 2.45pm                of workshops being run throughout the
Bowen St: Mon 12pm - 1pm (6wks)                Wed 6pm - 8pm 3/2 (8wks) $110                   semester.
8/2 $74                                        21/4 (9wks) $123.50
Bowen St: Mon 12pm - 1pm (8wks)                Surrey Hills: Wed 7.30pm - 9pm (8wks)
                                               3/2- 24/3, $80; (11wks) 14/4 - 23/6 $110
                                                                                               Special Programs
12/4 $98
Camberwell: Mon 10.30am - 12.30pm                                                              A-Crew
                                               Italian: Intermediate                           Weekend activity group for young people
(9wks) $145                                    Must have good knowledge of Italian.            living with a disability.
French: Level 1                                Ashburton: Wed 7.30pm - 9pm (8wks)              Craig: Saturday/term & weekdays/holidays
Camberwell: Mon 1pm - 3pm (9wks) $145          $105
Canterbury: Mon 7pm - 9pm 1/2 (7wks)           Canterbury: Thur 12.30pm - 2.30pm               Ace-Space
$96, 19/4 (8wks) $110                          (8wks) 4/2 $110, 22/4 (9wks) $123.50            Social opportunities for people who
                                                                                               experience disability and live independently.
French: Level 2 (Intermediate)                 Italian: Advanced                               Craig: Thur 3pm - 6pm
Must have good knowledge of French.            Must have very good knowledge of Italian.
Ashburton: Mon 7pm - 8pm (8wks) $76            Canterbury: Wed 9.30am - 11.30am or             Bargello Embroidery
Camberwell: Mon 3pm - 5pm                      3pm - 5pm 3/2 (8wks) $110                       A popular, fun form of canvas embroidery
(9wks) $145                                    21/4 (9wks) $123.50                             where only straight stitches are used to
Canterbury: Mon 10am - 12pm                    Canterbury: Thur advanced conversation          create flame-shaped designs. Suitable for
1/2 (7wks) $96, 19/4 (8wks) $110               10am - 12pm 4/2 (8wks) $110                     cushions, upholstery, bags, etc.
Fri 1pm - 3pm 5/2 (8wks) $110                  22/4 (9wks) $123.50                             Ashburton: Sun 21/3 10am - 2.30pm
23/4 (9wks) $123.50                            Surrey Hills: Tue 7.30pm - 9pm (8wks)           $28 Booking essential
                                               2/2 - 23/3, $80; (11wks) 13/4 - 22/6 $110       Limelight Drama Group
French: Advanced
Must have very good knowledge of               Italian for Travellers/Conversation             A community theatre group for adults with
French.                                        Learn about the language, the country and       an intellectual disability.
Ashburton: Mon 8pm - 9.30pm                    how to get around Italy.                        Hawthorn: Sat 2pm - 4pm (during term)
(8wks) $95                                     Ashburton: Thur 10.30pm - 12pm                  Contact us to arrange an appointment
Camberwell: Thur 10am - 12pm                   (8wks) $105                                     with our facilitators.
(9wks) $145                                     B Balwyn: Fri 10am - 12pm or
                                                                                                N Limelight Youth Drama Group
Canterbury: Mon 1pm - 3pm                       A 1pm - 3pm (10wks) $148.50
                                                                                               Aimed at young people with intellectual
1/2 (7wks) $96, 19/4 (8wks) $110               Spanish for Travellers                          disabilities.
Canterbury: Fri 10am - 12pm                    Learn about the language and the country        Hawthorn: Sat (during term)
5/2 (8wks) $110, 23/4 (9wks) $123.50            B Ashburton: Thur 6.15pm - 7.45pm              For more information contact Marianna on
French Conversation/Travel                      I Thur 8pm - 9pm (8wks) $98                    9819 2629
Basic knowledge of French essential.           Literacy                                        Nova Art Group
Ashburton: Tue 11.45am - 12.45pm               Improve your reading, writing, spelling and     For visual artists or those with an interest
(8wks) $76                                     maths skills. Complete units from the           in the visual arts for whom mental illness
Bowen St: Mon 1.30pm - 3pm (6wks)              Certificates in General Education for Adults.   has interrupted their progress.
8/2 $98                                        Alamein: contact Isabel or Sandii on            Hawthorn: Thur 10am - 3pm
Bowen St: Mon 1.30pm - 3pm (8wks)              9885 9401 or              (during term) Contact us to arrange an
12/4 $130                                      for detailed timetable                          appointment with our teacher.
Hawthorn: Tue 2 classes
 B I Beginners & intermediate (5wks) $75                                                       Oasis Program
                                               Markets                                         Oasis targets members of our community
VCE French Conversation                                                                        isolated at home on a low income, disability
Prepare for your VCE oral and written          Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre
                                                                                               support pension and/or consumers of
exams practising with a small group of         Market
                                                                                               mental health services. Thirty hours a week
eight students.                                157 Union Road and 1 Bedford Avenue
                                                                                               of educational, recreational and social
Canterbury:                                    Surrey Hills - farm fresh produce, plants,
                                                                                               support activities: art tasters, outdoor
VCE Year 11 Mon 4.30pm - 5.30pm                baby and children’s wear, jewellery, crafts,
                                                                                               maintenance crew, shed shift, craft group,
1/3 (3wks) $33, 12/4 (9wks) $99                refreshments, knife sharpening.
                                                                                               swimming, dancercise, outings, volunteer
VCE Year 12 Mon 5.30pm - 6.30pm                2nd Sat every month 9am - 1pm.
                                                                                               opportunities, computer literacy and
1/3 (3wks) $33, 12/4 (9wks) $99                Stall bookings 9890 2467 or
Hawthorn:                                      email
                                                                                               Kew: Contact Bev Rae on 9853 3126
Tue 4.30 - 5.30pm
German for Travellers                          Parenting                                       Saturday Art
                                                                                               A visual arts program for adults with an
Ideal for those travelling to Germany or       Parenting - Taking out the frustration          intellectual disability.
armchair travellers. Learn the language, the   Helps families build strong, positive           Hawthorn: Sat 9.30am - 11am
country and how to get around Germany.         relationships and overcome the stresses in      11am - 12.30pm (during term)
Ashburton: Mon 10.30pm - 12pm                  parenting. Easy to learn solutions for all      Bookings essential.
(8wks) $98                                     aged children.
                                                                                                 N Saturday Drawing/Painting
                                               Bowen St: Thur 7.30pm - 9.30pm (2wks)
                                               3/6 $40 subject to grant                        Creative expression maintains good health,
                                                                                               something often forgotten in our busy
                                                                                               lives! Learn to represent what you see.
                                                                                               Balwyn: Sat 10am-12pm (10 wks) $143

  Contact the centre that runs your preferred activity or course to confirm details and book now!                                       11
                                                                                                you come first

Your local agent is
putting you first

The Noel Jones group have been proudly serving the people of Boroondara for
over thirty years. The Boroondara offices currently sell close to $1 Billion worth
of property each year and manage over 3,000 properties in the local area.

The secret to their success is putting clients first to ensure that they come back.

With a passion for real estate their agents and directors know every inch of their
local area. So, when it comes to real estate talk to the friendly, trusted agent that
knows the business and the community.

To find out more call your local agent today or visit

Noel Jones Balwyn        Noel Jones Camberwell               Noel Jones Glen Iris       Noel Jones Kew
289 Whitehorse Road 3103 883 Toorak Rd 3124                  1509 High St 3146          150 Cotham Road 3101
Phone (03) 9830 1644     Phone (03) 9809 2000                Phone (03) 9885 3333       Phone (03) 9817 4535

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