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					Entertainment Books - Sally Foster - Cookie Dough –
                  Flower Power
   Sally Foster ends Monday, October 12, 2009 – delivery November 12, 2009
        Cookie dough ends October 13, 2009 – delivery not yet determined
     Flower Power ends October 7, 2009 – orders shipped through October

PTG’s first fundraiser of the year ends soon. Please don’t miss out on this
opportunity to sell great products and help our school in the process.

Your sales will help St. Martin school offset the current deficit. Everyone is
working hard to reach our goal together!

We will be handing out free-dress passes to children as “prizes” for selling
merchandise. The more you sell, the more free-dress passes they get. Any
purchase, regardless of amount, will generate one free-dress pass. This is in
addition to the prizes from Entertainment.

Don’t forget that all local Entertainment books are available now for delivery.
Your friends and family don’t have to wait for San Jose, San Francisco and East
Bay books. Turn in your local orders today to be filled as you still continue to sell
until October 12.

You can also sell Sally Foster to your friends and family on-line, please remember
to reference school number (298657) so that you and the school get credit for all
orders sold.

Please contact us if you have any questions

       Kathy Mendoza kathymendoza@earthlink.net – Entertainment book
          Shannon Kreeger skreeger@gmail.com – Entertainment book
          Diane LoPresto – diane.lopresto@comcast.net - Sally Foster
 Angela Tomaka – dubby99@comcast.net or angela.tomaka.nklw@statefarm.com -
                                 Cookie Dough
             Vera Schmidt – vschmidt@mohg.com - Flower Power

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