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                                                  12 to 18 Months Before Wedding
                                                      20 Sep 2008 - 20 Mar 2009

     Announce your Engagement to family and friends

     Place an engagement announcement in the newspaper

     If you are having an engagement party book it and send out invitations

     Set wedding date, you may need a couple of options as the venues you choose may be booked on your date

     Determine wedding ceremony and reception style, casual or formal, reception centre, marquee, garden or beach

     Determine approximate number of guests, this has a lot of influence in choosing your venue

     Set wedding budget, now is the time to decide who will be contributing and how much. For assistance use our budget

     Start thinking about your wedding gown, look at different styles and decide what you would like

     Look for suitable ceremony location and make a tentative booking

     Look for suitable reception location and make a tentative booking

     Choose an officiant and book them

     Confirm your ceremony location and pay a deposit

     Confirm your reception location and pay a deposit

     Choose a caterer and book them (if required)

     Choose and order your wedding dress

     Choose and book photographer

     Choose and book videographer

     Create your wedding website including a guest book and photo gallery on Easy Weddings

                                                   9 to 11 Months Before Wedding
                                                       20 Apr 2009 - 20 Jun 2009

    Start a display folder that you can gather all your wedding planning information together in, you don't want to loose things like
deposit receipts

     Begin your guest list, ask parents for a list and do your own wish list, this can be finalised closer to the date

     Select your bridal party and ask each of them if they will do the honours

     Meet with your officiant to discuss the ceremony, fill in all forms and discuss religious requirements such as counseling

     If you are planning to use a wedding consultant, find one and hire them now

      Select the colour scheme for your wedding, you will need to think about the colours or your chosen ceremony and reception
location and attire for your bridal party

     Select your reception entertainment, band or DJ and start listening to demos
     If you are planning an outdoor ceremony decide if you would like a wet weather option (chapel or marquee) book this in

     If you are planning an outdoor reception book marquee and all other party hire

                                                    6 to 8 Months Before Wedding
                                                       20 Jul 2009 - 20 Sep 2009

     Book reception entertainment

     Choose and book ceremony entertainment (if required)

     Choose and order bridesmaids attire, involve all bridesmaids

     Choose and order junior attendants attire, allow for possible growth

     Choose formal wear for groom and groomsmen, organise fittings and book to hire

     Meet with and book florist, decide what flowers you require and what style you would like

     Choose a gift registry, if using one, and select a big range of gifts with a large price range

     Choose your wedding cake and order it

     Place a hold on some hotel rooms near by for out of town guests

     Inform all out of town guests of the wedding date as they will need extra travel time

     Decide on your invitation wording and design, involve all parents

     Plan honeymoon

     Organise passports, birth certificates and visa

                                                    4 to 5 Months Before Wedding
                                                       20 Oct 2009 - 20 Nov 2009

     Finalise guest list

     Finalise caterer and reception details

     Reserve bridal suite for wedding night

     Finalise wording for all stationary and order it

     Order wedding rings

     Finalise ceremony arrangements with officiant, including marriage licence

     Select gifts for each other

     Select gifts for bridal party

      Choose a hairdresser and book for your trial and the wedding day, you will need to book in for yourself, all female attendants
including flower girls and possibly mothers. You should only need to have a trial yourself, but confirm this with your hair stylist

     Choose a make up artist and book for your trial and the wedding day, you will need to book in for yourself, all female
attendants and possibly mothers. You should only need to have a trial yourself, but confirm this with your make up artist

     Hire wedding vehicles for the bridal party, you will need to decide what sort of transport you need and where the two parties
are getting ready
                                                     2 to 3 Months Before Wedding
                                                        20 Dec 2009 - 20 Jan 2010

       Choose and purchase bridal accessories, veil, headpiece, jewellery, lingerie and shoes. You will need lingerie and shoes for

       Choose and buy grooms accessories, shoes, cufflinks, etc

       Choose accessories and shoes for the bridal party and organise for your attendants to try shoes on, jewellery is an excellent
gift for your bridal party

     Decide on any additional decorations that you would like for your ceremony or reception that are not included, such as red
carpet, chair covers, disposable cameras, butterflies to release, ideas are only limited by your imagination. Book these services

       Any new beauty routines or hair colours or styles should be experimented with now

       If you plan a diet and exercise regime start it now

       Pick up your invitations and start addressing them

       Confirm fittings and delivery date of your dress

       Confirm with all bridesmaids that they have organised their dresses and shoes, and to try them on again before the wedding

       Decide what bombonieres you would like and make or order them

       Ask special guests to do readings or take part in the ceremony in any other way that you would like

       Choose a MC, this could be a guest or a professional one

     Select ceremony and reception music, you will need to pick music for walking down the isle, signing the register, the bridal
waltz, cutting the cake and any other particular music you would like

     Talk to the maid of honour and best man about the hens / bucks parties and any bridal showers that you choose to have.
They will need lists with names and addresses of who you would like to invite

       Mail wedding invitations out 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding

     Have your hair and makeup trials, having them on the same day gives you an excellent excuse to go out for the night, ensure
you take your headpiece and veil

       Purchase anything required for the honeymoon

                                                     6 to 8 Weeks Before Wedding
                                                        23 Jan 2010 - 06 Feb 2010

       Decide on vows and readings for the ceremony

       Write your ceremony program

       Add more gifts to your registry if required

       Have your final gown fitting and confirm when the dress is to be picked up

       Order drinks if they are not included in the catering package

       If required, arrange a babysitter or something to entertain the kids at the reception

       Work out wedding day times before you need to confirm bookings
     Confirm your honeymoon reservations

      Book in to have nails professionally done 1 or 2 days before the wedding (if required), you may wish to just get your own done
or the bridesmaids as well

                                                   3 to 4 weeks Before Wedding
                                                     20 Feb 2010 - 27 Feb 2010

     Organise your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

      Contact everyone in the bridal party and ensure that they know what is required of them leading up to and on the day, ensure
that they know all the times, check that their attire and shoes are organised

     If there are any beauty routines that you are still to do, do them now, facials or teeth whitening

      Have a meeting with your officiant to finalise your ceremony structure, you will need to let them know the vows are readings
that you have chosen.

     Pick up wedding rings and check their size

     Pick up your wedding dress, and store it carefully where no harm can come to it and it won't get creased

     Decide what you are using for something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, also organise your
garter if it is not one of these items

     Call all guests who haven't rsvp'd, a few days before you need to confirm final numbers

     Confirm all reception details including menus and numbers

     Arrange seating for reception and let the reception centre or caterer see this asap

     Name your place cards and deliver them to the reception centre

     Check luggage condition

                                                      1 week Before Wedding
                                                           13 Mar 2010

     Have your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, confirm your ceremony details and time with the officiant

     Confirm your ceremony location booking, including time

     Confirm flowers ordered and delivery locations and times with your florist

     Confirm cake order and delivery location and time with the baker

     Confirm photographer time and locations

     Confirm videographer time and locations

     Confirm your ceremony entertainment including music choices

     Confirm reception entertainment including choices

     Confirm any party hire including marquee (if required)

     Confirm any decorations or specialty items that you have booked

     Confirm bombonieres, number and delivery details
     Confirm transport, to ceremony, to photo locations, to reception location and leaving the reception, including times

     Confirm hairdresser booking, both time and number of people

     Confirm makeup artist, both time and number of people

     Confirm nail treatments (if required)

     Confirm formal wear hire

     Confirm wedding night accommodation

     Confirm MC

     Confirm with any guests who are doing readings or special favors for the ceremony

     Confirm with any guests who are doing speeches at the reception

     Confirm honeymoon arrangements

     Pack for your wedding night

     Pack for honeymoon

     Arrange refreshments for bridal party while dressing

    Check that you have all the accessories that you need, jewellery, shoes, veil, tiara, lingerie, extra pair of stockings, garter,
something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

     Have your hens and bucks nights

     The groom should have a have a hair cut now if required

     Prepare your speech

     Plan the night before the wedding, who will be staying where

     Leave a copy of your honeymoon itinerary with someone

     Organise cash for anything that is to be paid on the day and give it to a trusted person to make the payment on the day

                                                       1 Day Before Wedding
                                                            19 Mar 2010

     Pack car for honeymoon

     Organise someone to transport wedding accessories

     Organise someone to return any hires

     Pickup tuxedo's the Friday before wedding

     Review schedule with wedding party

     Gather together everything that you need to get ready on the wedding day and take it with you to where you are getting ready

     Drop off anything required to the reception centre

     Check that all formal wear items are there and are the right size
                                                      After the Wedding

Ensure that all formal wear is returned

Take any photos to be developed

Check that all wedding bills have been paid in full

Take your gown and veil to be cleaned

Freeze the top layer of your wedding cake

If you wish to have your wedding bouquet preserved, take it to be done

Within two months write thank you letters

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