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March 2010 Newsletter - PDF


									                           U3A Ireland
Page 1                                                                                       March 2010
                               The Newest Member of the U3A
                                                     Michael Elvis landed 4 days early in the Rotunda
                                                     hospital on a bright Sunday morning on November
                                                     8th, ruining my schedule of nice coffees and
                                                     lunches the following week. I was so happy to see
                                                     him and have been so happy since. Just three
                                                     months in and my life has turned upside down. I
                                                     used to go to bed at 5am, now I am up at 5am. A
                           baby sterilizer used to sound like an instrument of torture. Now I use it to
                           clean bottles. I used to buy clothes for myself. Now I shop for Mikey. My
Positive Ageing Week:
                           parents used to be happy to see I am only the chauffeur.
24 Sept to 2 Oct 2010
                           And I love it all. Motherhood is everything they say: Joyful, tearful, a full
                           time job, a challenge and the best thing ever.
 Inside this issue         I do miss work. It is great now to have each day for my son but I do look
                           forward to the challenge of being back. I miss the people I work with and
   Our Newest            everyone in U3A.I wish to thank you all for all your thoughts and kind
     Member                wishes and cannot wait to see you all soon.
   Fair Deal Talk                                                                 Margaret Fitzpatrick
   New Groups in
     Monaghan              FAIR DEAL TALK
   Irish Aid             Hi all U3A members!
   Italian Exchange      Nora O’Donnell and the Dublin City U3A group, would like to cordially
   Lucan U3A             invite you to a talk Age Action are giving to all U3A members on
   Harrow U3A            ‘The Fair Deal for Nursing Homes’.
                           It will be held on Tuesday, March 30th at 11am in the
   eBulletin News        Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle.
   Contributions         The Fair Deal, or the Nursing Home Support Scheme Act 2009, was the
   Book Sale             brainchild of Mary Harney, Minister for Health and Children, in 2006. It
                           was her ambition to solve the crisis facing families across the country
   Fighting Words        trying desperately to pay for nursing home care for their loved ones. The
   Women’s Mini          new Scheme to pay for nursing home care is now in its teething process.
     Marathon              Since October 2009 the HSE have been rolling out the Scheme nationwide
                           to a mixed welcome.
   U3A contacts
                           Age Action ardently believes everyone should know about this scheme
                           and what it may mean for them in the future.
U3A Ireland is funded by
                           For further information and to book a place, please contact:
                           Nora O’Donnell on 01 288 96 77
                                                                      Lorna Roe, Social Policy Officer
                                                                                   Age Action Ireland
Page 2                                                                                    U3A Newsletter

         New U3A group
          in Monaghan               editing and printing photos.           group.
                                    This was a very in depth course.       More details to follow, after
In November 2009 a new group                                               this meeting.
was put together in North           At our recent meeting, as a follow
Monaghan. This came about as a      up to our photography class, we
result of a volunteer, Eamonn       decided to do an art course, as well   For further information
Callaghan, in our Monaghan shop     as a gardening and landscaping         please contact:
who wished to get a U3A             course. Astronomy is also an 
programme up and running in         interest to many and two new           or by telephone:
Monaghan. We began with a           members are joining the group to       Age Action Monaghan
digital photography course.         deliver these courses.                 Tel. 047 75942
Eamonn was friendly with a                                                 Mobile. 086 3314439
photographer who also wished to     We decided to call our group The
set up a similar activity.          Blackwater U3A group as we meet                          Mary Beagan
                                    in the Blackwater lifelong learning
We advertised through our Age       centre, which is situated beside the
Action shop and aimed at North Tyrone border.
Monaghan, as we knew of a           The centre was primarily built for
suitable IT venue there. 21 people the purpose of Cross Border
did the course. It was a great      communication and Cross Border
success. Malcolm, the               activities. We hope to connect with
photographer, was a very patient other groups from Northern
teacher and we had great fun.       Ireland.
On our 4th night we had a two
hour talk and visual presentation In early March we hope to get our
on creating the perfect photo,      next group started in Monaghan.
given by one of the best            The Ballinode area, on the
photographers in Ireland.           outskirts of Monaghan is where we
Everyone was in awe that we         hope to get the group up and
could receive tuition like this for running, as there is a large
free.                               community there. This group will
Our final two nights covered        be called the Ballinode U3A

     Bring the world into your U3A programme!

U3A groups are invited to visit the Irish Aid Volunteering and
Information Centre in O’Connell St, Dublin, for a guided tour
                                                                              Italian Exchange
of an audio-visual exhibition on the work of Irish Aid.             Our Italian friend,
The tour will be followed by a short presentation and a             Mr. Aaron Greenwood, has been back
questions & answers session. Total time: 90 minutes.                in touch to re-ignite the interest in an
Dates & Times will be organised to suit YOU.                        exchange with Italian U3A members.
There is no charge but advance booking is essential.                A meeting has now been arranged for
Contact Andrée Kearney at the Irish Aid Centre on 01-8546934        March 2010.
or via e-mail:
                                                                    Further information to follow.
Page 3                                                                                       U3A Newsletter
         LUCAN U3A
                                      former resulting in a soaking for the       U3A eBulletin is set up
At our June meeting, to usher in
the summer, we shared our             intrepid climbers risking life and limb    At the October Network
favourite poems – from sonnets        to explore ancient history.                Meeting in the Carmelite
to lyrics to limericks. The ‘Lake                                                Community Centre,
Isle of Innisfree’ brought back       Closer to home the Memorial                Whitefriar St, it was
memories of our Sligo trip, and       Gardens were a joy to see.                 recommended to the U3A
the unique rendition thereof by                                                  programme that a monthly
the boatman on Lough Gill ...         September had hardly dimmed the            email Bulletin (eBulletin) be
                                      display in the rose gardens.               created to keep U3A
In November, poet Eileen Casey                                                   members informed of current
shared some of her inspirations       We look forward to another busy,           and upcoming events.
with us, when she gave a lively       entertaining and enjoyable year.
interactive session on Creative                      Sue Peard, Lucan U3A The eBulletin has been in
Writing – this is just what we                                            circulation since November
need to revitalise our earlier                                            2009 and appears to be
venture into memoir writing.                                              successful in providing the
                                                                          necessary information to
Recently, some of our creative                                            members.
members showed what nimble
                                                                                 If you have not received the
fingers can do in embroidery,
                                                                                 eBulletin and would like to,
decoupage, card-making,
                                                                                 please email U3A at:
jewellery-making, great ideas for
Christmas gifts from our
‘Crafties’.                                                                      Contributions are always
                                                                                 welcome. Please submit your
In another look at the craft area,                                               contribution at least 7 days
we had a fascinating glimpse into                                                before the end of the month,
the secrets of the centuries-old          In the walled garden of Larchill       to be sure of inclusion.
craft of the silversmith; now we                 Arcadian Garden
can read the marks and discover                                                             Thank you, Yvonne
the treasures in our attics.

We had “outward bound”
activities most months as well.       Harrow U3A have linked Age Action & U3A in Ireland to their
Lough Crew and Larchill were          website, why not take a look:
two of our destinations, the

Members’ Voice - Call for Contributions
                                     This newsletter is for U3A              If you have tried anything
                                     members. It is about sharing ideas,     recently that has been particularly
                                     stories and articles of interest.       successful I would be delighted to
                                     If you have attended an interesting     hear about it.
                                     talk, read an inspiring article or      Please send articles or details of
                                     book, or enjoyed a trip away,           meetings to:
                                     perhaps you would like to write         Yvonne Brennan
                                     about it for our readers.               email
Page 4                                                                                     U3A Newsletter
                                                                               U3A Meetings
                                                                     Dublin City U3A
                                                                     Meet at the Chester Beatty Library at 11am
                                                                     on the last Tuesday of every month.
                                                                     Contact John Roche: (01) 201-7490

                                      Flora Women’s Mini             Blessington U3A
                                                                     Meet the third Tuesday of each month.
                                           Marathon                  Contact Anne Cowie: 045-865159
                                    Run for Age Action in Flora      Ballyroan U3A
                                     Women’s Mini Marathon,          Meet every second Monday at 11am in
                                      Monday, 7th June 2010          Ballyroan Library.
                                                                     Contact Al Connor: (01) 490-3212
                                     Entry forms will be in the
                                                                     Sutton and Baldoyle U3A
                                     Evening Herald from the         Meet on the third Tuesday of the month
                                           3rd of March.             at 2.30pm, Baldoyle library.
                                                                     Contact Sheila Cullen: (01) 839-3868
                                    For more information please
                                                                     Ballymun Library U3A
                                          contact Dee Clare
                                                                     Meet every second Monday at 2pm,
                                   Tel. (01) 475 6989                except Bank Holidays.
                                   Email:     Contact Ruth Meehan: (01) 857-1673
                                                                     Blackrock U3A
                                                                     Meet every Friday at 10.45am in
                                                                     Blackrock Education Centre.
                                                                     Contact Eileen Larkin: (01) 455-7653
                   FIGHTING WORDS
                                                                     Lucan U3A
Fighting Words is a creative writing centre, established by          Contact Dympna Fennell: (01) 628-2243
Roddy Doyle and Sean Love.                                           An Cosan (Tallaght)
Inspired by 826 Valencia in San Francisco, Fighting Words is         Contact Imelda Hanratty: (01) 462-8488
located on Behan Square, Russell Street, Dublin 1 {very close
to Croke Park}.                                                      Maynooth U3A
                                                                     Meetings are every second Friday:
Fighting Words helps students from 8 to 88 years of age to           11am -1pm in the Town Library,
develop their writing skills and to explore their love of writing.   Maynooth.
If you have always wanted to brush up on your writing skills         Contact Age Action: (01) 475-6989
then contact Fighting Words where you will be met by friendly        Roscara U3A
volunteers and staff who will have you writing in no time.           Contact Helen Waldren: 094-9621233
                                                                     Active Virginians U3A
They provide workshops and tutoring for adults.                      Contact Gean Cullen, Lake View,
All of which is free.                                                Rautavan, Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan
Evenings and weekends will be devoted to seminars and                Waterford U3A
workshops for adults, conducted by professional writers and          Contact Terry (Theresa) Moloney
volunteers.                                                          Tel. 051-876542
For more information email:
Tel. (01) 894-4576                     Ailesbury / Old Bawn U3A
                                                                     Contact Sean Hennessy: (01) 452-8418
                                                                     Boyle U3A
           Publisher: Age Action Ireland Ltd                         Contact Martin Spillane: 071-9647843
  Address: 30-31 Lower Camden Street Tel: 01-475 6989                Monaghan U3A
  E-mail: Website:                 Contact Mary Beagan: 047-75942
                                                                     Mobile: 086-3314439

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