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handmade vol 18 index - PDF


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									                                                                 handmade vol 18 index
                                               Joyful geraniums by Susan Joy – framed        Jasper by Merilyn Purcell – white with         Home to roost by Sharon Hawkins –
Best-dressed bottles by Pam Kenwood –          watering can with flowers 18/6                dotted black fur bear with cute pink-          painted and decoupaged canisters with
beaded bottle cuffs 18/1                                                                     stitched nose 18/2                             chickens and checks 18/9
                                               Kitchen dresser cross stitch by Suzanne
Dancing dragonflies by Anita Marie             Smee of Annie Lane Designs – cushion with     Jennifer Eccles by Judy Gray of Rose           Jungle fever by Pauline Bright – African-
Bickle – beaded dragonflies to be attached     central cross stitch and fun buttons 18/2     Patchwork Cottage – cloth doll with shawl      themed frames in bright colours 18/7
to fridge magnets or adornments for house                                                    and hat 18/1
plants 18/8                                    Leap frog by Susan Joy – cross stitch of                                                     Kitchens bloom by Debbie Newham of
                                               stages of a leaping frog 18/12                Jessica by Sharone Peacock – purple            Debbie’s Decoupage – spring blooms on
Cross stitch                                                                                 long-haired teddy bear 18/3                    a platter 18/5
and canvas work                                My favourtie things by Susan Joy –
                                               framed still life of jewellery box perfume    Lally by Faeries in my Garden – cloth dolls    Little rascals by Anne Zada – kids room
‘Scents’ of occasion by Susan Joy –            bottle, etc 18/4                              with rag hair and pinafore dresses 18/12       accessories made with wooden cut-outs
cross-stitched perfume bottles 18/8                                                                                                         with Cute Kids decoupage paper 18/6
                                               Patchwork addiction by Raelene Beazley        Lara and Jess by Merrilyn Purcell – cloth
ABC pansy by Radda – cross stitch              of Eudora Designs – cross stitch with words   dolls in pretty floral dresses 18/5            Playtime by Debbie Newham – toy box
pansies with alphabet 18/10                    and traditional patchwork blocks 18/9                                                        decorated with teddy bears 18/10
                                                                                             Lucie-Lou by Merilyn Purcell – teddy bear
Alphabet bright by Cecile Whatman              Penguins on parade by Susan Joy –             with rose embroidered dress and wearing a      Pretty pansies by Christine O’Leary – pot
of Unique Stitching and Designs –              cross-stitched penguin family on kitchen      ribbon on her head 18/1                        and cups with mauve pansies on wooden
children’s alphabet cushion bordered with      gifts 18/1                                                                                   tray 18/4
brightly coloured insect fabric 18/4                                                         Mrs Hargraves by Merilyn Pursell – cloth
                                               Purple haze by Sarah L. Ricketts – cross      doll plastic bag holder 18/4                   Summer on a plate by Sharone Peacock
Art deco panel by Pamela Houghton              stitch mat with geometric design on                                                          – brightly coloured daisies on yellow
Jones – canvas work cushion in primary         painted Aida 18/5                             Rachel rabbit by Melody Daly – brown           platter 18/3
colours with stylised sunflowers 18/3                                                        rabbit with apricot floral dress 18/5
                                               Royal standard by Sarah L Ricketts – china                                                   Yellow pansies by Debbie Newham
Beautiful butterflies by Radda – brightly      tea cup and saucer in round frame 18/9        Ruby by Judy Gray of Rose Patchwork            of Debbie’s Decoupage – octagonal
coloured butterflies on a toaster cover 18/3                                                 Cottage – tea-dyed doll and clothes with       tray with yellow pansies in mauve
                                               Sleepy town express by Rosemary Dunn          buttons for hair 18/10                         pot 18/6
Blush by Fiona O’Donnell of Needle Art –       – cross stitch train on sheet and
geometric needlepoint design 18/2              pillowcases 18/12                             Sam and Samantha by Melody Daly –               Embroidery and stitchery
                                                                                             shaggy plush felt bears with gorgeous
Bubble and squeak by DMC – mice on             Tropical fish by Raelene Beazley of Eudora    accessories 18/4                               ‘Twinkle, twinkle Little Star’ by Ruth
cheese carts in cross stitch 18/8              Designs – three fish in a frame 18/7                                                         Marshall – surface embroidered sheet and
                                                                                             Sew-helpful handmaiden by Deborah              pillow slip 18/4
Busy bumble bee by Anni Downs of               Welcome to the world by Radda – birth         Sheers – sewing doll with pockets for
Hatched and Patched – simple bee for           sampler 18/2                                  needles, etc and skirt pincushion 18/7         A little piece of summer by Susie
beginners 18/6                                                                                                                              Matthews – naive framed herbs and
                                               Dolls and bears                               Sunflower Sam and Sally scarecrow by           sunflowers in resin pots 18/4
Celestial spirit by Patricia Hines Designs                                                   Debbie von Gabler-Crozier – wooden dolls
– cross-stitched gift gards 18/1               Alexis by Sharone Peacock – pink, long-       on stand, dressed in fabric with raffia        A pair of little love notes by Helen
                                               haired bear 18/11                             stuffing 18/9                                  Stubbings of Hugs ‘n Kisses – stitchery
Country topiary tree by Raelene Beazley                                                                                                     hearts on mini-quilts 18/12
of Eudora Designs – framed topiary tree in     Barnyard dolls by Linley Mitchell – two       Tansy the herb gardening doll by
button pot 18/7                                country-style dolls mounted on old fence      Melody Daly – woollen haired doll with         Birdhouse blocks by Sally of Giggle
                                               palings 18/11                                 knitted cardigan 18/9                          Buttons – stitchery squares with patchwork
Daisy bag by Robin Coombes – tent stitch                                                                                                    squares and Giggle Buttons made into a
flower on lined hessian carry-all bag 18/8     Betty Belly by Julie Lembit – rag doll with   Victor and Sparky by Melody Daly –             cushion 18/12
                                               small head and thin legs with big feet 18/8   dark brown long-haired bear with pet
Down on the Farm by Tünde Carrington                                                         dog 18/7                                       Blackwork embroidered bookmarks by
– vegie patch and orchards with a              Chelsea bear by Sharone Peacock –                                                            Bobbie Watts of Tasmanian Cottages –
scarecrow in cross stitch with some            rainbow-coloured long-haired bear 18/10        Decoupage                                     traditional stitching on bookmarks 18/1
embroidery 18/2
                                               Country Heather and Rose by Debbie            abcd by Christine O’Leary – red                Bonny blues by Susie Mathews of Susie’s
Garden bunny-rug by Radda –                    von Grabler-Crozier of The Folk Art Factory   painted and decoupaged children’s set          Country Keepsakes – ribbon-embroidered
squares stitched onto cloth with               – cloth dolls with patchwork and floral       of drawers 18/3                                hydrangeas in resin pot 18/6
animals and flowers scattered in               dress 18/3
some squares 18/4                                                                            Bathroom tissue holder by Christine            Bunnies trio by Tünde Carrington –
                                               Daisy by Lauralla Bears – white bear with     O’Leary – tall storage box for toilet paper    framed picture of three rabbits sitting
Garden of daily living by Sarah L Ricketts     knitted cardigan 18/2                         with birds, bees and butterflies 18/8          among carrots with diamond border 18/5
– sampler for gardeners 18/2
                                               Flora the flower angel by Phillipa Morris     Dragonfly, dragonfly! – painted                Butterflies and daisies by Ruth Marshall
Gingham hearts by Kylie Stubbles of            of Whiskers and Wings – cloth doll with       terracotta pots decorated with Wallies         – surface embroidered blue flowers
Persephone Designs – simple shapes             felt hair and apron pocket 18/6               wallpaper cut-outs from McCalls 18/4           on yellow towels with white lace
stitched on Aida and attached to a                                                                                                          trim 18/12
cushion 18/10                                  Garden bunny swag by Jenny Bishop –           Eats for treats by Sharone Peacock –
                                               rabbits made from garden gloves 18/9          painted and decoupaged platter with            Buzzy love by Julie Lembit – stitcheries
Hand over the chocolates by Raelene                                                          simple food images 18/6                        with bees on cushions and a
Beazley of Eudora Designs – teddy with         Golly trio by Jan Harvey – string of three                                                   wall-hanging 18/11
box of chocolates cross stitch 18/11           dolls to hang up 18/6                         Frangipani cat by F’Arty Crafts – brightly
                                                                                             coloured frame and box decorated               Country daisies by Lynley Mitchell – lazy
Happy hearts by DMC – simple hearts in         Iced Vovo by Lauralla Bears – pink-tinged     with cats among leaves and frangipani          daisies stitched in centre of Log Cabin
canvas work in bright colours 18/10            teddy bear with floral bow around neck 18/8   flowers 18/10                                  border cushion 18/12

Cute caterpillar stumpwork by Michelle       Mexican scarf and matching bag by             The fairy princess by Radda – simple           Five-dot floral by Maureen
Stacey from Six Oaks Embroidery –            Radda – simple geometric design 18/4          embroidered outline of a fairy in pink, blue   Darcy-Smith – simple dot flowers
fluffy green caterpillar on a branch with                                                  and yellow 18/8                                on picture frame 18/6
flowers 18/5                                 Miss Penny Su by Joan Watters – little
                                             girl embroidered on cushion with red          The prince and the princess by Radda –         Floribunda by Janet Eadie –
Dad by Ruth Marshall – poem called Dad       gingham frill 18/1                            simple stitching on children’s bags 18/8       painted pots and frame with
stitched in blackwork 18/12                                                                                                               glued-on daisies 18/10
                                             My old rag doll and my cat by Lesley          To market, to market by Donna Smyth –
Daisy dream by Jan Bergman – white           Hiller of Wash House Cats – naive             naive style with painting techniques and       Forentine wine cask and bowl
daisies embroidered across a sleeveless      stitchery on framed piece 18/9                basic embroidery 18/9                          by Vicki Nicholson – Tuscan-style
sun top 18/7                                                                                                                              yellow with blue box and bowl 18/1
                                             Needles ‘n’ things by Lynette of Mum’s        Toile table throw by Pieces for Patching –
Delicate daisy embroidered shirt by          Moment – naive stitchery of sewing            simple stitching in corners of machine-        Garland girls by Sue Stadler –
Therese Rankmore of Gumnut Gear –            paraphernalia on needlecase 18/9              sewn cloth 18/9                                flowers and dolls painted onto a photo
flowers dotted over yoke of shirt and on                                                                                                  frame 18/3
self-covered buttons 18/6                    Oliver’s big pockets by Phillipa Morris of     Painted projects
                                             Whiskers and Wings – stitchery with a cat                                                    Harlequin box by Janet Eadie – pastel
Dolphin garden by Debbie von                 wearing overalls filled with a pocketful of   A country welcome by Jill Christian –          wooden box with hearts and geometric
Grabler-Crozier of The Folk Art Factory –    flowers 18/6                                  gerbera and butterflies on a plaque 18/10      shapes 18/8
painted fabric with underwater scene
stitched over it 18/5                        Pins ‘n’ needles by Helen Dafter –            A fruity delight by Janet Eadie – topiary      Herd ewe like to cook by Sandra
                                             traditional pincushion with lace and ribbon   pots painted onto a bread box 18/4             Harris – beginners project with
Double heart pond by Donna Smyth –           flowers 18/1                                                                                 pen and ink wash, cow and sheep as
framed piece of beautifully stitched                                                       Bathroom coordinates by Janet Eadie –          cooks 18/7
hearts of flowers, surrounded by more        Pretty puffy hearts by Vicki Zachat –         seahorses stencilled onto bathroom scales
flowers 18/10                                Suffolk puffs and embroidered heart in        and accessories 18/11                          Hooked on you by Janet Eadie – white
                                             frame 18/2                                                                                   and blue cups painted onto hooks for key
Enchantment by Barb Smith of                                                               Bird house heaven by Sharon Hawkins –          ring, or cup holder 18/11
Woodcutter’s Daughter – stitchery with       Radiant ribbons by Bobbie Watts of            patchwork hearts painted onto a craftwood
boy, girl and two cats 18/5                  Tasmanian Cottages – ribbon-embroidered       bird house 18/9                                Iris duo by Janet Eadie –
                                             gift cards 18/1                                                                              irises painted onto a tray and also
Flo’s garden by Lesley Hiller of the                                                       Biscuit tin fun by Janet Eadie – vibrant       onto fabric 18/7
Washhouse Cats – naive stitchery with        Raggedy old doll by Washhouse Cats –          shades of blue, pink and yellow on
woman in garden 18/11                        stitchery with rag doll on table 18/10        tins 18/2                                      Ironing on flowers by Janet Eadie –
                                                                                                                                          stencil flowers painted onto ironing board
Floral memories by Robyn Rich –              Robert T. rooster by Michelle Stacey of       Blue hydrangeas by Sandra Harris –             cover 18/10
surface-embroidered frame 18/1               Six Oaks Embroidery – stumpwork red           flowers painted onto wooden bowl with
                                             rooster with white head feathers and green    lid 18/12                                      It’s a dog’s life by Karen Kiely – dog
Garland of pansies by Helen Dafter –         tail 18/3                                                                                    painted on a tile inside a painted
ring of ribbon flowers on pink cushion                                                     Bridie by Barb Smith of Woodcutter’s           frame 18/8
with lace border 18/12                       Sailing away on Maggie May by Joan            Daughter – painted girl wearing
                                             Watters of Delwood Designs – sailing          patchwork clothes and an apron 18/2            James’ Junk box by Sharon Hawkins –
Golden shells by Jan Bergman –               ships and teddy bear button on coathanger                                                    brightly painted box with space characters
glittering evening bag with gold threads     and matching bag 18/11                        Ceramic flowers by Louise Green from Art       on it 18/1
on midnight blue fabric 18/7                                                               Stamps Australia – stamped and painted
                                             Slice of heaven by Lyn Booth – blackwork      ceramic plate 18/12                            Kitchen closed by Patricia Petrovic –
Goose junior by Susie Mathews – two          stitchery on outside of a sewing bag with                                                    painted kitchen sign topped with a painted
appliquéd geese in a flower garden           patched pockets on the inside 18/8            Clearly wonderful by Karen Kiely –             rag doll 18/4
stitched on a hot water bottle cover 18/10                                                 painted bottles 18/12
                                             Spring blossoms by Susie Matthews –                                                          Naive hearts by Chris Risbey – heart box
Greetings by Lesley McConnell of Faeries     ribbon-embroidered hand towels 18/4           Country Canisters by Pauline Bright –          with angel and flowers 18/2
in My Garden – naive stitched and                                                          chickens, checks and flowers painted
appliquéd small greeting cards 18/1          Stencilled heart cushion by Pauline           on canisters 18/9                              Pretty in pastels, traditional
                                             Bright – hearts in plain and metallic paint                                                  red and gold and blue and silver
Home is where the heart is by Jennangi       with embroidery and beads 18/3                Country heart stool by Janet Eadie – blue      dazzlers – painted papier-mâché
Designs – naive stitchery of house with                                                    hearts painted onto a yellow stool 18/10       boxes and frames 18/1
heart-shaped trees 18/4                      Stephanie by Jan Bergman – beginner’s
                                             ribbon embroidery with buttons 18/4           Country kitchen sunflowers by Sandra           Pretty pink heart by Sharon Hawkins –
Home sweet home by Jennifer                                                                Harris – painted utensil set holder 18/7       pastel pink and white painted heart in
Corkish of Sew Naive – simply                Sweet tea by Colour Streams – flower vase                                                    frame 18/9
embroidered house and flowers on a           and tea cup in ribbon embroidery 18/6         Cup of tea by Jan Swindlehurst –
cushion 18/10                                                                              blackboard decorated with teapot, cup and      Raggy doll shelf sitters
                                             Teddy, Spot and Mr Scallywag by Joan          saucer and cup cakes 18/12                     by Jenny Moffett of Lomond
Lavender-filled heart by Radda – simple      Watters – surface-embroidered children’s                                                     Decorative Art Studio – painted
pink stitching on heart shaped lavender      cushion 18/3                                  Cute cottage by Jenny Moffat – folk art        boy and girl rag dolls, with fabric
bag 18/4                                                                                   little house money box 18/1                    decoration 18/3
                                             The cat’s garden by Lesley Hiller of
Lazy May days by Lesley Hiller of            Washhouse Cats – naive stitchery of           Cute in calico by Janet Eadie – painting of    Ready to fish by Karen Brouwer –
Wash House Cats – stitchery with girl, cat   woman standing with cat under arch of         calico bear with a pink hat, in a pink check   fishing paraphernalia on plaque with
and birdhouse 18/7                           flowers 18/12                                 frame with button decorations 18/10            brass hooks 18/12

Love my garden by Lesley Hiller –            The deep blue sea by Veronica Wilkinson       Daisy-chain corkboard by Sue Stadler –         Sitting by the pond by Janet Eadie –
stitchery wall-hanging with quilted          – combination of embroidery and paint-        wine bottle corks surrounded by white,         child’s mirror and box set with frogs
border 18/9                                  washed fabric design 18/7                     yellow and blue daisies 18/5                   and lillies 18/3

                                                              handmade vol 18 index
Summer days by Plates Galore and             Mixed media projects                         Hot wax by Melissa Mielekamp                 Centenary of Federation mini
a Lot More – painted outdoor ceramic                                                      of Meldon Craft Aroma – decorative           quilt by Eileen MacLean – embroidered
set 18/2                                    Animal kingdom by Judy Hansen –               candles 18/1                                 central design with wattle fabric
                                            quirky painted wooden chair with animal                                                    border 18/2
Sweets for the sweet by Jenny Moffett –     Wallies and tiger-striped fur cover on        Pamper potions by Melissa Meilekamp
teddy bear’s head on a heart-shaped         stool 18/8                                    of Meldon Crafts Aroma – lip and foot        Chicken coop by Gwen Morris – full-
box 18/11                                                                                 balm set 18/1                                padded, appliquéd chicken, chicks and
                                            Blue jeans by Katrina Templeman –                                                          rooster on wall-hanging 18/12
Terracotta keepsakes by Sharon Hawkins      tea-cosy, trivet and tidy bag made from        Quilted and
– decorated and painted pots 18/1           old jeans with appliqué, paint and             applique projects                           Chipper chooks by Cheryl Atwood – blue
                                            stitching 18/12                                                                            fabric with blue gingham chooks appliquéd
Terrifically tulip! by Janet Eadie –                                                      A double Irish delight by Sylvia Kennedy     onto it 18/7
pastel painted desk set 18/2                Buzzy bee by Mary-Ann Day of the              and Judy Christensen – traditional pieced
                                            Quilters Nest – ornament to hang with         red and yellow quilt 18/5                    Chookie by Mary-Ann Day of the Quilters
Time for bed clock by Pat Petrovic –        Suffolk puffs, fabric stitched and glued                                                   Nest – appliquéd chicken covered in white
teddy and bees painted on heart-shaped      into the shape of a bee with wire to          A tisket a tasket by Mum’s Moment –          buttons with border of Suffolk puffs on a
wall clock 18/5                             decorate it 18/9                              pastel basket design pieced cushion with     cushion 18/9
                                                                                          embroidery 18/7
Under the sea by Lorraine Dick – plate      Forever friends by Sharon Hawkins –                                                        Cooking with patchwork by Margaret
painted with a fish hiding in               mini wall-hanging with button-head            A touch of spring by Therese Rankmore        Cormack – patchwork apron 18/10
coral 18/5                                  dolls and painted box and frames with         of Gumnut Gear – quilts with appliquéd
                                            matching designs 18/11                        tulips and pieced blocks 18/6                Countr-style dresden plate
Welcome friends by Karen Keily of                                                                                                      by Lynley Mitchell – country fabrics in
Karenza Studios – bird houses painted       Friendship by Melody Daly – teddy bears       Aged felt cushions by Joy White –            traditional design with matching buttons
onto plaque 18/9                            appliquéd onto wall-hanging quilt with        appliquéd tulips and pansies on two          to decorate it 18/9
                                            button decorations and a garland of three     cushions 18/5
Knitting and crochet                        soft-filled bears 18/10                                                                    Country Angels by Honesuckle Cottage –
                                                                                          Amish duo by Anne’s Glory Box – heart        Sawtooth Star block quilt with angel
Apricot lace by Patons – sleeveless top     Happy times by Barb Smith of                  and nine-patch block cushions 18/11          fabrics and scrap border 18/9
and bag to match 18/4                       Woodcutter’s Daughter – painted
                                            cats and bee with stitchery flowers in a      Angel in my kitchen by Merrilyn Purcell      Country cottage charms by Joy White –
Autumn Days by Patons – roll collar on      frame 18/11                                   – appliqué, stitched and patched apron,      appliqué and pieced cushion and matching
rib jumper 18/9                                                                           pot mits, mats, serviettes and kitchen       quilt in pastel florals 18/12
                                            In the garden by Mary-Ann Day of              towel 18/3
Baby diamonds by Patons – knitted baby      the Quilter’s Nest – felt toys with buttons                                                Country patches by Honeysuckle
blanket 18/10                               and wire 18/10                                Angel pillow by Leeanne Pitman –             Cottage – six-inch squares with border
                                                                                          appliquéd naive angel on cushion 18/9        print fabric 18/3
Blooming daisies by Patons – children’s     Kylie love by Marjory Blume – matching
twin set with crochet daisies 18/8          knitted jumper in mauve and pink              Appliquéd directors chairs by Cecile         Country sewing notions by Michelle
                                            for child and doll plus pink corduroy         Whatman of Unique Stitching – flowers        McNaught – patchwork set of country-
Crochet creations by Patons – crocheted     pants for both, with little dolls to fit in   appliquéd onto canvas chairs 18/7            style sewing notions 18/1
flowers used to decorate a pre-purchased    pockets 18/11
bag 18/5                                                                                  Armchair tidy by Therese Rankmore –          Daisy chain by Pieces for Patching –
                                            Little Emma’s quilt by Melody Daly –          pieced patchwork sewing tidy 18/5            yellow and blue daisy appliqué and block
Domino blues by Sirdar – child’s cardigan   felt bear with matching appliquéd                                                          quilt 18/10
and beanie in Snuggly Domino DK 18/11       wall-hanging with bear and Suffolk puff       B is for bright by Robin Coombes –
                                            flowers 18/9                                  cot quilt with numbers and shapes            Dream time by Joy White – appliquéd
Knitted bunny-rug by Patons – appliqué                                                    machine-appliquéd onto bright patches of     pastel child’s quilt with clouds stars and
rabbit stitched onto knitted rug 18/2       Mammy Marjoram by Debbie von                  fabric 18/11                                 hearts 18/10
                                            Grabler-Crozier of the Folk
Pink magnificence by Patons – aran          Art Factory – a set of decorator              Bear friends by Judy Gray of Rose            Dreaming of daffodils by Rosemary
patterned jumper with crocheted             items of a cloth doll, a stitchery            Patchwork Cottage – appliqué bears with      Walker – Seminole border cushion with
edgings 18/6                                on a patched cushion, an appliqué             patched border on mini-quilt 18/11           daffodil print 18/11
                                            and pieced quilt and a painted
Primary fun by Patons – child’s cardigan    floor mat 18/11                               Bears on the beach by Nicky Iwers of the     Dresden plate medallions by Debbie
in primary colours 18/11                                                                  Country Quilt Company – cushion and          von Grabler Crozier of the Folk Art Factory
                                            Pretty princess by Elona Lovegrove –          beach bag with bears appliqué18/4            – wall-hanging with medallion pieced
Snuggle bug by Patons – striped child’s     stamped card and matching                                                                  then appliquéd onto hanging 18/7
jumper in Bunyip yarn 18/11                 T-shirt 18/8                                  Beautiful butterflies by Carey Golldege
                                                                                          of Honeysuckle Cottage – bright and bold     Fantasy Fish by Donna Elkington
Stepping out by Patons – woman’s            Tina Ballerina by Judy Gray of Rose           butterflies appliquéd onto cushions 18/6     of Sew and Sew’s Quilters Paradise –
cardigan and matching shoulder bag in       Patchwork Cottage – wall quilt with                                                        bold fish appliquéd onto bright
Bunyip yarn 18/11                           appliquéd ballerina bear and cloth bear       Bee happy by Anne Gadsby for Faeries in      cushions 18/5
                                            to match 18/6                                 My Garden – appliquéd wall-hanging
Warm hugs by MajMer – adult’s white                                                       with beehive, flowers, teacup and loaf of    Firecracker Yo-Yo by Joy White –
aran jumper in Majestic Merino              Potions and candles                           bread 18/8                                   patchwork cushion with checks and yo-yo
8-ply 18/11                                                                                                                            puffs 18/10
                                            Fire and ice by Lynne Cohen – candles         Bee happy by Judy Gray of Rose
Winter style by Patons – woman’s            made with ice to create decorative            Patchwork Cottage – mini-quilt with bee,     Friendship star by Margaret Cormack –
gloves, beanie and scarf in Totem and       effects 18/12                                 hive and border squares patched 18/9         12 Star blocks with Sawtooth border
Ostrich yarn 18/11                                                                                                                     quilt 18/9
                                            Heavenly scents by Melissa Mielekamp          Busy bee sewing bag by Lesley
Wooly charms by Patons – knitted            from Meldon Crafts Aroma – scented            McConnell of Faeries in My Garden –          Fun felt bags by Radda – stitched bags
cushions with boucle wool 18/7              candles and bath salts 18/6                   appliqué drawstring bag 18/2                 with appliqué hearts and flowers 18/5

Fun in the sun by Cecile Whatman              Shabbily irrestible by Pieces for               Sewing projects                           Raspberry tote by Gaille Tisdell of Pieces
of Unique Stitching – appliquéd beach         Patching – appliqué cushions in ‘shabby                                                   for Patching – toile sewing tote with
bag 18/7                                      chic’ style 18/8                               A butterfly tea party by Janet Eadie –     drawstring top 18/1
                                                                                             scone holder and tea-cosy 18/10
Fun with florals by Cecile Whatman            Silk sampler cushion by Pauline Bright –                                                  Tea pleasers by Lynley Mitchell – small
of Unique Stitching and Designs – bright      appliquéd and embroidered patched              All-purpose tote bag                       drawstring bags for fetes 18/12
pink and blue pieced and appliquéd            cushion 18/7                                   by Meredith Harmer –
quilt 18/8                                                                                   machine-embroidered and                     Scrapbooking, stamping
                                              Sisters joined at the heart by Judy Gray       fabric-pieced bag 18/4                      and papercrafts
Grandpa’s snuggle quilt by Leeanne            of Rose Patchwork Cottage –
Pitman – large squares of check fabric with   bears appliquéd onto quilted wall-hanging      Bathroom bliss by Janet Eadie –            Beary special friends by Meredith
black sashing in between on lap quilt,        18/5                                           glittering fabric paint-decorated          Harmer – bears and bird houses on
quilted with buttons 18/12                                                                   bathroom accessories 18/3                  scrapbooking pages 18/2
                                              Speedy I-spy quilt by Jane Kelly –
Hearts and flowers by Joy White – heart       brightly printed children’s fabric in pieced   Bathtime fun – trimmed towelling           Buckets of love by Pauline Bright –
cushion with leaves appliquéd onto it 18/6    quilt 18/3                                     pockets 18/12                              papercraft buckets for pens, etc 18/10
Hearts and stars quilt by Lesley              Spring blooms by Nicky Iwers of the            Beautiful botanicals by Birch              Country Gingham by Bev Fischer of
McConnell of Faeries in My Garden –           Country Quilt Co – floral squares with         Haberdashery – printed napkins used to     Handstamped Art-Australia – country-
pastel green and pink appliquéd and           Prairie Points borders 18/11                   make a cushion cover 18/3                  checked stamps on cards 18/9
pieced quilt 18/4
                                              Spring sunshine by Debbie von                  Bird amongst the cats                      Dear daddy by Cambrae Stamps –
Hearts and stars-tied-style by Leeanne        Grabler-Crozier – appliqué                     by Noni Terrassin – reversible             stamped cards for dad 18/12
Pitman – hearts appliquéd onto patchwork      and blocks on pink and yellow quilted          child’s vest with cat print
blocks and quilted with ties 18/8             cloth 18/9                                     one side and stitched bird on              Easter fun by Bev Fischer of
                                                                                             the other side 18/1                        Handstamped Art Australia – stamped
‘I love sewing’ wall-hanging by               Springtime by Therese Rankmore of                                                         Easter cards 18/5
Leeanne Pitman – appliquéd and patched        Gumnut Gear – appliqué and pieced              Bird house in your soul by Jenny
hanging with pockets for storage 18/9         butterfly quilt 18/5                           Bishop – sewed and glued fabric            Friendly fellows by Bev Fischer of
                                                                                             houses 18/3                                Handstamped Art-Australia – birthday
Ladybird’s shadow by Cheryl Attwood –         Stained-glass wall-hanging by Donna                                                       cards with stamping and wooden
appliquéd cushion with ladybirds 18/2         Elkington from Sew ‘n’ Sew Quilters’           Catnap by Judy Hansen – cushions and       shapes 18/11
                                              Paradise – simple, stained glass flower        accessories for a cat 18/5
Love-buggy quilt by Judy Hansen –             with leaves 18/6                                                                          Handy magnets by Bev Fischer –
orange and black background print in                                                         Cheery cherry cushion by Pieces            stamped designs decorating fridge
block quilt 18/6                              Strawberries and cream by Jo Garnett –         for Patching – cushion with pocket         magnets 18/12
                                              appliquéd wall-hanging with black and          decorated with buttons and red
Meet me for coffee by Mum’s Moment –          white cow and strawberries 18/3                bobble braid 18/8                          Nostalgic keepsakes by Pauline
appliquéd and pieced tablecloth 18/2                                                                                                    Miotti of West Coast Scrapbooking –
                                              Strawberry kisses by Radda – appliquéd         Country coordinates by Joan                papercraft 18/1
My tooth fairy by Anni Downs of Hatched       strawberries for decorating children’s         Webb – summery kitchen covers
and Patched – country-style appliqué          clothes 18/3                                   for salt and pepper shakers, scones and    Nursery rhymes by Pauline Miotti –
cushion 18/2                                                                                 broom 18/2                                 scrapbooking cards with nursery rhymes for
                                              Surfie chick by Judy Hansen – appliquéd                                                   baby 18/5
Pacific pleasures by Joy White –              and pieced wall quilt in bright colours with   Country florals by Pieces for Patching –
appliqué and pieced central                   girl on surfboard 18/1                         floral-print damask cushion with bobble    Open your wings and fly! by Bev
diamond with borders with a marine                                                           trim 18/8                                  Fischer of Handstamped Art Australia –
theme 18/10                                   Tartan Apples by Donna Elkington                                                          ladybirds and bees on a frame and
                                              from Sew n Sew’s Quilter’s Paradise – red      Easter gift boxes                          gift cards 18/2
Piggy tote by Lesley McConnell –              apple surrounded by a heart                    by Sharon Hawkins – fabric-covered
appliquéd pigs on drawstring bag with         appliquéd onto tablecloth and tartan           boxes with gingham, flowers                Peeking bear by Bev Fisher – paper
pockets on the outside 18/6                   serviettes 18/3                                and easter motifs 18/5                     decorated cards 18/3
Pots of flowers by Leeanne Pitman – four      Three-dimensional florals by Joan              Evening glamour by Janet Eadie –           Pretty as a picture by Bev Fischer
squares of pots of Suffolk puff flowers       Watters – flowers appliquéd onto               organza shawls with tassels and            of Handstamped Art Australia –
appliquéd onto a cushion 18/4                 cushion with Suffolk puff centres with         trims 18/8                                 cards combining stamping and
                                              buttons and embellished with surface                                                      watercolour 18/7
Quick cot quilt by Pieces for Patching –      embroidery 18/9                                Life’s a buzz by Ruth Marshall –
pastel colours in naive design 18/1                                                          children’s play clothes in yellow bee      Stamp-happy by Merilyn Pursell –
                                              Time for tea by Lesley McConnell of            fabric 18/2                                combined stamping and papercraft
Quilt-as-you-go boxes by Judy Campbell        Faeries in my Garden – country                                                            cards 18/4
– freestanding boxes to store threads, etc,   teapot and butterfly appliquéd onto            Love me do by Meredith Harmer –
in different sizes 18/7                       wall-hanging 18/6                              machine-embroidered small bag and          Stamping memories by Bev Fischer
                                                                                             purse 18/1                                 of Handstamped Art-Australia –
Quilter’s delight by Francis Carleton –       Topiary wall-hanging by Lorraine                                                          stamped dream journal to record your
sewing bag for storage 18/11                  Cocker – Suffolk puff flowers in a pot,        Make it quick – pets cushion 18/1          dreams 18/10
                                              on a wall-hanging 18/11
Rodney rooster by Nicky Iwers from the                                                       Pretty practical placemats by Meredith     Treats to treasure by Heather Worme
Country Quilt Co – appliqué rooster on a      True blue by Jo Garnett – hand-quilted         Harmer – machine-embroidered gold and      of Cambrae Stamps – decorated
pieced cushion 18/9                           cushion in blue and white 18/1                 blue mats 18/4                             recipe album 18/7

Roses only by Frances Carleton – four         Tulip shirt by Gumnut Gear – woman’s           Quirky coasters by Pieces for              Tulip time by Meredith Harmer –
colour pieced quilt with three-dimensional    shirt decorated with quilted Tulip             Patching – brightly coloured cloth         beautiful tulip cards for mother’s
leaves and flowers 18/7                       blocks 18/11                                   coasters 18/8                              day 18/6


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