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1. “Unified Global theory of management” – Discuss
   the tendencies favouring.
2. “The key to preventive control lies in developing
   excellent managers.” In the light of this
   observation suggest guidelines for developing
   excellent managers.
3. Give an overview of popular electronic media
   used in communication.
4. Examine the role of money, as a significant
   motivator, in the present inflationary conditions.

1. In the management of cash and marketable
   securities why should the primary concern be for
   safety and liquidity rather than maximizing of
   profit? Justify your views.
2. How do you envisage your role as a finance
   manager in matters related to long – term
   investment? What are the alternatives and
   factors that you may consider before finalizing
   your views on above policy?
3. How do stock market prices affect the allocation
   of capital resources in the economy?
4. Critically examine the reforms in capital market
   with special reference to primary markets in
1. You have been asked to organize recruitment
   and selection of office staff for a new branch
   office. Indicate the possible sources of man
   power supply. How can the relative events of
   alternative sources of manpower supply be
   measured objectively?
2. Critically review the training and development
   programmes offered in India and what are the
   suggestions you recommend to improve them?
3. Explain why oversea employment fails. Give your
   observations by taking into cultural and factors,
   which you feel is most influencing.
4. State some of the traditional methods of
   performance appraisal techniques and what are
   the common problems in it. How will you resolve
   those problems?

1. Many products, such as cigarettes, and Liquor
   are desired by certain segments of the
   population. In the light of the social and physical
   harm that these products can cause, what is the
   responsibility of those who market them?
2. The Indian market represents an excellent
   example for adopting the market segmentation
   strategy by a marketer. Do you agree? - Discuss.
3. New product introduction is often the best
   strategy to arrest the decline in sales and profits.
   Do you agree? What other strategy opinion or
   option in available to secure this objective? –
4. You have been asked to frame the pricing
   strategy for a new product specially at the time
   of induction in the market. What factors would
   you consider and why?
1. From the following data calculate (i) P/V Ratio (ii)
   Profit when sales are Rs.20,000 and (iii) the new
   Break-Even Point, if the selling price is reduced
   by 20%
    Fixed expenses               Rs. 4,000
    Break-Even-Pont              Rs. 10,000
2. The    following     suggestions           are     under
    (a) 10% reduction in price to yield an increase
         in sales volume from 6600
        to 7400 units.
        Current unit price            Rs. 1,000
        Unit variable cost            Rs. 500
        Fixed cost                    Rs. 30,00,000
      Prepare a statement comparing gross revenue,
      profit, contribution and P/V ratio of the two
      alternatives with present results. Which
      suggestion would you recommend?
3. You have been asked to use the cash and fund
   flow technic to analyse the financial statements
   in textile Industries? Prepare and present the
4. “Budgeting is the one of the main tool to control
   the cost” – Give your view.
1. A man either drives his car takes a train for his
   workplace each day. He never takes the train two
   days in a row, but if he drives to work then the
   next day he is just likely to drive again as he is
   to take the train then
      i. Find the transition matrix
     ii.   Find the probability that changes his going
           by train to driving in three days.
2. A study was conducted to examine variables
   thought to be related to the job satisfaction of
   non professional hospital employees. A random
   sample of 15 employees gave the following
     Score on job   Coded intelligence   Index of personal
     satisfaction        score              adjustment
          (Y)             (X1)                 (X2)
          54               15                    8
          37               13                    1
          30               15                    1
          48               15                    7
          37               10                    4
          37               14                    2
          31                8                    3
          49               12                    7
          43                1                    9
          12                3                    1
          30               15                    1
          37               14                    2
          61               14                   10
          31                9                    1
          31                4                    5
       i) Find the multiple regression equation describing
          the relationship among these variables.
    ii) Compute        the    coefficient   of    multiple
         determinations and do an analysis of variance.
   iii) Let X1 = 10, X2 = 5 and find the predicted
        value of Y.
3. The manager of a flower shop promises its
   customers delivery within four hours on all flower
   orders. All flowers are purchased on the previous
   day and delivered to Babu by 8.00 am the next
   morning. The daily demand for roses are as follows
     Dozens of roses:     70    80     90     100
     Probability    :     0.1   0.2    0.4    0.3
    The manager purchases roses for Rs.10/- per
    dozen and sells them for Rs.30. All unsold
    roses are donated to a local hospital. How many
    dozens of roses should Babu order each
    evening to maximize its profits? What is the
    optimum expected profit?
4. A company has two plants each of which
   produces and supplies two products:
    A and B. The plant can each work up to 16
  hours day. In plant 1, it takes three hours to
  prepare and pack 1000 gallons of A and one hour
  to prepare a pack one quintal of B. in plant2 it
  takes two hours to prepare and pack 1000
  gallons of A and 1.5 hours to prepare and pack a
  quintal of B. In plant 1 it costs Rs.15,000 to
  prepare and pack 1000 gallons of A and
  Rs.28,000 to prepare and pack a quintal of B.
  whereas there costs and Rs.18,000 and
  Rs.26,000 respectively in plant2. The company is
  obliged to produce daily at least 10 thousand
  gallons of A and 8 quintals of B.
      Formulate this problem as a linear model to
      find out as to how the company should
      organize its production so that the required
      amounts of the two products to be obtained in
      minimum cost.
1. Distinguish     between     standardization    and
   specialization.   Discuss     the    methods     of
   standardization followed in hotel industry.
2. Mention the areas of application of ergonomics.
   Describe the essential principle of ergonomic and
   explain their usefulness to method study.
3. You are appointed as a quality control manager
   of a garment manufacturing company. How do
   you perform your functions in that company?
   Discuss the procedures in detail.
4. Discuss the recent trends in value analysis with
   appropriate examples.

1. You have been considered as a chief of a retail
   business in a territory dealing with cosmetics,
   Jewellery and fashion apparels. Devise an
   appropriate marketing communication system to
   improve sales performance.
2. Why do writing and speaking become even more
   important in the organization? Demonstrate your
   ideas and perspectives in the corporate context.
3. A committee was appointed to look into the
   demand of workers of the factory including a
   higher percentage of bonuses and the threatened
   strike by the workers. As the convener of the
   committee, draft your report to the general
   manager pointing out the important issues and
   suggesting action to be taken.
4. How do the personal opinions and prejudices of
   various individuals act as barriers to effective
   communication? Illustrate your answer with
   suitable examples.

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