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									                                   Copy Machines
                         Buyer: Cecilia McClay, ext 2-3055

When you are planning a copier purchase, here are some questions to think about:

1. Is it a replacement of an existing copier or a new copier?

If it is new, all copier placements require Vice Presidential approval. The space should
also be checked by the Health and Safety Office of B&G to be sure that sufficient
ventilation is available.

2. What do you anticipate as a monthly volume?

Purchasing maintains annual volumes of Boston College-owned copiers from the
previous fiscal year. If you do not know your volume, call Purchasing at extension 2-
3055 and ask for the Associate Buyer for copiers.

3. What volume changes should you expect in the near future?

Will you increase or decrease staff? Do you anticipate new grants?

4. What features are most important to your department?

   •   Auto-Document feeder - recommended for 5,000 copies per month and above.
   •   Duplexing and recirculating feeder- recommended if monthly volume is more
       than 8,000 copies per month AND if you anticipate double-sided documents.
   •   Sorter - 10/20/stackable, etc.- How many copies do you normally print for staff or
       other groups or meetings?
   •   Multifunctional machines (Fax/Printer/Copier)- recommended when copying
       volume is over 5,000 and the office has need for various equipment. Note: faxing
       may not be available if the system does not maintain the PIN number as secure

Once you have an idea of what your requirements are, contact the purchasing buyer for
copiers. The buyer will review your requirements and put you in contact with the
contracted supplier who can meet your needs.

5. What happens next?

The supplier will provide you with a proposal including price and a network copier
requirement list. Some equipment requires a dedicated electrical outlet. Contact
Facilities to have them review the location to see if the outlet is acceptable. . Purchasing
will also receive and review the proposal. You should arrange to test the machine at this
time. A trial machine can be installed for a week to test equipment. Obtain funding for
the purchase. Items over $5,000 are considered capital purchases.

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