SAMPLE OFFER LETTER FOR A/P/S/ STAFF

(Choose only those paragraphs that pertain to the position (as per information
provided on your posting notification memo), and those items in bold print. If there
is any question, please contact RoseAnn Rivera at extension 5502.)


City, State, Zip


I am pleased to formally offer you a position in (Department), starting on (Appointment
Start Date). Your official job title will be (Title, Range), with a starting annual salary of
($$,$$$). This is a (Full-time, Part-Time, 10-month, 12-month) position and you will be
participating in the (PERS/ABP) retirement system.

Your employment cannot commence until you have signed and returned this offer letter. An
additional copy is provided for your records. After carefully reviewing the information
provided please sign, date and return this letter indicating your acceptance of the following
terms and receipt of the enclosed materials.

For positions funded from 4-2 Grant Accounts:
This position is currently grant-funded. Continued employment is contingent upon
continuation of funding for this position.

For “NL” Titles Only:
This position is exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and is
neither eligible nor entitled to receive overtime compensation. Your workweek and hours of
work will be established by your department head or director and generally requires a
minimum average of 37.5 or 40 hours per week.

Applicable for “35”, “NE” or “40-hour” Fixed Workweek Titles:
This is a fixed workweek, non-exempt position which is eligible to receive overtime
compensation for hours worked beyond (35, 37.5 or 40) in the workweek.
This position is in the “Administrative/Professional/Supervisory” (A/P/S) category. Your
employment is subject to and governed by all University regulations, policies, and
procedures generally applicable to A/P/S employees as they may be amended from time to
time. The first ninety calendar days of your employment, according to policy, is a
probationary period during which your work and performance will be carefully reviewed.
University regulations, policies, and procedures can be found on-line at the University
Human Resources website,

Rutgers University offers an excellent benefits package consisting of health, dental, and
prescription plans, retirement/life insurance, lens reimbursement, tuition remission, and paid
time off. Once hired, you will be scheduled to meet with a benefits administrator who will
give you a full review of the benefits offered and the necessary forms for enrollment.

Your title may be eligible for representation by the Administrative Assembly, which is an
elected body serving in an advisory capacity to the President. An assembly delegate will
contact you directly to inform you about this organization.

If Employee is not currently on University payroll:
The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires us to certify the identity and work
eligibility of all new employees. Therefore, this appointment is subject to your presentation
of proper documentation as required by law. An Employment Eligibility Form (I-9) is
enclosed for your review. Please select from a list of the acceptable documents those that
will enable you to complete the form and bring them with you on your first day.

I am delighted you will be joining our staff and the University. Please arrive at (Time) on
(Start Date) at (Building, Room Number). (Include information about parking
arrangements.) If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (Telephone


Hiring Authority

cc: Human Resources – Newark

I have received this materials indicated and agree to the above-stated terms of this

Signature_________________________________               Date_____________________

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