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December 2009
                         BERITA CLUB SINGAPURA
                          DECEMBER 2009               FOUNDED IN 1982            ISSUE   4 /09

    Singapore’s National Day Reception hosted by Consul General Heng Jee See on
    August 7, 2009. SCNC Board Members Herbert, Rosey, Michael, Anna & Susie.

    M E M B E R S H I P U P D AT E S            SCNC want to thank Sanshuck Family
                                                for being the first to renew for 2010! For
     2010 Renewals                              your convenience a Membership form is
     Saw Tin & David Sanshuck                   on page 4. Please complete the form and
     & Children Becky & Roy        Pinole       mail to the Treasurer for your renewal
                                                for 2010. Lifetime Members need not
                                                renew. You have paid your membership
                                                for Life.

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December 2009

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December 2009

                Chinese New Year Dinner Celebration

  Come celebrate Chinese New Year with SCNC families and welcome the auspicious Year of the Tiger
                                              Prawns with Fresh Fruit Salad
                                          Calamari, Scallops & Prawns with Veg.
                                                  Deep Fried Shrimp Ball
                                        Supreme Seafood Broth with Dried Scallops
                                                       Peking Duck
                                             Filet Mignon Beef in Crispy Nest
                                            Roast Chicken with Special Sauce
                                                Smoked Fillet of Black Cod
                                                    Fook Kin Fried Rice
                                Red Bean soup with Tapioca (dessert) followed by Lion Dance
                                 When : February 20, 2010 5.30 pm – 9.00 pm
             Where: Willow Tree Restaurant at 6513 Regional St, Dublin, CA Tel 925- 828-9111
            Cost: $ 39 per adult (12 and up) and $ 20 per child    Please RSVP before Saturday Jan 30 th 2010
            Questions - Please call Michael 408-667-3249 cell

 First Name ___________________________________ Last Name ____________________________________________

 Contact Tel : _________________________________ E-mail : _______________________________________________

 Name(s) of Guest(s) _________________________________________________________________________________

 Total Number of Adult(s) Attending = _______________ x $39 per person = ________________

 Total Number of Child(ren) Attending = _______________ x $20 per child = ________________

                                                                      Total Amount Enclosed = __________________

 Please make check payable to: “Singapore Club” and mail it with this completed form to:

                            SCNC CNY Chair Michael Wang 1006 Cherry Ave, San Jose, CA

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December 2009
                               SINGAPORE CLUB OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
                                                         2010 MEMBERSHIP FORM
                                                                Annual Dues

                US$20 per family              US$15 single       US$150 life time membership
               student complimentary membership (Full time Singaporean students only, with picture I. D. showing
            university attending and period in Bay area before membership can be approved.)

                      (Last or family name)                     (First name)

                      (Last or family name)                     (First name)

                      (First name/s)


                      (City)                                    (State)                          (Postal Code)

       Home phone__________________ Work phone________________ Fax___________________

       Cellular phone________________ Email address______________________________________

       Interests/hobbies: Golf/bowling/skiing/tennis/please specify______________________________

                        (Please let us know what activities you like to participate in )
       I would like to volunteer to help at events              Introduced by __________________________
       I would like to join the board of directors
       New Application                               Full member (S’pore born, citizen or resident)
       Renewal                                       Associate member (friend of S’pore)
       Change of address                             Student Member (full time Singaporean student )

       I prefer to charge the membership fee to                           DISCOVER                     check

       Card no_______________________________ Expiration date__________________________
       Name on card__________________________
       Amount authorized $ ____________________ Signature _____________________________

                  If paying by check please make check payable to “Singapore Club” and mail it with this form to :

                                                                  Rosey Wong
                                                         Treasurer - Singapore Club
                                                             2712 Rivers Bend Circle

                                                              Livermore CA 94550

         Your membership fees entitle you to 2 newsletters, a yearly membership directory and be included in a number of
                               events arranged by the Singaporean community in the Bay Area.

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December 2009

                Future Issues
    Issue                    Copy Deadline
    Apr '10                  Mar 19 ‘10

        Advertising Rates Per Issue
    Full Page                 $100
    Half Page                 $60
    Quarter/Business Cards    $40

        Please make checks payable to:
        Singapore Club, c/o The Editor
      2712 Rivers Bend Circle , CA 94550
         (with camera ready artwork)

           Board of Directors
      Rosey Wong 925-371-0868
                                               Michael Wang and her Mom & Friend at Crab Cioppino
     Robert Comper 916-337-5618

      Michael Wang 408-370-3283

       Remi Tan 650-355-2587


      Timothy Wang 415-706-6372

       Herbert Tan 510-604-9181                Singapore Club’s youngest member…. Mark Shen
         Michele Cheah-Swift
            617-504-8145                        Congratulations to Dr. David & Mrs. Elaine Shen!

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December 2009

                                       What: Crab Cioppino!
                                  (All-you-can-eat crab feed!)

 Crab lovers, here’s a feast you shouldn’t miss. Organized by the Portuguese Club IFES, Crab
 Cioppino features the fresh Crab with the “cioppino” sauce. Not just your typical crab feed, with
 plain cooked crab, a "cioppino" is a delicious sauce that's almost more popular than the crab itself.
 Of course you can always bring your own sauce to complement the feast. (Wine, Garlic bread,
 salad, soft drinks are all included.)
 When: Saturday March 27th 2010 Door Opens at 5 pm but please arrive at 4:30pm (there is usually
 a long line)
  Where:        I.F.E.S. 432 STIERLIN RD MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA 94043
 Costs: $45 per adult (12 and up), $22.50 per child (ages 6 to 12) and free children under 6.

 Please RSVP before Monday Mar 15, 2009.
 Questions? Please call Michael Wang at 408-667-3249
 First Name______________________________ Last Name_____________________________
 Contact Tel____________________________ Email___________________________________
 Name(s) of Guest(s)_____________________________________________________________
 Total number of Adult(s) attending    = ____ x $45 per person =_____
 Total number of child(ren) attending = ____ x $22.50 per child = _____
                                                    Total Amount Enclosed =____________

 Please write check made payable to “Singapore Club” and mail it with this completed form to:
 SCNC, 2712 Rivers Bend Circle, Livermore, CA 94550

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December 2009

                                                                                            C R U IS E
                                                                                          COU NSELLOR

                                                                                         Rosey Wong
                Bring us your best deals, we will meet or beat them
                       Affordable Cruise & Tour Packages to
                          Australia & New Zealand Cruises from $799*

                                 Caribbean Cruises from $449*

                                   Hawaii Cruise from $1,099*

                                   Mexico Cruises from $449*

                    Email             Reservations 1-800-698-6881
                                                                                CST #206-9075-40
                                       40 Years of Service 1991 –2009

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December 2009

                SINGAPORE CLUB
                2712 Rivers Bend Circle
                LIVERMORE CA 94550


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