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					                               PROGRAM UP-DATES
Community Settlement Services
Community Settlement Services helps migrants and refugees in our local
area get to know their surroundings and become more comfortable in their
new country. Apart from the various programs, a caseworker is available to
                                                                                                                      WELCOME TO 2010                  February 2010
provide one-to-one support and information. If you or anyone you know
could benefit from this service, please phone Christine on 9858 1377.                     As we enter 2010, with all the challenges, joy and excitement that it will
                                                                                          bring, it is good to reflect on the essential values of Christian Community
A busy year is head for Community Settlement Services including new
                                                                                          Aid, which are:
programs of Employment Mentoring and Homework Support; further
development of the Book Club and Iranian Women’s Group and continuing                        compassion, non-judgemental and non-discriminatory services delivery
the stable and much needed English Conversation Classes and Korean                           open, inclusive, transparent and accessible processes
Women’s Group.                                                                               respect for individual dignity and confidentiality
                                                     Christine Palomo                        support and empowerment of individuals to make choices
                                         Community Settlement Services                       commitment to ethics and professionalism

                        *******************************************************           We will continue to embody these values as we press forward with all our
                 In response to the community’s need, Christian Community                 strength to excel in the quality of services that we provide to our clients,
                 Aid has available, for a small donation, three wheelchairs.              children and parents in Family Day Care, students in Leisure Learning
                 Please contact our Eastwood Office to find out further                   programs, participants in support groups and volunteers and people in our
                 information and procedures.                                              community.
                                                                                                                         The Past Year
                                                                                                              At Christian Community Aid, we
Emergency Relief/Social Welfare                                                                               celebrated the true spirit of
The Emergency Relief/Social Welfare programs are expecting another full                                       Christmas by delivering a hot meal
year of appointments with clients to discuss and assist with material                                         to the homes of members of our
assistance in their time of crisis. Advocacy may be available for clients to                                  community who were alone on
Centrelink or other services depending upon the situation. Please feel free                                   Christmas Day.
to make an appointment with the Welfare Worker to discuss your concerns.                                      The Christmas lunch, which was
                                                                Julie Wood                                    held during December, for the
                                           Emergency Relief/Social Welfare                                    people who attend our regular
                                                                                                              luncheon groups, attracted over 120
 **************************************************************************************                       attendees and volunteers.

I enclose a donation of $ __________________ for Christian Community Aid.                 The children in our Family Day Care Program were given the opportunity to
                                                                                          learn about the Nativity and admired the big Christmas tree. The children
Name: (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr): ……………………………………………………………..                                      enjoyed the ‘disco dancing’ and the singing of Christmas carols brought
Address: …………………………………………………………………………………..                                                children, staff members and carers together.
      12 Lakeside Road EASTWOOD        NSW 2122               Phone: 9858 3222            In our Leisure Learning programs, the tutors and students organised several
      2 Dickson Avenue WEST RYDE NSW 2114                     Phone: 9858 1377            Open Days to exhibit their art and craft work. Highlights included the Choir
      Email: administration                                                  and the Scottish Country dancing group, the performances of those who
      Website:                                                            have studied Tai Chi, creative writing, languages, and gentle exercises.
       Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible. Official receipts will be posted.
The Chinese Leisure Learning Open Day was very impressive, with the                            CELEBRATING 45 YEARS OF SERVICE
displays of paintings, photography, bead making and jewellery work, paper      In 2010 Christian Community Aid will be celebrating 45 years of serving
toile, silk flowers, and so many other craft items. The performances of the
                       ACKNOWLEDGING DEDICATION                                the local community. We are very proud to have exceeded expectations
tutors and students were inspiring. ‘2009 Volunteer of the Year’ Award to
 Ryde City Council presented the                                               and goals, whilst we remained committed to our Mission Statement.
 one of our long serving calendar celebrating 45 years of Joseph Chan. In
We have created a 2010Chinese Leisure Learning Tutors, service to the local    Christian Community Aid opened its doors on 3 January 1964, on the
 addition to his teaching, fulfilled works Christian Community Aid clients.
community and 90 years of Joseph lives oftirelessly repairing donated com-
                                                                               basis that help would be given to anyone who came to the office.
 puters as well as updating, designing
On our behalf please collect your 2010 and tailoring courses according to
 the different standards of his students. Congratulations Joseph!
calendar from our Eastwood Office.                                             Today, this help includes free food parcels to tide over an immediate
Once again, thank you for your great
                               EXHIBITION                                      need, along with the opportunity for clients to tap into a number of other
               Chinese Community Aid
support to ofChristian Leisure Learning Centre, Christian Community Aid
 On behalf                                                                     services like caring for children, home delivered meals, social outings and
 is holding 2009. I hope that you have
throughout an exhibition of Chinese Paintings by Ms Tsu-Sheng Lee and          bus trips, transport to and from medical appointments, assistance with
 her a happy, holy and peaceful
had Students.                                                                  financial and budgeting issues, learning for leisure, services for newly
Christmas. Best wishes.
 Opening Ceremony: Saturday 17 October, commencing at 10.30am                  arrived migrants and refugees, specialised services for people from
   Message Date:
 Exhibition from the General Manager
                         Monday to Saturday                                    linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds, and financial assistance
                        10.00am - 1.00pm and 1.30pm - 4.00pm                   for emergencies.
    Major                 2010
 Venue: Fundraiser forChinese Cultural Centre
 Golf umbrellas, $20.00 each Towers, 799 Pacific Highway, Chatswood
                         Citadel                                               Steadily our programs have increased over the years, to respond to new
                         Tel: 9411 3799                                        and emerging needs in the local community. The latest is the Telephone
Your support of our major Fundraiser for
                               All Welcome!
2010 would be greatly appreciated.                                             Linkage. A daily telephone call is made to clients who are living alone,
                                                                               elderly, or medically at risk. This service provides a reassuring link to the
                           WINTER FOOD APPEAL
                                                                               wider community.
      behalf on Christian Community Aid, the City of Ryde 2009 Winter Food
Despite thewell under way. Help of financial hardship, Christian Community
 Appeal is recent global period people build a bridge to a better life by      We are most grateful for the support from individuals, organisations and
 donating tins. Please phone our Eastwood Office regarding collection
Aid was overwhelmed with the communities response to the 2009 Christmas        every denomination in the local community. Thank you. With your
Appeal. Surrounding Church organiations and congregations, local               ongoing support, we will continue to provide help where the need is so
businesses, together with families and individuals remained committed to       great.
supporting people in need through these difficult times. Thank you most
 The newly everyone, your support was very much appreciated. with staff
sincerely to  opened Seniors Jacaranda Room has blossomed                                                 Highlights for 2010
 members planning a range of activities along with arranging guest speak-         Senior’s Week Events
Appreciation also goes to a local corporation which, not only supplied one
hundred decorated activity is the craft workshop, consequently in orderwere       Community Celebrations of Christian Community Aid Market Day
 The most popular Christmas Hamper bags, but whose employees to                   Trivia Night
generous with their personal time and completed the project by packing the
 keep the group inspired and motivated we are asking for donations for the        Family Fun Day
Hampers. items: scrapbooking items and rice paper for decoupage, folk art
 following                                                                        Volunteers Thank-You Afternoon
 paints and brushes, wool, needles and knitting patterns, in the Hampers
Because of big-hearted donations we were able to includecoloured card-
 board and chess sets. Hand-outs, which will all be toiletries, games and
traditional Christmas fare, chocolates and sweets,well received, can be
 left    Monday to Friday children. The cash raised through the Appeal went
books and quality toys forat our Eastwood Office.
towards purchasing food and gift vouchers.                                      To:       Volunteers, Seniors, Supporters, Families, Community
                            BUMPER QUIZ NIGHT
Beamingkeep Friday 14the order of the day when clients collected their          Why:      Celebrate 45 years of service to the local community
 Please smiles was August free! The Rotary Club of Epping together
 with Christian Community is holding a Quiz “thank you, you don’t realise at
Christmas Hampers and comments such as Night. The event will be held how        When:     Information will follow closer to the events
much this means to us…”, were heard.
 Boronia Grove Conference Centre. Tables of 6-10 available. For additional      Where: Parks, halls and reception venues

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