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					       Project management tools for
       communication and reporting

           Milon Gupta, Eurescom

NM2 Seminar: Managing European research projects –
     Best practices from NM2 for FP7 projects
           Heidelberg, 8 February 2007
Why we need PM tools

        “Man is a tool-using animal ...
        Nowhere do you find him without tools;
        without tools he is nothing,
        with tools he is all.”
        Thomas Carlyle
        Scottish Historian and Essayist, 1795-1881
Overview on PM tools

  Resource                   Information             Communication
  management                 management              management

  Reporting &              Shared       Web          Asyn-       Syn-
  Controlling              workspace    content      chronous    chronous

  EPR - Eurescom     BSCW         Audio Wikis HTML   E-Mail     Audio-
  Project Reporter                            Web-   List       Conferencing
                     Subversion   Video       site   Server
                                        Media                   Web-
                     FTP          Flash Wiki         Online     Conferencing
Resource management

 • Eurescom Project
   – Reporting – nobody likes
     it, so you have to make it
   – Controlling – if you don‘t
     know resources
     consumed and resources
     still available, you cannot
     manage your project.
   – Eurescom Project
     Reporter is a reporting
     and controlling tool
     specifically designed for
     the needs of EU projects
     like NM2.
Information management

 • BSCW - shared
   workspace system
    – Provides a shared
      workspace for a variety
      of objects such as
      documents, tables,
      graphics, spreadsheets
      or links to Web pages.
    – Access control and
    – Version control
Communication management

 • E-mail list server
    –   Web front-end management.
    –   Virus-scan and anti-spam filters.
    –   e-mail archive.
    –   easy-to-use web interface for list owners.
Communication management

 • Audio-Conferencing
    – Fully automated
      service, available 24/7
    – Each audio conference
      has a permanent phone
      number and a
      permanent dial-in ID.
      NM2 has separate
      permanent audio
    – Scheduling via a web-
      based front-end.

  Milon Gupta
  Marketing and PR Manager
  Eurescom GmbH
  Heidelberg, Germany
  Phone: +49 6221 989 121