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                            The Masters Certificate in
                            Project Management
                            sT. John’s, nl

                            The most popular project management program in Canada...
                            Now graduating over 1,000 participants per year.

                            Fall 2010
                            18 days over 4 months

                            September 1 - December 11, 2010

st. john’s • 18 days over 4 months

The Masters Certificate in                                                                   ST. JOHN’S PROGRAM DATE:

Project Management                                                                           SEPTEMBER 1 - DECEMBER 11, 2010

If you are serious about your Project Management                                         Receive Canada’s most respected project
                                                                                         management certificate through our network
career opportunities, The Masters Certificate in Project
                                                                                         of university partners in these cities:
Management is the place to start.
                                                                                         ST. JOHN’S & CORNER BROOK:
                                                                                         Memorial University of Newfoundland
Why have more than 8000 leaders chosen The Masters Certificate                 

in Project Management? Graduates of our conveniently scheduled
9-module course not only receive their Masters Certificate in Project
Management, but our course framework is founded upon The Project                         Schulich School of Business,
                                                                                         York University
Management Institute’s (PMI®) A Guide to the Project Management                
Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®). After completing your Masters
Certificate in just 4 months of part-time study, you will be fully                       OTTAWA:
                                                                                         Sprott School of Business,
prepared to write the Project Management Professional (PMP®)                             Carleton University
final exam. With both certificates, your career potential in the
Project Management community knows no boundaries!                                        MONTREAL & QUEBEC CITY:
                                                                                         Université Laval
THE BEST PART – The Masters Certificate format appreciates the severe
time limitations of today’s corporate employees and encourages active
learning. The program runs in 2 or 3 day modules every second week.                      EDMONTON & CALGARY:
                                                                                         Learning and Performance Institute
It also gives you the chance to apply the teaching in your real life           

project environment.
                                                                                         University of Prince Edward Island
     9 Course Modules • start to finish in jUst 4 months
     18 days in convenient alternate Friday/Saturday sessions*
                                                                                         SAINT JOHN:
                                                                                         University of New Brunswick
     Module 1 > Program Introduction (1 day)                                   

     Module 2 > Project Planning & Control (3 days)
                                                                                         Saint Mary’s University
     Module 3 > Personal and Team Communication in a
                Project environment (2 days)
                                                                                         SASKATOON & REGINA:
                                                                                         University of Saskatchewan
     Module 4 > Project Quality Management (2 days)                            

     Module 5 > effective Project Cost Management (2 days)
                                                                                         VANCOUVER, VICTORIA
                                                                                         & PRINCE GEORGE:
     Module 6 > Procurement & Contracting Management (2 days)                            University of Victoria

     Module 7 > Assessing & Managing Project risk (2 days)
                                                                                         University of Waterloo
     Module 8 > Filling in the Gaps (2 days)                                   

     Module 9 > Final exam & Project simulation (2 days)
                                                                                         The University of Winnipeg
 *For specific module session dates, please visit

                                               register online today at
                                                                                                                    In-CoMPAny TrAInInG: Please note that any of The Masters
          MessAGe FroM The ProGrAM dIreCTor
                                                                                                                    Certificate in Project Management modules can be delivered
                                                                                                                    in-company for groups of 10 or more. For more information,
                            Project managers always strive for                                                      call the Gardiner Centre, 709.737.2131 or visit
                            optimum results. So, in developing                                            

                            The Masters Certificate in Project
                            Management, we set out to produce

                                                                                      PROGRAM MODULE DESCRIPTIONS
                            the best results possible: skillful,                                                    MODULE 1           Duration: 1 day

          strategic leaders who can consistently guide a
          project to success.
                                                                                                                    Program Introduction
                                                                                                                    Review course deliverables, expert instructors & teaching
          We built our curriculum around A Guide to the                                                             modules
          Project Management Body of Knowledge, developed                                                           n   Program introduction and review of objectives
          by the Project Management Institute (PMI).                                                                n   Overview of the knowledge areas of project management as
          Today, The Masters Certificate in Project                                                                     defined by the Project Management Institute and others
          Management is the undisputed industry                                                                     n   Introduction to the project simulation/case study to be
          standard for achieving senior-level careers                                                                   used throughout the program*
          in project management.                                                                                    n   Delivery of tools and technology to be used throughout
                                                                                                                        the program
          I invite you to enrol in The Masters Certificate in                                                       n   Discussion and exercise around team leadership and
          Project Management and join more than 8,000                                                                   effectiveness
          project professionals across North America who
          have completed this career-enhancing program.
          The results will, most definitely, exceed your
                                                                                                                    MODULE 2           Duration: 3 days

                                                                                                                    Project Planning and Control
                                                                                                                    A complete foundation in successful planning & implementation
                                                                                                                    n   How to form a project team, scope projects and manage
          david Barrett, Program director                                                                               within a Matrix Environment
          The Masters Certificate in Project Management,                                                            n   Developing detailed and high-level PM plans
          Schulich Executive Education Centre
          Schulich School of Business, York University
                                                                                                                    n   Creating activity-based network diagrams and working
                                                                                                                        with the critical path
                                                                                                                    n   Understanding Earned Value Management
                                                                                                                    n   Meeting stakeholder requirements with various control
      Who reGulArly ATTends ThIs ProGrAM?                                                                               strategies

      The Masters Certificate in Project Management is
      ideal for:                                                                                                    MODULE 3           Duration: 2 days
      n   Project Managers from any industry, with at
          least one year experience, who wish to move up                                                            Personal and Team Communication in a
          to a higher level in their field                                                                          Project environment
      n   Mid- and senior-level managers who have                                                                   Leverage communication styles to ensure project success
          completed an introductory project management                                                              n   Understanding communication dynamics and your
          program in recent years, and must now lead more                                                               communication style
          complex projects                                                                                          n   Team development: Understanding yourself, stakeholders
      n   Anyone who does NOT have their PMP designa-                                                                   and team members
          tion from PMI and who wishes to pursue their                                                              n   Linking team life cycle stages with project communication
          Masters Project and PMP designation for career                                                                needs
          success                                                                                                   n   The impact of change curve stages on your project team
                                                                                                                        and stakeholders
PMI, PMBOK, PMP, and PMI Registered Education Provider logo are registered marks of
the Project Management Institute, Inc. The Schulich Executive Education Centre is a                                 n   Building communication plans and templates
PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), as designated by the Project Management
Institute (PMI). For more information on PMI, visit                                                    n   Communication strategies for virtual teams

                                                         register online today at
MODULE 4            Duration: 2 days                                          MODULE 8            Duration: 2 days

Project Quality Management                                                    Filling in the Gaps
Learn how to build quality measures into every project                        Review of key concepts & testing areas for the Final Exam
n   Quality: Defined and measured                                             n   Review of complex issues in scope, time, cost, quality,
                                                                                  human resource, communications and risk management
n   The basic process for achieving quality
                                                                              n   Review all areas covered in the program to date
n   How preventive quality action reduces project cost dramatically
                                                                              n   The PMBOK® Guide as a complete unit
n   Reducing total cost of quality through problem-solving
                                                                              n   Preparing for the Masters Certificate final exam
n   Overcoming obstacles to front-end planning and
    achieving results                                                         n   Preparing for the PMP® certification examination
                                                                              n   Review question styles to improve your chances of

MODULE 5            Duration: 2 days

effective Project Cost Management                                             MODULE 9            Duration: 2 days
Manage your projects through the lens of cost minimization
n   Cost estimating: Micro versus macro
                                                                              Final exam and Project simulation
                                                                              n   Final exam spanning all program material (marks to be
n   Resource planning, budgeting and cost control
                                                                                  handed out the same day)
n   Earned value concepts                                                     n   In Project Simulation, all participants will apply their
n   Fixed, variable and unit costs                                                learning to propose, plan, execute and deliver a
n   Status reporting                                                              full-scale realistic project in teams.

                                                                             * Participants will receive a short assignment after each class.
                                                                               Each of these assignments will be used to tie the whole pro-
                                                                               gram together and serve as the background work for project
                                                                               simulation in Module 9.
MODULE 6            Duration: 2 days

Procurement and Contracting Management
Successfully manage key vendors and partners
n   Procurement and solicitation planning
n   Solicitation and negotiation principles
n   Source selection
n   Contract close-out and contract law

                                                                             Class of 2009
MODULE 7            Duration: 2 days
                                                                             Join us for a free 1-hour online information session
Assessing and Managing Project risk                                          where you can learn more abou the program and
Approaches to evaluating project uncertainties and risks                     ask any question you may have.
n   Project risk management framework
                                                                             This is a simultaneous website / telephone session. Once
n   Risk management in project planning and execution                        you register, you will be sent your login details. To view
n   Quantitative and team facilitation techniques to identify                information session dates and to RSVP, visit
    risks and responses                                            
n   Utilizing decision trees and expected monetary value
n   Applying techniques such as Delphi method and Monte
    Carlo simulation

                                            register online today at
your ProGrAM

n    Better manage your
     projects, from
     planning and team
     building to quality
     and cost management

n    Become a stronger,
     more effective
     and leader

n    Be fully prepared
     to sit for the PMP®

n    Advance to senior                            Consolidate and Certify
     level project                                        your Project Management skills

n    Connect and network
     with other project
     managers across
     north America
                                                                  here Are your neXT sTePs to receiving your
                                                                  Masters Certificate in Project Management…

                                                              1    To register
    Master the 9 key areas of Project Management
                                                                   See the Convenient Registration Options on the
    that are tested in the PMP® certification exam.
                                                                   rear panel of this brochure.
    Fast-tracked for completion in just 4 months,
    and delivered by expert instructors with extensive
                                                              2    To Ask a Question About the Program
    real-world experience.
                                                                   Contact Jackie Collins at Tel: 709.737.2131,
                                                                   or e-mail:
        Integration                                                Join us for a free 1-hour online information
                                    Project HR                     session (see inside for dates). RSVP online at:
        Project Scope
        Management                                            3    For Further Program-related Information
                                    Management                     Visit the program website at:
        Project Time
        Management                                                 •   watch a video message from the Program Director
                                   Project Risk
                                   Management                      •   read complete module details
                                                                   •   see what past participants have to say
        Project Cost                                               •   review the instructors and their areas of expertise
                                      Project                      •   see the list of participating organizations

       Project Quality

                                    register online today at
   reGIsTrATIon deTAIls
                                                                                                    The Masters Certificate in
                                                                                                    Project Management
                                                                                                    sT. John’s

                                                                                                     Attend the most popular project management
September 1 – December 11, 2010                                                                      program in Canada... Now graduating over 1,000
Gardiner Centre                                                                                      participants per year.
Room B4019, 4th Floor
Business Administration Building
Memorial University of Newfoundland
                                                                                                               TO REGISTER for an upcoming program, see our
St. John’s, NL
                                                                                                                 Convenient registration options at left.
FRAMED CERTIFICATE OF PROGRAM COMPLETION                                                                     Or for further program-related information, visit
you will receive a professionally framed Certificate of Completion,                               
from york university, schulich executive education Centre.
Participants must attend all days of all program modules in order
to receive the certificate.

$7,500 CDN + 13% HST = $8,475 CDN • 18 days
                                                                                                 Corporate Participants:
• Program fee includes full 9-module program tuition, all
   teaching materials, lunches and refreshments and a Certificate                               Join our growing list of participating organizations in the Masters
   of Completion.
• Memorial University’s liability is limited to reimbursement of paid
                                                                                                Certificate in Project Management program.
   tuition fee.                                                                                 ACOA                            Focused Consulting              Ozark Electrical
• Full program fee is payable prior to start of program.                                        AT & T Canada                   Fugro Jacques Geosurveys Inc.   Peter Kiewit Sons Co.
                                                                                                Atwood Consulting Group         Gardiner Centre - MUN           Plato Consulting Inc.
CONVENIENT REGISTRATION OPTIONS                                                                 Axa General Insurance           G.J. Cahill & Co. Ltd.          PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc.
ONLINE REGISTRATION                                                                             Barrier Contractors             Genoa Design Int’l. Ltd.        Principal Holdings                                                                       Bell Aliant                     Gestion Roger Jones             Provincial Aerospace
                                                                                                BJ Process and Pipeline         Gibbons Hampton Architects      Public Service Commission
FAX REGISTRATION                                                                                Services                        Ltd.
You may also download and print a registration Form from                                                                                                        Public Works & Govt. Svs.
                                                                                                Bowringer Engineering Ltd.      Government of Newfoundland      Canada, complete and fax to 709.737.7999                                     Campbell Soup Company Ltd.      & Labrador                      Quality Matters
MAIL REGISTRATION                                                                               Canada Revenue Agency           Husky Energy                    Raven Project
Mail your downloaded Registration Form to                                                       Canada Post                     Iron Ore Company of Canada      Royal Canadian Mounted
Gardiner Centre, B4019                                                                          Canadian Blood Services         Johnson and Johnson             Police
Memorial University of Newfoundland,                                                            Canadian Cancer Society         K & M Construction Services     Rutter Technologies
St. John’s, NL A1B 3X5                                                                          Canadian Centre for Marine      KARV Enterprises                Suncor
                                                                                                Communications                  Kennedy Design                  Service Canada
                                                                                                Canadian Coast Guard            Lafarge Canada Inc.             Schlumberger Canada Ltd.
Telephone 709.737.2131
                                                                                                CBC                             Marine Atlantic                 Scotiabank
                                                                                                City of Corner Brook            Marine Institute – MUN          Sir Wilfred Grenfell College
                                                                                                City of St. John’s              Marine Simulation Group         Spectrol Group
IMPORTANT: A deposit of $800 is required to secure your place in                                Coady Developments              Matercare Canada                Sprint Canada Inc.
the program. Please include your credit card information on faxed                               Coleman Group of Companies      Molson Breweries                Stratos
or online registrations, or mail a cheque along with your completed                             College of the North Atlantic   M.S. Peddle Consulting Ltd.     Tech-Fab
program registration.                                                                                                                                           Technip Offshore
                                                                                                Computing & Communications      Multi-Materials Stewardship
• If you are unable to attend the program, you may transfer to the                              – MUN                           Board                           The Rooms Corp. of NL
   next session, subject to the 21-day written notification require-                            Corner Brook Port Corporation   Municipal Assessment Agency     Tract Consulting Inc.
   ment or your organization may name a replacement candidate.                                  Corner Brook Pulp & Paper       MTS Allstream                   Triton Data Inc.
• Only one module transfer to another session will be permitted                                 Cougar Helicopters Inc.         Nalcor Energy                   TOTALGROUP Inc.
   (subject to space availability) without penalty. Each subsequent                             Country Ribbon Inc.             Newfoundland & Labrador         Upstream Solutions
   transfer request has a $200 administration fee.                                              Crosbie Salamis Ltd.            Construction Safety Assoc.      Vale Inco.
• A full refund will be issued for written cancellations received a                             D.E.L.T. – MUN                  Newfoundland Labrador Liquor    Workplace Health & Safety
   minimum of 21 days before the program start date. Written cancel-                            Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans     Corporation                     Compensation Commission
   lations received after this date will incur an administration charge                         D.F. Barnes Ltd.                Newfoundland Power              xwave
   of $800. Non-attendance or withdrawal after program start date will                          Eastern Health                  NL Centre for Health            Youth Ventures Program
   incur a full program fee.                                                                                                    Information
                                                                                                Edutech Services Inc. - MUN                                     zedIT Solutions Inc.
                                                                                                                                North Atlantic Refining Ltd.
                                                                                                Environment Canada
Modules, speakers, topics, dates, fees, locations and applicable taxes are subject to change.                                   Oceaneering Canada
                                                                                                Faculty of Medicine – MUN

                                                                                                FACULTY OF BUSINESS