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									Volume XXI                                                                                                    Winter 2008

AND FIDELITY BANK SUPPORT                                                      NATALE
LOCAL FOOD DRIVE                                                                 Il natale e gia con noi e con esso
  The Catholic Community of Bloomfield                                         la speranza torna nei nostril cuori.
will be the direct recipients of all donations                                 Speriamo per la pace nella nostra
of food and money dropped off at Fidelity                                      comunita. Sperismo do non avere
Bank from November 20 to December                                              piu paura d’uscire di casa a d’intorni.
22.                                                                            Speriamo per un lavoro per coloro che
  This annual event co-sponsored by the                                        sfortunatamente si trovino disoccupati.
Bloomfield Citizens Council and Fidelity                                       Speriamo su di tutto avere buona salute
Bank has been well supported by the                                            e festeggiare questo lieto evento con I
residents. George Harris, Assistant                                            nostri famigliari. Auguri Natalizi ed un
Vice President states, “Bloomfield is a                                        Buon Anno a tutti i nostri lettori.
wonderful community and those of us at
Fidelity Bank feel that it is Cont’d on page 2

                        J & R FLOWERS                           FREE CANCER CARING CENTER
                           It has been said that a recipe         One of Bloomfield’s best gifts to anyone experiencing
                        for success is loving what you          the diagnosis of cancer in their lives is the Free Cancer
                        do. Apparently Sharon Iannelli                                                     Caring Center,
                        Gatz, owner of J & R Flower Shop                                                   4117 Liberty
                        in Bloomfield has that recipe.                                                     A v e n u e ,
                        J & R Flowers is currently                                                         located near
                        celebrating their 25th year in                                                     the Bloomfield
                        business here and are still going                                                  Bridge. All
                        strong.                                                                            programs
                          The late Rich DelCimuto and                                                      are FREE OF
                        her father, the late Joe Iannelli                                                  CHARGE.
  Sharon Iannelli Gatz
                       began J & R Flowers in 1983.                                                           Located in
                                                                 (L-R)Bonnie Shields, Director of Support
They started their business at 4772 Liberty Avenue               Services; Rebecca Whitlinger, Executive   the Drake
but quickly grew out of their space and moved to                Director; Chris Gerstbrein, Administrative   Cont’d on page 8
4774 Liberty Avenue where the shop Cont’d on page 2             Assistant; Robin Beruh, Assistant Director

                        SONS OF ITALY IN                        ROCCACINQUEMIGLIA
                        AMERICA PRESIDENT                       PRESIDENT
                           Ron Costa took the reins of             And     so,     where         is
                       the Order of the Sons of Italy           Roccacinquemiglia? And what
                       in America, Michael Musmanno             does that name mean? For the
                       Lodge #665 in April 2007. Since          readers edification it is a Village
                       then, his focus for increasing           in Italy nestled 50 miles from
                       membership has leaned towards            Rome on the Adriatic side in the
                       a common ground approach.                region of Abruzzi. Today it is a
                           The enthusiastic leader              resort town that has progressed
                       reminds the readers, “The Sons           in an unimaginable manner.
        Ron Costa      of Italy in America is not a regional    The history of this “the Five Mile  Ennio Cardilli
        President      organization. It is global. We           Rock”, as translated in English, is   President
invite people of Italian descent, adopted by or married         one of a war-torn County, bombed
to Italians, from any region in Italy to be a part of our       by Hitler, and saved by Americans during World War
family”.                                                        II.
   Costa is a natural for this job with      Cont’d on page 5      In 1951, those from the paese who Cont’d on page 2
                                                                                                                        Page 1
J & R FLOWERS has been for the past 22 years. Sharon, the current owner, ATTITUDE
   Cont’d from page 1    worked as a sales clerk and was also the bookkeeper. She never       “The longer
aspired to design flowers but when the designer left she decided to take on the job.
She worked in the flower shop every day and went to Allegheny Community College            I live, the
in the evening taking all the floral design classes that were offered. She also attended   more I realize
classes sponsored by the flower suppliers and went to floral shows.                        the impact
    After three years the business kept increasing and her Mom (Norma), attended           of attitude on
the Pittsburgh Floral Academy and began working with her. Sharon worked with her           life….” These
parents for 17 years until they retired. Rich helped out until he moved to Las Vegas       are the words of
in 2001 and eventually more employees had to be hired. J & R Flowers now boasts            noted author,
of two full time designers and two part time delivery men. “I have seen the little kids
grow up, doing their birth flowers, prom flowers, and wedding flowers and then the         educator,
same for their kids. I really enjoy the community spirit of Bloomfield and want to thank   and Christian
all of the customers who have made this 25th Anniversary in Bloomfield possible.”          Pastor Charles         Jim Koll, RPh
She proudly speaks of employee Mel Urschler who has been with J & R Flowers for            Swindoll. I have Bloomfield Drug Store
20 of those years, and punctuates that statement with praise for her husband, Tim          always felt that
Gatz. “Tim has his own full time job, but helps me with every aspect of this business.     a positive attitude goes a long way
I couldn’t do it without him.” One could safely conclude that good team work is a          in helping us get through the many
second ingredient of that recipe for success.
                                                                                           challenges of everyday life. That
BLOOMFIELD CITIZENS COUNCIL & FIDELITY FOOD DRIVE                                          same attitude also plays an important
  Cont’d from page 1 important to help others in need. The coming months may be            role in successfully managing
difficult for many people and we are happy to do our share.”                               chronic illness and can be a vital
    Bloomfield Citizens Council President Janet Scullion elaborates further, “Through      tool in successful post-operative
the dedication of Lynne Manski, Project Coordinator and Mr. Harris, Fidelity Bank          recuperation. Having personally
continues to show compassion as a corporate leader in Bloomfield”.                         dealt with these circumstances in my
ROCCACINQUEMIGLIA PRESIDENT Cont’d from                     page 1                         own life, I speak from experience.
fled after World War I and the mass exodus after World War II, joined together in             The first step, however,
Bloomfield, Verona, and New Kensington under the guidance and inspiration of               in successfully managing your
restaurant owner Guido Santucci. With help from Armand Lombardo, also a successful         personal health and well-being is
businessman, they jointly put the Roccacinquemiglia Society together.                      to become as educated as possible
   The Organization consisted of hardworking immigrants who included Barber Dan
Cercone, Restaurant owners Vic Santucci, Tony and Armand Lombardozzi, Frank                by asking questions of and relaying
D’Amico, the D’Achille and Lombardo families, numerous contractors and masonry             information honestly and clearly to
workers, young Doctors from the Lombardozzi and Santucci families, and many                your physicians and pharmacist.
educators as well. It is still a very viable group.                                        Understanding your illness and
    Current President Ennio Cardilli (Santucci) is overjoyed when the membership           developing a close relationship with
comes together for picnics and parties. “I love to see our people together dancing to      your health care professionals, as
Italian music and embracing each other with so much love”, he states. He arrived in        well as following their instructions
America in 1964 at age 16. Today he is a professional ski instructor, soccer referee,
who retired from Sears.                                                                    and advice, is essential to the
    Tony Lombardozzi, owner of the very popular Bloomfield Lombardozzi Restaurant,         success of your treatment.
has been an active member of the Society since arriving in America in 1954. “I think         It is not always easy to remain
the organization is one of the best things in my life. To be together, to reminisce, and   positive when dealing with illness
to continue the legend puts so much meaning in our lives. We have so much pride            every day. Sometimes just getting
being together.” The bonding continues in the holiday spirit with a Christmas Party        through the day is a major effort in
that is open to all at Immaculate Conception Social Hall on December 13, 2008 at 6:00
PM. For non-members the price is $25.00. Members are free. Entertainment will be           and of itself. When dealing with my
provided by “Mirella”. R.S.V.P. by December 5th. Reservations must be made with            own illness, I decided that I would
Secretary Rita Sumney at 412-303-9860.                                                     begin each new day by making a
    La Societa’ Di Roccacinquemiglia festeggia la festa di Natale sabato, 13 dicembre      conscious decision to be positive;
2008, alla chiesa dell’ Immacolata Concezione in Bloomfield. Il buffe’ sara servito alle   this effort ended up being its own
6:00 PM. Seguira ballo e musica, e per I bambini l’arrivo di Babbo Natale. Today he is     reward. I planned my days to
a professional ski instructor, soccer referee, who retired from Sears.                     include a balance of things that I
                                                                                           wanted to accomplish and leisure
                                                                                           activities that I enjoyed. At the end
                                                                                           of each day, I found that despite my
                                                                                           circumstances, the days were indeed
                                                                                           beginning to get better and that I
                                                                                           was on my way to being my “old self”
                                                                                           again. And so it can be for you.

                                                                                                                            Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Congress Approves New GI Bill this new GI Bill will help our troops                 He gets all of the food and services
                              succeed at home after putting their                   donated. With the Sons of Italy #655
For Veterans                                                                        members, he recently raised $11,000
   Recently,                            lives on the line for their country.
                                        This is an important way of thanking        for a 30 year old terminally ill woman
Congress approved                                                                   to go to Disney with her husband and
a major expansion                       our veterans for their services and
                                        sacrifice.                                  two children 7 and 9 years old for two
of the GI Bill and                                                                  weeks. This deserving family from the
it was signed into                      Exercise for Good Health                    West End will use the remainder of the
law by President                           Anyone over the young age of 50          money for bills.
Bush. This new                          can take advantage of an excellent             Lodge members are excited about
law, P.L. 110-252,                      exercise program offered at the             working with Ron because their heritage
will ensure that                        Bloomfield Senior Center.                   is promoted and sustained by an
troops who have                            Meet new friends and enjoy the           unselfish and purposeful mission. They
served three years                      cardio and flexibility low maintenance      help people in all parts of Pittsburgh
                       Congressman                                                  based upon need. Most are terminally
of active duty          Mike Doyle
                                        workout. Call Sister Lorilee at 412-
in either Iraq or                       683-3337 for more information. The          ill but, in Sam Mastremateo’s case,
Afghanistan, including those in the     exercise program will be held at the        cardiac problems took the life of this
Reserve and National Guard, will        Senior Center at 321 Pearl Street on        well loved Pittsburgher who worked for
receive benefits that cover the cost    Tuesday and Thursdays from 10:00-           the City in Parks and Recreation. Costa
of a four-year education. The bill      11:00 AM. The cost is $2.00 per             wanted to provide for the Mastromateo
will also provide a stipend to help     session.                                    family’s future.
                                                                                        Since 1907, Sons of Italy in America
these veterans to pay for housing,
books, and other academic expenses.
                                        SONS OF ITALY IN                            has grown to 24 million men and
This bill will help the Armed Forces    AMERICA PRESIDENT                           women of Italian heritage in this
                                        Cont’d from page 1                          Country. There is a fully staffed
recruitment efforts by improving        strong leadership qualities that resonate   headquarters in Washington, DC.
the benefits that come with military    with dedication to his Italian Heritage.    John Yorio, past President from
service.                                He has recruited 25 new members in          Bloomfield, is now a State Trustee
   Increasing educational               recent months by meshing his personal       responsible for 13 Lodges in Allegheny
opportunities for returning American    interest in fundraisers for people in       and Washington Counties. His
service-members will also improve the   need with the Lodge’s Mission of good       responsibility is to oversee the Lodge’s
economy and help every American.        will.                                       operations and advise them.
The original GI Bill is credited with      Costa has organized and personally          Ron Costs is currently a Magisterial
much of the economic growth that        cooked for fundraisers to help              District Judge with offices in Bloomfield.
our country experienced after World     individuals in need and turning over        For information on the Sons of Italy in
War II.                                 the entire proceeds to the families.        America call 412-337-4392.
   Finally, and most importantly,                              Cont’d in column 3

                                                                                                                       Page 5
                         Take your place in

                          THE HISTORY OF
                            1750 - 2008
               Soon to be published by
             Janet Cercone Scullion and
      Bloomfield Preservation & Heritage Society

Pictures of: Veterans who died in the Military
Buildings - Businesses, Churches, Schools, Clubs, Homes,
Individuals and Groups

           Rose Hellstern 5 & 10 Circa 1890       Pasqualina Donatucci Circa 1940’s

        Ateleta Men pouring foundation for Club     St. Josephs School Circa 1913

                CALL 412/363-6191 for more information

                                                                                      Page 6
SCHOOL NEWS                              Sister Agnes Cecilia’s 60th               Ladies of Charity
                                         Jubilee                                      The Ladies of Charity, once again,
IMMACULATE CONCEPTION                       Sister Agnes                           will be visiting the Nursing Homes and
November                                 Cecilia, a member                         the homebound. These compassionate
27-28 Thanksgiving Vacation              of the Sisters of                         women definitely make a difference in
                                         the Holy Spirit,                          the world today. They are looking for
December                                 celebrated her                            new members to be part of this very
23    Faculty Meeting and Early          60th Jubilee on                           special calling.
      Dismissal at Noon                  November 1st,                             As a courtesy of the Immaculate
24-January 4 Christmas Vacation          the Feast of All                          Conception School children, each
                                         Saints, at the                            person visited will receive a card this
January                                  Motherhouse in                            Blessed Christmas Season.
5     School Reopens                                                                  If you are aware of a parishioner
                                         West View. Sister Sister Agnes Cecilia
16    Clerical Day for Teachers –                                                  who is homebound or in a Nursing
                                         Agnes Cecilia                             Home, please call Mrs. Bea Palmiere
      No School for Students             has served the school community
19    Martin Luther King Day –                                                     in the Office of Social Ministry at 412-
                                         of Immaculate Conception for 26           682-0960.
      No School                          years as a teacher providing for the         The present “Ladies of Charity”
25-31 Catholic Schools Week              spiritual and academic growth of her      would like to thank all who make the
                                         students. She has been exemplary          Oktoberfest a huge success.
School Liturgy every Wednesday           in reflecting the love of God in her
8:30 AM at Immaculate Conception         daily instruction to her students         DECEMBER 8TH-FEAST OF
Church (may be rescheduled due to        and as a witness to the larger faith      THE IMMACULATE
special occasions).                      community of her parish, Immaculate       CONCEPTION
CCD Class every Tuesday: K-8th           Conception-St. Joseph. The school            The 5:00 PM Mass for
Grades 6”00-7:30 PM                      and parish community thank God for        the Feast of the Immaculate
                                         the gift of her life that has connected   Conception will be followed
WALDORF                                  all who know her to the goodness of       by a special dinner consisting
December                                 God. Congratulations, Sister!             of Spaghetti, Parmesan
6      Winter Fair 11 AM-4 PM.                                                     Chicken, Salad Bar, Desert, and
       Open to the Public. $8.00/        TOY BINGO                                 Beverage. Cost of the dinner is $10/
       person. $32/family.                  The annual Toy Bingo will be held      person. Entertainment will be provided
8      In Service Day – Closed           on Sunday, November 30th at 1:00          to enhance the spirit of celebrating
19     Winter Break – Early              PM in the Immaculate Conception           the Feast day of the Blessed Mother.
       Dismissal 12:15 PM                Social Hall (doors open at 12:30 PM).     Mass and dinner are at Immaculate
                                         This is a wonderful and exciting event    Conception Church and Social Hall.
January                                  for the children. The Toy Bingo will      Come and enjoy the company of friends
5      School Reopens                    have raffles, theme baskets, and          for a great time!
19     Martin Luther King Day –          refreshments for sale. Tickets can be
       No School                         purchased for $8 each.                    IMMACULATE CONCEPTION-
                                                                                   ST. JOSEPH PARISH
Tours of the school are available                                                  Mass Schedule Christmas Eve
during class. Please call Enrollment                                               and Christmas Day
Coordinator Joan Rossi at 412-441-                                                 Wednesday, December 24th
5792 Ext. 224.                                                                     4:00 PM          Immaculate Conception
                                                                                   5:00 PM          St. Joseph
WOOLSLAIR                                                                          10:00 PM         Immaculate Conception
December                                                                           Thursday, December 25th
11    PSCC Meeting 5:00-6:00 PM                                                    7:30 AM          St. Joseph
17    Christmas Concert 10 AM-           PIZZA AND SALAD WITH                      9:30 AM          Immaculate Conception
      2:30 PM                            SANTA                                     11:30 AM         St. Joseph
19    Neighborhood Caroling                 Santa will visit Immaculate            NO evening Mass on Christmas Day.
      (during school hours)              Conception Social Hall on Saturday,       There will be NO 6:45 AM Mass the
24-January 2 Winter Vacation             December 13th at 11:00 AM. Pizza          rest of the week.
                                         and Salad Bar will be on the menu.
January                                  Prizes, gifts, and pictures with Santa
15    PSCC Meeting 5:00-6:00 PM          – bring your list! Price of admission
19    Martin Luther King Day –           is $6/person.
      No School
23    Grades Close
26-27 Student Vacation Days –            Bloomfield Senior Center Mall
      No School                          Trips
                                         DECEMBER      2 – Shaler
Bloomfield Senior Center                               9 – Edgewood
   On December 18th from 2:30-5:00                     16 – Monroeville
PM, the Bloomfield Senior Center                       23 – Ross Park
Seniors will enjoy a “Luncheon Date”                   30 – Wal-Mart               Fr. John Dinello, Pastor Immaculate Conception-
at Red Lobster Restaurant.               Remember: December 24th and               St. Joseph Parish recaptures Italian tradition
For information call Sister Lorilee at   December 31st are half-days at the        with Procession with the Madonna through the
                                         Center. Classes are at noon.              streets of Bloomfield on September 28, 2008
412-683-3337.                                                                      during Little Italy Days.
                                                                                                                            Page 7
                                                                      FREE CANCER CARING
                          Treasured Pleasure Bar Recipe               CENTER Cont’d from page 1

                            Zucchini Romano                               Building (former home of the
                                                                      Drake Bakery with ducks on the
                                                                      roof), the Cancer Caring Center first
                          6 eggs, juice of one fresh lemon, 1 tsp     opened its doors in 1988 to welcome
                          granulated garlic, 1 tsp fresh parsley, 1   and support cancer patients with
                          cup Romano Cheese, flour, and zucchini.     a wide variety of free services from
                          Slice zucchini into ¼” circles. Dip         the beginning. For two decades,
                          zucchini “coins” individually into flour    patients and families have visited
      Chef Kellie
Pleasure Bar Restaurant
                          and then into batter.                       their Bloomfield Headquarters
                                                                      to learn to move forward after a
Cook in olive oil or butter in non-stick skillet                      cancer diagnosis. Programs feature
over medium heat.                                                     individual and couples counseling,
Cook until golden brown on each side.                                 wellness, stress management, reiki
                                                                      and groups for caregivers and brain
                                                                      tumor patients.       “We also offer
                                                                      “Live Well With Cancer” speaker
                                                                      presentations, a resource library
                                                                      and more! Because we believe that
                                                                      a diagnosis can affect everyone in
                                                                      the family, we also offer age-specific
                                                                      support groups for children who
                                                                      have a family member with cancer
                                                                      and see kids as young as age two.
                                                                      The Center is not an alternative
                                                                      to medical treatment but rather
                                                                      complements traditional medical
                                                                      care. Not affiliated with any one
                                                                      medical system, the Center sponsors
                                                                      community groups including the
                                                                      West Penn Allegheny Health System
                                                                      and UPMC facilities”, states Robin
                                                                      Beruh, Assistant Director.
                                                                          According to Bonnie Shields,
                                                                      Support Services Director, “we
                                                                      understand that people are as unique
                                                                      as their diagnosis, therefore we try
                                                                      to offer something for everyone.
                                                                      The Telephone Helpline (412-622-
                                                                      1212) is a popular way to obtain
                                                                      information but many prefer to
                                                                      visit our home-like atmosphere of
                                                                      the Center. We welcome all of our
                                                                      Bloomfield neighbors to call for an
                                                                          Their mission has been consistent
                                                                      for 20 years –HELP IN ANY WAY
                                                                      POSSIBLE. Because cancer can be
                                                                      so financially burdensome, they feel
                                                                      fortunate to be able to provide these
                                                                      services at no charge. The Center
                                                                      is a local charity with no national
                                                                      office. The Center is located at 4117
                                                                      Liberty Avenue and the website is

                                                                                                      Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
Trivia Question for Fall 2008:
Name the cab company that was
located at the Bloomfield Bridge

ANSWER:Peoples Cab Company
Cathy Laffey (Mikasa 8” Bowl)
Maffy Giancola (Auto Kit)
Richard Ricci (1 lb.Starbucks)
John M. Guinness (1 lb.Starbucks)
Marcia Jankowski (1 lb.Starbucks)
Bob Ralicki (1 lb.Starbucks)
Patricia Kacprzyk (1 lb.Starbucks)
Rose Sommer (1 lb.Starbucks} who
Dear Trivia Lady: The answer
to the question for Fall 2008 is
Peoples Cab. My husband drove for
them for many years.

Prizes for the winners were
donated by First Commonwealth

WINTER 2008:
Name the restaurant that was
located at the corner of Penn Avenue
and Main Street in Bloomfield. This
restaurant was open 24 hours/day
and was a favorite place to go for a
snack after the theaters and clubs     LIKE TO SKI?
had closed.                            Blind Outdoors Leisure Development members are looking for sighted ski
                                       volunteers (training session) to assist B.O.L.D. members skiing. The meeting
Submit your answer to The Spirit       will be held at Seven Springs Ski Mountain Resort Main Lodge – December
of Bloomfield, 4720 Liberty Avenue,    14, 2008 at 7:00 AM. First ski session will be January 4, 2009, then every
Pittsburgh, PA 15224 no later than     other Sunday and continue through March. Any questions please call Jimmy
December 15th, 2008.                   Wiseman at 412-682-1926.
                                       B.O.L.D. Meeting – December 2, 2008 Morewood Towers Community Room,
                                       6:30-8:00 PM.
                                       B.O.L.D. Hike – Meet at Schenley Oval December 14, 2008 at 10:00 AM.
                                       B.O.L.D. Christmas Party, December 20, 2008 from 5:00-9:00 PM at Crafton
                                       High Rise. For information call Jimmy Wiseman at 412-682-1926.
                Vincent’s              People in cancer treatment need transportation! Road to Recovery
                                       If you can donate a small amount of your free time and
             Chair Repairing           make a powerful impact on the lives of people battling
            Wood & Furniture           cancer, please call 412-919-1116. The American Cancer Society
                      Repair           needs volunteer drivers for the Road to Recovery Program.
             Antiques Repair

    Bloomfield Citizens Council
     Neighborhood BlockWatch
         Monthly Meeting

    December 9, 2008 7:00 PM
     Immaculate Conception
           Social Hall
        Everyone Invited!

                                                                                                            Page 12
Page 13
      ASSOCIATION                            The Ateleta Women’s Society will      Christmas Party
                                          host its Christmas Holiday Celebration   When: December 14, 2008
  NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY                    at Lombardozzi’s Restaurant on           Where: Immaculate Conception
                                          Sunday, December 7, 2008 from            Social Hall
Come join the fun at our annual           1:00-4:00 PM. This is a great festive    Time: 4:00 PM for Social Hour
Ateleta Beneficial Association            afternoon and a wonderful buffet         Buffet: 5:00 PM
New Year’s Eve Party !!                   for $18.75. Don’t forget that there      Cost: $25.00/person
   The party will be held on              will be a visit from Santa and lots of   Entertainment: Evening of music.
Wednesday, December 31st (New             treats and fun. Call President Karen     For information call Lois Fisher at
Year’s Eve) at Futule’s Harmar House,     Cercone at 412-882-1343 for specific     412-681-0523.
                                          information. Everyone is welcome.
1321 Freeport Road, Cheswick,
                                          Come and Enjoy!
                                                                                   Bloomfield AARP #3956
PA 15024. Cost for the affair is                                                   Trip News
$60/person and live music will be         St. Joseph Golden Agers                  “Jersey Boys” at the Benedum
provided by The Cavaliers. For more         Christmas Party will be held at        Center
information or to RSVP contact            Lombardozzi Restaurant at 1:00 PM        $125.00/person – January 8, 2009
Claudio Macerelli (724) 325-1229          on December 4, 2008.                     Matinee Show with dinner following
or Tony LeDonne (412) 487-4120 by                                                  at the Grand Concourse in Station
                                          St. Joseph Christian Mothers             Square. This trip will fill up very
December 15th. Anyone who brings            Christmas Party will be held at        fast. Please call Tony Scanga at
10 or more guests will receive one free   Grant’s Restaurant in Millvale on        412-683-3710 for reservations. This
admission to the Party! NOTE: If you      December 10, 2008 at 12:30 PM. For       performance will definitely be a “sold
make reservations and are unable to       ticket information call Mrs. Insingna    out” event!
attend, please notify us by December      at 412-681-8060 or Lois Fisher at
27th. Otherwise, there will be a $40                                               Christmas Party
cancellation charge.                                                                  The Roccacinquemiglia Society
                                          Bella Vista Lodge                        Christmas Party will be held at the
Immaculate Conception                     Christmas Party                          Immaculate Conception Social Hall
                                             The Christmas Party for the Bella     on December 13, 2008 at 6:00 PM.
Christian Mothers                         Vista Lodge of the ISDA will begin
  Christmas Party will be held at the                                              For non-members the price is $25.00.
                                          at 5:00 PM on Sunday, December           Members are free. Entertainment will
Immaculate Conception Social hall         14, 2008. The Party will be held at      be provided by “Mirella”. R.S.V.P. by
at 6:00 PM on Monday, December            Salvatore’s Banquet Hall in Baldwin.     December 5th. Reservations must be
1, 2008. See Ann- Price is $12.00/        For further information call Karen       made with Secretary Rita Sumney at
person.                                   Cercone at 412-882-1343.                 412-303-9860.

                                                                                                                  Page 14
Page 15
                                           Page 16
                                  U.S. POSTAGE
    A Product of Bloomfield        PITTSBURGH
Preservation & Heritage Society         PA
   4737 Friendship Avenue            No. 3501
    Pittsburgh, PA 15224
    Phone: 412-363-0222
      Fax: 412-363-6191

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