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NEDBANK Value Add Products - PDF


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									NEDBANK Value Add Products
Is your manufacturer’s warranty about to expire? Worried? DON’T BE.

Nedbank now offers the Nedbank Extended Warranty, which covers your vehicle for an additional two
years, or 200 000km. The warranty covers any major mechanical or electrical component failures on your
vehicle. The best part is you only pay for 24 months – at a fixed rate! Roadside assistance is included in the
package, free of charge. Now you can enjoy driving-peace-of-mind for far longer than ever before.

Nedbank Extended warranty monthly premium – From R 100,00 pm

For more information or to sign up for this brilliant offer, call 0861 133 338.

Cash-strapped? Need to service your vehicle urgently?

Nedbank now offers great protection in respect of all your scheduled vehicle services, as per your
manufacturer’s specifications. The Nedbank Service Plan covers all serviceable items (excluding wear and
tear), including related labour charges. The plan is endorsed by the relevant vehicle’s manufacturer and its
branches throughout South Africa.

Nedbank Service Plan pricing is dependent on the make, model and mileage.

To get the most from this value for money offer call 0861 133 338.

Are you driving an older vehicle? Are you worried about the reliability of your vehicle?

We have just the plan to put your mind at ease. The Nedbank Used Vehicle Warranty covers major
mechanical and electrical parts on your vehicle for 10 years or 220 000km. Sound great? It is! The warranty
includes Prestige and Standard options, with component limits structured according to the ‘claimable’
amount, and with the Prestige option offering almost double the cover of the Standard package. All you
need to do is make sure that your vehicle is regularly serviced at your dealer, or any RMI-approved outlet.

Nedbank Preowned warranty monthly premium – From R 150,00 pm

Call now on 0861 133 338 for more information or to take advantage of this fantastic offer.
Do you hate those scratches, minor dents and chips on your windscreen?
The Nedbank Auto Body Warranty gives you the ability to have dents, windscreen chips, scratches
and bumper scuffs removed as they occur. No preinspections are required (existing damage related
to rust and wear and tear that cannot be repaired is excluded). Keeping your vehicle in showroom
condition has never been easier, or more affordable!
All repairs are carried out by the DentDoctor and are guaranteed for the duration of the contract.
Repairs are limited to R1 500 per claim, per incident, and there is no limit on the number of claims.
The warranty also covers hail damage!
Nedbank Auto Body monthly premium – From R 95,00 pm
Don’t miss this fantastic offer. Call 0861 133 338 now!

Tired of potholes causing damage to your tyres and rims?
Nedbank now offers the Nedbank Tyre and Rim Warranty. With this plan your tyres and rims are
covered against any accidental or malicious damage, or any day-to-day mishap. You’re covered up to
the value of R10 000 for the repair or replacement of maliciously damaged tyres, or rims, over a
period of two years. You also enjoy accidental cover for your rims and tyres up to the amount of
R5 000.
Nedbank Tyre and Rim Warranty monthly premium – From R 128,00 pm
Call 0861 133 338 to take advantage of this fantastic offer!

Have you purchased your vehicle less than 3 years ago? Have you ever considered the financial risk
you undertake by not having a Top Up Insurance product?

Most vehicles are insured for the market value which is not proportional to the sum financed with your
bank. Should your car be written off or stolen your insurance company will normally pay out the
market value which will not settle the total amount owing to your finance house. Top Up insurance will
remove this risk of having to possibly down grade your vehicle or directly pay for a vehicle you no
longer own. For a minimal monthly fee you can now have peace of mind.

Should you be interested in any of our range of products please, call (0861 133 338).
Please send us your information indicated in the table below via email to and one
of our professional consultants will give you a call.

  Product       Title   Name       Surname        Date of birth   Make      Model          Year of       Registration   Current odometer
  selection                                                                              registration     number             reading

Please take note that all the information is required for quotation purposes.

NB All plans are subject to terms and conditions. Contact one of our skilled consultants for more information
and to get an answer to any of your questions, big or small!!

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