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Colorado Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Attorney Founds The Babcock Law Firm
                                       in Denver

       By The Babcock Law Firm
       Dated: Jan 25, 2008

       Colorado workers’ compensation lawyer and personal injury attorney R. Mack Babcock founds The
       Babcock Law Firm based in Denver to help victims of workers’ compensation, personal injury and
       insurance disputes

       Colorado workers’ compensation lawyer and personal injury attorney R. Mack Babcock has founded The
       Babcock Law Firm ( to represent Colorado’s injured, after defending
       hundreds of injury claims at an insurance defense firm representing big corporations. Now he works
       exclusively with Colorado’s injured, using the experience he gained on the other side to help people in need
       of a workers’ compensation lawyer, personal injury attorney or insurance lawyer in Colorado.

        Based in Denver, The Babcock Law Firm offers legal representation for workers’ compensation, insurance
       dispute and personal injury cases across the state of Colorado on a contingency basis, a big boon for clients
       who cannot afford the legal representation they need because their injury has already placed them in a
       tough financial situation.

        Says Babcock, “Our model for committed representation is what differentiates The Babcock Law Firm
       from other Colorado attorneys and law firms. We are committed to our practice, committed to our clients,
       and committed to obtaining justice,” he continues. “Obtaining justice requires that your personal injury,
       insurance dispute or workers’ compensation lawyer commit the time and talent needed to put pressure on
       the opposing party. The Babcock Law Firm will dedicate the financial resources and manpower needed to
       match the muscle of the defense and obtain justice. We refuse to let our clients injured on the job or
       suffering a personal injury be bullied into anything less than the full compensation they are entitled to by an
       insurance company or member of big corporate America.”

        Prior to founding The Babcock Law Firm, LLC, R. Mack Babcock spent four and a half years on the other
       side of workers’ compensation, personal injury and insurance disputes representing some of the largest
       insurance companies and corporations in Colorado as an attorney at a midsize insurance defense firm. He
       became intimately familiar with the insurance industry’s approach to accident victims as he was defending
       personal and work injury claims.

        After seeing firsthand how the system and the insurance industry treat injured individuals and their
       families, Babcock switched sides and joined one of Colorado’s premier plaintiffs firms where he found his
       calling representing victims as a workers’ compensation lawyer and personal injury/insurance attorney.
       Now he has founded The Babcock Law Firm dedicated to providing high-quality, aggressive legal
       representation to injured individuals.

        About The Babcock Law Firm
        Based in Denver, Colorado, The Babcock Law Firm works with individuals in need of a workers’
       compensation lawyer, personal injury lawyer, or insurance lawyer who has the experience and commitment
       to winning justice. The Babcock Law Firm performs case work on contingency, so victims pay nothing
       until a successful recovery is made. The Babcock Law Firm welcomes inquiries about Colorado cases
       falling within its practice areas, which include: car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, drunk
       driving accidents, pedestrian accidents, workers’ compensation/work injuries, slip and falls (premises

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

liability), insurance disputes and wrongful death .

 More information on working with a Colorado workers’ compensation lawyer, insurance attorney or
personal injury lawyer at The Babcock Law Firm is available here: http://

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