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									Tender Document for Supply of One
Reflector less Electronic Total Station
       & One Automatic Level
                          PARADIP PORT TRUST
                          MARINE DEPARTMENT

NO:MD/SHS/TECH-36/06                          Dated, the 7TH August 2006

                      SHORT TENDER CALL NOTICE

      Sealed tenders are invited for supply of one Reflector less Electronic Total
Station and one Automatic level. Tender papers will be available till 07.09.2006
from the office of the undersigned on payment of Rs.750/- (Rupees seven
hundred fifty) only in cash or in shape of Demand Draft drawn in favour of FA
& CAO, PPT issued by any Nationalized Bank at Paradip. The tender is also
available in website

                                                      Sr.Hydrographic Surveyor
                                                            Paradip Port Trust
Copy to:

      1. Public Relations Officer, Paradip Port Trust for information and to
         publish in Port Gazette.

      2. The Dy. Director, EDP Cell, PPT (with Floppy & Checklist) for putting
         in Website.

                     PARADIP PORT TRUST
                     MARINE DEPARTMENT
NO:MD/SHS/TECH-36/06                 Dated, _____________________


Sub: Tender for supply of One Reflector less Electronic Total Station & Automatic

Ref:   Your application No.______________________ Dated :____________


       The tender documents for the above work are sent herewith against your deposit of
Rs.750/- towards the cost of tender documents.

       The last date for receipt of tender is 1530 hours on 27.09.06. The Technical bid will
be opened at 1600 hours on the same day. You may depute your representative to witness the
opening of the tender.

       2.     The EMD for the Tender is Rs. 20,000/-.

       3.     The tenders should be submitted along with EMD. Any tender without EMD
              will be rejected.

       4.     Tenders are to be submitted in 2 envelopes. The first envelope to contain
              EMD and Technical Specification of the Reflector less Electronic Total
              Station & Automatic Level and second envelope shall contain the Price Bid.
              “EMD/Technical Specification” & “Price Bid” to be clearly written on
              respective envelops. Both envelopes together must be sent in a sealed cover
              superscribed “Tender for supply of One Reflector less Electronic Total
              Station & One Automatic Level” and addressed to the Sr. Hydrographic
              Surveyor, Paradip Port Trust, Paradip Port, Orissa, Pin-754 142

       5.     The Price Bids of the Suppliers whose technical specifications meet the
              requirements will be opened.

       6.     The undersigned reserves the right to reject any or all the tenders without
              assigning any reason.
                                                                  Yours faithfully,

                                                                Sr. Hydrographic Surveyor
                                                                    Paradip Port Trust
Encl: ___________ sheets.

                                SCOPE OF SUPPLY

1.   The Supplier shall supply one Reflector less Electronic Total Station & One
     Automatic Level with accessories, spares and tools as per our technical
     specification to Paradip Port Trust at Paradip.

2.   The Supplier shall carry out demonstration / trial of the above equipments at
     Paradip Port in presence of PPT Officials.

3.   The Supplier shall supply the detail documents about the technical manual and
     the operational manual of the above equipments.

4.   The above equipments are required to be delivered within 120 days from the
     date of receipt of purchase order.

5.   Insurance during the transportation and trial period will be on the suppliers

6.   The transportation of the above equipments from the place of origin to the
     Marine Site Office, Paradip Port Trust will be on the account and responsibility
     of the supplier.

                                                      Sr. Hydrographic Surveyor
                                                         Paradip Port Trust.

                       TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION

1.   Reflectorless Electronic Total Station:-


     Angular Accuracy                           :       1”
     Least Count                                :       0.5”
     Distance Accuracy with prism               :       2 mm + 2 ppm.
     Distance Range                             :       5 Kms.
     Distance range without prism               :       350 mts.
     Keyboard                                   :       Dual face keuyboard
                                                        (Totally alphanumeric)
     Guide light                                :       For quick Setting Out.
     Optical Plummet                            :       5X or Better
     Rechargeable batteries                     :                    :     4 nos.
     Quick Charge                               :                    :     1 no.


     Memory card                 :      32 MB or Higher             :      2 nos.
     Wooden Telescopic Tripod                                       :      1 no..
     Triple Prism assembly consisting of                            :      1 no.
     3 Prisms. Target plate, Target holder, tribarch,
     optical plummet, Spirit Bubble, Tripod all in
     carrying cases.

     Data communication software                                    :      1 no.

     Data communication cable                                       :      1 no.
     Between instrument and PC.

     Card reader / writer and adaptor to                            :      1 no.
     Download data from memory card to PC

     The minimum following latest application software should be loaded in the
     instrument. Topography, Traverse adjustment, Resection, (Setting out of
     coordinates, Line arcs), Area, Taping base line, Cross-section survey etc.

     The minimum following accessories should be supplied with the Instrument
     Sunshade, Lens cap, Plumb bob, Tool kit, tubular compass, shoulder strap
     carrying case and all relevant manuals.

     2. Automatic Level :


        Magnification                     :       20X to 30X
        Image                             :       Erect
        Objective Aperture                :       32 mm.
        Resolving Power                   :       4.0”
        Minimum Focus distance            :       0.3 m

        Leveling Accuracy Standard deviation for 1 Km double-run levelling 2.00 mm.

        Magnetic damping system
        Working Range                     :       +/-15’
        Setting Accuracy                  :       0.5”

        Aluminium Telescopic tripod       :       1 no.

        Aluminium telescopic staff 4 mts. :       2 nos.
        Cm graducation on one side & mm
        On the otherside with circular bubble
        In carry bag.

        The minimum following accessories should be supplied with the Instrument
        Lens cap, Plumb bob, Vinyl cover, Too kit, carrying case and operation

3.      Environmental:
        (a)   Operating Temperature       : - 100 to +450C
        (b)   Water & Dust Resistant      : IP65

4.      Warranty                          : 01 Year

5.      Owners Manual, Spare Parts and Basic Tool Kit are to be included

General Condition of the Tender

1.    The EMD for this tender is Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand only).

2.    The Tenderer shall keep his offer valid for 180 days and have no right
      whatsoever to withdraw or modify the same in any way during this period. If
      he does so, the EMD paid by him shall be forfeited without any notice.
      Provided that if all the tenders are rejected, all tenderers will be informed
      accordingly and the EMD will be refunded.

3.    The EMD in the shape of Demand Draft in favour of the FA & CAO, PPT is
      required to be submitted along with the tender. No tender will be accepted
      without EMD. The acceptance of a tender will rest with the Paradip Port Trust
      Board, which does not bind itself to accept the lowest tender and the authority
      to reject any or all of the tenders received without assigning any reasons
      thereof. The tenders which do not comply with the prescribed conditions will
      be summarily rejected.

4.    Canvassing in connection with tenders is strictly prohibited and the tenders
      submitted by the supplier who resort to canvassing will be liable for rejection.

5.    Special care should be taken to write the rates in figures as well as in words,
      and amounts in figures only in such a way that any interpolation is not
      possible. The total amount should be written both in figures and in words.

6.    Supplier should carefully read the technical specifications before submitting
      their tenders.

7.    Telegraphic quotations will not be entertained.

8.    Submission of Tender: Technical Specification/EMD (first envelop) & Price
      Bid (second envelop) together must be sent in a sealed cover superscribed
      “Tender for supply of One Reflectorless Electronic Total Station & one
      Automatic Level” addressed to the Sr. Hydrographic surveyor, Paradip Port
      Trust, Paradip Port, Orissa, Pin-754 142 so as to reach him not later than 1530
      hours on 27.09.06.

9.    EMD Refund & Forfeitures: The Earnest Money Deposited with the tender
      shall be refunded to the unsuccessful tenderers as soon as possible after
      purchase order is placed. In case of successful tenderer, the EMD will be
      refunded after submission of performance guarantee. No interest will be paid
      for the period money is kept with the Paradip Port Trust.

      The EMD will be forfeited, where a person(s) / firm(s) whose tender has been
      received on behalf of the Board, intimates the Sr. Hydrographic Surveyor that
      he is not willing to abide by the terms of the tender after submission of the

10.   Taxes, Duties and Transportation: The Quoted price must include all the
      applicable taxes, duties and transportation to deliver the above equipments at
      Paradip. The Port Trust does not have any concessional Forms, as such the
      rates, at which the various taxes and duties to be paid are to be clearly
      specified. The Board does not bind itself to accept claims for extra payment
      for items not included in the tender.

11.   Trial: The supplier shall at its own expenses & risk in all respect within the
      time shall arrange a demonstration / trial in the Paradip Port. The place and
      manner of above mentioned trials are to be approved by the Sr. Hydrographic
      Surveyor.     Until the requirement have been complied with and Sr.
      Hydrographic Surveyor certifies that the Reflectorless Electronic Total Station
      & Automatic Level are capable of performing the work as specified, will not
      be considered as accepted.

12.   Time & Date of Completion of Supply:
      a)   Time is the essence of contract. The tenderer shall quote the earliest
           delivery date by which the above equipments shall be delivered after
           trials / tests, at Paradip Port in conformity of the contract.

      b)     Penalty @ 0.5% on the delayed period on order value per week subject
             to maximum 5% will be imposed for the material not supplied within
             the delivery period.

13.   Mode of Payment: 100% payment will be made in Indian rupees only in the
      shape of Demand Draft (Bank charges on suppliers account) within 30 days of
      supply, trial and acceptance of both the equipments subject to the receipt of the
      performance guarantee.

14.   Performance Guarantee: The person (s) whose tender is accepted shall within
      15 days of receipt of work order shall deposit 10% of value of purchase order
      as Performance guarantee in the form of Bank guarantee executed by any
      nationalised schedule bank duly signed and stamped.

      The performance guarantee shall remain valid till 90 day after the date of
      expiry of guarantee period.

Signature of the Supplier                                 Sr. Hydrographic Surveyor
                                                                   Paradip Port Trust

Form of Tender

      The Sr. Hydrographic Surveyor
      Paradip Port Trust

1.    Having examined the scope of supply and the general condition of the tender,
      we the undersigned can afford to supply one Reflectorless Electronic Total
      Station & one Automatic Level along with the recommended spares in very
      good condition at Paradip duly tested and hand-over after due trial in
      conformity with the said conditions of the contract, specifications and within
      the time period. We guarantee the satisfactory performance of the above
      equipments in Paradip Port.

2.    We shall undertake to supply one Reflectorless Electronic Total station & one
      Automatic Level and present the same at Paradip Port within _______ days
      from the date of receipt of order. The trial will be on our cost.

3.    We agree to guarantee the Reflectorless Electronic Total station & Automatic
      Level against any faulty workmanship for a period of twelve months from the
      date of handing over. For this purpose Bank guarantee of 10% of the cost of
      the equipments will be kept with Port Trust for a period of one year.

4.    We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any tender you
      may have received.

Dated _______________________________ in the capacity of sole proprietor duly
authorized to sign tender for and on behalf of (in Block Letters) __________

1.    Witness:                                Signature of Supplier:

                                              Address             :

2.    Witness:                                Head Office         :

                          FORMAT FOR PRICE BID

1.   Supply of one Reflectorless Electronic
     Total station & One Automatic Level
     and accessories as per the
     specification and delivery of the
     same at Paradip Port including
     taxes, duties, insurance,
     transportation and trial.              Rs. _____________________

     (in Words Rupees ________________________________________________


     Above price is firm and without escalation.

                                                   Signature of Supplier with seal


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