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									               IXXO Mobile Coupons
                      Feature and Installation Manual
                            IXXO Internet Solutions


IXXO Internet Solutions
                                       Customized Coupon Software 2009

 Document Description:

Document Type                     Feature Manual
Developed By                      IXXO Internet Solutions
Reviewed By                       Thomas Burscheid
Date                              04 Dec 2009

 Technology Used:

Server OS                         Linux
Web Server                        Apache
Scripting Language                PHP, Joomla
Database                          MySQL
Others                            Flash, GD Library

 Server and Other Software Requirements:

Server OS                         Linux (recommended), Windows
Web Server                        Apache
PHP Version                       PHP 5 and above
PHP Extensions                    MySQL, GD, cURL
File Permissions                  Write mode permission for all files should be enabled
Click-A-Tell API                  API Key ID, API Username, API Password
Google Map                        Domain Name, Google Map Key
Paypal                            Paypal Business ID
IONCUBE                           Ioncube Decoder

                                       IXXO Internet Solutions
                                          Customized Coupon Software 2009

Background –

This document covers the installation process and features of the standalone application and its installer
that allows the end users to easily install the application on their server and build their own coupon
offering website. The user gets a fully functional, bug free, user friendly admin interface to manage the
front end easily and efficiently.
Instructions on how to install the Joomla Component are at the last page of this document.

Installation –
End user has to follow the following steps for easy and quick installation of application –

    1. User has to keep the install folder at his/her Server Root Folder.

    2. In browser window user must type in the root address followed by the folder name and press
       enter key. Following screen will come up

                                           IXXO Internet Solutions
                                        Customized Coupon Software 2009
  3. Then it will ask for following database details, user will have to create a database at his/her server
     prior to this step -
       a) Database Server
       b) Username
       c) Password
       d) Database Name

  Correct information and click of Continue button will start creating the Database automatically. User
  must wait and should not click continue button again until the following screen appears

                                        IXXO Internet Solutions
                                          Customized Coupon Software 2009
  4.   This displays the Web Server details, Click Continue.

  5.    Next step of installation require different setting detail s like – Website Settings, Click-A- Tell
       Settings, Paypal Settings and Google Map Settings.

  Website Settings –

  Here user must remember the Administrator Username and Password as same will be required later
  for admin end login.

                                           IXXO Internet Solutions
                                        Customized Coupon Software 2009

  User could skip entering the click-a-tell, paypal and google map settings at this step as they could be
  configured later as well through admin end. However the features related to these settings will be
  functional only after their configuration. Then user has to press continue button, this will mark
  completion of installation and user will be directed to following screen with links to his/her site’s front
  and admin ends.

                                         IXXO Internet Solutions
                                          Customized Coupon Software 2009


There will be 3 types of users associated with this application

    1. Admin – User who will install the application to create coupon offering website.

    2. Business Owners - Visitors at coupon offering site who will subscribe to create coupons at site.

    3. Visitors - Users who will search for deals/discount coupons at the coupon offering site.

Front End Features –

Front end is that interface of application that allows business owners to register and create coupons and
visitors to search and make use of those coupons. Features offered at front end are described below –

Application front end allow users to search for coupons created by business owners through different
parameters -

Keywords –Front end visitor could enter keyword through textbox search and coupons corresponding to
that keyword will get listed.

                                           IXXO Internet Solutions
                                          Customized Coupon Software 2009
Category Based Search – Admin user could specify the categories and subcategories under which coupon
could be posted. Admin could also specify the categories that need to be displayed in main top navigation;
else they will be displayed in left side navigation. Front end visitor could select a category or its
subcategory and all coupons in that category would be listed.

Featured Coupons – For some additional cost business owners could make their coupons as featured
coupons and front end visitors could search through featured coupons at homepage main body area
below top navigation.

All Coupons – Coupons tab in main navigation will allow user to browse through all the active coupons of
the site.

Coupon Listing Page -
All the above searches will direct visitor to a coupon listing page as per the criteria chosen by him/her.
Coupon listing page will display the name of the business owners offering the deal and the details of deals
being offered by them, rating, location and expiration date. This will direct user to the coupon detail page.

Coupon Detail Page -
Coupon detail page will display the coupon image, deal details, business owner’s working hours, address,
contact numbers etc. If admin has configured the Google map API business owner’s address would be
shown peg marked on Google map. Apart from these visi tor could save the coupon for printing or if admin
has configured the click-a-tell API visitor could send the coupon deal details as a text message to his own
or to friend’s mobile phones. Visitor could rate the coupon deal as well.

Business Owner Registration -
This process has 2 steps –

Create Account – User provide his first name, last name, username, password, secret question email etc.

Create Profile – Business name, address, zip code, phone, fax, business hours, homepage and description.

After the second step business owner will be asked to login and taken to his/her dashboard area.

Business Owner Dashboard -
Business owner dashboard displayed after login offers following features –

Update Business Profile – This will allow business owner to manage his business profile that is displayed
at coupon detail page.

Manage Coupons – Coupons will be classified as

                                          IXXO Internet Solutions
                                           Customized Coupon Software 2009
Active Coupons – Coupons that are already paid for and for which current date lies in between its
duration period.

Draft Coupons – Coupons that are created but are not paid for or coupons whose start date is yet to

Expired Coupons – Coupons that have exceeded their duration period.

Coupon management will allow user to edit details, delete coupon, make payment to publish coupon,
view coupon statistics no. of views, prints and text etc. so that user can check how a particular deal is

Create Coupon – This will allow business owner to create new coupons.

Create Coupon – headline, details, (as per character limit) coupon category, sub category, disclaimer,
image and coupon period. Character limit will be required as deal needs to be text as well. Headline 42
characters, detail 80 characters. For some extra cost as set by admin user, business owner could make
his/her coupon as featured coupon. After agreeing to the terms of condition business owner will be
directed to the payment detail page that will display the coupon end date as per the duration set by
business owner, per day price as set by admin user, and order total as per the duration and per day price,
this may include feature coupon price if selected by the business owner.

Business owner could select payment through check or paypal as per his/her convenience.

If the user has paid for the coupon and current date lies in the coupon duration period and coupon is
active then it will be searchable at front end by visitors.

If it is not paid it will be saved as drafts at business owner dashboard.

Coupon Creation Pricing – Business owner will be charged on a per day basis. Admin will be able to set the
price for per day. Since the business owner specifies the duration of coupon at the time of coupon
creation so he will have to pay accordingly as per the number of days and per day price.

Payment History – This will allow the business owner to check the payment status of different coupons
created by them.

                                            IXXO Internet Solutions
                                        Customized Coupon Software 2009

Joomla Edition

How to Install
Make sure that the following folders have write permissions (775 or 777) before you install the
component and the four modules.


Step 1

Unzip the downloaded package on your hard drive and open the "component" folder

Step 2

Install the com_coupon.zip file using the joomla installer


Step 3

Install the four modules





Step 4

Open the "config" folder.

Step 5

Using your text editor open the "config.php" file and insert your license key. You can get your license
key from our customer area:


Step 6

10 | P a g e
                                         IXXO Internet Solutions
                                        Customized Coupon Software 2009
Save the "config.php" file and upload it to your joomla installation using your ftp software.


Step 7

Login to your Joomla installation and click on the "coupon" link under the components menu.

You will be forwarded to our website to activate your license and download your key.php file. The
key.php file will also be emailed to you.

Step 8

Save the key.php file to your pc.

Step 9

Upload the key.php file to the administrator folder of your joomla installation


Step 10

Activate the modules


For support


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                                         IXXO Internet Solutions

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