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					                         The ACLC Newsletter
Alameda Community Learning Center                                             May/June 2009
Parent Asset Committee Publication                         Center Phone Number (510) 521-7543

                                         Calender                
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 5/15          Healthy Lunch: Cinco de Mayo: Chicken or veggie bean wraps, chips with guacamole
               and salsa, salad, cookies

 5/16 – 5/17   Ultimate: HS Westerns; Blaine, Minnesota

 5/20          ACLC Open House

 5/21          ACLC Art show, music and video presentations and dessert potluck; 6 – 8:30 p.m.

 5/25          Memorial Day; No School

 5/27          CCEF and PAC meetings; 7:00 p.m.

 5/28 – 31     Encinal High School presents “Romeo and Juliet” (some ACLC learners are in the cast!)

 6/3           Governing Board meeting; 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

 6/10          ACLC graduation at the Alameda Theater; 3 – 5 p.m.
               Graduation party at the Bayside Pavilion
               Buffet Dinner 6 – 8 p.m., Dessert and Reception – 8 – 10 p.m.

 6/12          FREE Healthy Lunch BBQ
               Last Day of School

                                       News            

Lead Facilitator’s Report
The school year is rapidly drawing to a close! Recent events at the Center have included a
fun, community-building school-wide field trip, the Senior Project presentations, and a
successful week of STAR testing. We’re looking forward to our annual Open House on May
20th, where we will also welcome next year’s new learners and their families with an ice
cream social sponsored by PAC. The end of the year will, as usual, bring several events and
activities, culminating in the graduation of the Class of 2009 on June 10. This year’s
commencement ceremony will be held at the new Alameda Cinema, with a reception following
at the Bayside Pavilion.

The Class of 2009 will be going on to many exciting colleges and post-secondary
experiences. Seniors have been recently been accepted to colleges including Harvard,
Evergreen State College, Syracuse, UC Santa Cruz, Boston University and New York
University. We’ve also had a senior admitted to the AmeriCorps program. Congratulations to

As you may have heard, the ACLC will once again undergo an accreditation review process
by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) during the 2009-10 school year.
The facilitator team, supported by volunteer parents and learners, are already at work on the
intense and complex task of completing this review, which is necessary for the ACLC to
remain an accredited secondary institution. You’ll no doubt hear more about WASC in the
months to come!

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contac t me or Lynn at
510.521.7543. - Lora Lewis

CEO/Development Director’s Report
As the ACLC Governing Board prepares to adopt a budget for the 2009-10 school year at its
June meeting, nothing has changed since I last wrote this report. The state budget has been
signed and we know that funding has been reduced for K-12 education, perhaps sinking
California into 50th place in state funding for education. ACLC’s funding will be reduced by
approximately $70,000 for this year, next year, and the foreseeable future. The Federal
stimulus package has been signed. The federal government is pumping money into the states
for education. How much will find its way to ACLC? Who knows? Will it arrive this year or
next? Unfortunately, it is only one time money. The state cuts, in theory, go on indefinitely
until they increase the money they give to schools. So we move forward, cautiously. ACLC
has done the right thing, and built up a healthy reserve which can get us over the bumps and
help us to constantly improve our program. But to continue to provide our enrichment

programs and up to date technology, we will increasingly need parent support. For those of
you have pledged to financially support the school during our annual fund drive, we sincerely
thank you. For those of you who have not yet pledged, we hope that you will in the near future
contribute at a level that is appropriate for you. We really do need 100% parent participation if
we are going to continue to provide the high quality program that we do in future years given
the economic challenges that our country and state face.

As you probably know, CLCS submitted a new charter petition to AUSD for the creation of the
Nea Community Learning Center, a new K-12 charter school proposal based on the ACLC
model. Many ACLC families have enrolled their K-5 children in the new school. A
Memorandum of Understanding was approved on March 10th. CLCS has accepted the
AUSD offer of locating the new school on the old Longfellow Elementary School campus. W e
are still negotiating the details and hope to have a lease by mid-May. We have been approved
for a $450,000 “Planning and Implementation Grant” from the Public Charter School Grant
Program to help with startup costs for the new school. We are seeking additional federal
funding to help with building the technology infrastructure for the new school. Thanks to those
of you who wrote letters to Representative Pete Stark to support our efforts. We will be
opening in the fall of 2009 with grades K-9 and 308 learners. Maafi Gueye will be the Lead
Facilitator at the new school. We look forward to the two school communities interacting and
finding ways to improve education for all kids.

In 2010 the ACLC charter and facilities agreements are up for another 5 year renewal. The
ACLC Governing Board will be examining these issues as we move forward with renewal.
Should ACLC become an independent charter school like Nea? Should we continue having
AUSD be the special education provider or should we join the El Dorado County SELPA and
do our own special education program like Nea is going to do? With declining funds from the
state, should we expand our enrollment or reduce programs? If we expand our enrollment,
should we request a larger facility? Where would that facility be? How might this all fit into
AUSD master plan they are currently developing? There are still 145 learners on the ACLC
wait list and 88 learners on the K-5 Nea wait list. When we go for charter renewal, should we
expand ACLC to grades K-12 and request a facility that could house such a program? These
are all thought provoking questions that require careful review and planning. – Paul Bentz

PAC News
The school year is winding down for 2008-2009 and PAC has accomplished a few things, but
wishes we might have accomplished a few more. We helped to organize Outback Supervisors
(Jeannie D'Amato), Healthy Lunch (Alison Harris), Staff Appreciation,(Judy Blank and Alison
Harris), Graduation (Pam Montgomery and Mesceille Ogata), Volunteers (Sally Tonningsen),
Listserve/Newsletter (Iris DeMello), Directory (Susan Paulukonis and Chris Hans), Escrip
(Laura Wolz), Direct Solicitation CCEF (Pam Montgomery), Encinal Drama Liaison (Joanna
Lafferty), Encinal Band (Eileen Meredith), Encinal Sports (Mesceille Ogata), Ultimate Liaison
(Debbie Pollart), Back to School Potluck (Maria McCord), Community Potluck (Maria McCord),
Craft and Cookie Exchange (Maria McCord) and Community Talent Show (Susan
Paulukonis). I've mentioned the organizers, but we've also had a great supporting cast of
volunteers to make all of the activities happen. Thanks everyone for a great year!

The Seniors are getting giddy over their final days at ACLC....which reminds us that our final
activities for the year will soon be upon us. The ACLC Graduation will be taking place on
Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 at the Historic Alameda Theater at 3:00pm, followed by a
Graduation Party at the Bayside Pavilion, next to Mariner's Square Athletic Club from 6:00
p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Please join us for the festivities. Tickets to the Graduation Party are
$15.00. Please contact Jill Nannizzi, if you are interested in purchasing tickets.

PAC and Healthy Lunch will be organizing the end of the year BBQ at Crab Cove to be held
the last week of school. More news to come.

Finally, we both have had a lot of fun this year, however next year looms large for both of us
with graduating seniors and increasing work loads. PAC is an ever evolving entity which can
be whatever organization the future of ACLC parents would like it to be. Please contact either
of us if you are interested in taking a leading roll in the "Social/Activities" function of the
Parents of ACLC. We'll still be here to help out, but we can't really chair next year. Find a
friend to do it with like we did, it's actually much easier and fun.

Have a Happy Summer!!

Susan Paulukonis and Vickie Miyashiro

Good Bye ACLC Community,

Financial Report
The good news is this is the last message you'll get from me as President of the CCEF Board.
Hold down the applause, you'll wake up someone. The other good news is that 101 donors
have given over $41,800 so far this year! Many of them are still working on their outstanding
pledges to CCEF and ACLC on a monthly basis. Thanks to all of you from your kid and mine
and those of us who facilitated your generosity.

Where the Money Goes
Really, it's not about the money, it's about what the money means to the Center and the kids
and how it enhances their learning experience. CCEF - you donors! - are the primary funding
source for all the technology in the school, college and "life after ACLC" counseling, Future
Leaders Institute, the yearbook, Art and Music stipends, donations to EHS music, drama and
sports as a small thank you for our kids' participation in those programs, graduation,
communications outreach to provide the facts about ACLC to the community at large, Ultimate
Frisbee stipends, and miscellaneous requests for projects that benefit the community as a
whole. Your generosity has funded all that. That's all good!

The Rub
The bad news takes on several forms. First, our collections this year are running behind our
efforts last year. Some - only small percentage actually, is because of folks losing a job, or a
cut back in hours. We have $16,500 pledged but not yet collected. Most of the pledgers are

handling it on a monthly basis, but some have an amount sitting there that isn't being paid
down. Expect a personal note if you are in that group.

Hit Savings or Cut Back
So if we collect everything pledged, we're at $50,000 for the school year, which is $25,000
short of our $75,000 commitment to ACLC. So we either dip into our reserves (which we may
well need even more next year) or we shortchange the program and renege on our
commitment to the programs mentioned above. Not good choices!

You Can Help! Wake Up!
Even worse, many - 80-100 families have not given $100 or $50 or even $20 to your kid's
school this year, and time is running out. I'm afraid many of the chronic non-givers are inclined
to skip over my notes in the newsletter. Somehow, they seem oblivious to the need to help the
Center financially not to mention their own kid(s). I'm not sure why they are so clueless. All of
my words in these newsletters, calls, emails, their kids complaints about this or that are like
rain on the roof: over their head!

It's still not too late and I urge YOU - who have not given yet to pull out the check book right
now and get in the game. Or go to and hit the DONATE button for
debit/credit gift of some kind.

Why not?
Yes a few may really be strapped for cash - job loss, underemployment or extreme
circumstances. But if you are still paying for premium cable, cell phones with texting and GPS,
designer coffee whenever the mood hits you, and vacations, etc. because you've worked hard
and you deserve it; I ask you, what about your kids and all the others at ACLC? A small
investment now might make college or life easier to handle/afford later. Perhaps you haven't
"Gotten the memo" that State funding is in the tank and likely to get worse before it gets

Parents with kids in expensive private schools that have worse "scores" (not to mention
environment) either pay up or fade away. We don't have that hammer, unfortunately. We are
all very "lucky dogs" who fell into this ACLC Gold Mine via a lottery! For Free! Give me a
break. Many of you know parents who are paying a ton of money out of their pockets each
month for a different and not necessarily better learning experience. Is this education thing not
important to you?

Why are we doing this financial "short sheeting" to our kids?
Are kids are playing by the rules - by and large - yet we, their parents and our representatives
at all levels are whistling through the graveyard. Decreased school funding, state debt, zillions
in deficits and debts at the federal level for our kids (and their kids) to pay back, along with our
Social Security, etc. What are we doing? See cable, lattes, and cell phone plans above and all
manner of extravagances, only craven adults can concoct.

About now, my mom would say, "You should be ashamed of yourself, Roger. How can you be
so selfish?" But that's my mom and it would be politically incorrect if I said that to you - at least

face to face. You might get mad at me or complain that I am hitting too close to home. If I'm
rude or touching a nerve.

There's Still Time
Hey, if you haven't given yet or are neglecting your pledge, get over yourself, suck it up and
step up! Channel that energy productively by putting your money where your kids are and
where it will do them some real good. As they say at KQED, get off your good intentions and
do the right thing, now! Our feel good approaches haven't done much good with some of our
family units so far, so against conventional wisdom, perhaps a little guilt trip might do some

Perhaps you got a tax refund! What better way to invest some of it than to support your kid's
school. It's time to give until it feels good, not till it hurts . . . and to "pull your oar" with the rest
of the community.

If you truly can't afford a gift of any kind, call me (415-350-9999) or Email me
( with why you can't. I'll hold your name and reason in confidence
and will personally write a check for $20 and we'll record it as a gift from YOU. So if every one
else gives something, and I give for those who truly can't, then we'll have 100% participation.
There should be no excuses!

Double Dipping
We need more donations to meet our obligation to the Center and its obligations to our kids. If
you've already given, consider giving an extra $50 or 100 or $300, perhaps you got a tax
refund! or things are stable and solid at your house. Help us reach our goal – the $75,000
commitment CCEF made to the Center for this school year. We will be dipping into our
reserves to live up to our end of the bargain or not funding the programs as we promised the
school. Everyone is doing some reevaluation of their spending priorities these days, so show
me, the Center, your kid the love!

No gift of any kind seems pretty indefensible in this day and age. Even families that have lost
some income or have lost a job in the household have continued their commitments or given

End of the Year Challenge
How much can we raise between now and graduation on June 10th. I'll figure out a way to let
you know how we did raising NEW money. Pledgers keep it up! Non givers to date and past
givers, kick it in gear. Your kids and mine greatly appreciate all that these families have done
to further the educational mission of ACLC.

Finally, thanks for the privilege of lending a hand these past three years on the CCEF Board,
and the last two as its President. They are a fine group of folks all doing what we can to make
ACLC the best learning experience in Alameda. Thanks to all you donated your time and
energy to the Board and to all of the donors - large and small - who have put some of your
money where your heart should be - with your kids and their learning experiences at ACLC.

All the Best to All of Us,


FFE (Fixtures, Furnishings & Equipment) Committee News:
The school year is winding down, but the search continues for upgraded furniture for the
Center, specifically office chairs, tables, desks, file cabinets, sofas. If you come across
friends, neighbors, businesses, etc. that have items they would like to donate to ACLC, please
contact us. Photos, with dimensions, of the items to be donated would be greatly appreciated.
All items must be facilitator-approved before we can accept them.

Parents interested in improving the ACLC facilities are encouraged to join our committee! We
need more folks focused on our facility! Kappi Bowen will be leading the charge into the
2009-2010 school year, with Catherine Mathews and Laurie Ricksecker stepping down at the
end of this school year. Specific needs are: 'marketing' our needs from the "WISH LIST" to the
ACLC and surrounding community; regular check of donation postings on Craigs List and
eBay; a crew with trucks and strong backs to help in moving and transporting those accepted
donations to the Center. This is a great way to make a big impact on ACLC, without a huge
time commitment.

With everyone helping, we will have an upgraded physical environment to match our
outstanding learning environment.

Questions? Want to lend a hand? Contact us at:

Kappi Bowen
Catherine Mathews
Laurie Ricksecker

General Mills Box tops
Thanks to everyone who has brought in box tops. Please continue to collect your box tops
over the summer and you can mail them to me at:

Iris DeMello
1544 Fourth Street
Alameda, CA 94501

- Iris DeMello

Proper Listserv etiquette is to reply directly to an individual, as opposed to the entire list,
when your message is directed to that individual, unless you feel it has broader community

interest. This will cut down on the number of unwanted e-mails we all get. Please do not
utilize the AACLC-L for matters not related to AACLC, such as business advertisements or

If you find one or more e-mail messages to be rude or unwanted and if you find it necessary
to respond, we ask that you do so in private.

To add an e-mail address to the Listserv, send an e-mail message from that e-mail address
to: with "SUBSCRIBE AACLC-L YourFirstName YourLastName" in
the body of the message (no Subject is needed). Do not include the quotation marks.

To get off of AACLC-L permanently, send an e-mail message to:
with "SIGNOFF AACLC-L" in the body of the message (no Subject is needed). Do not include
the quotation marks.

If you have any problems receiving your messages from the listserv, please contact me at

- Iris DeMello

Lucky’s S.H.A.R.E.S. Program

We collected $205 for the last quarter for the S.H.A.R.E.S. program!!!!!!

Thank you to every one who has already signed up for the S.H.A.R.E.S. program.

For people who want a card(s), please email me at with the
following information:

Your full name
How many cards you want
Your address

You now can request whatever number of cards you need. (previously you could request 2
cards per learner).

If you have any questions, please free to contact me by email at

This is an easy way to support ACLC!

- Iris DeMello

Healthy Lunch Menu
June 12:     FREE BBQ

- Alison Harris

by Debbie Pollart & Mesceille Ogata


It's the end of season blow-out for Ultimate fans and Dark Meat (mixed) did not disappoint!
For the fifth year running, ACLC has come out on top for the States Championship. This year,
in a 2-day tournament of 16 teams, including Alameda A and B mixed teams, Alameda A
handedly defeated old rival Red Hand. It was really great that we also had 2 teams from So
Cal (Thousand Oaks and South Pasadena) make the trek up to participate. The victory lap is
sweet but short, as Dark Meat and Sweet Meat are in heavy practice mode leading up to this
year's Westerns, May 16 - 17, held in Blaine, MN (about as far east as you can get and still be
west of the Mississippi, just). A special thanks to Coaches Mike De Sousa and Vi Le who put
in an incredible amount of time with the players (teaching the mind as well as the body), and
to all of the parent volunteers who drive, grocery shop/feed, and chaperone this great group of
talented athletes.

In other Ultimate news, the Jr. Meat players, coached by Rand Wrobel, continue to show mad
skills in local middle-school games. They'll be playing in Berkeley (at Willard) on 5/7 and have
their last game at Crab Cove on 5/12. Come out and watch the seasoning of the next
generation of Meat.

Even though the end of the school year is near, players will be throwing and holding
scrimmages throughout the summer. Be sure and become a member of the
'aclcultimate2008-2009' google group at to stay in touch

Special events:

5/16 - 5/17: HS Westerns in Blaine, Minnesota

(from Debbie)

Theater News:

Encinal High School will present "Romeo and Juliet" May 28 - 31. (from Johanna)


The ACLC 2009 graduation will be held on Wednesday, June 10 th at the Alameda Theater.
The graduation party will be held at the Bayside Pavilion. (from Mesceille)

                             Co u ns e l i ng Co r ne r
I must say every year it gets easier to coordinate although I don’t think it ever gets fun!
The learners are truly wonderful test takers and I am not sure it ever gets fun for them either
but they get through it with a wonderful attitude.

We started on Tuesday May 5 and will finish with make-ups by May 14.

Test dates:

SAT I and II-       Registration Deadlines
March 14            February 10
May 2               March 31
June 6              May 5 late registration May 15
Register online at

ACT-                Registration Deadlines
February 7          January 6
April 4             February 27
June 13             May 8
Register online at

For most competitive colleges, it is required that students take the SAT reasoning and/or the
ACT and two SAT subject tests.

Most colleges want all testing to be completed by December of the senior year

I have reviewed all senior transcripts and with only a few exceptions I am relieved to see that
most seniors are ready for graduation. For the few I am concerned with I will be emailing
parents and seniors on Monday, May 11th. If you feel there is concern that I am unaware of
please contact me ASAP.

I have handed out course selection forms to most juniors, sophomores, and freshman and 8th
graders. If you have not gotten one I have them in my office for you. I also hand out EHS
course selection forms with the caveat that there is never a guarantee that their classes will
be offered to ACLC learners.

I sent an email out to all sophomores and parents in early April regarding sophomore
academic tracking meetings. I have met with many but not all sophomores. If you have not yet
made an appointment please do so.

Along with the ACLC course selection forms and EHS course selection forms; I have given
the learners the course graduation requirements for ACLC. It is important to note that our
graduation requirements are different from the 2 traditional high schools in Alameda. Learners
must complete: Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2. They must complete two years of a
foreign language and in science they must complete: Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Middle School
Our wonderful counseling intern, Debbie Linley has had 2 boys groups that overall had a
positive effect on the boys that participated. She has met individually with some middle school
girls on an as need basis. With the increase in enrollment we have all had to tolerate more
noise and a space that is more cramped. For the most part I think we are handling it q uite

Again and again and again, I offer this information as a reminder for those of you who have
getting into a four year college as a goal. For those of you who are thinking of the many
vocational programs the community colleges have to offer remem ber that following these
suggestions is a good way to keep doors open.

The road to college starts as early as in your 9th grade year. Below are some guidelines for
each year in high school to prepare for the colleges/universities you have your eye on!
9th Grade

meaningful experiences.
10th Grade

                                                                     ces and attend college
fairs and college visits to your school
11th Grade

when scores arrive in December.

                   urses and honors courses whenever possible.



                        eaning, merit and fun.

available and incorporating college classes

12th Grade

  Be sure to check your high school transcript for accuracy.
                                                                          – November)

              e to take the SAT or ACT (October – December)

resources, consider educational loans)

          ulations on college acceptances!           Accept one offer, reject the rest and
choose wisely.
                -campus housing

For those learners who have not started thinking about extra-curricular activities, now’s the
time to begin! This includes all learners 6th -12th grade and can take place this summer or
right now. Extra-curricular are activities one participates in outside of school. These activities
can be volunteer positions, sports activities or it can be a job. There is a myriad of
opportunities in the bay area or right here in Alameda. Please have your child come to me
and we can talk if you want more information. It is not too late (or early) to start. Colleges are
very interested in what students do outside of school.- Gail Smith-Pratt

                              Attendance Requirements:
The staff would like to remind everyone that all learners in grades 6 - 12 are required by
California state law to attend school from the hours of 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Those learners who
have college classes are eligible for our Off Campus Contract, but their request to leave
campus to attend classes must first be approved by the Curriculum Committee of our
Governing Board. The necessary paperwork has been handed out and must be returned and
approved before learners can legally be away from the ACLC during the school day.

Those learners without college classes or other eligible Off Campus activities are expected to
be at ACLC by 8 a.m. each school day. Those who have an unexcused tardy, will be assigned
detention. Habitual tardiness may result in more serious consequences.

Attendance and punctuality are important because of their direct relationship to academic
progress and developing responsibility in students. According to state law, parents are
responsible for punctual and regular attendance.

Alameda Unified School District requires when any student has had 14 absences in the
school year for illness, any further absences for illness must be verified by a physician to
excuse the absences. If we do not receive verification from the physician then the absences
will remain unexcused.

Please help the ACLC abide by the state laws for compulsory school attendance by getting
learners to school on time and reminding them to sign in each day.

If your Learner is taking ANY courses at Encinal High school, you must call Encinal High at

Last Name       CALL
A-L             510-748-4023 x 3108 Pat Rios
M-Z             510-748-4023 x 3109 Theresa Lee

                         School Phone#’s & Emails

ACLC Phone: (510) 521-7543 – Answered at the Center & Facilitator phonemail
     Absence notification method: contact the "Attendance Hotline" at phone: 510-521-7543 option "3"
     or Email:
      Facilitators Desk: 510-521-7543 x116
     This line will be an additional line to reach someone at the Center, if you cannot contact Juanita
     at the front desk.

Juanita Williams x100 or 0
Paul Bentz x101       
Patricia Williamson x102
Lynn Kameny x103      
Milt Friedman x 104   
Maafi Gueye x105      ,
Jacob Powell x106     
Gail Smith-Pratt x107  
Julian August x 108    
Carrie Blanche x109   
Carlton Grizzle x111  
Lora Lewis x113       
Terry Toczynski x 117 
Josiah Hooper           (DVS)
David Dilworth         (Digital Music Production)
Cathy Dana             (Creative Expressions)
Margaret Hutchins      (Paraprofessional)
Debbie Garcia          (Paraprofessional)
Miriam Sundheim        (Paraprofessional)

Port 2 x115
Port 3 x112
Port 4 x114
Port 5 x110