Industrial Accident Insurance Internal Service Fund Function Program Description The by theredman


									                                         Industrial Accident Insurance
                                                    Internal Service Fund

Function/Program Description:

The Industrial Accident Fund provides self-insured Workers Compensation benefits to County employees. Workers Compensation
is a no-fault insurance that provides injured or disabled employees with fixed monetary awards, eliminating the need for litigation.
Workers Compensation is mandated by the Revised Code of Washington Title 51.04.010.

Objectives/Programs :

1.   Maintain Self-Insured Workers Compensation for County Employees. All claims will be managed in a fair and impartial
     manner. (December 2003) - $1,506,176

2.   Complete bid requirements and send out requests for Workers Comp third party administrator in June of 2002. Our current
     contract with Pinnacle/SIMS will expire December 2002. (December 2003) - $51,030

3.   Continue Risk transfer of large Workers Comp claims by the purchase of Insurance. Excess Workers Comp Insurance will be
     purchased for claims exceeding $100,000.00 deductible. We will complete bid requirements and send out bid requests in July
     of each year (December 2003) - $22,600

4.   Develop methods to respond to Ergonomic complaints in a timely manner. Establish procedures to conduct Ergonomic
     assessments within 24 hours of a complaint (December 2003) - $8,200

5.   Develop a policy to assist employees, Department Heads and Elected Officials to return to work from on-the-job injuries
     (December 2002) - $3,078

6.   Develop a Flex-N-Stretch program using the County Safety Committees as instructors. The program is a pre-work flexibility
     and stretching program developed by Injury Prevention Management Inc. It is designed to reduce the incidence and severity of
     workplace strains and sprains. The entire program takes only eight minutes a day, each morning. (December 2002) - $2,000

6.   Membership in the Washington Self-Insured Association. This organization provides information on changes in Workers
     Comp laws and lobbies for counties in Olympia. (December 2003) - $1,600

Category                                              2000 Actual          2001 Budget           2002 Budget           2003 Budget
Operating Supplies
Other Services & Charges                                   318,343              385,333               385,342               385,342
Intergovernmental Charges
Capital Expenditures
Ending Fund Balance                                                             278,857               412,000               412,000
  TOTAL                                                  318,343               664,190               797,342               797,342
Staffing Level

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