FIRST PERMANENT ENGLISH SETTLEMENT Why did the English want to by Cannabisrapper


1. Why did the English want to     For wealth and power.
establish a colony in America?
2. What did the English think      Silver and gold
they would find in America?
3. What are raw materials?
4. What did England hope to do   An American settlement would
with America’s raw materials?    furnish raw materials that could
                                 not be grown or obtained in
                                 England, while opening new
                                 markets for trade.
5. What is an economic venture? Something that is done to make
6. Why was Jamestown             As an economic venture
7. How was Jamestown             By the stockholders of the
financed?                        Virginia Company of London
8. What was the Virginia         The stockholders who financed
Company of London?               Jamestown
9. What was the first permanent Jamestown
English settlement in North
10. When was Jamestown           1607
11. Where was Jamestown          On a narrow peninsula
located when it was first        surrounded on three sides by the
established?                     James River
12. Where is Jamestown located On an island in the James River
13. Why did the colonists decide • easily defended from attack by sea
on the location of Jamestown to  • deep enough for ships to dock.
settle?                          • They believed they had a good
                                      supply of fresh water
14. Who gave the charters to the   The King of England
Virginia Company of London?
15. What did the charters do?      •  gave the Virginia Company the right
                                      to establish a settlement in North
                                   • established companies to begin
                                      colonies in the New World.
                                   • extended English rights to the
16. When was the first Virginia    1619
17. During this time who was       Adult men
considered a citizen?
18. Who made up the Virginia       included two citizen representatives
Assembly?                          (called “burgesses”) from each of the
                                   divisions of Virginia,
                                   the governor’s council, and the
19. When did the Burgesses         1640s
become a separate legislative
20. What was the first elected     The Virginia House of Burgesses
legislative body in America?
21. Why was The Virginia House     It gave the settlers the
of Burgesses important?            opportunity to control their own
22. What is the House of           The General Assembly of Virginia
Burgesses known as today?
23. When did women arrive in       1620
24. Why was the women’s arrival    It allowed settlers to start families
important?                         and make a more permanent
25. What was different about the   They arrived against their will (It
Africans that arrived to the       is believed that they arrived as
colony?                            baptized Christians and therefore
                                   were labeled indentured servants
                                   for a period of 5 to 7 years)
26. What did the arrival of the    Expand the tobacco economy
Africans make it possible to do?
27. What were the hardships that      •   The site they chose to live on was
the colonists faced?                      marshy and lacked safe drinking
                                      • The settlers lacked some skills
                                          necessary to provide for
                                      • Many settlers died of starvation and
28. What helped the colonists         The arrival of two supply ships, the
survive?                              forced work program and strong
                                      leadership of Captain John Smith, and
                                      the emphasis on self-sustaining
29. Who initiated trading relations   John Smith
with the Powhatans?
30. Who did the early settlers        The Powhatans
trade with?
31. What did the Powhatans            Food furs and leather
trade with the English?
32. What did the English trade        Tools, pots, guns and other goods
with the Powhatans?
33. How did the Powhatans      Pocahontas became friends with the
                               English and believed they could live in
contribute to the survival of the
                               harmony. They introduced new crops
                               to the English, including corn and
34. Who was Pocahontas?        Daughter of Chief Powhatan
35. What changed the Powhatans They realized the English settlement
view of the English?           would continue to grow.

36. How did the Powhatans feel        The Powhatans saw the colonists as
about the English?                    invaders that would take over their

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