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					     Board of TrusTees
Spring Meeting • May 15, 2009
                     Board of TrusTees • spring MeeTing

                                Friday, May 15, 2009
                      Fsu FoundaTion oFFices • innovaTion park

                                MEETING SCHEDULE
7:45 – 9:15 a.m.      CONTINENTAL BREAkFAST           2010 Levy Avenue • Innovation Park
                                                      Building B, Rooms 386 & 388

8:30 – 9:30 a.m.      DEvELOpMENT COMMITTEE           Building B, Room 139
                      Gordon S. Holder, Chair

9:30 – 11:45 a.m.     GOLDEN RING                     Building B, Room 274
                      DEvELOpMENT COUNCIL

9:45 – 10:45 a.m.     FINANCE COMMITTEE               Building B, Room 302
                      W. Russell Morcom, Chair

11:00 – 11:45 a.m.    GOvERNMENTAL AFFAIRS            Building B, Room 139
                      Amelia Rea Maguire, Chair

11:00 – 12:00 p.m.    AUDIT COMMITTEE                 Building B, Room 386
                      Jeffrey P. Rohr, Chair

12:15 – 1:45 p.m.     LUNCH                           Building A, Room 120
                      Protect Our Professors Update
                      & Guest Speaker

2:00 – 4:00 p.m.      GENERAL BOARD COMMITTEE         Building B, 269
                      J. Robert Jones Jr., Chair

4:00 – 4:30 p.m.      oneFSU REGISTRATION             Building B, Room 275

                                  Board of TrusTees

                          General Board Meeting Agenda
                         Friday, May 15, 2009 • 2:00 – 4:00 p.M.
       innovation park • 2010 Levy avenue, BuiLding B • taLLahassee, FLorida • rooM 269

I.    WELCOME AND CALL TO ORDER                                     J. Robert Jones, Chair

II.   APPROVAL OF MINUTES                                                  J. Robert Jones

III. UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT’S REPORT                                            T.K. Wetherell

IV. FOUNDATION PRESIDENT’S REPORT                                         Charles Rasberry

V.    UNIVERSITY RELATIONS REPORT                                                Lee Hinkle

VI. COMMITTEE REPORTS                                                   Committee Chairs

VII. FUTURE FSU FOUNDATION MEETING DATES                                   J. Robert Jones

         October 9, 2009, Tallahassee, Florida

VIII. oneFSU PRESENTATION                                  Patrick Crowley/Jeanne Pecha

Ix. ADJOURNMENT                                                            J. Robert Jones

                                      Board of TrusTees

                                  General Board Meeting
                          Friday, FeBruary 27, 2009 • 1:45 – 3:45 p.M.
           the FLorida state university • student services BuiLding • taLLahassee, FLorida

MEMbERS PRESENT               MEMbERS AbSENT             GUESTS              STAFF

Florence H. Ashby             Robert Caton               Lawrence G. Abele   Jennifer Albaugh
Beth A. Azor                  Warren J. Coville          Ralph Alvarez       Mary Ellen Balducci
Yvonne T. Brown               Ralph R. Gonzalez          Scott Atwell        Lorie Bernard
Edward E. Burr                Carla S. Gopher            Caryn Beck-Dudley   Marcia Bourdon
Chris E. Cadenhead            Chuck Hardwick             Jill Chandler       Mafé Brooks
John R. Carnaghi              Laymon Hicks               Kathleen Daly       Alexia Chamberlynn
Stella S. Cottrell            Bob Johnson                John P. Fogarty     Lori Chorey
Thomas M. Culligan            Maury Kolchakian           Pedro Gassant       Patrick Crowley
David B. Ford                 Jacqueline D. Montgomery   Lisa Plowfield      Jeff Ereckson
Priscilla M. Greenfield       Alexander R. Mullineaux    Bobby Seifter       Kimberly Field
Donald L. Harbaugh            G. Bruce Redditt                               Suellen Field
Mart P. Hill                  Hansel E. Tookes II                            Perry Fulkerson
Lee F. Hinkle                                                                Kimberly Harrison
Gordon S. Holder                                                             Laura Hensley
J. Robert Jones Jr.                                                          Tammy J. Lavine
Floyd D. Jordon Jr.                                                          Camille Licklider
George R. Langford                                                           Kiley Mallard
Amelia Rea Maguire                                                           Wayne Munson
Charlotte E. Maguire                                                         Mark Pankey
Joyce B. Miles                                                               Patricia Ramsey
W. Russell Morcom                                                            Gus Ray
Jane E. Morgan                                                               Dawn Randle
J. Michael Pate                                                              Fred Salancy
Charles J. Rasberry                                                          Amy Sankes
Frank J. Rief III                                                            Kim Sarmiento
Jeffrey P. Rohr                                                              Spence Sealy
Kirk T. Rostron                                                              Susan Sigman
James Thomas Jr.                                                             Benae Smart
Betty Ann Rodgers                                                            Robert Spivey
Jeffrey P. Rohr                                                              Marilyn Spores
William G. Smith Jr.                                                         Kim Tabah
Jerry F. Sowell Jr.                                                          Keith Tolbert
Edwin Walborsky                                                              Russ Walker
T.K. Wetherell                                                               Janine Welch
Ashbel C. Williams Jr.                                                       Janet Young

I.     WELCOME AND CALL TO ORDER                                                 J. Robert Jones Jr.
       Chair Jones called the meeting to order at 1:50 p.m.

       The roll was taken, and a quorum was present.

       Chair Jones acknowledged Deans, University VPs and members of the University community
       who were in attendance. He also introduced the three new Board members and new Founda-
       tion staff.

II.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES                                                       J. Robert Jones Jr.
       Upon a motion made and duly seconded, the board voted to approve the minutes of the
       October 24, 2008 meeting.

III.   UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT’S REPORT                                                  T.K. Wetherell
       President Wetherell presented an overview of the state of the University and the need to
       supplement the Legislative budget for higher education with a fundraising campaign at FSU.
       The Legislature will convene next week, and there will be many cuts to Florida State funding
       representing a 10-15% budget reduction.

       He expressed concern for the lack of money to fund the State Matching Gift Program, which
       is critical to fundraising, but also expressed optimism that the University would come through
       this crisis. In addition, he suggested that FSU may not take “Stimulus Money,” because it
       would create a larger deficit in the future.

IV.    ACADEMIC AFFAIRS UPDATE                                                      Lawrence Abele
       Dr. Abele noted there are many outstanding programs at Florida State that are producing
       excellent results for students. He explained however that there are budget issues for many
       of these programs, and it will be necessary to eliminate some of the smaller, more costly pro-
       grams in the future. The optimum will be to preserve the quality of education at FSU.

V.     FOUNDATION PRESIDENT’S REPORT                                             Charles J. Rasberry
       A. Financial Presentation

          Mr. Rasberry spoke about some of the financial difficulties facing the University in order
          to continue the quest for greatness. He continued with a few words of encouragement for
          annual giving to support the annual budget of the University.

          Mr. Rasberry reported (via a PowerPoint presentation) the Foundation’s endowment has
          dropped to $308 million. The Research Foundation is maintaining a static level and the
          Seminole Boosters have experienced a decline in their endowment. Consequently, the to-
          tal endowment for the University as of December 31, 2008 is $401 million. In comparison,
          last December 2007, the endowment was $447 million. He noted that it is a precarious
          time for investments.

          It was also noted that in the past the Foundation has sent the University approximately
          $25 million a year for budgetary expenditures. Last year it was $32 million and this year to
          date, the Foundation has sent over $20 million. Mr. Rasberry noted that the goal is $100
          million in the future.

      b. Protect Our Professors

         Mr. Rasberry continued by introducing a project originating in the office of Vice President
         for Student Affairs, Mary Coburn, and spearheaded by students, called “Protect Our Pro-
         fessors”. The students presenting this initiative were Jill Chandler, Pedro Gassant, and
         Bobby Seifter. They hope to raise money to retain professors at FSU and ease the budget
         crisis. The kickoff date is March 19 and the web address is

VI.   UNIVERSITY RELATIONS REPORT                                                       Lee Hinkle
      A. General Report

         Ms. Hinkle reported that FSU has jumped 10 point in US News and World Report rankings.
         In addition she noted that the visual system of the University identity (branding campaign)
         has been completed and a graphic standards manual has been created.

         The admissions website is ready to launch to assist recruitment of new, high-quality stu-
         dents. The View Book has been developed to highlight the best and brightest students
         currently or recently attending FSU.

         She highlighted the Heritage Day recently held to highlight the greatest of FSU through
         generations. Tours were included along with a celebration at the Alumni Center in the
         evening. She also highlighted the renovation of Ruby Diamond Auditorium.

      b. Report from the Alumni Association

         Scott Atwell, President of the Alumni Association, reported that they are currently focused
         on re-energizing the alumni base. Since this is the 100th anniversary of the Association, a
         year of activities has been planned to help with this current focus.

         A document outlining the year’s events was distributed noting all the plans. Mr. Atwell
         noted that the cities that will be highlighted are Atlanta, Miami, Orlando and Tampa. The
         Film School will be highlighted as well as the admissions department and the FSU Rhodes
         Scholars. There will be business lunches, a cruise and reunions.

      A. Audit Committee                                                         Jeffrey Rohr, Chair

         Chair Rohr indicated that there have been changes to the 990 tax form that is filed by the
         Foundation. One of these changes is to request approval by the Board of the submitted
         tax form prepared by Laura Hensley and the Foundation auditors, Ernst and Young. Upon
         approval, it will be posted on the FSU Foundation website.

         Upon a motion made and duly seconded, the Board voted to review and approve the
         Foundation’s annual tax return to comply with the new 990 require

      b. Development Committee                                             Gordon S. Holder, Chair

         Chair Holder noted that to date this fiscal year 2009, the Foundation has raised over $140
         million, a record year. During the month of January, the amount raised is over $48 million
         (campaign silent phase).

   Chair Holder asked Mrs. Miles to present an overview of the Women and Philanthropy
   meeting held last week. She noted that the second meeting was held to promote fund-
   raising from a woman’s prospective. She shared the enthusiasm that everyone has for this
   newer area of fundraising and indicated that there were many women yet to be involved.

   Chair Holder suggested that everyone remember their responsibility to make an annual
   gift to FSU.

C. Finance Committee                                                  W. Russell Morcom, Chair

   Chair Morcom noted that investments are down a $100 million since the beginning of
   June 30, 2008. The Foundation has delivered $17 million program dollars to the University
   which is $3 million more than last year, based on needs.

   Chair Morcom also indicated that the Foundation budget which was originally presented
   as a deficit budget has been cut to reflect $1.2 million under budget for the first six months
   of the fiscal year. A lot of the cost savings has resulted from unfilled positions. Plans are
   underway to temper the budget for next year.

D. Governmental Affairs                                              Amelia Rea Maguire, Chair

   Ms. Daly presented information from the Legislative Special Session which has cut 4% from
   the higher education budget. After looking at revenue production, it is felt that another
   $1 million will need to be eliminated. LegisLetters will be mailed weekly from Ms. Daly.

   Next year’s revenues are predicted to decrease by $5-6 billion as the Legislature creates
   the new budget for next fiscal year. It is felt that all areas of higher education will be cut.

   Florida State will plan to raise tuition to bring it up to the national average. A march on the
   capitol is being planned by those individuals involved in higher education.

   Chair Maguire continued with a report from Ray Bye, the University’s Federal Lobbyist.
   She reported that the attempt to impose restrictions on the endowments and pay outs at
   the Federal level has died in committee.

   She also noted that the Matching Grant program is still an active program even though it
   has not been funded this year. The State may fund it when the economy is healthy again.

E. Investment Committee                                             Ashbel C. Williams Jr, Chair

   Chair Williams reported that the long-term pool is down 26.9% and lagged the benchmark
   by 6%. He also reported that this return is consistent with other Cambridge Associates
   clients and ahead of the S&P 500.

   Chair Williams mentioned movement of funds to other investments to help grow the rate
   of return. The questions posed for the entire Board follow:

   1. Is our investment philosophy appropriate for the mission? Yes

   2. Is the Foundation protected against catastrophic economic risks, inflation and defla-
      tion? Yes

   3. Is the Foundation appropriately diversified by asset class, geography and currency?

   4. Is the portfolio sufficiently liquid? Yes

   5. Is the asset class allocation and manager structured so that everything does not decline
      at the same time? Yes

         6. Is there a clear understanding of the variability and tracking area versus the benchmark
            that is expected and have the manager’s added value commensurate with volatility?

         It is noted that the Foundation believes in total transparency and in vetting all managers
         to avoid fraud.

      F. Real Estate Committee                                                   Beth A. Azor, Chair

         Chair Azor indicated that Ms. Spores has successfully completed the sale of the Frankel
         Building in Sarasota for $350,000. She noted that the timing was perfect as the proceeds
         would have eventually been zero.

         A presentation was given regarding the Real Estate Conference and the ensuing enthusi-
         asm. Chair Azor noted that there have been additional suggestions regarding the possibil-
         ity of real estate gifts as a result of the conference participation by Board members.

      G. Trusteeship Committee                                             Ashbel C. Williams, Chair

         There was no committee meeting, however Mr. Jones reported that the terms of service
         for Board members are under consideration. The objective would be to make the terms
         coincide with the fiscal year not the calendar year. This is the practice of the other two
         DSOs (Direct Support Organizations). He noted that this would extend all terms for an-
         other six months in order to effect the change. For example, rather than terms ending on
         December 31, it would end on June 30.

VIII. FUTURE FSU FOUNDATION MEETING DATES                                       J. Robert Jones Jr.
      •	 May	15-16,	2009,	Tallahassee,	Florida

      •	 October	9,	2009,	Tallahassee,	Florida—hotel	list	is	available

Ix.   ADJOURNMENT                                                               J. Robert Jones Jr.
      There being no further business for discussion, Chair Jones adjourned the meeting at 3:40 p.m.

      Minutes prepared by Janet Young

      Respectfully submitted by

      Beth A. Azor

                                     Board of TrusTees

                                     Luncheon Program
                           Friday, May 15, 2009 • 12:15 – 1:45 p.M.
        innovation park • 2010 Levy avenue, BuiLding a • taLLahassee, FLorida • rooM 120

Students at The Florida State University can best be characterized as doers. When they see a friend
in need, they help; when they aren’t satisfied with the results of a new policy change, they rally to
have it overturned; and when their professors are being faced with possible layoffs, they begin a
campaign to Protect Our Professors.

The relationship that Florida State students share with their professors is an enviable one that most
universities strive toward. This dynamic relationship of give and take helps educate and build char-
acter in students while educating faculty members on the intriguing and ever changing ways in
which students learn.

To show their appreciation for the work that their professors do every day, students are given the
opportunity to nominate a faculty member for the annual University Teaching Award. The University
Teaching Award recognizes faculty for excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching.

In 2006, Dr. Michael K. Brady had the honor of receiving this award due to his “…genuine passion
for the subject matter, and a strong dedication to his students.” Students enjoyed his class and felt
that “every day was unique and intriguing.”

As the current Carl DeSantis Associate Professor of Business Administration, Dr. Brady is a favorite
in the College of Business due to his likable personality, relatability, and overall genuine charm.

Dr. Brady received his B.S. in Business Administration (Marketing Concentration) from The Florida
State University and then returned a few years later to complete his doctorate in Business Adminis-
tration (Marketing Concentration). In addition to being the 2006 University Teaching Award winner,
he is also the recipient of the 2008 William R. Jones Outstanding Mentor Award and 2007 Academy
of Marketing Science Outstanding Teaching Award.

He has been published numerous times and his current projects include works on Altruistic Ser-
vice Theft, The Role of Brand Equity in Service Evaluations, and Strategic Use of Humor in Service

                   “I enjoyed how he was ‘real’ with his students, sharing his life
                   stories, introducing us to his family, and even inviting students
                   over for Thanksgiving dinner if they weren’t going home.”

                                                   —Former student of Dr. Brady

                                  Board of TrusTees

                        Audit Committee Meeting Agenda
                      Friday, May 15, 2009 • 11:00 a.M. – 12:00 p.M.
       innovation park • 2010 Levy avenue, BuiLding B • taLLahassee, FLorida • rooM 386

I.    WELCOME AND CALL TO ORDER                                       Jeffrey P. Rohr, Chair


      A. Review of Audit Plan for FY09 Audit               Michael Pattillo, Ernst & Young

III. ADJOURNMENT                                                             Jeffrey P. Rohr

                                  Board of TrusTees

                   Development Committee Meeting Agenda
                         Friday, May 15, 2009 • 8:30 – 9:30 a.M.
       innovation park • 2010 Levy avenue, BuiLding B • taLLahassee, FLorida • rooM 139

I.    WELCOME AND CALL TO ORDER                                   Gordon S. Holder, Chair

II.   APPROVAL OF MINUTES                                                Gordon S. Holder

III. NEW bUSINESS                                                         Charles Rasberry

         A.   Fiscal Year 2009 to Date Fundraising Report
         B.   Goals/Objectives for FY 2010
         C.   Annual Fund Restructuring
         D.   Update on Trustee Annual Giving Status

IV. ADJOURNMENT                                                          Gordon S. Holder

                                       Board of TrusTees

                            Development Committee Meeting
                          Friday, FeBruary 27, 2009 • 10:30 – 11:30 a.M.
          innovation park • 2010 Levy avenue, BuiLding B, rooM 269 • taLLahassee, FLorida

MEMbERS PRESENT            MEMbERS AbSENT              GUESTS               STAFF

Stella S. Cottrell         Beth A. Azor                Florence H. Ashby    Jennifer Albaugh
Thomas M. Culligan         Warren J. Coville           Caryn Beck-Dudley    Lori Bernhard
Priscilla M. Greenfield    Bob Johnson                 John P. Fogerty      Marcia Bourdon
Gordon S. Holder           Galen B. Kilburn Jr.        Mart Hill            Patrick Crowley
George R. Langford         Jacqueline D. Montgomery    Lee Hinkle           Kimberly M. Field
Charlotte E. Maguire       Alexander R. Mullineaux     J. Robert Jones Jr   Suellen Field
Joyce B. Miles             G. Bruce Redditt            Karen Laughlin       Perry T. Fulkerson
Charles J. Rasberry        Terri Jo Roach              Mel Maguire          Sterling Garcia
Betty Ann Rodgers                                      Joyce Miles          Gabe Grass
Jerry F. Sowell Jr.                                    Jane Morgan          Kimberly Harrison
                                                       Mike Pate            Erin Hoyle
                                                       Lisa Plowfield       Camille Licklider
                                                       Frank J. Rief III    Mark Pankey
                                                       Jeff Rohr            Patricia Ramsey
                                                       Kirk T. Rostron      Dawn Randle
                                                       J.T. Thomas          Gus Ray
                                                       Edwin Walborsky      Amy Safriet
                                                                            Fred Salancy
                                                                            Amy Sankes
                                                                            Spencer F. Sealy
                                                                            Susan Sigman
                                                                            Robert Spivey
                                                                            Marilyn Spores
                                                                            Janet Young

I.     WELCOME AND CALL TO ORDER                                            Gordon Holder, Chair
       Chair Holder recognized new board members, deans and new Foundation staff.

       Chair Holder called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m.

       The roll was taken, and a quorum was present.

       Upon motion made and duly seconded, the Committee voted to approve the minutes
       from October 24, 2008.

III.	   REVIEW	OF	YEAR-TO-DATE	PROGRESS	                                            Charles J. Rasberry
        A.	 Fiscal	Year	2009	to	Date	Fundraising	Report

           Mr. Rasberry stated fiscal year 2008 was the best fundraising year ever for the university
           with over $140 million raised in gifts and pledges (including the Research Foundation,
           Boosters and FSU Foundation).

           He said fundraising is down 10 percent over last fiscal year ($52 million in Jan. 2008; $48
           million in Jan. 2009), but that this was not too bad given the state of the economy.

           Mr. Rasberry stated further that the Foundation is ahead of where it was in fiscal year 2007.
           He said that if a $4 million wire comes in as expected, February’s totals will be $5-6 million
           in gifts and pledges.

           Mr. Rasberry said that he informed staff to stay “focused, resilient and optimistic” and to
           get out and visit with donors. He cautioned them that many will not be able to make major
           gift commitments, but that it is important for the Foundation to stay connected to them.

           He also said that he talked to colleagues around the country (University of Florida, Geor-
           gia Tech, Chapel Hill, Lehigh University, Oregon State) and all seemed to be experiencing
           the same thing—all down about 10 percent, greater emphasis on annual fund and planned

           Mr. Rasberry stated that the Foundation currently has about $21 million in gifts (2 years
           worth) waiting for match from the State of Florida. These will not be matched this year. He
           stated the importance of communication to donors with gifts waiting for a match about
           this delay. (The program is not being eliminated, just put on hold for this budget cycle.)

           Chair Holder inquired whether those are “lost years” for matching. Mr. Rasberry answered
           that he thinks they will catch up since that has been their typical pattern. Ms. Amelia
           Maguire seconded this opinion, stating there is precedence for the state “catching up”
           once there are funds again.

           Mr. Rasberry talked about the need to think about the funding model for the university
           and what that will mean for the Foundation. One emphasis for fiscal year 2009 has been
           on annual fund support for operations, which is a new way of thinking for administrators,
           fundraisers and donors. (They are used to thinking of contributions coming in as “extra”
           and for non-recurring purposes.)

           He said that most private universities are already following this model, relying on gifts for
           10-12 percent of their operating budget. Mr. Rasberry put forth the idea that Florida State
           now has to think of itself more like a private university, not just relying on state support to
           protect, preserve and advance the university. This will take a number of different efforts,
           including an annual fund, more research dollars, higher tuition, more out of state students,
           and creating business partnerships with local companies.

           Mr. Rasberry stated that the Foundation needs to encourage donors to take ownership
           of their university, referencing a UF advertising campaign. He stated there is a lack of
           understanding about where funding for the university comes from, with people thinking
           the state takes care of Florida State. He referenced the budget cuts, stating the expected
           cuts (a possible $35.7 million) equate to the budgets for the Colleges of Business, Law and
           Criminology combined.

           Mr. Rasberry mentioned his commitment to the Provost of raising $2 million in unrestricted
           support for this fiscal year and that the Foundation is over halfway to that goal.

   He concluded by saying we all do well in good times, referencing The Five Dysfunctions
   of a Team, but the Foundation’s challenge is to figure out how to do well during challeng-
   ing times.

B.	 Campaign—Timeline	and	Modifications

   Ms. Lori Chorey stated the development team started working on a timeline for the next
   campaign last spring. She said the team, under the leadership of campaign manager Ms.
   Dawn Randle, is looking at where the Foundation is at in terms of this “to do” list and what
   has been moved into a “pending” category.

   Ms. Randle stated that one of the first initiatives was to address the university-wide cam-
   paign policies on naming opportunities and counting.

   She explained that the naming policy is basically a price list for naming buildings, colleges,
   scholarships, chairs, etc. and that these needed to be updated since the last campaign.
   The development team got together, drafted a policy and ran it past the campaign consul-
   tant and Mr. Rasberry. It is now with the Provost, awaiting his remarks and/or approval.

   Ms. Randle said the counting policy establishes the way the Foundation counts and records
   each gift, and that the Foundation use standards set by the Council for Advancement and
   Support of Education. This policy has also been drafted and is ready to be brought to the
   Dean’s Fundraising Committee.

   Ms. Randle stated that another initiative were campaign reports. She talked about how
   accountability is very important in any campaign. The Foundation must be transparent not
   only in how gifts are counted, but also be able to report this information to external and
   internal audiences (on a monthly basis, if possible).

   She explained that the team developed four reports for this year which are being created
   in Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge by the Foundation’s Information Technology depart-
   ment. These will be shared with the board as soon as they are available.

   Ms. Randle said another initiative was to utilize Blackbaud analytics and gave an overview
   of what this entailed. She stated that this data will point the Foundation in the right direc-
   tion in finding prospective donors.

   Ms. Randle then explained how the six peer ratings sessions, planned between now and
   June, will work (the first was held in Jacksonville on Jan. 27, hosted by Mr. Edward Burr).
   Small groups in various regions will look over lists from the database analysis for any
   insights they may be able to share. For example, who do they know personally? Can they
   facilitate a meeting with those people?

   She gave an overview of “moves management,” the next steps after the peer ratings
   sessions. Identified prospects that would be “moved” from “attention” to “interest” to
   “desire” to “action” and back to “interest” (part of the stewardship process). Natural part-
   ners will also be identified who can help advance the relationship—may be a peer, neigh-
   bor, fraternity brother, etc. Ms. Randle then gave an example of how this process has been
   utilized by Perry Fulkerson.

   Ms. Randle stated that another initiative for fiscal year 2009 was to begin to cultivate cam-
   paign leaders in regions with large alumni populations. She stated that Mr. Rasberry has
   made over 50 personal visits since the announcement of the campaign last fall. The Foun-
   dation has also hosted potential campaign leaders on campus for personalized visits.

Mr. Rasberry stated the Foundation will eventually organize a group of campaign leaders
into a campaign steering committee.

Ms. Chorey recognized Mr. Patrick Crowley, Assistant Vice President for Advancement
Relations, for his team’s work on re-evaluating and expanding stewardship activities,
including individualized stewardship plans. Ms. Chorey referenced the importance of
good stewardship in increasing the likelihood of donors giving again and again.

Ms. Randle went over a list of initiatives that have been postponed for the time being:

•	 Establishment	of	the	college	goals

•	 Establishment	of	the	public	“face”	of	the	campaign	(theme,	Web	site,	etc.)

She stated the deans and university administration are focused on budget cuts and talk of
consolidation, and are waiting to see what comes out of the 2009 Legislative Session. This
situation has made it difficult for the university to continue with strategic planning for the
future, so they have asked the Foundation to hold off on campaign planning.

Dean Laughlin was called upon to speak about “Westcott Scholars,” one of the programs
that may come out of the current campaign. The Westcott Scholars program would help
to bring exceptional students to Florida State by going beyond traditional support (tuition,
room and board) and also providing for student study abroad travel, research opportuni-
ties and internships.

As this program would have a large price tag (approximately $30,000 per student), Dean
Laughlin mentioned that there would be many naming opportunities associated with it.
She also mentioned there were already funds in existence to provide the seed money for
this program (possibly fall 2011).

Chair Holder asked Dean Laughlin how these students would be brought together when
they will be spread out in different majors and have so many hours committed to studies
and other activities already. Dean Laughlin answered that these students may be required
to live on campus and even live together in the honors dorm. She also mentioned the
Office of National Fellowships as a link between these students.

Mr. Rasberry mentioned that there will also be substantial efforts during the campaign to
acquire need-based scholarships.

Ms. Chorey gave some background on how the team came up with the Westcott Schol-
ars program, citing that they met to come up with these kinds of “big ideas.” The initial
endowment for this particular program would be $125 million.

Ms. Chorey asked for questions about anything that had been presented during the meet-
ing. None were raised.

Mr. Rasberry gave a charge to committee members:

•	 Make	an	annual	fund	gift

•	 Help	out	with	the	peer	screening	sessions

•	 Let	other	alumni	know	that	the	university	is	under	financial	stress

Ms. Joyce Miles reported on the Women in Philanthropy Initiative. Their first meeting was
in May 2005. The true launch finally came in November 2008. The group met during Heri-
tage Day 2009 to organize further.

         The group came up with three goals:

         •	 Engaging	women	with	what	is	going	on	at	the	university

         •	 Sharing	philanthropic	stories	of	group	members

         •	 Educating	donors	on	different	ways	of	giving

      Ms. Miles thanked Mr. Rasberry for his belief in the project and for providing the support of
      Foundation staff (Ms. Patricia Ramsey, Vice President, Principal Gifts). She also acknowledged
      two students who participated in the Heritage Day meeting. She outlined some of the group’s
      plans for the future (Web presence on Foundation site, events, etc.) and stated she thinks this
      could be a major initiative of the campaign.

      Mr. Jerry Sowell inquired what the current student gender composition was at Florida State;
      Lee Hinkle stated it was 52 percent women, 48 percent men.

      Chair Holder asked about the proposed reorganization of the colleges. Mr. Rasberry stated
      that there is too much uncertainty at the university to address “strategic decisions” like the
      reorganization. Mr. Rasberry stated he doubted anything further will be done with the reorga-
      nization until at least May 2009.

      Chair Holder opined that alumni may feel “demeaned” if their college was reduced to a school
      or program.

      C. Update on Trustee Annual Giving Status

         (This agenda item was not addressed.)

IV.   ADJOURNMENT                                                            Gordon Holder, Chair
      There being no further business for discussion, Chair Holder adjourned the meeting at
      11:23 a.m.

      Minutes prepared by Kiley Mallard and

      Respectfully submitted by

      Gordon Holder
      Development Committee

                                  Board of TrusTees

                      Finance Committee Meeting Agenda
                         Friday, May 15, 2009 • 9:45 – 10:45 a.M.
       innovation park • 2010 Levy avenue, BuiLding B • taLLahassee, FLorida • rooM 302

I.    WELCOME AND CALL TO ORDER                                 W. Russell Morcom, Chair

II.   APPROVAL OF MINUTES                                               W. Russell Morcom


      A. 2010 Budget                                                         Marilyn Spores
      B. Review of Highlights of Third Quarter Financials                       Jerry Ganz

IV. ADJOURNMENT                                                         W. Russell Morcom

                                      Board of TrusTees

                               Finance Committee Meeting
                          Friday, FeBruary 27, 2009 • 8:15 – 9:00 a.M.
         innovation park • 2010 Levy avenue, BuiLding B, rooM 302 • taLLahassee, FLorida

MEMbERS PRESENT           MEMbERS AbSENT            GUESTS                    STAFF

Chris E. Cadenhead        Ralph R. Gonzalez         Ralph G. Alvarez          Jake Braunsdorf
John R. Carnaghi          Carla S. Gopher           Beth A. Azor              Lori M. Chorey
Donald L. Harbaugh        Chuck Hardwick            Lee F. Hinkle             Perry T. Fulkerson
W. Russell Morcom         Hansel E. Tookes II       J. Robert Jones Jr.       Laura F. Hensley
Charles J. Rasberry                                 Joyce B. Miles            Mary Ann Parks
Jeffrey P. Rohr                                     Jane E. Morgan            Patricia Ramsey
                                                    Gus Ray                   Spence Sealy
                                                    Frank J. Rief III         Marilyn A. Spores
                                                    Jerry F. Sowell Jr.       Keith Tolbert
                                                    James Thomas Jr.
                                                    Edwin W. Walborsky

I.     WELCOME AND CALL TO ORDER                                            W. Russell Morcom, Chair
       Chair Morcom called the meeting to order at 8:18 a.m. and welcomed those present.

II.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES                                                         W. Russell Morcom
       Chair Morcom called for a motion to approve the minutes of the October 24, 2008 Finance
       Committee meeting.

       Upon motion made and duly seconded, the Committee voted to approve the minutes of
       the October 24, 2008 meeting.

       A. Review of Highlights of Second Quarter Financials                              Laura Hensley

          Laura Hensley presented the significant transactions for the six months ended December
          31, 2008:

          •	 The	 1st	 and	 2nd	 quarter	 investment	 returns	 were	 -10.8%	 and	 -13.9%,	 respectively,	
             with a year to date investment return of -23.3%. The 12 month trailing performance at
             December 31, 2008, was -26.9% as compared to the blended index of all investments of

          •	 The	Frankel	Building	was	sold	in	December	2008.

          She continued with a graph depicting investment balances over the past several years not-
          ing that there was $367 million invested as of December 31 as compared to $479 million

   at June 30. Ms. Hensley showed the historical rate of return on the long term investment
   pool as -26.9% year to date in 2009 as compared to -3.2% in 2008, 17.5% in 2007, 11.8%
   in 2006 and 9.4% in 2005. Another graph illustrated the annualized long term investment
   pool rate of return for the Foundation over one, five and ten-year periods. In each sce-
   nario, the Foundation long-term investment pool was slightly lower than their benchmark
   but significantly higher than the S&P 500.

   Next, Ms. Hensley showed a comparative income statement analysis for the six months
   ended December 31, 2008 as compared to 2007. At December 31, 2008, the Foundation
   reported a net loss of $109 million of which investment losses of $100 million were the most
   contributing factor. Program support also increased $3 million as a result of the University
   requesting more Foundation funds for salary supplements, equipment and supplies.

   A balance sheet analysis was prepared for the six months ended December 31, 2008 as
   compared to 2007. There were $395 million in total assets as of December 31 compared
   to $516 million at the same time in the previous year. The change was attributed to invest-
   ment losses which impacted investments and trusts. Investments decreased from $465
   million as of December 31, 2007, to $355 million as of December 31, 2008.

   Ms. Hensley continued with the Foundation Operations Budget vs. Actual Report for the
   six months ended December 31, 2008, which reflected a surplus of $564 thousand as
   compared to a budgeted deficit of $404 thousand. As of January 2009, budget reduc-
   tions for 2009 total $1,027,105 (7% of original budget) with administrative reductions total-
   ing $80,220 (1% of original budget) and fundraising reductions totaling $946,885 (10% of
   original budget). Freezing of fundraising positions and the associated costs of insurance,
   taxes and travel as well as the postponement of a campaign feasibility study were the
   prominent contributing factors.

   The presentation concluded with a slide outlining events subsequent to December 31,
   2008. Ms. Hensley reported that the Foundation liquidated their Japan-only equity man-
   ager and, because of investment losses, rebalanced their portfolio to interim targets. She
   also announced that Jerry Ganz will join the Foundation on March 9, 2009, as the new
   CFO. Final mention was made regarding the revisions to the IRS Form 990 for fiscal years
   ending after December 31, 2008, in which additional disclosures are now required.

b. Update on Revised budget Issues                                              Marilyn Spores

   Ms. Spores noted that a 2nd phase of budget reductions had been made and reductions
   now total $1,027,105. Although continued efforts are being made to identify areas where
   more reductions could be made, she admitted that they are running out of options. As of
   January, the Foundation is operating ahead of the budget, and it is expected that future
   reductions will most likely be the result of controlled spending. Ms. Spores reiterated that
   several options are being considered to reduce expenses without requiring the elimina-
   tion of positions.

   Chair Morcom inquired as to whether there is a need to reduce the payout that is given to
   the colleges across campus for spending from endowments in the coming year. Charles
   Rasberry mentioned that meetings are already taking place with the Investment Commit-
   tee as well as the Deans and Cambridge Associates (the Foundation’s investment consul-
   tants) to address these concerns. Ms. Spores offered examples of options being discussed
   which included reducing the percentage of the spending payout and eliminating future
   payouts to those funds in which there is money currently not being spent. She further
   added that the implementation of a hybrid approach will probably be more appropriate
   to assist those funds that need it.

          Mr. Carnaghi posed a question concerning what will happen to the funds supporting a
          school or department in the event that a University decision is made to close them and they
          no longer exist. Ms. Spores stated that in situations like these, legally, we will have to go
          back to the donor(s). She further indicated that the Foundation would develop strategies to
          offer opportunities to the donor to redirect those funds to another school or department in
          lieu of requesting to have the funds returned to them. Ms. Spores expressed concern over
          how quickly this process will need to be handled to ensure that our donors are hearing the
          news of a school or department closure from us rather than through the media.

          General discussion among the Board continued regarding the University and the unprec-
          edented economic climate that we are in. Mr. Carnaghi stated that the University’s Budget
          Crisis Committee has been meeting for several weeks to consider what reductions might
          be necessary with the least impact on students, programs and enrollment. Mr. Alvarez
          added that the University has reduced its budget by $22 million and is preparing for addi-
          tional cuts anticipated once the State Legislature meets. Mr. Carnaghi further commented
          that the University is stalling any reductions until they receive direction from the State

III.   ADJOURNMENT                                                         W. Russell Morcom, Chair
       There being no further business for discussion, Chair Morcom adjourned the meeting at
       9:01 a.m.

       Minutes prepared by Mary Ann Parks and

       Respectfully submitted by

       W. Russell Morcom
       Finance Committee

                                  Board of TrusTees

             Governmental Affairs Committee Meeting Agenda
                        Friday, May 15, 2009 • 11:00 – 11:45 a.M
       innovation park • 2010 Levy avenue, BuiLding B • taLLahassee, FLorida • rooM 139

I.    WELCOME AND CALL TO ORDER                                Amelia Rea Maguire, Chair

II.   NEW bUSINESS                                                            Kathleen Daly

      A. Report on 2009 Legislative Session
      B. Update on 2009 Legislative Priorities & Progress
      C. 2009 Federal Legislative Update

III. ADJOURNMENT                                                      Amelia Rea Maguire

                     Board of TrusTees

        Investment Committee Meeting Agenda
                      Friday, May 15, 2009
innovation park • 2010 Levy avenue, BuiLding B • taLLahassee, FLorida

  Ther Investment Committee Meeting is scheduled prior to
              the 2009 Spring Board Meeting.

                                       Board of TrusTees

                               Investment Committee Meeting
                          thursday, FeBruary 26, 2009 • 2:30 – 3:00 p.M.
                         a LuMni center • c ottreLL rooM • taLLahassee, FLorida

MEMbERS PRESENT              MEMbERS AbSENT          GUESTS                       STAFF

David B. Ford                                        Rafael G. Alvarez            Jake Braunsdorf
J. Robert Jones Jr.                                  Dr. James Doran              Tammy J. Lavine
Floyd D. Jordan Jr.*                                 Kerry Kirk                   Lori Chorey
Charles J. Rasberry                                  Florence H. Ashby            Marilyn Spores
Ashbel C. Williams Jr.                               Dean Caryn Beck-Dudley       Keith Tolbert
Kirk T. Rostron                                      Michael Pate                 Janet Young
William G. Smith Jr.                                 Dr. Perry Crowell            Jesse M. Colvin
                                                                                  Jeffrey K. Ereckson
                                                                                  Perry Fulkerson

* via teleconference

I. WELCOME AND CALL TO ORDER                                             Ashbel C. Williams Jr., Chair
      Chair Williams called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m. Roll was taken, and a quorum was

      A.	 Calendar	Year-End	Capital	Market	Performance	Update		                                 Kerry Kirk

          Mr. Kirk began the meeting with capital market updates for the year ending December
          31, 2008. All sectors experienced the worst year ever except for investment grade bonds.
          Investment grade bonds were the only sector that provided any investment protection. He
          reminded the committee that they had decided to restructure the fixed income allocation
          in late 2007, moving away from active manager Reams which invested in a core plus strat-
          egy to invest in a U.S. Treasury Index fund at State Street. This move proved to be very
          beneficial for the Foundation with its U.S. Treasury Portfolio up almost 14% for the year.

          Mr. Kirk showed the committee a histogram of the S&P 500 Index as a percentage of Total
          Return from 1825 to 2008. The histogram indicated the 2008 S&P 500’s 37% decline which
          marked the U.S. stock market’s second worst calendar year in 183 years, exceeded only by
          the Dow’s cataclysmic 52.7% decline in 1931 as it approached its Great Depression lows.
          He noted that virtually no living investor (and not many dead, either) have experienced a
          year like this.

          Mr. Kirk shared that the 2008 Bear Market is different compared to previous bear markets.
          The 2008 Bear Market was broader, with all asset classes experiencing deep sell-offs, and
          bonds did not rise due to fears of a deep global recession. Asset class diversification failed
          to mitigate disaster within investment portfolios.

   Mr. Kirk then updated the Committee on what has happened in the markets since year-
   end. He stated that January 2009 started off bad and February 2009 continued the market
   woes. All sectors continue to experience negative returns. The only positive return sector
   in January, though small, was hedge funds.

B.	 Foundation’s	Portfolio	Review—4th	Quarter	and	Year	2008	Kerry	Kirk

   Mr. Kirk reviewed the Foundation’s current manager structure. He then told the Commit-
   tee that the Foundation’s portfolio returned -26.9% in 2008. The -26.9% lagged the port-
   folio’s benchmark by 6% mainly due to the disparity explained by the use of T-Bills + 5% as
   the benchmark for the Foundation’s 20% allocation to Marketable Alternatives.

   He informed the committee that while T-Bills + 5% is a reasonable long-term objective for
   the hedge fund program, it is a poor gauge of short-term performance since it does not
   reflect movements in stock or bond markets. When comparing the Foundation’s Market-
   able Alternatives portfolio to peer funds, it showed the results were basically in line, the
   Foundation’s MALT return for 2008 was -19.5% versus -19.8% for the CA Hedge Fund-of-
   Funds Manager Median.

   He noted that while the return was clearly disappointing in absolute terms, these results
   were roughly in line with other endowed institutions -26.8% for CA College and University
   Median. Most of the institutions in this universe were more significantly invested in private
   equity and venture capital than the Foundation. He reminded everyone that the Founda-
   tion has just begun building this program, therefore the -26.8% returns in these median
   endowments have yet to reflect the markdowns in net asset values of the private capital
   programs. This means that the ranking for the Foundation may be higher for this period
   once the revaluations are reflected in the universe’s return numbers.

   Mr. Kirk informed the committee of the three strategies that worked in the Foundation’s
   portfolio over the past year. The Foundation’s investment in U.S. Treasuries returned 14.5%
   for the year, outpaced the BC Aggregate Index by nearly 10% and bested the median ac-
   tive bond manager by nearly 19%. The Foundation’s Marketable Alternatives portfolio
   returned -19.5% for the year. Though returns were disappointing, hedge funds did provide
   downside protection relative to equities which were down roughly 40%. Finally, the Foun-
   dation’s allocation to Japanese equity outpaced the MSCI EAFE Index by 7.7%.

   He then informed the committee of what did not work in the portfolio. The Foundation’s
   investment in Wellington DIH declined 45.4% in 2008 due to commodity price weaknesses
   and credit exposure within the fund. A positive, relating to Wellington, was in the Commit-
   tee’s decision to trim $12 million from the investment in August as part of regular rebal-
   ancing in the portfolio which allowed the Foundation to look at early gains and partially
   reduce the impact of the sharp commodity market decline in late 2008. The Foundation’s
   U.S. small-cap manager, Thomson Horstmann & Bryant, horribly underperformed in the
   Russell 2000 Index by 9.3% due to its overweight exposure to energy and underweight
   exposure to financials. Given that THB has repeatedly underperformed its benchmark, Mr.
   Kirk recommended to the Committee that it consider a change in U.S. small-cap managers
   sometime in 2009.

   He also noted at this time that Wellington’s portfolio manager is relocating to Hawaii and
   is still expected to manage the portfolio from there. Cambridge feels this issue requires
   more due diligence and will review it fully before making a recommendation to the Com-
   mittee. Once their review is complete they will recommend either staying with this fund,
   moving to a sister fund at Wellington managed by a different portfolio manager, or exiting
   Wellington altogether.

          The Foundation’s portfolio at year-end was overweight in fixed income and cash, and un-
          derweight in equities. Mr. Kirk suggested that at this time there is no compelling reason
          to rebalance the portfolio to meet the interim targets. Ms. Tammy Lavine informed the
          Committee that the redemption of Acadian has been completed; the last withdrawal that
          zeroed out the fund was received by in January.


       A. Other Updates and Opportunities                                                       Kerry Kirk

          Chairman Williams said that the Committee now knows what happened in 2008, where
          the portfolio stands as it relates to allocation and the lack of need to rebalance at this
          time. Going forward he believes the questions to be addressed are:

          1. How comfortable is the Committee with the current allocation policy?

          2. Considering the change in the current environment, where will be the best marginal
             return on capital?

          3. How should spending assumptions be treated?

          He acknowledged that spending assumption decisions are the responsibility of the Board’s
          Finance Committee; however it is a huge variable in the overall investment equation.

          Mr. Charles Rasberry brought the Committee up-to-date on the impact the economic
          downturn has had on university and what the Foundation has done in response. He in-
          formed everyone that a committee consisting of four deans, Chairman Williams repre-
          senting the Investment Committee, Ms. Marilyn Spores and himself has been formed to
          discuss alternative solutions. In the first meeting that occurred in early February, the deans
          shared that their expectations are to continue moving forward and making commitments
          through end of FY 2010, assuming they would get the same payout rate. Current calcula-
          tion payout of spending will be a little greater than 5% on the endowments in FY09 and
          FY10. Mr. Rasberry stated that he told deans that the Foundation is committed to continu-
          ing its policy through next year. Applicable Board committees will meet in May 2009 at the
          next board meeting to revisit and continue to better plan for future actions.

          Given the Foundation’s spending policy based on a rolling 3-year market value average,
          payout rate increases even though the dollar amount distributed goes down. In good per-
          formance years the payout rate tends to be less than 4%, in bad years payout tends to be
          greater than 4%. Now in these exceptionally bad years the formula’s calculation makes the
          payout greater than 5%. If we continue to have bad market performance the payout rate
          will continue to increase.

          Mr. Kirk informed the Committee that all of their foundation clients are having lots of dis-
          cussion as to whether to modify spending policy, rates and rules. Some questions being
          tossed around are: Should spending be based on constant growth? Should payout never
          be less than what was paid the previous year? Why have policies in place when it won’t
          be followed in periods of distress? Mr. Kirk stated that of course Cambridge would like
          their clients to pay out as little as it possibly can. However, this is what got the attention of
          Senator Grassley and other congressmen because they felt foundations weren’t distribut-
          ing high enough payouts.

          The two most common methods of calculating spending are either tied to market values
          spread out over a three-to-five year time period or a constant growth policy where the
          dollar amount is set and it grows by inflation plus some variable every year.

The true return to an endowment includes market performance, spending rate and any
administrative fee that a foundation may take for operations. Over time if the market cycle
doesn’t reverse then spending and administrative fee rates, on top of negative returns,
can begin to eat away drastically at an endowment; models would suggest that the policy
would no longer remain sustainable. Given how all the variables impact endowments there
is a push to get spending back into the 4% range. Senator Grassley has apparently backed
off requiring higher payout rates since the markets drastic downturn.

Mr. Rasberry summarized by saying that Cambridge has been involved in creating models
and projections to present to this newly formed committee. It was suggested to the deans
to decrease the payout to 3%. The deans felt strongly that to make it through the next
year, especially if the proposed budget cuts on the University side come to fruition, then
it will need the Foundation to keep its current policy. Dean Caryn Beck-Dudley gave the
Committee the dean’s perspective of the budget crisis that is unfolding at the University.

Mr. Rasberry said that the real underlying issue is how to maintain the balance between
the Foundation helping to keep up quality education at the University while preserving
the endowment. The concerning question is should the funds be better spent now to keep
FSU from loosing it quality education status? He shared that Mr. Lawrence Abele told him
how in the 1970’s FSU lost quality and that it has taken the University over 20 years to

Mr. Floyd Jordan opined that it should be a priority for FSU to attract and maintain out-
standing faculty while maintaining the integrity of the university. He expressed that this
should become a primary concern for the Foundation, even if it means spending more now
and hurting a little bit later in order to achieve that.

Mr. Rasberry told the Committee that a new focus has been placed on increasing contribu-
tions to the Annual Fund for the operational needs of the colleges. In the past the primary
focus has been on raising major gifts. The gifts received through the Annual Fund goes
for the colleges’ operational budget in that year. These unrestricted funds allow deans to
allocate as necessary.

Mr. Rasberry shared that as he continues to visit with alumni he finds that they are unin-
formed on the extent of the budget crisis the University is facing. He believes that they
feel the state will step in and take care of the state universities and that everything will
be alright. This mindset has caused an uphill battle in soliciting annual donations because
alumni do not feel a pressing need to support the University.

To put this in perspective, the University has planned to cut $35 million from its budget in
FY2010. This is equivalent to the budgets of both the College of Business and College of
Law. To boost revenues the Foundation has placed a greater emphasis on annual giving,
the University is seeking more out-of-state students and has partnered with biomass en-
ergy companies, and solicitation of research dollars to the University has increased.

Mr. Kirk said that as the Foundation enters 2009, Cambridge has identified a number of
opportunities born out of the recent market crisis that they would like to recommend. He
also would like to provide updates on past topics that merit further discussion.

One recommendation would be to shift a portion of the fixed income portfolio into invest-
ment grade corporate bonds to take advantage of attractive yield spreads. The Invest-
ment Committee should consider reducing its exposure to U.S. Treasuries and adding
exposure to U.S. investment grade corporate bonds. He informed the Committee that
high-quality corporate bonds have come under considerable pressure during the recent
market downturn. At current levels, investment grade corporate bonds appear to provide

an attractive risk/return proposition—offering solid return potential in a good or fair eco-
nomic environment and limited downside risk in a bad economy.

He proposed three options to the Committee for restructuring the Foundation’s U.S. bond
allocation. First option would be to maintain its current allocation to SSgA 3-10 Year Trea-
sury Fund. Second option would be to completely switch from the SSgA 3-10 Year Trea-
sury Fund to the SSgA Government/Credit Index Fund. The final option, which is their
recommended option, is to divide the current 15% bond allocation—two-thirds to the
SSgA Intermediate U.S. Credit Fund and remainder staying in the SSgA 3-10 Year Treasury
Fund. Doing this would allow the Committee to customize its exposure, adding more to
corporate bonds, but still maintain some Treasury holdings. In the long term Cambridge
would look for the Committee to transition the allocation back to 100% Treasury bond al-
location once Treasury yields return to more normal levels.

Motion made and second to accept Cambridge’s recommendation of the third option
to	move	two-thirds	of	the	U.S.	Treasury	Fund	to	the	SSgA	Intermediate	U.S.	Credit	
(non-securities	lending)	Fund.	Motion	passed	unanimously.	

Mr. Kirk provided an update on where the Foundation is on the issue of distressed invest-
ing. He reminded members that Cambridge has been providing background information
on distressed investing and has recommended that the Foundation devise a strategy to
take advantage of investment opportunities in the upcoming distressed cycle. He noted
that this recommendation to increase distressed exposure does not imply a change to the
Foundation’s asset allocation targets. Instead, we should seek to obtain exposure by mak-
ing adjustments within existing allocations, investing in hedge funds and private equity
vehicles with distressed investing capabilities.

At the November 2008 meeting the Committee approved investing $4 million with Varde
Partners a distressed-focused hedge fund. As of December 31, 2008 the Foundation had
approximately 2.1% of assets invested in distressed investment strategies. This exposure
was obtained through its two hedge fund-of-funds managers and eight of its direct hedge
fund managers. Given past history, Mr. Kirk expects the Foundation’s current managers to
increase exposure to distressed investments as markets go through the distressed cycle
and achieve a maximum potential allocation of 6.6%

Cambridge’s recommendation is for the Foundation to plan to commit $4 to $5 million
into a private distressed manager in 2009. They expect new funds to be raised as invest-
ment opportunities arise in the coming months and will present these options for the
Committee’s consideration at that time. This investment would fit into the “opportunistic”
portion of the Foundation’s private equity program which is allocated 45% venture capital,
45% buyouts and 10% opportunistic.

Once the commitment to a private distressed manager is made, the Foundation’s total
portfolio maximum potential distressed exposure will be roughly 8%. After that the Com-
mittee should continue to monitor the distressed cycle closely and potentially make ad-
ditional investments depending upon opportunities.

Mr. David Ford raised the question again about opportunities for funds trading in the sec-
ondary funds market. Investors must be careful in vetting out these opportunities. It would
be good for the Foundation if Cambridge could find the right opportunities especially in
the real estate, private equity and venture markets. Secondary funds can be a good way
to kick-start the Foundation’s non-marketable alternative asset.

On the topic of Non-MALTs, Mr. Kirk reminded the Committee that they adopted a 10%
target allocation to this asset class. Given the Foundation’s target allocation size of ($30-
$40 million), Cambridge recommended that we initially invest via fund-of-funds. As the

   endowment would grow in the future, then the Committee could consider a direct custom

   In constructing our program they recommended that we seek to build out the allocation
   over a multi-year period to achieve vintage year diversification. The Foundation in 2007
   allocated $4.5 million to the Commonfund Capital Private Equity Partners VII, $4.5 million
   to Commonfund Capital Internatinal Private Equity VI and $2.5 million to Commonfund
   Capital Venture Partners VIII. In 2008 it allocated $15 million to Park Street IX, a hybrid
   fund-of-funds that is roughly 50% private equity and 50% venture capital.

   Mr. Kirk informed the Committee that since the Foundation’s initial commitments we
   made in this sector, both public and private equity markets have come under considerable
   stress. For example, buyouts in private equity have been particularly stressed since the
   borrowing needed to finance leveraged buyout transactions virtually dried up in late 2008.
   While the Foundation does have some exposure to this difficult market, its managers have
   been very cautious in deploying capital. Only approximately $3 million of the $26.5 million
   original commitments have been called to date.

   Mr. Kirk then recommended that the Foundation continue building out its non-marketable
   program and consider the next series of vintage year funds offered by Park Street and
   Commonfund when they come to market. Commitment sizes would be adjusted down-
   ward to reflect the recent decline in portfolio assets. He suggested that while current
   market conditions are difficult, they consider market timing to be nearly impossible, par-
   ticularly in this asset class. They have observed that some of the best vintage year oppor-
   tunities have been during or after periods of market stress.

   That said, at this time there isn’t anything that the committee needs to do at this time
   in this sector. The Committee should look at the forward calendars of opportunities to
   know what may be coming from Commonfund and Park Street. They should also become
   informed of what opportunities exists for funds trading in the secondary market.

   Mr. Kirk said that Commonfund is currently in the market with a new fund, but recommend
   that the Committee pass on that investment for now. The better recommendation would
   be for the Committee to decide at the next meeting to invest in the next Park Street Fund
   that comes to market probably in late 2009/early 2010. The decision would need to be
   made at the next meeting in May 2009.

   Mr. Ford asked if Lexington Partners is on Cambridge’s approved list. Mr. Kirk replied that
   he believes the answer is yes but will need to confirm. Lexington Partners is a fund-of-
   funds that buys funds trading on the secondary markets. According to Chairman Williams
   Lexington is a marquee manager. He feels that the Foundation is at an advantage because
   of its low private equity exposure, and year-end 2008 valuation on funds are about to be
   released with expected returns to be down between 20–30% which we have miniscule
   exposure to. There are also a lot of forced sellers in the market wanting to liquidate out of
   high quality funds that are down. These make for a unique opportunity for the Foundation
   to get the liquidity discount for taking out the sellers plus buying the asset at a markdown
   too. Mr. Kirk will find out when the next Lexington fund will be announced and be ready
   to discuss this at the May meeting.

B.	Total	Portfolio	Risk	Review	                                                      Kerry Kirk

   Mr. Kirk informed the Committee that Cambridge’s position on endowment risk at the
   most fundamental level argues that the two most important risks to endowment funds are
   depletion of purchasing power and significant shortfall in expected returns. Each of those

risks can impair an institutions ability to spend as much money as planned. In fact, if an in-
stitution can correctly define its liabilities, risk definition becomes much easier because the
most basic risk an endowment fiduciary must manage is that of simply not having enough
money to meet those liabilities. The first risk defines why the Foundation must have an
equity component in its portfolio and the second risk defines why we must diversify.

Cambridge has utilized a variety of reports, tools and models to set, assess and monitor
the risk-taking/risk-managing posture here at the Foundation. Mr. Kirk believes that the
data shows that the principle risk functions and areas of the Foundation endowment are
adequately addressed by the Committee. This recognizes that the endowment portfolio
recently suffered a drawdown of 26% amidst a “3-standard deviation” return environment.
Those principle risk functions and areas are purchasing power/shortfall risk, macro-eco-
nomic risk “hedging”, growth, diversification, liquidity and monitoring/reporting.

Mr. Kirk specified that there are three levels of endowment risk management functions
that everyone is responsible for. Level 1 known as Enterprise Risk Functions, which is at the
board level, addresses the financial equilibrium of the institution, governance and resourc-
es, conflicts of interest and oversight. Level 2 known as Investment Policy Risk Functions is
at the committee level. This level deals with the investment philosophy and process, asset
allocation and shortfall risk, diversification and liquidity, and manager structure/selection
and rebalancing. Finally Level 3 known as Implementation Risk Functions is at the staff and
advisor level. This level tackles the implementation and operations, and due diligence /
manager selection.

Mr. Kirk then directed his focus on reviewing six specific critical elements of risks inherent
to the Foundation’s endowment, particularly relevant in light of the 2008 return experi-
ence and current conditions. These six specific elements of risk answered six questions. He
provided the committee supporting exhibits supporting the six responses and findings.

1. Yes, the Foundation’s investment philosophy is appropriate for its mission. The rationale
   is based on a observation that highlighted its asset allocation and investment returns in
   the context of spending needs, benchmarks and peer data.

2. Yes, the Foundation is partially protected against catastrophic economic risks (inflation,
   deflation). Inflation or deflation hedging involves holding assets that have a historically
   positive relationship with macro-economic phenomena that are otherwise destructive
   to the purchasing power of equity dominate portfolios. In response to these consid-
   erations, the Foundation has pursued a dedicated 10% allocation to Real Assets and
   a 15% long-term allocation to Fixed Income. These investments attempt to strike an
   appropriate balance between the Foundation’s long-term return objectives and the
   inefficiencies and opportunity costs associated with protecting against tail events.

3. The Foundation is appropriately diversified by asset class, geography and currency. The
   Foundation’s endowment is diversified across 40+ countries.

4. The portfolio is probably sufficiently liquid. The Foundation’s “cumulative liquidity” is
   broken out as follows: 53.5% daily, 76.3% monthly or earlier, 80.4% quarterly or earlier,
   98.2 % annually or earlier, and 1.8% illiquid or undetermined.

5. The Foundation’s asset allocation and manager structure is designed so that it does not
   risk everything declining at the same time. However Mr. Kirk noted that the design did
   come under severe stress during 2008.

6. Yes, the Foundation does have a clear understanding of the volatility and tracking error
   versus the benchmark that it should expect; and yes, the slate of managers have added
   value commensurate with volatility.

IV.   ADJOURNMENT                                                           Ashbel C. Williams Jr.
      There being no further business for discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 3:23 p.m.

      Minutes prepared by Tammy Jeanminette Lavine and
      Respectfully submitted by,

      Ashbel C. Williams Jr.
      Investment Committee

                     Board of TrusTees

       Real Estate Committee Meeting Agenda
                      Friday, May 15, 2009
innovation park • 2010 Levy avenue, BuiLding B • taLLahassee, FLorida

              There is not Real Estate meeting
      scheduled during the 2009 Spring Board Meeting.

                                      Board of TrusTees

                             Real Estate Committee Meeting
                         Friday, FeBruary 27, 2009 • 9:15 – 10:15 a.M.
          innovation park • 2010 Levy avenue, BuiLding B, rooM 269 • taLLahassee, FLorida

MEMbERS PRESENT           MEMbERS AbSENT           GUESTS                    STAFF

Beth A. Azor              Warren J. Coville        Rafael G. Alvarez         Lori Chorey
Edward E. Burr            Ralph R. Gonzales        Florence H. Ashby         Suellen Field
Chris E. Cadenhead                                 Thomas M. Culligan        Camille Licklider
Mart P. Hill                                       Priscilla M. Greenfield   Mark Pankey
Galen B. Kilburn Jr.                               Gordon S. Holder          Patricia Ramsey
Charles J. Rasberry                                J. Robert Jones Jr.       Gus Ray
Betty Ann Rodgers                                  Charlotte E. Maguire      Amy Sankes
                                                   W. Russell Morcom         Marilyn Spores
                                                   Jane E. Morgan            Jayne Standley
                                                   Kirk T. Rostron           Janine Welch
                                                   Jerry F. Sowell Jr.
                                                   J.T. Thomas
                                                   Ashbel C. Williams

* via teleconference

I.     WELCOME AND CALL TO ORDER                                                  Beth A. Azor, Chair
       Chair Azor called the meeting to order at 9:19 a.m.

       The roll was taken, and a quorum was present.

II.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES                                                                 Beth A. Azor
       Upon motion made and duly seconded, the Committee voted to approve the minutes
       from October 24, 2008.

III.   UNFINISHED bUSINESS                                                                 Beth A. Azor
       A.	Frankel	Building	Update	                                                     Marilyn Spores

           Ms. Spores reported that on December 4, 2008, the Foundation signed the official paper-
           work to sell the Frankel Building for $350,000. The Sarasota Airport approved it, and the
           Ballet and Mr. Famiglio were eliminated from the process. The Foundation sold it to the
           Asolo Theater. Ms. Azor explained for those in attendance that in April 2009, the Founda-
           tion would not have realized anything from the sale. Ms. Azor commended Ms. Spores for
           her fine work.

IV. NEW bUSINESS                                                                       Beth A. Azor
     A.	 Development	of	Real	Estate	Program—Next	Steps

        Ms. Azor recalled a discussion at the Fall Board meeting regarding a new mission and
        goals for the Real Estate Committee. The focus would be to advertise that the Foundation
        is interested in additional real estate gifts, that the University seeks potential opportuni-
        ties in the real estate world, and that this information needs to be disseminated to our
        alumni in the Real Estate business.

        The College of Business hosted its 8th Annual Trends and Networking Conference. Ms.
        Azor was able to invite some of the attendees to a sidebar meeting which was attended
        by 40-50 alumni. Several attendees discussed potential opportunities and there was one
        that is being considered.

     b. Future Consideration in Real Estate

        Ms. Azor reported that she and Charles are discussing hiring a staff person to continue
        with the mission and goals regarding real estate. Due to the economic condition at this
        time, the committee is delaying the process but will continue to review résumés and cre-
        ate a job description.

        Ms. Azor acknowledged and welcomed new Board Members attending the Committee

V.   ADJOURNMENT                                                                       Beth A. Azor
     There being no further business for discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 9:25 a.m.

     Minutes prepared by Marcy Khan and

     Respectfully submitted by,

     Beth A. Azor
     Real Estate Committee

                     Board of TrusTees

       Trusteeship Committee Meeting Agenda
                      Friday, May 15, 2009
innovation park • 2010 Levy avenue, BuiLding B • taLLahassee, FLorida

        There is not a Trusteeship Committee meeting
      scheduled during the 2009 Spring Board Meeting.

               Board of TrusTees • May 2009
                  Committee Assignments

      AUDIT      Mr. Jeffrey P. Rohr, Chair       Mr. W. Russell Morcom
  COMMITTEE      Mrs. Yvonne T. Brown             Mr. Charles J. Rasberry
                 Mr. Edward E. Burr               Mr. William G. Smith Jr.
                 Mr. John R. Carnaghi             Mr. Jerry F. Sowell Jr.
                 Mr. David B. Ford                Mr. James Thomas Jr.
                 Mr. Donald L. Harbaugh           Mr. Hansel E. Tookes II

DEVELOPMENT      Mr. Gordon S. Holder, Chair      Mrs. Joyce B. Miles
  COMMITTEE      Ms. Beth A. Azor                 Dr. Jacqueline D. Montgomery
                 Mrs. Stella S. Cottrell          Mrs. Jane E. Morgan
                 Mr. Warren J. Coville            Mr. Alexander R. Mullineaux
                 Mr. Thomas M. Culligan           Mr. Charles J. Rasberry
                 Mrs. Priscilla M. Greenfield     Mr. G. Bruce Redditt
                 Sen. Bob Johnson                 Mrs. Terri Jo Roach
                 Mr. Galen B. Kilburn Jr.         Mrs. Betty Ann Rodgers
                 Mr. George R. Langford           Mr. Jerry F. Sowell Jr.
                 Charlotte E. Maguire, M.D.       Mr. Edwin W. Walborsky

   ExECUTIVE     Mr. J. Robert Jones Jr., Chair   Mr. W. Russell Morcom
  COMMITTEE      Ms. Beth A. Azor                 Mr. Charles J. Rasberry
                 Mr. John R. Carnaghi             Mr. Jeffrey P. Rohr
                 Mr. David B. Ford                Mr. William G. Smith Jr.
                 Ms. Lee F. Hinkle                Dr. Jayne Standley
                 Mr. Gordon S. Holder             Mr. Ashbel C. Williams Jr.
                 Ms. Amelia Rea Maguire

    FINANCE      Mr. W. Russell Morcom, Chair     Mr. Donald L. Harbaugh
  COMMITTEE      Mr. Chris E. Cadenhead           Mr. Chuck Hardwick
                 Mr. John R. Carnaghi             Mr. Charles J. Rasberry
                 Ms. Carla S. Gopher              Mr. Jeffrey P. Rohr
                 Mr. Ralph R. Gonzalez            Mr. Hansel E. Tookes II

                 Board of TrusTees • May 2009
                    Committee Assignments

GOVERNMENTAL       Ms. Amelia Rea Maguire, Chair       Ms. Lee F. Hinkle
      AFFAIRS      Ms. Florence H. Ashby               Sen. Bob Johnson
   COMMITTEE       Ms. Carla S. Gopher                 Mr. Charles J. Rasberry
                   Mr. Chuck Hardwick                  Mrs. Terri Jo Roach

   INVESTMENT      Mr. Ashbel C. Williams Jr., Chair   Mr. Charles J. Rasberry
    COMMITTEE      Mr. David B. Ford                   Mr. Kirk T. Rostron
                   Mr. J. Robert Jones Jr.             Mr. William G. Smith Jr.
                   Mr. Floyd D. Jordan Jr.

   REAL ESTATE     Ms. Beth A. Azor, Chair             Mrs. Mart P. Hill
   COMMITTEE       Mr. Edward E. Burr                  Mr. Galen B. Kilburn Jr.
                   Mr. Chris E. Cadenhead              Mrs. Jane E. Morgan
                   Mr. Warren J. Coville               Mr. Charles J. Rasberry
                   Mr. Ralph R. Gonzalez               Mrs. Betty Ann Rodgers
                                                       Mr. Kirk T. Rostron

  TRUSTEESHIP      Mr. Ashbel C. Williams Jr., Chair   Ms. Amelia Rea Maguire
   COMMITTEE       Mrs. Yvonne T. Brown                Charlotte E. Maguire, M.D.
                   Mrs. Stella S. Cottrell             Dr. Jacqueline D. Montgomery
                   Mr. Thomas M. Culligan              Mr. J. Michael Pate
                   Mrs. Mart P. Hill                   Mr. Charles J. Rasberry
                   Mr. Gordon S. Holder                Mr. James Thomas Jr.
                   Mr. Floyd D. Jordan Jr.             Mr. Edwin W. Walborsky
                   Mr. George R. Langford

Board of TrusTees • May 2009

      J. Robert Jones Jr.

      Ashbel C. Williams Jr.
      Chair Elect

      John R. Carnaghi

      beth A. Azor

      Marilyn Spores
      Assistant Treasurer

      Lori M. Chorey
      Assistant Secretary

                       Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                          Florence H. “Flo” Ashby was named Professor Emerita
                                          in July 2006 after serving as a mathematics professor at
                                          Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland for more
                                          than 40 years. Prior to teaching, Ms. Ashby worked for
                                          IBM as a systems analyst/mathematician. Her duties there
                                          included work on IBM’s contract with the Tiros Weather
                                          Satellite launch project at Goddard Space Flight Center.

                                          Raised in Sarasota, Ms. Ashby received her bachelor’s
                                          degree in music and mathematics from Florida State Uni-
                                          versity. At FSU, she was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta,
                                          Sophomore Council, Garnet Key and Mortar Board; Pres-
                                          ident of Sigma Alpha Iota and Tau Beta Sigma; Vice-Pres-
                                          ident of the School of Music student body; and named in
            Ms. Florence H. Ashby         Who’s Who in American Colleges and Hall of Fame. After
                  Governmental Affairs    graduation, she attended graduate school at Columbia
                                          University and Purdue University, where she received a
                109 S Van Buren Street    master’s degree in mathematics and earned member-
              Rockville, MD 20850-2802    ship in Pi Mu Epsilon.

                     H: (301) 762-5429    She is married to Laird Anderson, who is also a Florida      State graduate. They have established a Lectureship in
                                          Public Policy Journalism and have made a planned gift
          Spouse: Mr. Laird B. Anderson   to endow scholarships in both the College of Social Sci-
                                          ences and the College of Music.

              Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                 Beth A. Azor has been in the commercial real estate indus-
                                 try since 1986. Since 2004, Ms. Azor has owned Azor Advi-
                                 sory Services which offers consulting services to clients in
                                 the retail real estate industry. Prior to that, she served as
                                 President of Terranova, Florida’s largest third-party asset
                                 manager. A Florida licensed real estate broker since 1993,
                                 Ms. Azor attended Florida State University, where she
                                 obtained her bachelor’s degree in English.

                                 Ms. Azor is a member of the FSU Executive Advisory
                                 Board for the Real Estate Program in the College of Busi-
                                 ness where she has established the Terranova Corpora-
                                 tion Fund for the Real Estate Research Center. She has
                                 also made an additional gift to the College to support
          Ms. beth A. Azor       graduate studies in real estate; to build an internship
                     Secretary   program; to advance an executive speaker serves; and
                                 to boost services provided by the Real Estate Education
                 Development     Research Center. Because of her love for films, she also
                    Executive    supports the FSU College of Motion Picture, Television
                   Real Estate   and Recording Arts.

         11173 SW 37th Manor     In addition to her FSU involvement, she is President of the
          Davie, FL 33328-1321   Board of Directors for the Helping Other People Every-
                                 where (H.O.P.E.) Outreach Center, where she volunteers
             C: (305) 970-0416   weekly in the food pantry.
             F: (954) 423-9432
             H: (954) 424-2056   Ms. Azor has two sons: Mario, 5, and Alex, 8. They live in    Davie, Florida.

             Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                               Yvonne T. Brown, Chief Financial Officer for Colliers
                               Abood Wood-Fay Commercial Real Estate Group, joined
                               the firm in February 2003 and is responsible for oversee-
                               ing all financial aspects of the sales and leasing divisions
                               of the firm.

                               Mrs. Brown began her career with the IRS and after 20
                               years experience left the agency, secured an Enrolled
                               Agent’s license and opened her own firm, Yvonne T.
                               Brown Tax Consultant. As a sole practitioner, Mrs. Brown
                               represented more than 350 clients before the IRS in their
                               collection and audit disputes.

                               After 10 years, Mrs. Brown sold her tax consulting prac-
    Mrs. Yvonne T. brown       tice and devoted her time to working in the community.
                       Audit   She became the executive director of the Great Aven-
                 Trusteeship   tura Tennis Event, a three-day event to benefit cancer
                               research. The event consisted of a pro-am tennis tour-
           21050 Point Place   nament, seminars by world-renowned cancer specialists
                    Apt 1402   and a black-tie gala. She served as chair of the Governing
     Aventura, FL 33180-4077   Body of Parkway Regional Medical Center, a Tenet hospi-
                               tal, and has volunteered with many other local civic and
           W: (305) 446-0011   charitable organizations. Mrs. Brown is also a member of
           F: (305) 446-1907   the Seminole Booster Board.
           H: (305) 935-2726    The Browns have made planned gifts to the Colleges of
                               Business and Arts and Sciences as well as to the Semi-
Spouse: Judge Stephen Brown    nole Boosters.

                               Mrs. Brown is married to U.S. Magistrate Judge Stephen
                               Brown. Judge Brown earned his bachelor’s degree in busi-
                               ness from Florida State University. Mrs. Brown attended
                               the University of Florida—but her husband has done a
                               great job of converting her to a full-time, dedicated Sem-
                               inole. They maintain an apartment in Tallahassee so they
                               can enjoy baseball, basketball and football seasons, but
                               their primary residence is Aventura, Florida.

            Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                Edward E. “Ed” Burr has recently formed Greenpointe
                                Holdings LLC in Jacksonville. This comes after he stepped
                                down from his position at LandMar Group LLC, a com-
                                pany he founded in 1987 after several years of consult-
                                ing for privately and publicly held real estate developers.
                                A certified public accountant, Mr. Burr began LandMar
                                with the dream of building a value-driven, quality firm
                                specializing in land development and residential amenity

                                Mr. Burr earned a bachelor’s degree from the FSU College
                                of Business and served on the FSU CONNECT National
                                Campaign Committee. He has endowed an athletic schol-
                                arship with Seminole Boosters and has recently estab-
     Mr. Edward E. burr         lished an Endowment Fund within the College of Business
                       Audit    which will provide programmatic support for the Center
                 Real Estate    for Real Estate Education and Research.

               PO Box 16068     A longtime advocate for bettering the lives of children,
 Jacksonville, FL 32245-6068    Mr. Burr is the President of the Jacksonville Country Day
                                School Board and serves on the boards of Fresh Minis-
  Greenpointe Holdings LLC      tries, Building for Life and the Monique Burr Foundation
7807 Baymeadows Road East       for Children, which endeavors to protect and aid abused
                   Suite 205    and neglected children in Northeast Florida. In addition,
      Jacksonville, FL 32256    he is chair-elect of the Jacksonville Chamber of Com-
                                merce, chairs the Land Use Committee of the Mayor’s
         W: (904) 996 -2485     Commission to analyze Cecil Field, is an active mem-
          H: (904) 273-9372     ber of the National Association of Homebuilders, and      serves on the board of the Northeast Florida Builder’s
  Spouse: Mrs. Billie Jo Burr
                                He is married to Billie Jo Burr and lives in Jacksonville

            Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                A native of Okaloosa County, Chris E. Cadenhead earned
                                his bachelor’s degree in the FSU College of Business and
                                his juris doctorate from Florida State University College of
                                Law. He began practicing law in Crestview with a staff of
                                three attorneys and a seven-member support staff. In con-
                                junction with the law offices, Mr. Cadenhead established
                                and operated a title insurance company for several years.
                                Currently, he maintains law offices in Destin and Crestview
                                and is also active in land development and sales.

                                Mr. Cadenhead has engaged in civil and criminal cases
                                in state and federal courts and has participated in
                                administrative hearings and oral arguments before the
                                Department of Corrections, Equal Employment Oppor-
 Mr. Chris E. Cadenhead         tunity Commission (EEOC) and other state agencies. He
                    Finance     has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1983 and a
                 Real Estate    licensed real estate broker since 1979.

       543 Harbor Boulevard     Mr. Cadenhead has supported the College of Law with a
                    Suite 501   gift to the Dean’s Chair honoring Donald J. Weidner, cur-
       Destin, FL 32541-7360    rent Dean of the College.

           W: (850) 837-5509
           H: (850) 837-5509

                Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                    Mr. Caton received a Bachelor of Science degree from the
                                    FSU College of Business in 1960 and spent three years in
                                    the US Army after graduation. He is currently serving as
                                    the Chairman of Seminole Boosters and has been very
                                    generous to FSU, endowing two football scholarships as
                                    well as making a planned gift to Florida State.

                                    After his discharge from the Army, Mr. Caton began his
                                    career with Anheuser-Busch, Inc. as a Field Representative
                                    traveling in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. In 1978,
                                    he was awarded the Anheuser-Busch Distributorship in
                                    Lumberton, North Carolina, and sold it in 2007 after 44

 Mr. Robert F. “bob” Caton          He and his wife Faye have two adult children, a son who
                       Ex-Officio   currently lives in Atlanta and is also an FSU graduate, and
                                    a daughter who lives in Lumberton and graduated from
                   PO Box 1286      Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
           Lumberton, NC 28359

4904 Fayetteville Road, Suite #1A
           Lumberton, NC 28358

                H: 910-738-9222
                C: 910-671-7771
                W: 910-738-7750

        Spouse: Mrs. Faye Caton

             Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                 Currently, John R. Carnaghi is the Senior Vice President
                                 for Finance and Administration at Florida State University.
                                 His career history includes the following: Vice President
                                 for Finance and Administration at FSU; Vice Chancellor
                                 for Financial Affairs at Indiana University-Purdue Univer-
                                 sity at Fort Wayne; Assistant Director of Wage and Salary
                                 Administration at Purdue University; Director of Purdue’s
                                 budget office; School of Business administrator at Pur-
                                 due; and education departmental business representa-
                                 tive at Purdue.

                                 Mr. Carnaghi graduated from Southern Illinois University
                                 with a bachelor’s degree and Purdue University with a
                                 master’s degree in higher education. He was a member
    Mr. John R. Carnaghi         of the Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity and the College of Busi-
                    Treasurer    ness Student Council. A native of Herrin, Illinois, John R.
                                 Carnaghi is married to Judy Carnaghi, and they have one
      Presidential Appointee     child, Jason.
                    Executive    Mr. Carnaghi is affiliated with several organizations that
                     Finance     include FSU Research Foundation, FSU University Cen-
                                 ter Club Governing Board and FSU International Pro-
        Senior Vice President    grams. Other professional affiliations include: Southern
      Florida State University   Association of College and University Business Officers
 Finance and Administration      (SACUBO), Central Association of College and Univer-
  Tallahassee, FL 32306-0321     sity Business Officers (CACUBO), National Association of
                                 College and University Business Officers (NACUBO), and
           W: (850) 644-4444     the National Association of State Universities and Land-
            F: (850) 644-4447    Grant Colleges (NASULGC).
            H: (850) 668-6608

Spouse: Mrs. Judith Carnaghi

               Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                  Stella S. Cottrell is a graduate of Florida State Univer-
                                  sity, where she met her husband, Raymond. She taught
                                  French, social studies and music for 12 years in Texas and
                                  Florida, while Dr. Cottrell completed medical school, res-
                                  idency and a fellowship in gastroenterology.

                                  Ms. Cottrell has served on the music staff at churches
                                  in Texas and Florida for the past 35 years. She has been
                                  employed for the past 24 years at Walt Disney World’s
                                  entertainment division as a rehearsal accompanist, pia-
                                  nist for Magic Music Days, and organist for the Candle-
                                  light Processional Christmas performances.

                                  The Cottrells recently moved from Orlando to Tallahas-
      Mrs. Stella S. Cottrell     see, fulfilling a lifelong dream. She has served on the
                 Development      Leadership Council for the College of Arts and Sciences
                  Trusteeship     since 1997, the music staff of the Bradfordville First Bap-
                                  tist Church and volunteers with the Boys & Girls Club of
        3664 Mossy Creek Lane     the Big Bend.
          Tallahassee, FL 32311
                                  Stella and Ray Cottrell were members of the FSU CON-
             W: (850) 508-8301    NECT National Campaign Committee and have sup-
              H: (850) 574-4922   ported the Alumni Center Fund. In addition, they have
              C: (850) 339-1600   established the Cottrell Family Professorship in Chem-
      istry to support the College of Arts and Sciences and
                                  to award excellence and dedication to teaching in the
Spouse: Raymond Cottrell, M.D.    Department of Chemistry.

                                  The couple has two grown children, both FSU graduates:
                                  Keith, a former Seminole football player, and Catherine,
                                  who is currently attending Naval Officer Training.

              Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                 Mr. Warren Coville is a retired photographer, portrait
                                 studio owner, and photo-finishing supplier. After serving
                                 in the US Army as an aerial photographer during WWII,
                                 Mr. Coville spent the next four decades in the photogra-
                                 phy industry retiring in 1985 as CEO of Guardian Photos.
                                 Since retiring, Mr. Coville has pursued endeavors in the
                                 arts, philanthropy and sports. He belongs to a group of
                                 investors who own the Detroit Pistons basketball team.

                                 Mr. Coville currently serves as the chair of the FSU/Asolo
                                 Conservatory for Actor Training Student Scholarship
                                 Program in Sarasota. He also serves as President and
                                 Treasurer of the Coville Photographic Art Foundation.
                                 The Coville’s philanthropic work has focused primarily
     Mr. Warren J. Coville       on encouraging Jewish education and heritage, help-
                Development      ing disadvantaged youth obtain higher education and
                  Real Estate    on providing assisted-living housing for the elderly. Mr.
                                 Coville is also the founder of the I Have a Dream Foun-
           216 Bird Key Drive    dation—Detroit. The Covilles have funded a total of four
      Sarasota, FL 34236-1602    foundations.

             H: (941) 954-0999   Mr. Coville is married to Margot Coville. During World
      War II, Mrs. Coville was rescued from a detention camp
                                 in France just before her parents were deported to Aus-
Spouse: Mrs. Margot E. Coville   chwitz. Today, the Covilles support the Jewish Federation
                                 and United Jewish Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit,
                                 as well as the Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Sara-
                                 sota-Manatee, Inc.

                                 The Covilles are recognized in the Strozier Society and
                                 are major supporters of the Ringling.

                  Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                      Mr. Thomas M. “Tom” Culligan is the CEO of Raytheon
                                      International, Inc. and serves as the Executive Vice Presi-
                                      dent of Business Development for Raytheon Company.
                                      Before joining Raytheon, Mr. Culligan held similar execu-
                                      tive positions with Honeywell, Allied Signal, and McDon-
                                      nell Douglas.

                                      He received his BA from FSU in Political Science in 1973
                                      and his MPA from the College of Social Sciences in 1977.
                                      While at FSU, he received the Golden Key Scholarship
                                      and was active in Omicron Delta Kappa. He also served
                                      in the US Air Force with the 4950th Test Wing at Wright
                                      Patterson AFB, Ohio

Mr. Thomas M. “Tom” Culligan          Currently, Mr. Culligan is a member of the College of
                     Development      Engineering’s Industry and Research Advisory Council
                      Trusteeship     and is active in the Seminole Club of Greater Washington
                                      DC and has served as the President of the FSU Alumni
            1109 Kensington Road      Chapter in Washington, DC. He is also the permanent
           McLean, VA 22101-2919      President of the Class of 1973, received the Grad Made
                                      Good Award in 1988 and the Distinguished Alumni Award
                W: (703) 284-4468     from the College of Social Sciences in 2006. He served
                 F: (703) 358-9679    on National Campaign Committee during the Connect
                 H: (703) 847-6949    Campaign.
                                      Mr. Culligan has served on a variety of non-profit boards,
    Spouse: Ms. M. Eileen Culligan    including the Ford Theatre, the National Defense Indus-
                                      trial Association, Atlantic Research Marketing Systems,
                                      Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, and Char-
                                      ity Works DC.

                                      He and his wife Eileen, also an FSU graduate in English
                                      and Home Economics, reside in Washington DC and are
                                      recognized in the Campbell Society of the Presidents
                                      Club. The Culligans have two children.

         Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                              David B. Ford is currently the President of DBF Associ-
                              ates, a private investment firm, and Advisor to Gatemore
                              Capital Management, LLC, a private wealth and institu-
                              tional investment management firm. Mr. Ford was pre-
                              viously with the Goldman Sachs Group, where he was a
                              Managing Director and co-head of Global Asset Manage-
                              ment. Prior to that, he was a General Partner and head of
                              fixed income sales for Goldman Sachs & Co.

                              Mr. Ford devotes significant time to a number of philan-
                              thropies. He serves as a Trustee of the Florida State Uni-
                              versity and the New School University. He is on the Board
                              of Overseers of the Wharton School, and the Board of
                              Governors of the Parsons School of Design. He is a mem-
    Mr. David b. Ford         ber of the Board and Directors of the National Audubon
   FSU Board Appointee        Society, The Global Heritage Fund, The Redwood Library,
                              and The American Place Theatre.
                Executive     Mr. Ford has supported a variety of areas at FSU. He has
              Investment      established an Eminent Scholar Chair to be used Univer-
                              sity wide; has established the David B. Ford Endowed
         DBF Associates       Scholarship to provide undergraduate scholarships; and
   375 Greenwich Street       has established the Office of National Fellowships which
New York, NY 10013-2376       will guide and mentor students applying for fellowships.

        W: (212) 941-4007     Mr. Ford received his bachelor’s degree from Florida State
         C: (917) 930-6503    University and a master’s in business administration from
         F: (212) 941-4011    The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He
         H: (212) 288-2646    has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to       Florida State by the FSU Alumni Association’s Circle of
                              Gold award.

            Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                 Mr. Ralph R. Gonzalez has joined American Life Insurance
                                 Co., a division of AIG (American International Group,
                                 Inc.), as a Senior Vice President and General Counsel
                                 after leaving his position with Citigroup. Prior to joining
                                 Citigroup, he spent ten years at General Electric in vari-
                                 ous assignments including four years as General Coun-
                                 sel of GE Mexico/Latin America. Before joining GE, Mr.
                                 Gonzalez practiced law with the firm of Baker & McK-
                                 enzie where he specialized in international transactions
                                 and worked in the firm’s Madrid, Miami and New York

                                 In 1973 Mr. Gonzalez received his BA from the College
                                 of Education. During his time at FSU, he was a member
  Mr. Ralph R. Gonzalez          of Gold Key. He received a Master of Public Administra-
                    Finance      tion from Florida International University School of Busi-
                 Real Estate     ness and a Juris Doctor, cum laude, from the University
                                 of Miami.
     15 Gray Squirrel Drive
New Canaan, CT 06840-6902        Mr. Gonzalez is a member of the Florida Bar and the New
                                 York Bar and serves on the International Council of the
           W: (212) 770-6460     Association of the Bar of the City of New York and the
            C: (302) 290-7663    Appleseed Foundation Board of Directors.
            C: (917) 861-3098
            H: (203) 966-8347    Mr. Gonzalez is married to Mrs. Barrie Gonzalez who is       also a graduate of the FSU College of Education, and      they have three sons. They are recognized in the Presi-
                                 dents Society and also support athletics through the
Spouse: Mrs. Barrie Gonzalez     Seminole Boosters.

       Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                            Ms. Carla Gopher is the Assistant to the General Man-
                            ager of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Formerly, she was
                            the Internal Gaming Auditor for the Seminole Bingo &
                            Casino located in Tampa, Florida. She currently works at
                            the Seminole Casino Brighton on the Brighton Indian Res-
                            ervation in Okeechobee, Florida. She is actively involved
                            with the Seminole Indian Tribe both as an employee and
                            as a tribal member.

                            Ms. Gopher received a BS degree in Management from
                            the FSU College of Business in 1996, becoming the first
                            female Florida Seminole Indian to graduate from FSU.
                            She is a life member of the FSU Alumni Association, as
                            well as a member of the Boosters Inner Circle.
Ms. Carla S. Gopher
              Finance       Her mother, Louise Jones Gopher, recently received the
   Governmental Affairs     distinguished Westcott Award, named after James D.
                            Westcott, Jr. in recognition of her outstanding contribu-
 1642 N. Galloway Road      tion to education for all members of the Seminole Tribe
Lakeland, FL 33810-0206     of Florida and for her friendship and support of Florida
                            State University.
 W: (863) 467-9998 X111
       H: (863) 858-2993

                 Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                     A native of Dade County, Priscilla Moss Greenfield earned
                                     a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University Col-
                                     lege of Arts and Sciences. She later served as regional
                                     director for Lord & Taylor and worked for the Center for
                                     the Fine Arts in Miami.

                                     Mrs. Greenfield has dedicated much of her time to serv-
                                     ing her community by being active in various organiza-
                                     tions and associations. She is a former member of Art
                                     in the Public Places, the Historical Society of Southern
                                     Florida and a former board member of the Bass Museum.
                                     Currently, she is a member of Beaux Arts of the Lowe
                                     Museum and Dade Heritage Trust and was appointed to
                                     the City of Miami Health Facilities Board.
Mrs.	Priscilla	Moss	Greenfield
                   Development       She was married to the late Arnold L. Greenfield, a Trustee
                                     Emeritus of the FSU Foundation Board. Mr. Greenfield
            3194 Via Abitare Way     was a graduate of FSU and was a retired investment
                          Apt 19     banker, attorney and visiting professor at the FSU Askew
    Coconut Grove, FL 33133-5922     School of Public Administration and Policy.

                C: (305) 498-9069    To continue the Greenfield legacy at FSU, they made a
                F: (305) 441-8507    planned gift to endow the Greenfield Eminent Scholar
                H: (305) 442-8239    Chair in Public Debt Management and to support schol-
                                     arships and fellowships for students studying public pol-
                                     icy, social sciences, and law. In addition, the couple made
                                     a gift to the FSU-Ringling Cultural Center in Sarasota.

              Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                   Donald L. “Don” Harbaugh had more than 17 years of
                                   sales, marketing and management experience before
                                   becoming the President of Toledo (Ohio) Molding & Die
                                   in 1989 and the Chair in 1996. He is also co-owner of
                                   North Coast Motorcycle of Rossford, Ohio. He is a grad-
                                   uate of Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree
                                   in marketing.

                                   Currently, Mr. Harbaugh is involved with numerous civic
                                   and charitable organizations, including the Regional
                                   Growth Partnership, Toledo Area Chamber of Com-
                                   merce and the Boys & Girls Club of Toledo. He has been
                                   awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award; the Friends
                                   of Youth Award from the Boys & Girls Club of Toledo; the
  Mr. Donald L. Harbaugh           Outstanding Board Volunteer from the Boys & Girls Club
                         Audit     of Toledo and the Ohio Area Council; and the National
                       Finance     Service to Youth Award for 10 years of service from the
                                   Boys & Girls Clubs of America. In 2004, Mr. Harbaugh
     President, CEO and Chair      was awarded the Golden Knight Award from St. Francis
        Toledo Molding & Die       de Sales High School. He is a member of the World Pres-
           1429 Coining Drive      ident’s Organization, Society of Plastics Engineers and
       Toledo, OH 43612-2932       the Seminole Boosters.

             W: (419) 470-3974     Mr. Harbaugh enjoys golfing, skiing, fly-fishing, college
              F: (419) 470-3977    sports and travel, especially to Montana and Africa. He
             H: (419) 531-2281     and his wife, Darla, have two children, Holly and Nikki,        and reside in Ottawa Hills, Ohio.

Spouse: Mrs. Darla L. Harbaugh

               Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                 Chuck Hardwick retired in 2005 as Senior Vice President
                                 for Corporate Affairs at Pfizer, Inc. As Senior Vice Presi-
                                 dent, he had worldwide responsibility for governmental
                                 relations, media relations, public policy and philanthropy.
                                 He previously served as President of the Pfizer Founda-
                                 tion and was a member of the Pfizer Leadership Council.

                                 Mr. Hardwick worked for Pfizer for nearly 40 years in a
                                 variety of management positions. His responsibilities
                                 included U.S. and international government and public
                                 affairs assignments, sales and marketing management in
                                 the U.S. Pharmaceuticals Group. In addition, he was a
                                 member of the Pfizer Leadership Team, the company’s
                                 most senior management committee.
       Mr.	Chuck	Hardwick
                     Finance     Active in state and national political affairs, Mr. Hard-
          Governmental Affairs   wick is the former Speaker of the New Jersey General
                                 Assembly, where he served 14 years. He was Vice Chair
             451 Savoie Drive    of the 1988 National Republican Platform Committee
 Palm Bch Gdns, FL 33410-1606    and was named by President Reagan to the Presidential
                                 Advisory Committee on Federalism. He was appointed
             C: (561) 506-4453   to the U.S. Trade Advisory Commission and was chair
             H: (561) 799-9703   of the U.S./Canada Free Trade Agreement Subcommit-   tee. Appointed by Mayor Rudi Giuliani, Mr. Hardwick
                                 served as vice chair of the New York City Council on the
Spouse: Mrs. Sheilagh Hardwick   Environment

                                 He is a 1964 graduate of Florida State University, where
                                 he received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the
                                 College of Business. As a result of his successful careers
                                 in the business world and state and national political
                                 affairs, Mr. Hardwick has chosen to support the Center
                                 for Business & Government Affairs in the College of Busi-
                                 ness. He and his wife, Sheilagh Mylott Hardwick, reside
                                 in Palm Beach Gardens.

          Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                               Born in Greenwood, South Carolina, Mart Pierson Hill
                               graduated from the Florida State College for Women
                               with a bachelor’s degree in English. She was President
                               of the College Government Association and Chair of the
                               Student War Defense Committee. She was a member of
                               Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Delta Pi, Esteron
                               and Mortar Board. In addition, she was elected May
                               Queen. She currently lives in Tallahassee.

                               Mrs. Hill’s hobbies include reading, bridge, antiques, the-
                               ater, music, family activities and all Florida State Univer-
                               sity activities. She has been awarded an Honorary Doc-
                               torate of Humane Letters, Torch Award, Circle of Gold
                               Award and Distinguished Emeritus Award from FSU.
Mrs. Mart Pierson Hill
        Permanent Trustee      She is the former President of the Tallahassee Junior
                               League, former President of the Tallahassee Museum of
               Real Estate     History and Natural Science, and a member of the Florida
               Trusteeship     Arts Council. She is a member of the Florida State Uni-
                               versity College of Arts and Sciences Leadership Council
     1489 Vieux Carre Drive    and the Florida State University Patrons Theater Board.
Tallahassee, FL 32308-7730     Mrs. Hill has generously supported a vast array of areas
                               at FSU including the College of Arts and Sciences, the
         C: (850) 294-0884     College of Music, the College of Medicine, and the The-
         F: (850) 385-2447     atre Patrons.
         H: (850) 385-2447
                               Mrs. Hill is the widow of the late Louis Hill Sr. and has two
                               children: Louis Jr., a graduate of Davidson College and
                               Emory University Medical School; and Almena, a gradu-
                               ate of Sweet Briar College and Boston University, where
                               she earned a master’s in business administration.

             Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                  A native of Fayette, Maine, Ms. Hinkle is a graduate of
                                  Florida State University, where she was an honorary
                                  scholarship recipient at the Southern Scholarship Foun-
                                  dation. In 1971, she earned her bachelor’s degree from
                                  the FSU College of Human Sciences.

                                  As a gubernatorial appointee, Ms. Hinkle served as Vice
                                  Chair of the inaugural Florida State University Board of
                                  Trustees and a member of the Florida Commission on
                                  Ethics. In addition, she served as President, Chair and cur-
                                  rent Board member of Capital Tiger Bay Club; member
                                  of the Economic Club of Florida; member of the Board of
                                  Directors of the Florida Prepaid College Foundation; and
                                  is a member of Leadership Florida and Florida Advisory
         Ms.	Lee	F.	Hinkle        Council for the Trust for Public Land.
      Presidential Appointee
                                  She is also the recipient of several honors and awards
                 Executive        including the FSU Circle of Gold Award, FSU Alumni Rec-
        Governmental Affairs      ognition Award, Athena Award and the Spotlight Award.
                                  Ms. Hinkle has supported the FSU Colleges of Human
        2916 Abbotsford Way       Sciences and Business in addition to a variety of others
  Tallahassee, FL 32312-2802      programs including the Seven Days Festival.

            W: (850) 644-1000     Currently, Ms. Hinkle is the Vice President for Univer-
            H: (850) 386-2303     sity Relations at Florida State University. Previously she       served as governmental and public affairs consultant at
                                  Bryant, Miller and Olive, P.A.; President and Chief Execu-
Spouse: Mr. Clifford R. Hinkle    tive Officer for Florida FREE, a political research orga-
                                  nization; Senior Vice President for Government Affairs
                                  for the Florida Chamber of Commerce; and Director of
                                  Government Relations for the Hospital Corporation of

                                  Ms. Hinkle is married to Cliff Hinkle, and they have a son,
                                  Ross, who lives in New York City.

                 Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                      Gordon S. Holder spent more than 36 years in the U.S.
                                      Navy, retiring as a Vice Admiral in October 2004. He is
                                      currently a Vice President and Partner with Booz Allen
                                      Hamilton, Inc., a global strategy and technology consult-
                                      ing firm in McLean, Virginia.

                                      Graduating from Florida State University College of
                                      Music, VADM Holder received his commission in 1968
                                      from Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode
                                      Island. His early career included a large variety of sur-
                                      face warfare assignments and commands. Selected for
                                      flag officer in 1993, VADM Holder served in Hawaii, Nor-
                                      folk and Washington, completing his career as Director
                                      for Logistics, Joint Staff, the Pentagon. In this role, he
VADM	(Ret)	Gordon	S.	Holder           directed the worldwide application of strategic logistics
                    Development       to support the Global War on Terrorism, ensuring timely
                       Executive      support to operations by delivering the necessary com-
                     Trusteeship      bat support to deployed forces throughout Operation
                                      Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
           3403 Silver Maple Place
      Falls Church, VA 22042-3545     VADM Holder is the 2002-2003 recipient of the National
                                      Defense Transportation Association DOD Distinguished
               W: (703) 377-4078      Service award and the 2005 National Defense Industrial
                C: (703) 772-8595     Association recipient of the Logistician Emeritus award
                F: (703) 902-3160     for his work in logistics. In 2004, he was selected as an
                H: (703) 876-9119     FSU Alumni Association Grad Made Good. He and his         wife, Pat, served on the FSU CONNECT National Cam-
                                      paign Committee.
   Spouse: Mrs. Patricia A. Holder
                                      He is currently associated with the Surface Navy Asso-
                                      ciation and the University of North Carolina LOGTECH;
                                      serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Soci-
                                      ety of International Logistics; and has recently assumed
                                      the Chair of the NDIA Executive Logistics Committee.

                                      VADM Holder and his wife, Pat who is an FSU College
                                      of Education graduate, live in Falls Church, Virginia.
                                      Together they are recognized in the Presidents Club and
                                      the Westcott Society with a planned gift to music and
                                      education. They have two daughters, Ann Marie Holder
                                      and Jennifer Gomer, who are both Florida State gradu-
                                      ates, and two granddaughters, Laira and Kali, of Jackson-
                                      ville, Florida.

                Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                   Robert (Rob) Jakubik is the newly elected Florida State
                                   University Student Body President. A senior, Mr. Jakubik is
                                   pursuing a double major in Criminology and International
                                   Affairs. During his time at Florida State, he has undertaken
                                   leadership roles in the Student Government Association
                                   (SGA) as well as the Interfraternity Council (IFC). Most
                                   recently, Mr. Jakubik served as the Campus Security Advi-
                                   sor in SGA. In this role, he implemented a Pedestrian Traf-
                                   fic Awareness Day, conducted two successful (and now
                                   annual) Campus Safety Walks, worked with senior FSU
                                   administrators, fellow SGA officials, and the City of Tal-
                                   lahassee for more than a year to implement crucial safety
                                   improvements on Tennessee Street, worked with the
                                   Office of Emergency Management on the implementation
      Robert	(Rob)	Jakubik         of the new FSU Alert System, helped create a video with
    FSU Student Body President     the FSU Police Department about the Nightnole and SAFE
                                   Bus services, and created a new campus security Web site
    Student Government Office      so that students can access all campus safety resources.
        Florida State University
                    A222, OGC      Mr. Jakubik also served on a variety of campus committees,
          Tallahassee, FL 32306    including the Healthy Campus 2010 committee, the Safety
                                   and Security Advisory Committee, and the FSU Bicycle
             W: (850) 644-2057     and Pedestrian Safety Committee. In his role as Secretary
                ?????      for IFC, he made sure the council was up to date on uni-      versity changes and that Greek men from the IFC became
                                   involved in different aspects of campus life. Having served
                                   as a board member for Men Advocating Responsible Con-
                                   duct (M.A.R.C) for the past 2 years, a Greek Judicial Jus-
                                   tice, and a Student Alumni Leadership Council member,
                                   Mr. Jakubik was the only student besides the Student
                                   Body President on President Wetherell’s Annual Presi-
                                   dent’s Retreat Planning Committee.

                                   During his presidency, Mr. Jakubik wants to bring the Stu-
                                   dent Government Association back to the students as a
                                   tool that will help them make many great memories while
                                   attending FSU, and also help them grow as individuals.
                                   Another goal is to teach students the importance of stay-
                                   ing invested in our university and giving back to help future
                                   generations of FSU Seminoles have the most memorable
                                   and rewarding collegiate experience possible.

                                   After graduation Mr. Jakubik plans to pursue a career in
                                   Foreign Relations within the U.S. Department of State.

            Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                 Senator Bob Johnson is a graduate of Florida State Uni-
                                 versity with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He is
                                 a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity and was inducted
                                 into Omicron Delta Kappa, Gold Key, and the Florida
                                 State University Hall of Fame. He attended Duke Univer-
                                 sity graduate school and later earned his juris doctorate
                                 from the University of Florida College of Law.

                                 He is former Chair of the Florida Arts Council and was
                                 appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the National
                                 Council of the Arts, where he served from 1985 to 1993.
                                 Senator Johnson served in the Florida House of Rep-
                                 resentatives, and thereafter in the Florida Senate, for a
                                 total of 16 years legislative service. He is currently a part-
       Sen. bob Johnson          ner in the law firm of Johnson, Browning & Clayton in
             Development         Sarasota.
       Governmental Affairs
                                 Senator Johnson has supported the Tibbals Learning
      1 North Tuttle Avenue      Center at the Ringling in Sarasota. He is married to Patri-
    Sarasota, FL 34237-6327      cia A. Johnson, and they have four children: Jeannene,
                                 Cecilia, Michael and Kathryn.
           W: (941) 906-1480
            F: (941) 906-1470
            H: (941)957-3132

Spouse: Ms. Patricia Johnson

                   Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                       Born to an American military family in Osaka, Japan, J.
                                       Robert “Bobby” Jones earned his bachelor’s degree in
                                       finance and accounting at Florida State University. While
                                       at FSU, he served as both President and Vice President of
                                       his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, and achieved membership
                                       in both Beta Alpha Psi, an honorary accounting fraternity,
                                       and Gold Key, an FSU leadership organization.

                                       During his college years, Mr. Jones met and married Susan
                                       Miller Jones, a native of Havana, Florida, and a member
                                       of an entire “garnet and gold” family. Mrs. Jones’ mother,
                                       father, and brothers are all FSU graduates.

                                       Mr. Jones is a partner with the private equity firm Bluff
       Mr. J. Robert Jones Jr.         Point. He will be responsible for Bluff Point’s business
                             Chair     development activities, as well as focusing on the strate-
                                       gic planning of Bluff Point’s portfolio companies. Jones
                         Executive     joined Bluff Point in the summer of 2007.
                                       After a successful career in financial services in North
        1645 Chase Landing Way         Carolina, Mr. Jones was a founder of The BISYS Group,
       Winter Park, FL 32789-5940      Inc., specializing in outsourcing technology for the finan-
                                       cial services industry. Prior to his tenure at BISYS, Mr.
                  W: (407) 539-1920    Jones founded a financial software provider called the
Office: Laurie Ducey (281) 361-7710    SLIMS Corporation, was Vice Chair and COO in banking
                  F: (407) 539-2146    with Scottish Savings and Loan Association, and was in
                  C: (203) 814-8619    accounting with Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and Co.
                  H: (407) 539-2888
              His leadership experience includes part ownership of the
                                       catalog retailer, J. Peterman Company, where he serves
     Spouse: Mrs. Susan M. Jones       as a board member. In addition, he serves as a limited
                                       partner in a number of private equity funds; was past
                                       President of a trade association for the financial services
                                       industry known as the Association for Financial Technol-
                                       ogy; and founded an all-volunteer organization, Golfers
                                       Against Cancer, which raises funds for cancer research.

                                       Bobby and Susan Jones have made gifts to support Col-
                                       lege of Business scholarships as well as gifts to support
                                       FSU Athletics. They make their home in Winter Park,
                                       Florida, and have two children: Benjamin and Katie. Ben
                                       graduated from FSU in 2001, while Katie is a University
                                       of Virginia graduate.

                Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                    Floyd D. “Bud” Jordan Jr. is currently Senior Vice Presi-
                                    dent of Wealth Management with the Smith Barney
                                    investment brokerage firm in Stuart, Florida. He has been
                                    a licensed stockbroker for 38 years. He opened Stuart’s
                                    first full-time brokerage house in 1971 and has special-
                                    ized in tax-free bonds for the past 27 years. During his
                                    career, he was selected for 11 consecutive years as one of
                                    the top 30 brokers of E.F. Hutton Group Inc. and served
                                    on Hutton’s Directors Advisory Council.

                                    Mr. Jordan has numerous professional affiliations which
                                    include being a member of Legg Mason’s Advisory Coun-
                                    cil and a member of the Chairman’s Council at Pruden-
                                    tial Securities. Mr. Jordan was a founding member, board
     Mr. Floyd D. Jordan Jr.        member and past President of the Economic Council of
                    Investment      Martin County. Currently, he is President and a founding
                    Trusteeship     member of the St. Lucie River Initiative, a citizens’ action
                                    group advocating restoration of a clean and healthy river
                    Legg Mason      in Martin and St. Lucie counties.
       759 SW Federal Highway
          Stuart, FL 34994-2914     Mr. Jordan’s passion for Florida State goes back to his
                                    college days when he played football, baseball, and was
               W: (772) 287-3300    a clown and juggler in the FSU Circus. Today he supports
               F: (772) 287-5511    both athletics, the circus and has established the Floyd D.
               H: (772) 283-8098    “Bud” Jordan Endowment Fund in the College of Busi-      ness. Most recently he has contributed to the Ft. Pierce
                                    Regional Medical Campus.
   Spouse: Mrs. Marjorie Jordan
                                    Mr. Jordan received his bachelor’s degree in accounting
                                    from Florida State University in 1957 and was a member
                                    of the Kappa Alpha fraternity. He is married to Marjorie
                                    Jordan and lives in Stuart, Florida. They have three adult
                                    children, two of whom are Seminoles.

           Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                Galen B. Kilburn Jr. earned a bachelor’s degree in eco-
                                nomics from Florida State University. While attending
                                FSU, he was a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity, was
                                an Army ROTC graduate and was a member of the FSU
                                track team. He is an FSU Presidents Club honoree and a
                                member of the Seminole Boosters, FSU Alumni Associa-
                                tion and the Varsity Club.

                                Mr. Kilburn has been in the brokerage and real estate
                                development business for many years in Atlanta, primar-
                                ily developing shopping centers in a three-state area.
                                Currently, he is President of Galen Kilburn and Co., an
                                Atlanta investment company. Prior to establishing his
                                investment company, Mr. Kilburn also was President and
 Mr.	Galen	B.	Kilburn	Jr        majority principal for Kilburn-Young Asset Management
              Development       Corp., a resolution trust corporation subcontractor.
                Real Estate
                                He is married to Anna Willingham Kilburn, and they have
    1405 N Harris Ridge NW      three grown children and two grandchildren. They reside
     Atlanta, GA 30327-4423     in Atlanta and, during the summer months, in Cashiers,
                                North Carolina.
           H: (404) 262-9522

Spouse: Ms. Anna W. Kilburn

               Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                   Maury Kolchakian is a 1975 Political Science honors grad-
                                   uate of FSU and a 1978 graduate of the FSU College of
                                   Law. He currently serves as an Adjunct Professor for the
                                   FSU College of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

                                   Mr. Kolchakian served Governor Bob Graham as Public
                                   Safety Policy Director and Chairman of the Governor’s
                                   Highway Safety Council. He was appointed by Governor
                                   Bob Martinez as Victim’s Rights Advocate and served on
                                   the Governor’s Council for Domestic Violence, also serv-
                                   ing as General Counsel and Legislative Director for the
                                   Florida Sheriffs’ Association. During former Governor
                                   Jeb Bush’s administration, Mr. Kolchakian was appointed
                                   as Assistant Director for Environmental Law Enforcement
     Mr.	Maury	Kolchakian          for the State of Florida responsible for Public Outreach,
                     Ex-Officio    industry partnerships, and grant administration. He also
Alumni Association Board Chair     served as Legislative Chair of the State Law Enforcement
                                   Chiefs Association and was on the Legislative Commit-
             2561 Noble Drive      tee of the Florida Police Chiefs Association.
    Tallahassee, FL 32308-6488
                                   Mr. Kolchakian currently serves the University as Chair of
            H: (850) 591-7209      the FSU Alumni Association National Board of Directors.       He is a member of the Seminole Boosters where he was
                                   a past Fund Drive Top War Chief and the ODK selection
Spouse: Mrs. Diana Kolchakian      committee for Grads Made Good awards.

                                   Maury and his wife Diana, an FSU alumna, are recognized
                                   as Presidents Club donors to Florida State.

               Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                    A native of Thomasville, Georgia, George R. Langford
                                    is the only member of his family who is not an alumnus
                                    of FSU. He received his undergraduate and law degrees
                                    from the University of Virginia. In 1988, however, Mr.
                                    Langford received an honorary doctorate of humane let-
                                    ters from Florida State University in recognition of out-
                                    standing service and commitment to the University. He
                                    has also been awarded the FSU Circle of Gold and serves
                                    on the Advisory Board for the Institute on WWII and the
                                    Human Experience.

                                    George Langford and his wife, Marian, have supported
                                    FSU through more than four university presidents. The
                                    Langford’s enthusiasm for FSU combines academics
   Mr. George R. Langford           and athletics with gifts for an eminent scholar chair in
            Permanent Trustee       the Department of Classics in the College of Arts and
                                    Sciences as well as a gift to construct Langford Green
                 Development        adjacent to Doak Campbell Stadium. Their most recent
                  Trusteeship       gift was to support the Institute on World War II and the
                                    Human Experience. This gift was prompted by Mr. Lang-
           837 Lake Ridge Drive     ford’s own personal experience of serving in Europe as a
     Tallahassee, FL 32312-1003     U.S. Army combat engineer during the war and to honor
                                    his brother who was killed right before the surrender of
              W: (850) 576-3171     the Axis powers in Europe.
               F: (850) 575-8852
         (NC) H: (828) 743-4148     Mr. Langford is the founder and Chairman of the Munici-
           (FL) H: 850-893-5905     pal Code Corporation, the largest codifier of municipal        codes in the United States, serving more than 2,000
                                    municipalities. In 1989, Mr. Langford was named Flor-
Spouse: Mrs. Marian L. Langford     ida Entrepreneur of the Year and was inducted into the
                                    Institute of American Entrepreneurs in recognition of his
                                    business achievements.

            Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                Amelia Rea “Mel” Maguire graduated from the Univer-
                                sity of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in education and
                                graduated with honors from the Florida State University
                                College of Law with a juris doctorate.

                                Ms. Maguire is a member of the Florida State University
                                College of Law Board of Visitors, Coast Guard Founda-
                                tion Inc., The Board, The Harvard Ken-
                                nedy School of Government Women’s Leadership Board,
                                and The Florida Justice Institute Board. In addition, she is
                                affiliated with numerous professional, business and chari-
                                table associations and organizations, and she is involved
                                in numerous extracurricular activities.

Ms. Amelia Rea Maguire          Ms. Maguire served on the FSU CONNECT National
                Executive       Campaign Committee during which she established the
       Governmental Affairs     Amelia Rea Maguire College of Law Endowment. Her
              Trusteeship       generosity to the College of Law has also included sup-
                                port for the Moot Court and the Deans Chair.
         2715 Toledo Street
Coral Gables, FL 33134-4857     Ms. Maguire is married to Jose A. Gelabert, and they live
                                in Coral Gables.
          C: (305) 281-5622
          H: (305) 281-5622

Spouse: Mr. Jose A. Gelabert

              Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                  Charlotte Edwards Maguire resides in Tallahassee and is
                                  President of Charlotte Maguire—Lakewood Estates Inc.,
                                  a real estate investment company. As the first woman phy-
                                  sician in Orlando, Dr. Maguire practiced pediatrics before
                                  becoming the medical director of Florida’s Crippled Chil-
                                  dren Commission. She helped create the state’s Health
                                  and Rehabilitative Services (HRS) office, now known as
                                  the Department of Health and the Department of Chil-
                                  dren and Families. Dr. Maguire served as HRS’s Medical
                                  Service Director for nine years.

                                  A lifetime member of the Florida Medical Association, Dr.
                                  Maguire has held leadership positions with the Central
                                  Florida Division of Children’s Home Society of Florida,
Charlotte E. Maguire, M.D.        the Orlando Child Health Clinic, and Mercy Hospital. In
                Development       addition, she served on the FSU CONNECT Campaign
                 Trusteeship      Executive Committee.

           4158 Covenant Lane     During former President Richard Nixon’s administration,
    Tallahassee, FL 32308-5765    Dr. Maguire was an assistant secretary of health and sci-
                                  entific affairs for the U.S. Department of Health, Educa-
            H: (850) 942-6310     tion and Welfare. Before retiring from medicine in 1987,
       she was a clinical staff member of the Department of
                                  Pediatrics at the University of Florida.

                                  Dr. Maguire was a strong proponent of the Florida State
                                  University College of Medicine’s creation and currently
                                  serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council and the Elder-
                                  care Advisory Council in the Department of Geriatrics.
                                  In 2002, she was awarded an honorary doctorate for her
                                  dedication to pediatrics and her support of the College
                                  of Medicine. Most recently, she has established the Char-
                                  lotte Edwards Maguire Endowed Chair–Geriatric Medi-
                                  cine and the Charlotte Edwards Maguire Scholarships in
                                  the College of Medicine.

             Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                 Joyce B. Miles is president of her own consulting and
                                 training company, Joyce B. Miles & Associates, A Leader-
                                 ship Development Group. She has been a leader promot-
                                 ing systemic change in the educational arena to prepare
                                 students for the 21st Century workplace. She has pre-
                                 sented locally, state-wide, and nationally to over 5,000
                                 participants and has co-authored a careers textbook for
                                 use in secondary family and consumer sciences classes.

                                 Mrs. Miles received her BS from Purdue University and
                                 her MS from the College of Education in Vocational Edu-
                                 cation, and in 1988 she completed additional graduate
                                 coursework in Home Economics at FSU. She worked for
                                 the Duval County Public Schools in Jacksonville, Florida
  Mrs. Joyce beery Miles         for over 31 years. Ms. Miles served as the Family and
               Development       Consumer Sciences Supervisor for the county school sys-
                                 tem where she provided technical assistance and training
                 PO Box 1689     to over 100 family and consumer sciences teachers. She
Maggie Valley, NC 28751-1689     retired from the Duval County in 1997.
            160 Emerald Lane     Ms. Miles has received numerous awards for her leader-
    Maggie Valley, NC 28751      ship as well as public service. In June 1999, she received
                                 the Outstanding Public Service Award from the Duval
            H: (828) 926-4436    County Cooperative Extension. In June of 2005, she      received the prestigious LEADER award from the Ameri-
                                 can Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. Ms.
     Spouse: Mr. Bob L. Miles    Miles has been active in community study groups and
                                 many non-profit boards and has worked as an advocate
                                 for children and families.

                                 She currently serves on the American Association for
                                 Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) Accreditation
                                 Council and the Development Committee, Chairing the
                                 Centennial Fundraising Campaign. She was a key contrib-
                                 utor on the Woman and Philanthropy Task Force spon-
                                 sored by the FSU Foundation in 2005 actively promot-
                                 ing philanthropy at Florida State University. She is also
                                 involved with Woman and Philanthropy at Purdue Univer-
                                 sity and the University of Georgia. She was a member of
                                 the Connect National Campaign Committee and served
                                 on the Human Sciences Alumni Association Development

                                 Ms. Miles is married to Bob Miles, a graduate of Purdue’s
                                 engineering college. Together they are recognized in the
                                 Presidents Society and the Westcott Legacy Society in
                                 support of the Resource and Technology Center in the
                                 College of Human Sciences.

                  Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                      Dr. Jacqueline D. Montgomery earned her bachelor’s
                                      degree in chemistry from Tuskegee (Alabama) Univer-
                                      sity and her master’s degree in biological chemistry with
                                      a specialty in enzymology from Purdue University. After
                                      employment in pharmaceutical research and biochemical
                                      instrumentation, she began studies in library and infor-
                                      mation science earning a master’s in library science from
                                      the University of Southern California. After employment
                                      in various information management positions in biomedi-
                                      cal science, chemistry and technical information, Dr. Mont-
                                      gomery earned her doctorate in library and information
                                      science from Florida State University.

                                      Dr. Montgomery is retired from The Procter & Gamble Co,
                                      where she served as Senior Information Scientist. Her pro-
Dr. Jacqueline D. Montgomery          fessional focus has been in the area of scientific and tech-
                     Development      nical information retrieval and use. Most of her career has
                      Trusteeship     been spent in industrial research and development envi-
                                      ronments, including pharmaceutical, biomedical, mining
           8303 Constitution Drive    and metals, and clinical chemistry. In addition, she worked
        Cincinnati, OH 45215-5324     at the Procter & Gamble, Europe, Research and Develop-
                                      ment Center in Brussels, Belgium. There she was the pat-
                 H: (513) 469-6502    ent information consultant, working with patent attorneys      and research scientists to identify prior art (scientific knowl-
                                      edge and existing inventions) and to position corporate
                                      research relative to these inventions. Upon returning to
                                      Proctor & Gamble’s corporate headquarters in Cincinnati,
                                      she developed a training program for the library reference
                                      staff to adopt a virtual, electronic library environment.

                                      She was also employed as an Assistant Professor in the
                                      School of Library and Information Science at the University
                                      of Missouri, Columbia. She is the recipient of the 2002 FSU
                                      School of Information Studies (now College of Information)
                                      Distinguished Alumni award.

                                      A world traveler, Dr. Montgomery completed a circumnavi-
                                      gation of the globe shortly after her retirement; other trav-
                                      els have taken her to numerous countries and continents.
                                      She has a strong interest in the textile arts and crafts area
                                      possessing a substantial collection of fabrics.

                                      She comes from a long line of educators and has a strong
                                      belief in the importance of education for personal and
                                      societal advancement. Because of these beliefs, Dr. Mont-
                                      gomery has established the Jacqueline D. Montgomery
                                      Professorship in the College of Information as well as the
                                      Jacqueline D. Montgomery International Interns to sup-
                                      port the College’s student abroad internship program.

                                      Dr. Montgomery currently resides in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

             Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                After graduating from Florida State University with a
                                bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering science,
                                W. Russell “Russ” Morcom joined the semiconductor
                                business of Harris Corporation in Melbourne. In addition,
                                he is a graduate of the Harris Corporation/University of
                                Florida MBA Core Program. After 32 years of service in
                                the area of engineering, manufacturing, sales, opera-
                                tions and division general management, he retired in
                                2001 from Intersil Corp., a spin-off of Harris.

                                Mr. Morcom is the past chair of the Seminole Boosters,
                                a lifetime member of the Florida State Alumni Associa-
                                tion, a member of the Board of Directors for FSU ath-
                                letics, an honoree of the FSU Presidents Club Francis
   Mr. W. Russell Morcom        Eppes Society and a patron of the FSU Theatre. Mr. and
                      Audit     Mrs. Morcom have established the W. Russell and Euge-
                   Executive    nia Morcom Endowed Chair in Arts and Sciences. This
                    Finance     professorship supports the work of individuals doing
                                research in psychology and education that will have a
         824 Greenbrier Lane    broad impact on reading education. In addition, they
  Tallahassee, FL 32308-3393    have generously supported the FSU athletic program by
                                providing the leadership gift necessary to build a state-
           W: (321) 777-6219    of-the-art swimming facility that will serve both athletic
           H: (850) 386-5045    and academic uses.
                                He and his wife Genie divide their time between Talla-
Spouse: Mrs. Eugenia Morcom     hassee and Indialantic, Florida, and have two adult sons.

               Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                               Jane E. Morgan earned a bachelor’s degree from Florida
                               State University College of Business doing her major work
                               in the hotel and restaurant administration program (what
                               is now the Dedman School). She spent many years mov-
                               ing with her husband, George Morgan, who was COO
                               of US Oncology and, prior to that, a senior member of
                               Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). Recently, she
                               and her husband decided on an early retirement and left
                               Houston, Texas to return to her native Sarasota.

                               While in Dallas on two separate occasions, Mrs. Morgan
                               was affiliated with the retailer The Container Store in an
                               accounting capacity. Prior to that, she was a manager in
                               the Management Advisory Services Department for the
                               accounting firm Laventhol & Horwath in Tampa, Florida.
   Mrs. Jane E. Morgan
                               While there, she provided a broad range of consulting
                               services to hospitality and real estate clients and volun-
         807 Tropical Circle
                               teered with the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the
         Sarasota, FL 34242
                               Combined Health Appeal of Tampa Bay.
          C: (941) 914-4774
                               Today, Mrs. Morgan has made education a focus of her
          H: (941) 349-9102
                               volunteering efforts in the Sarasota area. She is currently
                               a volunteer mentor with Take Stock in Children, a state-
                               wide mentoring and scholarship program for children
Spouse: Mr. George Morgan
                               from low-income families.

                               Mrs. Morgan and her husband, George, have endowed
                               a scholarship in the Dedman School of Hospitality and
                               are therefore recognized in the Robert Strozier Society
                               of the Presidents Club. Continuing their commitment to
                               higher education, they have also remembered Florida
                               State with a planned estate gift and are recognized in
                               the Westcott Society.

                Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                    Alex Mullineaux is currently the project director for Inspir-
                                    ing America and an associate at 21st Century Democrats.
                                    Inspiring America is a nonprofit organization dedicated
                                    to creating a compelling vision for America by working
                                    with progressive leaders from around the country to
                                    encourage citizens to action. It is a political action com-
                                    mittee committed to electing bold, visionary electoral
                                    leaders. Mr. Mullineaux came to 21st Century Democrats
                                    after spending three legislative sessions lobbying the
                                    Florida legislature with Pittman Law Group, LLC.

                                    Mr. Mullineaux also brings with him two full cycles of
                                    campaign experience. He served as Political Director
                                    for Tallahassee Mayor John Marks during his 2002 cam-
Mr.	Alexander	R.	Mullineaux         paign. After Mayor Marks was elected, Mr. Mullineaux
   GOLDen Ring Representative       continued to advise him on major policy initiatives and
                                    intergovernmental relations. Mr. Mullineaux also served
                  Development       as the Assistant Finance Director for Congresswoman
                                    Stephanie Herseth of South Dakota during her 2004 re-
                       2nd Floor    election campaign.
   1731 Connecticut Avenue NW
     Washington, DC 20009-1108      Mr. Mullineaux received a bachelor’s degree in political
                                    science in 2002 from Florida State University, where he
               W: (202) 626-5620    was a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. A native of
         Orlando, Mr. Mullineaux currently resides in Washington,
                                    DC with his wife, Michelle who is also an FSU graduate
Spouse: Mrs. Michelle Mullineaux    with a BS from the College of Education.

             Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                 Born in Madill, Oklahoma, J. Michael “Mike” Pate grad-
                                 uated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s
                                 degree in business administration. He was a member of
                                 the Marching Chiefs; officer of Kappa Kappa Psi, an hon-
                                 orary fraternity for college bandsmen; and President of
                                 Alpha Delta Sigma, a professional advertising fraternity.
                                 He is co-founder of the Florida State University Alumni
                                 Band. Mr. Pate was honored on the Wall of Fame at
                                 Florida State University College of Music and has been
                                 awarded the Circle of Gold from the Florida State Univer-
                                 sity Alumni Association.

                                 After 37 years in the newspaper industry, Mr. Pate retired
                                 from the Tallahassee Democrat as President and Pub-
      Mr. J. Michael Pate        lisher. He currently serves as Program Director for the
                 Trusteeship     John S. and James L. Knight Foundation in Tallahassee.
                                 He is a member of the Executive Committee of the FSU
    1464 Saint Charles Place     Seven Days of Opening Nights arts festival and a mem-
  Tallahassee, FL 32308-3894     ber of the Board of Visitors for the Florida A&M Univer-
                                 sity School for Journalism and Graphic Communication.
           W: (850) 915-0258
            C: (850) 339-5301    Mr. Pate is married to Judith “Judy” Baker Pate, also a
            F: (850) 915-0259    former Marching Chief, who graduated from Florida
           H: (850) 906-0446     State University with a bachelor’s degree in music edu-
E-mail:      cation. Together they established, through a charitable
                                 remainder trust, the Pate Family Scholarship, which will
 Spouse: Mrs. Judith B. Pate     annually support Marching Chiefs in the College of Busi-
                                 ness and the College of Music.

                                 The couple has one child: Brian, who lives in Raleigh,
                                 North Carolina, with his wife and son.

             Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                 An advancement executive with more than 25 years of
                                 experience in development, marketing, alumni and public
                                 relations, Charles J. Rasberry was named President of the
                                 Florida State University Foundation in August 2006. He
                                 previously served as Vice President for College Advance-
                                 ment at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California.
                                 As President of the Foundation, Mr. Rasberry serves as
                                 the University’s chief academic fundraising officer with
                                 responsibility for planning, executing and managing all
                                 fundraising activities.

                                 Mr. Rasberry went to Harvey Mudd in 2005 after serving
                                 as Vice President for University Relations at Loyola Mary-
                                 mount University in Los Angeles, where he prepared the
  Mr. Charles J. Rasberry        university for a $300 million comprehensive campaign.
                      Audit      Prior to that, he served as Assistant Vice President for
              Development        Development at Georgetown University; as Executive
                  Executive      Director of Development at the School of Public Health
                   Finance       Foundation at the University of North Carolina at Chapel
        Governmental Affairs     Hill; and as Director of Development and External Affairs
                Investment       for the North Carolina Symphony Foundation. He began
                Real Estate      his career in 1981 as Assistant Director of Development
               Trusteeship       and Alumni Affairs at Louisburg College in Louisburg,
                                 North Carolina.
             FSU Foundation      Mr. Rasberry earned a bachelor’s degree from the Uni-
           2010 Levy Avenue      versity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a master’s of
        Building B. Suite 300    divinity degree from Princeton Seminary.
            PO Box 3062739
  Tallahassee, FL 32306-2739     Mr. Rasberry is recognized in the Presidents Society.

            W: (850) 644-4747
             C: 850-294-3341
            F: (850) 644-6211

                 Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                      Mr. Bruce Redditt is an Executive Vice President of Omni-
                                      com Corporation in New York City where he oversees the
                                      development of strategies and tactics that drive inter-
                                      nal growth and acquisitions and addresses multi-agency
                                      issues. He has over 25 years of experience in marketing
                                      and communications and has held executive manage-
                                      ment positions with the Contel Corporation, Sony Pic-
                                      tures Entertainment, and GTE Corporation.

                                      Mr. Redditt is a member of the Boards of Directors of
                                      Transperfect, and Save Ellis Island. Mr. Red-
                                      ditt is the recipient of the Silver Anvil Award, the highest
                                      honor bestowed upon public relations professionals.

  Mr. Gerald “bruce” Redditt          In 1975, Mr. Redditt received a BS degree in Marketing
                    Development       from the College of Business. He is a member of the COB
                                      Advisory Council and a mentor with the Golden Oppor-
            Omnicom Group, Inc.       tunities Mentorship Program in the College of Business.
    437 Madison Avenue, 9TH Floor     In addition, he has participated in the Distinguished
             New York, NY 10022       Speaker Series conducted by the College of Business,
                                      offering students an overview of the advertising and
                W: (212) 415-3600     media industries.
                F: (212) 415-3530
                H: (678) 393-8206     Mr. Redditt is married to Patricia Redditt, also an FSU        graduate from the College of Education. They live in
                                      Alpharetta, Georgia, with Mr. Redditt commuting to New
      Spouse: Ms. Patricia Redditt    York City. Together they are lifetime members of the FSU
                                      Alumni Association, are recognized in the Presidents
                                      Society and are members of the Seminole Boosters.

               Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                    Frank J. “Sandy” Rief III is the Chair of the Board of the
                                    John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art Foundation,
                                    Inc. where he has served as a member since 2003. As
                                    such, he joined the FSU Foundation Board on July 1 as
                                    an ex-officio member. He is currently of counsel with the
                                    Tampa office of Akerman Senterfitt and specializes in
                                    estate/trust planning and administration, philanthrophic
                                    planning and taxation. A cum laude graduate of Wake
                                    Forest University, Mr. Rief received his law degrees from
                                    the University of Florida (J.D.) and New York University
                                    (LL.M. in Taxation).

                                    Mr. Rief has been very active with the Ringling Museum
                                    of Art before becoming a member of the Ringling Board
  Mr.	Frank	J.	“Sandy”	Rief         thru its planned giving program. He is a Member of the
Ringling Museum Representative      American Law Institute; a Fellow of the American College
                                    of Trusts and Estates Counsel, the American College of
        401 East Jackson Street     Tax Counsel and the American Bar Foundation; and a
                     Suite 1700     member of the Board of Directors of the Small Business
              Tampa, FL 33602       Council of America. In addition, he serves as a Trustee of
                                    the Frank E. Duckwall Foundation, the Tampa Bay Per-
               W: (813) 209-5073    forming Arts Center and the University of South Flor-
               F: (813) 223-2837    ida Foundation, Inc., and the Community Foundation of
               H: (813) 251-1595    Tampa Bay, where he served as Chair from 2004-2006.
                                    Mr. Rief and his late wife Didi have been most gener-
                                    ous in their support of the Ringling Foundation both with
                                    their time and money. Mr. Rief lives in the Tampa Bay
                                    area and has two adult daughters.

                 Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                      Terri Jo (Kennedy) Roach is a retired businesswoman.
                                      Mrs. Roach served as a staff director for Florida senate
                                      committees (Rules and Calendar, Reapportionment, Tort
                                      Reform), and later as co-owner and manager of a cattle
                                      ranch. She is a graduate of Stetson University and the
                                      FSU College of Law, magna cum laude.

                                      Mrs. Roach and the late Dempsey Barron established an
                                      endowment to support education, service and research
                                      in the fields of dementia and other neurological studies
                                      within the Colleges of Social Sciences, Communication
                                      and Medicine. Mrs. Roach is recognized in the Westcott
                                      and Eppes Societies.

Mrs.	Terri	Jo	(Kennedy)	Roach         She was appointed by former Governor Bush to the Board
                  Development         of Directors of the Byrd Alzheimer’s Research Institute.
            Governmental Affairs      In addition, she is a member of the Board of Trustees
                                      of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and the LeRoy
     13846 Atlantic Blvd., Apt 617    Collins Institute for Public Policy. Mrs. Roach is currently
      Jacksonville, FL 32225-3257     a visiting professor at FSU in Aging Studies and enjoys
                                      spending her summers teaching at the FSU International
                 H: 904-221-7212      Program in London.
                 C: 850-228-8666

   Spouse: Rev. Kenneth M. Roach

              Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                  A native of Quincy, Betty Ann Rodgers is married to
                                  Jim Rodgers, D.D.S. Mrs. Rodgers earned a bachelor’s
                                  degree from Emory University. After working 20 years in
                                  the film industry in Atlanta, she returned to Quincy and
                                  enjoys the charm of the historical area in which she lives.

                                  Dr. and Mrs. Rodgers have continued her family’s support
                                  for the College of Music by establishing the Piano Tech-
                                  nology Enhancement Fund. They are also supporters of
                                  the College of Medicine establishing the Betty Ann and
                                  James Rodgers Eminent Scholar Chair in Medicine, and
                                  the Theater program and Film school.

                                  Their son, Neil Rodgers, received his bachelor’s and med-
  Mrs. betty Ann Rodgers          ical degrees from Florida State University and is currently
                Development       doing his residency in Orlando Regional Medical Center.
                  Real Estate

        205 N Madison Street
        Quincy, FL 32351-2444

             F: (850) 875-2315
             H: (850) 627-6190

Spouse: James Rodgers, D.D.S.

             Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                  Jeffrey P. Rohr is Vice-Chairman and Chief Financial Offi-
                                  cer of Deloitte LLP in New York City. Jeff is responsible
                                  for leading all facets of financial accounting and reporting,
                                  treasury, and taxes for the firms in the United States and
                                  for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, the global organization.

                                  Prior to assuming the role of CFO in June 2004, Jeff was
                                  the firm’s Midwest Regional Managing Partner in Chi-
                                  cago. Under his leadership, Deloitte became the largest
                                  Big Four firm in the Midwest. He led the quality, client
                                  satisfaction, growth, and human resource initiatives in the
                                  region, which resulted in a first-place ranking in the Emer-
                                  son’s Client Satisfaction Study and a ranking in the top
                                  ten in Chicago Magazine’s best places to work.
       Mr. Jeffrey P. Rohr
                      Audit       Jeff also served as Regional Managing Partner in the
                   Executive      firm’s Mid-Atlantic practice based in Washington, DC
                    Finance       and National Managing Partner of Business Planning. Jeff
                                  began his career with Deloitte in the Miami office.
       43 Greenfield Avenue
   Bronxville, NY 10708-2525      Jeff is a member of the AICPA and is a certified public
                                  accountant in New York, Illinois and Florida. Jeff has held
            W: (212) 492-3933     leadership positions in a number of community and civic
             F: (212) 492-2333    organizations.
             H: (914) 274-8481
      Jeff graduated from Florida State University in 1972 with
                                  a bachelor’s degree in accounting and has been support-
Spouse: Michele L. Rohr, M.D.     ive of the College of Business, the Accounting Excellence
                                  Fund, and other University initiatives. He is a member
                                  of the Board of Trustees of the FSU Foundation and is
                                  a long-time member of Florida State University College
                                  of Business Board of Governors. Jeff was a College of
                                  Business Charles A. Bruning Distinguished Speaker, and
                                  in 2007 was inducted into the College of Business Hall of
                                  Fame. Jeff is a member of the FSU Alumni Association,
                                  FSU Boosters, the FSU Varsity Club, Phi Delta Theta fra-
                                  ternity, and Omicron Delta Kappa.

                                  Jeff and his wife Michele have three children—Jillian,
                                  Brian, and Jeffrey.

             Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                            Mr. Rostron received a BS in International Affairs from the
                            College of Social Sciences at Florida State University. While
                            at FSU, he was a member of Sigma Chi social fraternity and
                            is currently involved with the national Sigma Chi Network.
                            He received his Masters in International Economic Integra-
                            tion from the University of Birmingham (U.K.).

                            Mr. Rostron is the chairman and founder of No Greater
                            Sacrifice (NGS). NGS is a nationwide non-profit organiza-
                            tion focused on providing education to the children of
                            veterans who have fallen in the line of duty. To further
                            this endeavor, he created a national advisory board of top
                            CEOs, highly ranked military officers, and top profession-
                            als with a congressional advisory committee headed by
   Mr.	Kirk	T.	Rostron      Senators McCain, Lieberman, and Thune.

   9315 Mt. Vernon Circle   Formerly a Director at Merrill Lynch within the Hedge
    Alexandria, VA 22309    Fund Development and Management Group, he focused
                            on private placements of alternative investments on a
        H: (703) 888-7571   global basis. Mr. Rostron joined Merrill Lynch from Hovde      Capital Advisors, where he served as COO and Execu-
                            tive Vice President, and assisted with the growth of the
 Spouse: Ms. Joy Rostron    hedge fund business as well as the launch of the firm’s
                            private equity business on a global basis. Prior to Hovde,
                            Mr. Rostron was Director and Head of U.S. Capital Intro-
                            duction in the Global Equity Finance and Services Group
                            at Merrill Lynch. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch, Mr. Rostron
                            founded and later sold, a service of Inves-
                            tor Broadcast Network which was seeded by Intel Capital
                            Group and PaineWebber.

                            Kirk and his wife Joy have three children: Carter, Alexan-
                            der and Isabella.

           Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                Bill Smith is a graduate of Florida State University Col-
                                lege of Business and served as the Chair of the FSU
                                Foundation Board for the past two years. He currently
                                serves on several university boards, including the Florida
                                State Athletic Board. In addition, he served as a Co-Chair
                                of the very successful FSU CONNECT Campaign. The
                                Smiths have primarily supported the College of Human

                                A native of Tallahassee, William G. “Bill” Smith Jr. is
                                Chair, President and Chief Executive Officer of Capi-
                                tal City Bank Group, Inc. He began his career at Cap-
                                ital City Bank in 1978, working in numerous capacities
                                before being elected President and CEO of Capital City
Mr. William G. Smith Jr.        Bank Group Inc., in January 1989. In 2003, he was elected
                      Audit     Chair. He also serves as Chair of the Capital City Bank
                  Executive     Board of Directors.
                                Other board memberships include the Federal Reserve
         President and CEO      Bank of Atlanta, the City of Tallahassee Utility Commis-
    Capital City Bank Group     sion, the Southern Company (a leader in the energy indus-
               PO Box 11248     try), and the Darlington School in Rome, Georgia. He is
 Tallahassee, FL 32302-3248     past Chair of the Tallahassee Memorial Regional Medical
                          or    Center, Tallahassee Area Chamber of Commerce and the
           217 N. Monroe St.    FSU Alumni Association. Also, he has served as President
       Tallahassee, FL 32301    of the Florida Banker’s Association.

          W: (850) 402-7810     He is married to Paula P. Smith, also a graduate of Florida
           C: (850)545-7061     State University, College of Human Sciences. They have
           F: (850) 402-7819    two adult children.
          H: (850) 224-0060

Spouse: Mrs. Paula P. Smith

           Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                               Jerry F. Sowell Jr. is a certified public accountant and
                               managing partner for Segers Sowell Stewart & Johnson,
                               P.A. After attending Gulf Coast Community College, he
                               earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Florida
                               State University. He is a member of the Florida Institute
                               of Certified Public Accountants and the American Insti-
                               tute of Certified Public Accountants.

                               He is affiliated with numerous associations, organizations
                               and a vast assortment of extracurricular activities that
                               include serving as past President and current member of
                               the FSU Panama City Development Board; Treasurer for
                               the Gulf Coast Community College Foundation; United
                               Way of Northwest Florida and Early Learning Coalition
  Mr. Jerry F. Sowell Jr.      of Northwest Florida; and a trustee for the Panama City
                    Audit      Firemen’s Pension Fund.
                               He is married to Mary S. Sowell, also a graduate of FSU
Serges Sowell Stewart Et Al    College of Business. The couple has supported the
       626 Luverne Avenue      growth and development of the FSU Panama City Cam-
Panama City, FL 32401-3050     pus. They have two children, Jerry III and Matthew, and
                               live in Panama City.
          W: (850) 769-2371

Spouse: Mrs. Mary S. Sowell

             Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                  Dr. Jayne Standley has been an FSU faculty member since
                                  1976. She is a researcher and professor in Florida State’s
                                  College of Music and was the 2005-2006 Robert O. Law-
                                  ton Distinguished Professor which is the University’s
                                  highest faculty honor. She currently serves as a Professor
                                  of Music Therapy and is President of the Faculty Senate.
                                  Consequently, she joined the FSU Foundation Board in
                                  May, 2007 as an ex-officio member.

                                  Under Dr. Standley’s leadership, the music therapy pro-
                                  gram at FSU has become one of the top three programs
                                  in the country, attracting student from all over the world,
                                  and one that is as highly respected in the medical as well
                                  as the music communities. She is most known for her
       Dr. Jayne Standley         research in the area of how music affects babies, par-
Faculty Senate Representative     ticularly those who are in a very stressful environment or
                                  premature babies with feeding difficulties.
                                  In addition to her research activities, Dr. Standley has
     4335 Jackson View Drive      directed and mentored several hundred graduate stu-
        Tallahassee, FL 32303     dents in their research efforts. For more than 25 years,
                                  students from FSU have presented original research at
            W: (850) 644-4565     the American Music Therapy Association’s annual con-
             F: (850) 644-6100    ference. Because of her participation and that of her stu-
             H: (850) 562-5971    dents and former students, FSU has had a greater pres-     ence in the music therapy research community than any
                                  other university in the country.
    Spouse: Dr. Fred Standley
                                  Standley’s longstanding commitment to FSU is demon-
                                  strated by the fact that she has served for many years on
                                  the Faculty Senate and was chairwoman of the Graduate
                                  Policy Committee for nearly two decades. She is married
                                  to Dr. Fred Standley, a former FSU Professor. Together
                                  they belong to the Presidents Society of the Presidents
                                  Club and also support the FSU Athletic program.

                Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                    An All-American defensive back, Mr. J. T. Thomas, Jr. was
                                    a first-round draft pick for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1973.
                                    He played nine years in the NFL before retiring in 1982
                                    with several Super Bowl wins. He subsequently moved
                                    into the restaurant business investing in the Applebee’s
                                    restaurant chain with a fellow teammate. He is currently
                                    focusing his energy on his new franchise restaurant,
                                    “Red, Hot & Blue.”

                                    A 1973 College of Business graduate, Mr. Thomas was a
                                    member of Golden Key and was the first black student
                                    athlete to letter in football at FSU. He is a member of
                                    the African-American Alumni Association and, in 2006,
                                    he addressed graduates at FSU’s spring commencement
Mr. James “J. T.” Thomas, Jr.       ceremonies.
                     Trusteeship    Mr. Thomas is also a pianist, but his true passion is men-
                                    toring and coaching people to succeed. He spends time
         408 Arden Drive, Lot 24    teaching life skills to “at risk” youth through non-profit
      Monroeville, PA 15146-4855    organizations and church. He recently addressed ImPAct
                                    2007, a conference for Pennsylvania Young Profession-
               W: (412) 298-5987    als that focuses on Urban redevelopment, diversity and
               H: (412) 856-5368    career development.
                                    Mr. Thomas and his wife Deborah, an FSU graduate in
   Spouse: Ms. Deborah Thomas       English, live in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, and are sup-
                                    porters of the University.

              Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                  A native of Tallahassee, Hansel E. Tookes II holds a bach-
                                  elor’s in physics from Florida State University and a mas-
                                  ter’s from the University of West Florida. In addition, he
                                  completed the advanced management program at Har-
                                  vard Business School and studied quantitative methods
                                  of business at Louisiana State University. While attending
                                  FSU, he was a member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.

                                  He is a retired aerospace executive. The former Chair
                                  and CEO of Raytheon Aircraft, President of Raytheon
                                  International, President of Pratt and Whitney Large Mili-
                                  tary Engine Group, United Airlines pilot, and naval avia-
                                  tor retired in 2002.

   Mr.	Hansel	E.	Tookes	II        Mr. Tookes serves on the boards of Corning Inc., Ryder
                        Audit     Systems Inc., FPL Group, and the Harris Corporation.
                      Finance     He also serves on the National Academies’ Aerospace
                                  Engineering Board as well as other not-for-profit orga-
            471 Savoie Drive      nizations. In 2002, he was named Grad Made Good by
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410      the Florida State University Alumni Association having
                                  already received the Distinguished Alumni Award from
             F: (561) 624-4226    the FSU Black Alumni Association in 1996.
            H: (561) 624-9730       He is married to Paula Maria Wyche Tookes, and they
                                  have two adult children. The couple lives in Palm Beach
    Spouse: Ms. Paula Tookes      Gardens.

                      Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                     Mr. Walborsky is a graduate of the Florida State Univer-
                                     sity College of Law. He is actively engaged with the FSU
                                     College of Law and has served on the Board of Directors
                                     of the Law Alumni Association. During this time, he was
                                     President of the Board and served on the development
                                     committee. Presently, he is an emeritus member of the
                                     Board as well as a member of the Board of Visitors. In
                                     2006, Mr. Walborsky received the Association’s Service

                                     Mr. Walborsky is a partner with the law firm Kinsey Troxel
                                     Johnson Walborsky and Bradley in Pensacola, Florida.
                                     The firm offers a broad array of legal services; however,
                                     Mr. Walborsky focuses primarily on personal injury and
Mr.	Edwin	“Ed”	W.	Walborsky          insurance litigation.

                   Home address:     Mr. Walborsky’s deceased father, Harry Walborsky, was
          118 Mystic Cobalt Street   a Professor of Organic Chemistry at FSU for 44 years.
  Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459-2835    His stepmother, Paula Walborsky is also a College of Law
                                     graduate and is a practicing attorney in Tallahassee.
                  Office Address:
      438 East Government Street     In addition to his service to the University, Mr. Walbor-
        Pensacola, FL 32501-6132     sky has served as a director of the Pensacola Jewish Fed-
                                     eration and has helped fundraise for a variety of Jewish
                W: (850) 434-5267    causes and education. In addition, he is recognized in the
                C: (850) 814-6366    Doak Campbell Society of the Presidents Club at Florida
                 F: (850) 434-6116   State University.
                H: (850) 231-0059

              Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                   A native of Daytona Beach, Thomas Kent “T.K.” Wether-
                                   ell attended Florida State University on a football schol-
                                   arship. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees
                                   in social studies education and a doctoral degree in edu-
                                   cation administration at FSU. He was inducted into the
                                   Florida State University Hall of Fame and received the
                                   Moore-Stone Award as well as the University’s Distin-
                                   guished Service Award. He enjoys athletics, aviation and
                                   outdoor recreation.

                                   Since 2003, Dr. Wetherell has been the President of Flor-
                                   ida State University. His career history includes President
                                   of Tallahassee Community College, lobbyist with South-
                                   ern Strategy Group and President of Independent Col-
 President	T.K.	Wetherell          leges and Universities of Florida.
                                   At Daytona Beach Community College, he served as the
                      President    Provost, Dean of Instruction, Vice President and Presi-
       Florida State University    dent of Academic and University Transfer Programs,
        Office of the President    Vice President of district planning and development and
                  211 Westcott     Executive Assistant to the President. Other employment
   Tallahassee, FL 32306-1470      includes Associate Professor of Education at Bethune-
                                   Cookman College in Daytona Beach; academic counselor
           W: (850) 644-1085       for student athletes at Florida State University; assistant
            F: (850) 644-9936      to the deans of housing at Florida Technological Univer-      sity; Director of Housing at Florida Technological Univer-
                                   sity; and administrative assistant to the vice president at
Spouse: Ms. Virginia Wetherell     Florida Technological University. Dr. Wetherell has served
                                   the Florida House of Representatives as House Speaker,
                                   Chair of the Appropriations Committee and Chair of the
                                   Higher Education Committee.

                                   He is married to Virginia B. “Ginger” Wetherell and the
                                   couple has three children: Kent, Blakely and Page. Ms.
                                   Wetherell is the current President of Wetherell Consult-
                                   ing Services. She has served as secretary of the Florida
                                   Department of Environmental Protection and as a state
                                   legislator representing Pensacola.

                                   President T.K. Wetherell and his wife, Ginger made the
                                   largest planned gift to a public university by a sitting
                                   President and first lady. The gift will provide for a schol-
                                   arship house and scholarships, support for the alumni
                                   center, endowment of a new innovative Westcott Schol-
                                   ars Program, support for FSU graduate fellowships, and
                                   an endowment of a Wetherell Family Scholarship Fund.

             Board of TrusTees • May 2009

                                 Ashbel C. “Ash” Williams Jr. is Executive Director/CIO
                                 of the Florida State Board of Administration in Talla-
                                 hassee. He recently left his position as the Managing
                                 Director responsible for investor relations and business
                                 development at Fir Tree Partners headquartered in New
                                 York City.

                                 Mr. Williams began his professional career working on
                                 the staff of the Florida House of Representatives, serv-
                                 ing as Executive Assistant to two House Speakers. Sub-
                                 sequently, he worked in Florida’s executive branch, serv-
                                 ing as Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor Bob Graham,
                                 Chief of Staff to Comptroller Gerald Lewis, and Execu-
                                 tive Director of the Florida State Board of Administration.
 Mr. Ashbel C. Williams Jr.      Mr. Williams left Florida in 1996 to become President and
                Chair Elect      CEO of Schroder Capital Management in New York City.

                   Executive     Mr. Williams holds both BS and MBA degrees from The
                 Investment      Florida State University College of Business. He has
                 Trusteeship     established the Ashbel Williams Scholarship Fund and has
                                 been very supportive of the College of Business. He and
        1337 Preakness Point     his wife Jan, an FSU College of Criminology and Crimi-
        Tallahassee, FL 32308    nal Justice graduate, have three daughters; their oldest
                                 daughter, Katie, graduated from the FSU College of Edu-
           W: (850) 413-1250     cation. The Williams are recognized in the Robert M. Stro-
           C: (850) 694-3138     zier Society of the Presidents Club.
           F: (850) 413-1255
           H: (850) 597-7651

Spouse: Ms. Janet E. Williams

                             TrusTees eMeriTi • 2008

Mr. John E. Phipps
Phipps Ventures, Inc.
3110 Capital Circle NE
Tallahassee, FL 32308-3706

W: (850) 386-2332
H: (904) 668-0546

Dr. Gus A. Stavros
Chairman of the Board
Pelam Investments, Inc.
1 Beach Drive SE
Suite 305
St Petersburg, FL 33701-3953

W: (727) 822-4848
F: (727) 822-4730

Spouse: Mrs. Frances L. Stavros

Mr. braden L. ball*

Mr.	Fred	O.	Dickinson	Jr.*

Mr.	Arnold	L.	Greenfield*

Judge	B.K.	Roberts*

Mr. Godfrey Smith*

Mrs. Marguerite Williams*


             ForMer Board chairs

1960-61	     Dr.	Robert	M.	Strozier*
1961-64	     Dr.	Gordon	Blackwell*
1964-65	     Dr.	John	E.	Champion*	
1965-66	     Honorable	John	G.	McKay,	Jr.
1967-73	     Honorable	B.K.	Roberts*
1974-77	     Honorable	John	G.	McKay,	Jr.
1977-80	     Honorable	B.K.	Roberts*
1980-82	     Mr.	William	O.	Cullom
1982-85	     Mr.	Julius	F.	Parker,	Jr.*
1986-91	     Mr.	George	Langford
1991-92	     Mr.	Roy	C.	Young
1992-93	     Mr.	Hans	Tews
1993-94	     Mr.	Fred	Drake,	Jr.*
1994-95	     Mr.	William	O.	Cullom
1995-97	     Dr.	Gus	Stavros
1998-99	     Mr.	Thomas	F.	Petway,	III
2000-01	     Mr.	Cliff	Hinkle
2002-03	     Mr.	James	W.	Apthorp,	Jr.
2004-05	     Ms.	Lynda	Keever
2006-07	     Mr.	William	G.	Smith,	Jr.

* Deceased

                         eMpLoyee directory • May 2009

Brianne Adachi                                     Marcia Bourdon
Associate Director, Gift Processing Services       Assistant Vice President, Development
(850) 644-0770                                     (850) 644-0768               

Jennifer Albaugh                                   Helen Bradford
Development Associate                              Senior Fiscal Assistant
College of Human Sciences                          (850) 644-0745
(850) 645-7577                           
                                                   Mafé Brooks
Justine Almquist                                   Director of Development
Executive Secretary                                College of Information
(850) 645-8809                                     (850) 645-8312             

Jill Ashton                                        Corey Cameron
Director of Development                            Accounting Specialist
College of Business                                (850) 644-0746
(850) 694-3679                           
                                                   Alexia Chamberlynn
Jim Ashton                                         Production Coordinator, Gift Processing
Assistant Dean for Development                     (850) 644-9193
College of Social Work                   
(850) 645-1321                         Lori Chorey
                                                   Executive Vice President
Debra Baer                                         (850) 644-6371
Data Specialist                          
(850) 644-0522                           Jesse Colvin
                                                   Director of Development
Mary Ellen Balducci                                College of Social Science
Director, Data Management                          (850) 644-1920
(850) 644-0755                           
                                                   Kay Cordle
Ken Beattie                                        Special Data Projects
Production Specialist                              (850) 644-2189
(850) 980-0215                           
                                                   Ashley Cortese
Lorie Bernhard                                     Special Events Coordinator
Director of Development                            (850) 644-3679
College of Criminology                   
(850) 294-1170

                          eMpLoyee directory • May 2009

Erin Crosby                                 Suellen Field
Employee Relations Assistant                Senior Director, Advancement
(850) 645-8900                              Ringling Museum                  (941) 359-5700
Patrick Crowley
Assistant Vice President                    Sharon Freddes
Advancement Relations                       Administrative Assistant
(850) 645-3346                              Ringling Museum                 (941) 359-5821
Diane Davis
Accounting Associate                        Perry Fulkerson
(850) 644-0754                              Vice President                   Gulf Coast Region
                                            (941) 953-9149
Pam Davis                         
Coordinator, Special Projects
(850) 644-4985                              Junelle Gallon                   Accounting Associate
                                            (850) 644-0736
Kevin Derryberry                  
Research Analyst
(850) 644-0773                              Jerry Ganz              Chief Financial Officer
                                            (850) 644-0766
Chuck Dickey                      
Network Administrator
(850) 644-0685                              Sterling Garcia                  Director of Development
                                            College of Communication
Emily Dixon                                 (850) 644-1364
Fiscal Specialist, Gift Processing
(850) 644-0762                   Bruce Godbout
                                            Senior Computer Support Specialist
Jeff Ereckson                               (850) 644-6247
Planned Giving/Investment Specialist
(850) 644-8253                Gabe Grass
                                            Communications Coordinator
Kim Field                                   (850) 644-0763
Corporate and Foundation Relations
(850) 644-7199                              Wilma Hall                   Senior Fiscal Assistant
                                            (850) 644-8491

                          eMpLoyee directory • May 2009

Tracy Hamilton                                     Mary Kilts
Director, Graphic Services                         Benefits and Records Coordinator
(850) 644-0744                                     (850) 644-8335             

Kimberly Harrison                                  Tammy Lavine
Executive Secretary, Office of the President       Accounting Specialist
(850) 644-0747                                     (850) 644-6755             

Lisa Heiker                                        Joshua Leudeman
Fiscal Specialist, Gift Processing                 Application Support Specialist
(850) 644-1416                                     (850) 645-9145               

Laura Hensley                                      Camille Licklider
Director, Finance and Accounting                   Assistant Vice President, Planned Giving
(850) 644-0749                                     (850) 644-3192              

Erin Hoyle                                         Jennifer Little
Director                                           Donor Relations Coordinator
Research and Prospect Management                   (850) 644-4931
(850) 644-5633                           
                                                   Ryan Little
Mary Jamieson Dee                                  Assistant Dean of Development
Research Analyst                                   College of Law
(850) 644-5428                                     (850) 228-7697             

Marcy Khan                                         Mary Beth Lovingood
Executive Secretary, Planned Giving                Director, Special Events
(850) 644-0753                                     (850) 644-2313                 

Laura Kiely                                        Kiley Mallard
Research Analyst                                   Communications Specialist
(850) 644-0759                                     (850) 644-0771                

Audrey Kilts                                       Shawn Mallet
Executive Secretary, Principle Gifts               Annual Giving and Marketing Manager
(850) 644-0769                                     (850) 644-5459                

                       eMpLoyee directory • May 2009

Monique Manns                               Sarishni Poonen
Staff Assistant                             Stewardship Coordinator
Corporate and Foundation Relations          (850) 645-8586
(850) 644-4978                    
                                            Pat Ramsey
Mary McMillian                              Vice President, Principle Gifts
Accounting Associate                        (850) 644-5414
(850) 644-8626                    
                                            Dawn Randle
Wayne Munson                                Campaign Manager
Assistant Dean for Development              (850) 644-4989
College of Medicine               
(850) 644-4389                    Charles Rasberry
Mydieu Nguyen                               (850) 644-4747
Senior Applications Programmer    
(850) 645-8145                  Gus Ray
                                            Senior Director
Stephanie Pace                              Corporate and Foundation Relations
Receptionist                                (850) 645-9152
(850) 644-6000                    
                                            Marion Roberts
Mark Pankey                                 Data Specialist
Associate Vice President, Development       (850) 644-1592
(850) 645-1346                    
                                            Steven Rogers
Mary Ann Parks                              Research Analyst
Accounting Specialist                       (850) 644-9199
(850) 644-0750                    
                                            Amy Safriet
Sommer Stiles                               Director of Development
Annual Giving Development Officer           Division of Student Affairs
(813) 531-8739                              (850) 644-4364        

Jeanne Pecha                                Fred Salancy
Assistant Vice President                    Assistant Dean
Information Services                        College of Visual Arts, Theater and Dance
(850) 644-4979                              (850) 644-3911         

                        eMpLoyee directory • May 2009

Kim Sarmiento                                    Marilyn Spores
Executive Assistant, Advancement Services        Chief Operating Officer
(850) 644-2999                                   (850) 644-0834          

Spence Sealy                                     Diane Stock
Assistant Dean                                   Data Specialist
College of Business                              (850) 645-1826
(850) 694-3678                         
                                                 Kim Tabah
Donald Shrum                                     Annual Giving Development Officer
Database Administrator                           (850) 644-5269
Associate Director of Information Services
(850) 644-9191                        Jacquelyn Thorpe
                                                 Assistant Director, Annual Giving
Susan Sigman                                     (850) 644-0743
Director of Communications             
(850) 645-8844                       Keith Tolbert
                                                 Accounting Specialist
Benae Smart                                      (850) 644-9094
Director, Employee Relations           
(850) 644-5552                        Darron Toston
                                                 Web Programmer
Nancy Smilowitz                                  (850) 644-6708
Assistant Dean for Development         
   and Alumni Affairs
College of Arts and Sciences                     Christina Vega
(850) 644-9324                                   Accounting Specialist                    (850) 645-8410
Tessa Smith
Development Officer                              Russell Walker
College of Music                                 Associate Director, Development Data
(850) 644-1411                                   (850) 644-0772              

Bob Spivey                                       Andrew Watkins
Ombudsman/Senior Associate                       Senior Major Gift Officer
(850) 644-0767                                   College of Education                       (850) 644-0565

Janine Welch
Accounting Specialist          Tia Williams
(850) 644-1590                 Senior Web Programmer      (850) 645-2153
Augusta West
Coordinator, Annual Giving     Mary Woodworth
(850) 644-2379                 Accounting Specialist       (850) 645-0155
Lynda Williams
Accounting Specialist
(850) 644-0751
                                  Campus Update

General News

           •	 Florida	State	students	have	launched	“Protect	Our	Professors,”	a	campaign	
              to raise funds to support faculty and staff at the University in the face of bud-
              get cuts

           •	 The	2009	season	of	Seven	Days	of	Opening	Nights	concludes	April	16	with	a	
              special appearance by author David Sedaris. The 2009 festival featured acts
              that	formed	a	celebration	of	American	roots	music,	plus	a	tragedy/comedy	
              meld of Shakespeare and The Simpsons, flamenco dance, indie film, Pulitzer-
              Prize-winning authors, touring arts exhibits from the Ringling Museum and
              more.	Because	of	the	renovation	of	Ruby	Diamond	Auditorium,	events	were	
              scheduled throughout the community, in venues ranging from churches to
              clubs,	including	facilities	at	FSU,	FAMU	and	TCC,	as	well	as	Pebble	Hill	Plan-
              tation	 and	 other	 local	 attractions.	 As	 is	 true	 each	 year,	 Seven	 Days	 artists	
              offered master classes and lectures to Florida State students

           •	 Origins ‘09: A Celebration of the Birth and Life of Beginnings was presented
              March 17-28 as part of a tribute to 2009 as the Year of Science—a national
              designation inspired by the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin (Feb. 12). The
              event	was	sponsored	by	The	Florida	State	University	Office	of	Research	and	
              co-sponsored by The Florida State College of Medicine and the Tallahas-
              see	Scientific	Society.	World-renowned	biologist	E.O.	Wilson	was	among	the	
              headliners,	and	NPR’s	Ira	Flatow	broadcast	his	“Science	Friday”	program	from	
              Florida State during the event

           •	 The	Knight	Foundation	has	donated	$1	million	to	renovate	the	lobby	of	Ruby	
              Diamond	Auditorium,	an	enhancement	of	the	overall	renovation	project

           •	 The	 Florida	 State	 University	 has	 jumped	 10	 points	 among	 all	 universities	
              and ranks as one of the top 50 public universities in the United States as
              listed by U.S. News and World Report’s	“America’s	Best	Colleges	2009”

           •	 FSU	has	been	ranked	#1	in	the	nation	among	top	research	universities	in	gradu-
              ation	rates	for	African-Americans.	A	recent	report	says	no	other	large	public	
              universities have been able to match FSU’s success

           •	 FSU	has	been	ranked	#58	of	the	top	4,000	universities	worldwide	in	the	2008
              Webometrics Ranking of World Universities

           •	 FSU’s	colleges	of	law	and	medicine	are	among	the	best	in	the	nation	for	His-
              panics, according to Hispanic Business magazine, another indication that FSU
              is becoming known as a national beacon for Hispanic students. Not only is the
              population of Hispanic students climbing, but FSU is also developing innova-
              tive ways to educate all students about the emerging Spanish culture


           •	 Alexander	Merkovic-Orenstein,	a	Middle	Eastern	studies	major	from	Tequesta,	
              Fla., who helped establish a service-oriented group to provide assistance to
              people in developing nations, has been named a 2009 Truman Scholar—one
              of only 65 selected from throughout the United States and its territories each

           •	 Student-athlete	Myron	Rolle	has	been	named	one	of	32	U.S.	Rhodes	Scholars	
              for 2009—the first time in nearly 25 years the scholarship has been awarded
              to a prominent college football player. Rolle is Florida State’s third Rhodes
              Scholar in the past four years

           •	 FSU	is	generating	unprecedented	numbers	of	applicants	for	prestigious	awards,	
              thanks	to	the	Office	of	National	Fellowships.


           •	 Alan	G.	Marshall,	the	Robert	O.	Lawton	Professor	of	Chemistry	and	Biochem-
              istry at Florida State and director of the Ion Cyclotron Resonance Program at
              the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, has been named the co-recipi-
              ent	of	the	2009	New	Frontiers	in	Hydrocarbons	Award

           •	 The	 Irving	 Lowens	 Memorial	 Book	 Award,	 the	 most	 distinguished	 honor	
              bestowed	by	the	Society	for	American	Music,	has	been	awarded	to	a	schol-
              arly	tour	de	force	coauthored	by	noted	musicologists	Denise	Von	Glahn	and	
              Michael Broyles of The Florida State University College of Music

           •	 Carol	Connor,	an	associate	professor	in	the	College	of	Education	and	faculty	
              member in the Florida Center for Reading Research, has received the 2009
              Early	Career	Research	Contributions	to	Child	Development	Award	given	by	the	
              Society for Research in Child Development. This is her third early career award

           •	 Andy	Wang,	an	assistant	professor	of	computer	science,	has	won	the	National	
              Science	Foundation’s	Faculty	Early	Career	Development	(CAREER)	Award,	the	
              agency’s	most	prestigious	award	for	“junior	faculty	who	exemplify	the	role	of	
              teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education and the
              integration	of	education	and	research”

           •	 Joseph	 M.	 Gabriel,	 an	 assistant	 professor	 in	 Florida	 State’s	 Department	 of	
              Medical Humanities and Social Sciences and a courtesy professor in the
              Department	of	History,	has	been	recognized	by	the	American	Association	for	
              the History of Medicine for outstanding work in 20th-century history of medi-
              cine	or	medical	science.	Gabriel	was	honored	for	his	research	on	the	history	
              of	addiction	in	America

           •	 Florida	State	University	classics	researcher	Laurel	Fulkerson	has	been	recog-
              nized	as	one	of	the	top	educators	in	her	field	by	the	American	Philological	

               •	 Kristine	C.	Harper,	an	assistant	professor	of	history,	is	garnering	international	
                  acclaim	for	her	2008	book,	“Weather	by	the	Numbers”

               •	 FSU	 doctoral	 faculty	 in	 five	 academic	 areas	 have	 been	 ranked	 among	 the	
                  tops in the nation according to the Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index: social
                  work—#4	in	the	nation;	Spanish—#4	in	the	nation;	marketing—#5;	oceanog-
                  raphy—#8;	atmospheric	sciences—#10

Colleges and Schools

College of Arts & Sciences
               •	 With	the	support	of	a	$2	million	grant	from	the	National	Institutes	of	Health	to	
                  fund a state-of-the-art microscope, The Florida State University has become
                  one of the world’s top imaging centers

               •	 The	Atlantic	magazine	has	listed	FSU’s	graduate-level	Creative	Writing	program	
                  among the nation’s top 10 and the Ph.D. program in the nation’s top five

               •	 U.S. News & World Report ranks FSU’s graduate program in nuclear physics as
                  13th in the nation and the graduate program in analytical chemistry as 14th in
                  the nation

College of business
               •	 The	 College	 of	 Business	 graduate	 accounting	 programs	 are	 ranked	 the	
                  best in the state, and its undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs
                  in	accounting	are	all	among	the	nation’s	best,	according	to	the	27th	Annual	
                  Public	Accounting	Report	Professors’	Survey

               •	 The	College	of	Business	undergraduate	program	is	ranked	29th	among	public	
                  universities by U.S. News & World Report’s “America’s	Best	Colleges	2009”

               •	 The	 Risk	 Management/Insurance	 program	 is	 ranked	 fourth	 in	 the	 country	
                  among public universities and the Real Estate program eighth nationally in
                  the same publication

               •	 A	$1.8	million	gift	to	the	Jim	Moran	Institute	for	Global	Entrepreneurship	will	
                  bolster the College of Business’ services, especially to entrepreneurs in eco-
                  nomically disadvantaged communities in South Florida

               •	 The	undergraduate	program	has	gained	12	points,	ranking	#30	in	the	nation	
                  in the latest BusinessWeek rankings

               •	 The	Bank	of	America	has	provided	a	$2	million	grant	to	establish	the	Gene	
                  Taylor/Bank	of	America	Center	for	Banking	and	Financial	Studies

College of Communication
               •	 U.S. News & World Report’s	 2009	 listing	 of	 “America’s	 Best	 Graduate	
                  Schools”	ranks	the	master’s	program	in	speech-language	pathology	as	18th	
                  in the nation

College of Education
                 •	 The	 College	 of	 Education	 is	 training	 public	 school	 principals	 in	 the	 state’s	
                    new	math	and	science	education	standards	and	techniques	to	improve	STEM	
                    teaching	through	a	$2.5	million	project	funded	by	the	federal	and	state	gov-

                 •	 The	College	of	Education’s	higher-education	program	is	ranked	18th	among	
                    all higher-education administration programs nationally in U.S. News & World
                    Report’s 2009	listing	of	“America’s	Best	Graduate	Schools”

                 •	 In	the	same	publication,	education	policy	was	19th;	student	counseling	and	
                    personnel	services	was	19th;	education	administration	and	supervision	was	
                    19th;	and	education	psychology	was	24th

                 •	 The	Program	in	Higher	Education	has	been	rated	exemplary	in	a	survey	of	
                    faculty in the field at more than 100 universities

College of Engineering
                 •	 The	Florida	State	University	has	been	selected	as	the	lead	university	for	the	
                    new	 Florida	 Center	 for	 Advanced	 Aero-Propulsion,	 a	 collaboration	 of	 the	
                    state’s premier researchers in aerospace and aviation

College of Information
                 •	 The	college	ranks	in	the	nation’s	top	10	graduate	programs,	according	to	U.S.
                    News & World Report

College of Law
                 •	 Nine	months	after	graduation,	99.6	per	cent	of	the	Class	of	2007	was	employed,	
                    pursuing a graduate degree or not seeking work

                 •	 The	College	of	Law	continues	to	rise	in	U.S. News & World Report rankings.
                    The environmental law program in ranked 10th in the nation in the 2009 rank-
                    ings. For the first time ever, in the 2008 U.S. News rankings, the tax law pro-
                    gram has been specially ranked, at 21st. FSU’s academic reputation is in the
                    top	tier	of	American	law	schools,	and	the	overall	law	school	ranking	has	risen	
                    14 slots in the past three years

                 •	 FSU	College	of	Law	graduates	have	once	again	earned	the	state’s	top	passing	
                    rate on the Florida Bar Exam

                 •	 The	College	of	Law	has	again	been	named	one	of	the	Top	10	law	schools	in	
                    the nation for Hispanics

College of Medicine
                 •	 The	first	class	of	College	of	Medicine	graduates	are	now	practicing	physicians

                 •	 Florida	 State	 has	 once	 again	 been	 recognized	 for	 its	 production	 of	 family	

                •	 In	an	important	milestone	in	its	development,	the	College	of	Medicine	has	
                   graduated its first Ph.D. student, Dillon Fritz, who received a doctorate in bio-
                   medical sciences

                •	 Dr.	John	P.	Fogarty,	formerly	senior	associate	dean	for	operations	and	associ-
                   ate dean for primary care at the University of Vermont, joined the University
                   as dean of the College of Medicine

                •	 The	 College	 of	 Medicine	 has	 been	 recognized	 as	 one	 of	 the	 top	 medical	
                   schools in the nation for the percentage of its graduating doctors who choose
                   to	specialize	in	family	medicine,	according	to	the	American	Academy	of	Fam-
                   ily Physicians

College of Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts
                •	 Film	 School	 alumnus	 Nathan	 Levine-Haney	 has	 won	 the	 prestigious	 2009	
                   Burton	“Bud”	Stone	Student	Heritage	Award	from	the	American	Society	of	

                •	 Film	School	Dean	Frank	Patterson	has	been	named	a	top	mentor	to	Holly-
                   wood filmmakers

College of Music
                •	 A	recent	study	from	the	Journal	of	Research	in	Music	Education	calls	FSU’s	
                   College of Music the single most influential institution since 1990

College of Nursing
                •	 Beginning	in	fall	2009	the	College	of	Nursing	will	offer	a	new	graduate	pro-
                   gram leading to a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree

College of Social Sciences
                •	 The	master’s	program	in	public	affairs	has	been	ranked	27th	in	the	nation	in	
                   the 2008 U.S. News & World Report rankings

                •	 The	political	science	department	has	been	ranked	22nd	among	all	U.S.	uni-
                   versities and eighth among public universities based on the success of its
                   Ph.D. graduates in the academic job market according to a study published
                   in	PS,	an	official	journal	of	the	American	Political	Science	Association

College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance
                •	 Choreographer	Jawole	Zollar	has	been	awarded	a	prestigious	Wynn	fellow-

                •	 The	John	and	Mable	Ringling	Museum	of	Art	has	partnered	with	New	York’s	
                   Baryshnikov	Arts	Center	to	launch	the	Ringling	International	Arts	Festival,	a	
                   new	biennial	performing	and	visual	arts	festival	set	for	Oct.	7-11,	2009,	on	the	
                   Florida State University cultural campus in Sarasota


              •	 The	renovated	and	expanded	Stone	Building	has	opened	its	doors	and	has	
                 been recognized for architectural excellence

              •	 The	McIntosh	Track	and	Field	Building	has	earned	a	LEED	Silver	Certification	
                 from	the	U.S.	Green	Building	Council,	which	means	it	meets	or	exceeds	the	
                 high standards of green-building design and performance. It is the univer-
                 sity’s first project to attain this designation

              •	 Construction	 is	 under	 way	 at	 Ruby	 Diamond	 Auditorium.	 The	 completely	
                 remodeled performance hall and lobby and the new adjacent rehearsal hall
                 are expected to open in 2011

              •	 The	Materials	Science	Building	is	complete

              •	 The	Psychology	Building,	James	E.	‘Jim’	King	Life	Sciences	Building	and	the	
                 Morcom	Aquatic	Center	have	opened

              •	 The	Dunlap	Student	Success	Center	is	open,	housing	the	Career	Center	and	
                 the Center for Leadership and Civic Education

              •	 FSU’s	new	Chemical	Sciences	Laboratory	has	opened,	heralding	the	dawn	of	
                 a new era for the university’s science community

              •	 The	 FSU	 Rec	 Sportsplex	 is	 open.	 The	 new	 facility	 represents	 a	 four-fold	
                 increase in outdoor recreational space on campus and, at 108 acres, is one of
                 the country’s largest outdoor collegiate recreational facilities

              •	 The	 University	 is	 currently	 developing,	 designing,	 breaking	 ground	 or	 has	
                 under	construction	about	$500	million	worth	of	facilities


              •	 Leonard	 Hamilton,	 who	 led	 the	 Florida	 State	 men’s	 basketball	 team	 to	 the	
                 NCAA	Tournament	for	the	first	time	since	1998	and	to	the	Atlantic	Coast	Con-
                 ference tournament championship game for the first time in school history,
                 has been named the National Coach of the Year by Basketball Times

              •	 Senior	Toney	Douglas	has	earned	All-ACC	First-Team	and	All-ACC	Defensive	
                 team	honors,	and	freshman	Solomon	Alabi	has	been	named	to	the	All-ACC	
                 Freshman	and	All-ACC	Defensive	teams

              •	 Ania	Rynazerwska,	women’s	tennis,	Matt	Wernke,	men’s	track	and	field	and	
                 Keyla	 Smith,	 women’s	 track	 and	 field,	 are	 recipients	 of	 the	 Atlantic	 Coast	
                 Conference	Weaver-James-Corrigan	Postgraduate	Scholarship	Award,	which	
                 honors	the	best	and	the	brightest	from	ACC	schools

              •	 The	Men’s	and	Women’s	Track	&	Field	team	have	both	captured	the	Atlan-
                 tic Coast Conference Indoor Championships. Florida State is only the third
                 school	 in	 ACC	 history	 to	 capture	 both	 the	 men’s	 and	 women’s	 conference	

                       championships titles. This championship title has earned the men’s team their
                       seventh consecutive title and the women’s their first title in the history of the
                       program.	Coach	Rob	Braman	was	also	named	the	ACC	Men’s	and	Women’s	
                       Indoor	Track	&	Field	Coach	of	the	Year,	and	sophomore	Ngoni	Makusha	was	
                       named	the	ACC	Indoor	Performer	of	the	Year

                   •	 The	Florida	State	women’s	basketball	team	earned	the	first	ACC	Champion-
                      ship in program history by defeating Wake Forest on March 1. This champion-
                      ship	also	earned	Coach	Sue	Semrau	the	designation	of	2009	Atlantic	Coast	
                      Conference Coach of the Year, the third time in her career to garner this title

                   •	 Javier	Cruz,	Men’s	Cross	Country/Track	and	Field	team,	was	selected	to	repre-
                      sent	Florida	State	University	at	the	2009	ACC	Intercollegiate	Academic	Con-
                      sortium	(IAC)	conference	themed	“Civility	in	a	Global	Society:	Going	Pro”

                   •	 Senior	Ashlee	Moon	and	sophomore	Lauren	Richardson	were	named	to	the	
                      2008	All-ACC	Volleyball	team

                   •	 Junior	Everett	Brown	was	named	runner-up	for	the	ACC	Defensive	Player	of	
                      the	Year	Award

                   •	 In	 a	 program	 first,	 four	 members	 of	 the	 women’s	 soccer	 team	 earned	 All-
                      American	honors	from	the	National	Soccer	Coaches	Association	of	America

                   •	 Soccer	star	Becky	Edwards	collected	a	gold	medal	in	the	FIFA	Youth	World	
                      Cup	with	the	U.S.	and	was	named	a	first	team	Scholar	All-American	by	the	

                   •	 Based	on	their	community	service,	FSU’s	student-athletes	are	at	the	top	of	the	
                      Outreach	Honor	Roll	from	the	National	Consortium	for	Academics	&	Sports


                   •	 NBC	 News	 special	 correspondent	 and	 author	 Tom	 Brokaw	 honored	 World	
                      War	II	veterans	Harold	Baumgarten	of	Jacksonville	Beach,	Fla.,	and	Samuel	
                      Gibbons	of	Tampa,	Fla.,	with	the	creation	of	an	endowed	fund	in	their	names	
                      through	a	personal	gift	of	$100,000	to	Florida	State’s	Institute	on	World	War	
                      II and the Human Experience

Seminole Tribe of Florida

                   •	 The	University	and	the	Seminole	Tribe	of	Florida	continue	to	work	in	partner-
                      ship to strengthen our ties and to recognize and help preserve the tribe’s
                      heritage	and	unconquered	spirit.	

4/3/09—This document is updated regularly at

                                        Bylaws of the

                                A Non-Profit Foundation

                                   Adopted	October	15,	1965
                                   April 3, 1970       November 15, 1997
                              October 15, 1977         May 19, 2001
                              October 21, 1989         February 16, 2002
                               February 9, 1991        October 25, 2003
                              February 12, 1994        October 16, 2004
                               October 7, 1995         October 8, 2005
                                  May 18, 1996         October 20, 2006

                                 TAbLE OF CONTENTS

ARTICLE I     GOVERNANCE                                 ARTICLE IV AMENDMENTS
Section 1:    Definitions and Organization
Section 2:    The Board of Trustees                      ACTICLE V SEAL
Section 3:    Meetings
Section 4:    Quorums and Voting                         ARTICLE VI INDEMNIFICATION
Section 5:    Removal and Vacancies
Section 6:    Conflicts of Interest
                                                         ARTICLE VII FISCAL MATTERS
                                                         Section 1:   Fiscal Year
ARTICLE II    OFFICERS                                   Section 2:   Contributions
Section 1:    The Chair                                  Section 3:   Depositories
Section 2:    The Chair Elect                            Section 4:   Financial Review
Section 3:    The President                              Section 5:   Foundation Employees
Section 4:    The Secretary
Section 5:    The Assistant Secretary
Section 6:    The Treasurer
                                                         ARTICLE VIII
Section 7:    The Assistant Treasurer                    OPERATIONAL MATTERS
Section 8:    Removal and Vacancies                      Section 1:   Execution of Documents
                                                         Section 2:   Books and Records
                                                         Section 3:   Nonprofit Operations—
                                                                      Compensation and
Section 1:    Appointment of Committees
Section 2:    Conduct of
                                                         Section 4:   Limitations
              Committee Meetings
Section 3:    The Executive Committee
Section 4:    The Finance Committee                      ARTICLE Ix OTHER MATTERS
Section 5:    The Audit Committee                        Section 1:   Rules of Order
Section 6:    The Real Estate Committee                  Section 2:   Dissolution
Section 7:    The Investment Committee
Section 8:    The Trusteeship Committee
Section 9:    The Development
Section 10:   The Governmental
              Affairs Committee
Section 11:   Other Committees


Section	1:	 Definitions	and	Organization
           a.   Whenever the term “Foundation” is used in these Bylaws it shall refer to The Florida
                State University Foundation, Inc., a non-profit corporation. Whenever the term “Uni-
                versity” is used in these Bylaws it shall refer to The Florida State University. Whenever
                the term “Trustee” or “member” is used in these Bylaws such terms shall be inter-
                changeable. The use of the masculine gender shall also include the feminine.

           b. The organization and operation of the Foundation shall be in compliance with Florida

Section	2:	 The	Board	of	Trustees
           a.   Each Trustee shall have demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership and manage-
                rial ability and a serious personal intention to promote the advancement of higher edu-
                cation and the University through dedicated service to the Foundation. Each Trustee
                should set an example of charitable interest in the University and the Foundation that
                alumni and other friends of the University may emulate and shall contribute his time
                and financial support to the University.

           b. The Board shall include not less than thirty-five (35) regular Trustees elected by a majority
               vote of the Board.

           c.   The Board shall also include Founding Trustees, who shall hold all rights and privileges
                of regular members and serve as members during their lifetime, unless removed pursu-
                ant to the provisions of these Bylaws.

           d. A regular or Founding Trustee who satisfies the criteria and requirements established
              by the Board may, by majority vote of the Board, be elected as a non-voting Trustee
              Emeritus for a life term.

           e. The Board shall also include the following eight (8) Trustees:

                The University President or his designee
                Three (3) Trustees appointed by the University President
                The Chair of the University’s Board of Trustees or his designee
                The Foundation President
                The immediate Past Chair of the Foundation
                The President of the University Faculty Senate

           f.   The Board shall also include the following five (5) non-voting Trustees:

                The Chair of the University Alumni Association
                The Chair of the Recent Graduate Development Council
                The Chair of the Seminole Boosters, Inc.
                The President of the University Student Government, and
                The Chair of the John and Mable Ringling Board of Trustees

           g. Trustees shall be elected each year at the Annual Meeting for a term of two (2) years
              or until their successors are elected. On the expiration of the term of any Trustee, a
              successor shall be elected by the Board. A regular Trustee may be reelected for two
              (2) additional terms of two (2) years each. If a regular Trustee is an Officer or Chair of a
              Committee, the Trustee may be reelected for one (1) additional term of two (2) years. In
              no event may a regular Trustee serve in such capacity for more than eight (8) consecu-
              tive years.
          h. Except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws, all regular Trustees shall be elected by
             a majority vote of the Board after recommendation by the Trusteeship Committee and
             consultation with the University President.

Section	3:	 Meetings
          a.   Notice of each Annual or Regular Meeting shall be mailed to each Trustee by the Sec-
               retary or Assistant Secretary not less than thirty (30) days before the Meeting. Notice
               of each Special Meeting shall be mailed to each Trustee by the Secretary or Assistant
               Secretary not less than fifteen (15) days before the Meeting. Notice of any meeting ref-
               erenced in these Bylaws may be effected by use of electronic communication.

          b. If the notice is for a Special Meeting, the notice shall indicate the reasons for the Meet-
             ing. The Board may waive notice of any such meeting.

          c.   By a majority vote, the Board may discuss additional matters not indicated in the notice
               of a Special Meeting.

          d. Trustees and Officers shall be nominated and elected during the Annual Meeting.

          e. The notice for the Annual Meeting shall include information on the attendance of Trust-
             ees at Board and Committee meetings for the previous two (2) years.

          f.   Special Meetings of the Board may be held at any time and place designated by the
               Board Chair.

Section	4:	 Quorums	and	Voting
          a.   The presence of thirty-three and one-third (33 1/3) percent of the voting Trustees, in
               person, shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Board or any of its Committees,
               unless otherwise provided by these Bylaws.

          b. All questions shall be determined by majority vote of the members present.

          c.   Any meeting may be conducted by electronic means, including teleconferencing.

Section	5:	 Removal	and	Vacancies
          a.   All Trustees are expected to attend Board and Committee meetings.

          b. The Trusteeship Committee will evaluate all Trustees prior to the completion of their
             two-year term.

          c.   Prior to the completion of a Trustee’s term, the Foundation shall present the attendance
               record of the Trustee to the Trusteeship Committee. If a Trustee fails to attend three (3)
               of six (6) Board meetings during his or her term in office, the Trusteeship Committee
               shall recommend to the Committee Chair whether the Trustee should be nominated to
               serve additional terms.

          d. The Committee Chair shall discuss the matter with the Trustee, determine whether the
             Trustee is willing and able to continue to serve, and report the findings to the Committee,
             who shall take such further action as deemed appropriate, after consultation with the
             Foundation President.

Section	6:	 Conflicts	of	Interest
            Trustees shall avoid conflicts of interest and abide by standards of conduct outlined in the
            AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice.


Section	1:	 The	Chair
            The Chair shall be elected by a majority vote of the Board during the Annual Meeting and
            shall serve a term of office of two (2) years beginning on January 1 in the year following his
            election. The Chair shall:

            a.   Preside at all meetings of the Board.

            b. Join with the President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer
               in signing the name of the Foundation to all papers, documents, and writings requiring
               the signature of the Foundation, except as herein provided in these Bylaws. In the ab-
               sence of or inability of the President, Treasurer, or Assistant Treasurer, the Chair may sign
               checks, vouchers, or other orders drawn upon any bank or other depositories in which
               the funds and securities of the Foundation are deposited.

            c.   See that the orders of the Board are carried out promptly or to advise the Board if its
                 orders are not executed.

            d. Report to the University President, or his or her designee, in accordance with the poli-
               cies of the University Board of Trustees.

            e. Appoint Chairs and Vice Chairs of Committees, as appropriate.

Section	2:	 The	Chair	Elect
            The Chair-Elect shall be elected by a majority vote of the Board during the Annual Meet-
            ing and shall succeed the Chair following the Chair’s completion of one (1) term of office.
            The Chair-Elect shall assist the Chair and, in the absence or inability of the Chair to serve,
            shall assume the duties of the Chair until the Chair resumes the duties, or the Board has
            elected a new Chair.

Section	3:	 The	President
            The University President shall recommend the selection of the President to the Board, who
            shall, by majority vote of the Board, be elected as the Chief Executive Officer of the Foun-
            dation. The President shall be empowered to initiate and sign checks and accept service of
            process on behalf of the Foundation. The President shall:

            a.   Provide leadership for the Foundation, subject to the direction of the University Presi-
                 dent and the Board.

            b. Report to the University President, or his designee, on issues of development and
               Foundation operations.

            c.   Execute the policies and directives of the Board and the Executive Committee.

            d. Assist other Officers of the Foundation in the performance of their duties.

           e. Carry out day-to-day business of the Foundation.

           f.   Be faithful in the performance of his or her duties as the Board may require.

           g. Present a written report of the conduct of the office at each Annual Meeting of the

           h. Do all things necessary for the successful operation of the Foundation.

Section	4:	 The	Secretary
           The Secretary shall be elected by a majority vote of the Board during the Annual Meeting.
           The Secretary or his designee shall:

           a.   Attend all meetings of the Board.

           b. Keep accurate minutes in a book as to serve as a permanent record.

           c.   Keep on record a copy of the Articles of Incorporation of the Foundation and a copy of
                its Bylaws.

           d. Join with the Chair or President in signing the name of the Foundation to all papers,
              documents, and writings requiring the signature of this Foundation, except checks. In
              the absence or inability of the Secretary to sign said documents, the signature of the
              Assistant Secretary or any other Officer may be substituted for that of the Secretary.

           e. Keep the seal of the Foundation and affix the seal to such official documents, records,
              and papers as may be required.

           f.   Carry on such of the general correspondence of the Foundation as may be assigned by
                the Chair.

Section	5:	 The	Assistant	Secretary
           The Assistant Secretary shall be elected by a majority vote of the Board during the Annual
           Meeting and shall work with the Secretary. In the absence or inability of the Secretary to
           serve, he shall assume the duties of the Secretary until the Secretary resumes the duties, or
           the Board has elected a new Secretary.

Section	6:	 The	Treasurer
           The Treasurer shall be elected by a majority vote of the Board during the Annual Meeting.
           The Treasurer or his designee shall:

           a.   Receive and have custody of all funds and securities of the Foundation and to deposit
                them in the name of the Foundation in such depositories as may be selected by the

           b. Keep the official records and books of account of the Foundation.

           c.   Review and approve all financial statements, make reports as necessary to the Board,
                carry out Foundation’s day-to-day business, initiate and sign checks.

           d. Be faithful in the performance of his or her duties as the Board may require.

           e. Account to each successor in office for all funds and securities that were listed on the
              books at the time of the last audit and all funds and securities that have come into the
              Treasurer’s hands since the last audit of the books of the office, and deliver over to the
              successor in office such funds and securities as remain on hand upon the appointment
              and qualification of the successor.

           f.   Cause an audit of the books of the Foundation to be made as soon as practicable after
                the close of the fiscal year of the Foundation, and have it reported to the Chair at once
                and to the Board at its next meeting. If there is a vacancy in the office of the Treasurer,
                such audit shall be made and reported immediately.

           g. Do all things necessary for the successful operation of the Foundation.

Section	7:	 The	Assistant	Treasurer
           The Assistant Treasurer shall be elected by a majority vote of the Board during the Annual
           Meeting, shall work with the Treasurer, and perform such duties assigned by the Treasurer.
           In the absence or inability of the Treasurer to serve, the Assistant Treasurer shall assume
           the duties of the Treasurer until the Treasurer resumes the duties, or the Board has elected
           a new Treasurer.

Section	8:	 Removal	and	Vacancies
           Based on the recommendation of the University President, in the event of absence, inabil-
           ity, or refusal to act by any of the Officers of the Foundation, the Board may appoint any
           person to perform the Officer’s respective duties, except as provided in these Bylaws.


Section	1:	 Appointment	of	Committees
           The Chair shall appoint the members of all Committees.

Section	2:	 Conduct	of	Committee	Meetings
           a.   A majority vote shall be necessary for the adoption of any resolution.

           b. Each Committee shall meet at the call of its Chair and minutes of all meetings shall be
              kept by the Secretary in the corporate minutes book.

           c.   All action taken at any Committee meeting shall be reported to the next meeting of the

           d. Meetings of Committees may be conducted by conference call or similar communica-
              tions facilities if all persons participating in such meetings are able to hear and to speak
              to each other.

Section	3:	 The	Executive	Committee
           a.   The Executive Committee shall exercise the powers and authority of the Board when
                the Board is not in session and shall serve the University President, the University, and

               the Foundation as the authoritative advocate in the raising, holding, investing, and dis-
               bursing of all private gifts made through the Foundation.

          b. The Committee shall oversee the fundraising activities of the Foundation’s develop-
             ment program and advise the University President on the viability of academic funding
             priorities and needs.

          c.   The Committee shall include the President, Treasurer, Secretary, the University Presi-
               dent or his or her designee, the Chair of the University Board of Trustees or his desig-
               nee; a designee of the University President representing the University Faculty Senate;
               the Chair of each standing Committee; and the Past Chair.

          d. The Committee shall consider, evaluate and analyze issues that have implications for
             changes to the Board and recommend appropriate action.

          e. Each year the Committee shall receive appropriate evidence that the compensation
             paid to Foundation employees is neither excessive nor substantially less than salaries
             paid for like responsibilities at comparable institutions.

          f.   If the Committee meets exercising the powers and authority of the Board when the
               Board is not in session, the Committee shall have no authority to alter, amend, or repeal
               the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws; elect Trustees; or invade the Operating Reserve

Section	4:	 The	Finance	Committee
          The majority of the Finance Committee shall be composed of Trustees who are not Officers.
          The Committee shall assist the Board in assuring that the budgetary and financial practices
          of the Foundation are sound and prudent and maintain a direct line of communication be-
          tween the Board, internal auditors, and independent accountants. To meet these responsi-
          bilities, the Committee shall:

          a.   Review the annual operating budget developed and present its recommendations to
               the Board.

          b. Work closely with other Committees where advice is necessary for budget

          c.   Inquire into the effectiveness of the Foundation’s management of the Foundation’s
               financial functions, and present recommendations to the Board.

          d. Submit the Foundation’s budget to the University President, who shall review and ap-
             prove the Foundation’s quarterly expenditure plans.

          e. Review and approve all financial statements.

Section	5:	 The	Audit	Committee
          The majority of the Audit Committee shall be composed of Trustees who are not Officers.
          The Committee shall review the audit plan of the Foundation, appraise and approve the
          effectiveness of the plan, assist the Board in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities relating to
          accounting and reporting practices, and maintain a direct line of communication between
          the Board, its internal auditors, and independent accountants. To meet these responsibili-
          ties, the Committee shall:

          a.   Review the scope of an overall audit plan for each annual examination.

          b. Appraise the effectiveness of the audit effort, present recommendations regarding au-
             dit findings to the Board, and recommend independent accountants to be retained by
             the Board.

          c.   Inquire into the effectiveness of the Foundation’s management of its financial and ac-
               counting functions, the Foundation’s system of internal control and recommend to the
               Board such changes as shall be advisable.

Section	6:	 The	Real	Estate	Committee
          The Committee shall recommend appropriate action relating to the acceptance, use and
          disposition of real property by the Foundation to the Executive Committee and the Board.
          To meet its responsibility, the Committee shall:

          a.   Establish selling prices for all marketable property owned by the Foundation.

          b. Report all offers to sell or purchase real property to the Executive Committee.

          c.   Assure that all transactions involving real estate are reported to the Board.

          d. Except as provided below, the Committee may consummate transactions which involve
             up to $100,000 but shall report such transactions to the Executive Committee and the
             Board immediately following its action.

Section	7:	 The	Investment	Committee
          The Investment Committee shall be composed of not less than three (3) and not more than
          nine (9) persons who have a knowledge of or business acumen in the investment field. The
          Committee shall be responsible for the prudent investment of the Foundation’s assets in
          accord with long-term strategies and for establishing investment policies and practices.

          The Committee shall work closely with the Real Estate Committee and Finance Committee
          to ensure the Foundation is financially sound.

Section	8:	 The	Trusteeship	Committee
          The Trusteeship Committee shall be chaired by the Chair-Elect. The Committee shall rec-
          ommend candidates for election as regular Trustees to the Board to the University Presi-
          dent and the Board, evaluate the performance of the Board, and recommend to the Board
          and the University President persons deserving of election as Trustee Emeritus, honorary
          degrees, Distinguished Service Awards, or other such recognition the Foundation deems
          appropriate. The Committee shall:

          a.   Receive recommendations for Trustees to the Board at least fifteen (15) days prior to
               the Annual Meeting and make recommendations for new Trustees to the Board at such

          b. Review the attendance of and performance of Trustees, including those considered
             for re-election, and oversee periodic performance reviews by the Board of its perfor-

          c.   Maintain a list of candidates for election as Trustees and cultivate their interest in the

          d. Oversee the orientation and development of new Trustees.

Section	9:	 The	Development	Committee
          The Committee shall be responsible for the raising of private support for the University. To
          meet this responsibility the Committee shall:

          a.   Promote a comprehensive University development program, which involves Trustees in
               the raising of private support.

          b. Provide advice to the Board and the development staff in the pursuit of private support
             emanating from alumni, faculty, students, friends, foundations, and organizations.

          c.   Stimulate vigorous and aggressive efforts to attract private support to the University.

Section	10:	The	Governmental	Affairs	Committee	
          The Governmental Affairs Committee shall represent the interests of the Foundation and
          the University in federal and state government matters.

          The Committee shall ensure continued funding for state matching gift programs, facilitate
          access to University alumni and friends to further the University’s goals, and monitor and
          report to the Board issues that affect the Foundation.

Section	11:	Other	Committees
          With the consent of the Board, the Chair may appoint such other Committees as deemed


          These Bylaws may be altered, amended, rescinded, or repealed at any Meeting of the
          Board by a majority vote of the Board and shall become effective immediately upon such
          vote or as otherwise determined by law or by the Board.


          The seal of the Foundation shall be in the form of a circle and shall bear, among other
          things, the name of the Foundation and the date of its incorporation.


          The Foundation shall indemnify, to the full extent provided by law, any person who is named
          a party to any proceeding due to his service as an employee, Trustee or Officer of the
          Foundation, or was or is serving at the request of the Foundation as a director, or officer of
          another Foundation or enterprise, against liability and expenses incurred in connection with
          such proceeding, so long as the person acted in good faith and in a manner he reasonably
          believed to be in, and not opposed to, the best interests of the Foundation. The Board shall
          develop an ongoing plan for risk management and indemnification of the employees, Trust-
          ees, and Officers of the Foundation, taking into consideration federal and state laws and
          rules as well as rules and policies of the University and the University Board of Trustees.


Section	1:	 Fiscal	Year
           The fiscal year of the Foundation shall be July 1 to June 30.

Section	2:	 Contributions
           Any contributions, bequests, grants, or gifts for the purposes of the Foundation shall only
           be accepted or collected pursuant to procedures authorized by the Board. All contribu-
           tions, bequests, grants, or gifts shall be reported to the Board in a timely manner.

Section	3:	 Depositories
           The Foundation shall maintain an Operating Reserve Fund, which shall provide a source of
           income for the operations of the Foundation. The Foundation shall contribute to the Fund
           as the Board may determine. If the principal of the Fund is invaded, the Board shall be noti-
           fied of such action, and the reasons therefore, in a timely manner.

           All funds of the Foundation shall be deposited to the credit of the Foundation under such
           conditions and in such banks as shall be designated by the Board.

Section	4:	 Financial	Review
           An annual examination, review, or audit of the financial statements of the Foundation shall
           be made and the results shall be submitted to the Audit Committee of the Board, the Board
           and the University President.

Section	5:	 Foundation	Employees
           Foundation employees shall not be considered employees of the state of Florida.


Section	1:	 Execution	of	Documents
           Except as otherwise provided by law, checks, drafts, promissory notes, orders for the pay-
           ment of money, and other evidences of obligations of the Foundation will be signed by the
           Treasurer and countersigned by the Foundation President.

Section	2:	 Books	and	Records
           The Foundation will keep correct and complete books and records of account, and will also
           keep minutes of the proceedings of the Board and Committees. The Foundation shall keep,
           at its principal place of business, a list containing the names, addresses, and other relevant
           information of each Trustee and Officer, and the original or a copy of these Bylaws.

Section	3:	 Nonprofit	Operations—Compensation	and	Reimbursement	
           The Foundation will not have or issue shares of stock. No dividend will be paid and no part
           of the income of the Foundation will be distributed to any Trustee.

Section	4:	 Limitations
           a.   The Foundation shall make no loans to its Officers or Trustees.

           b. No Officer or Trustee may have any vested right, interest or privilege of, in or to the
              assets, functions, affairs or franchises of the Foundation. No Officer or Trustee has any
              right, interest or privilege that may be transferable or inheritable, or that will continue
              if his service ceases or while he is not in good standing.

           c.   Former Trustees, Officers and employees shall have no property rights to assets of the

           d. The organization and operation of the Foundation shall, at all times, be in compliance
              with Florida statutes, including Chapter 1004, and applicable rules of the Board of Gov-
              ernors and the University Board of Trustees.


Section	1:	 Rules	of	Order
           In the event of a parliamentary dispute, Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be the
           authority for all matters of procedures not specifically covered by the Bylaws or by special
           rules of procedure adopted by the Foundation.

Section	2:	 Dissolution
           In the event of the dissolution of the Foundation, the assets of the Foundation remaining
           after the discharge of all liabilities shall be assigned to an entity as directed by the Board,
           or in its absence, by the Foundation President. In the event the President is unable to do so,
           the assets of the Foundation shall be assigned as directed by the University President.