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									Sussex Law School Postgraduate (LLM Programmes)
Scholarship application form for UK/EU Students
Important: Please read the notes in page 5 before completing this form. Complete the form
carefully, and try to fill in all the sections, otherwise delays will occur when processing
your application.
A. Personal details (as they appear in your postgraduate application)
Surname/family name:                        Home address:

-------------------------------             ------------------------------------

First name:                                 ------------------------------------

-------------------------------             ------------------------------------

Other names:                                Fax - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-------------------------------             Email - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                       Date of birth        Address for correspondence (if different)
Male/female            (day/month/year)
                       /         /
Office use only:       School:              ----------------------------------
Ranking:               Status:              ----------------------------------

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B. Programme of study at Sussex
       Please mark “X” in one of the boxes below to show the degree you have applied for

      LLM in European Law                                   LLM in International Trade Law

      LLM in Family and Child Law                           LLM in Law and International Security

      LLM in International Law:                              LLM in Master in Laws
      Rights and Responsibilities

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    Please tell us your postgraduate application number (if known)

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C. Education qualifications

Please list qualifications and grades which you have already obtained or for which you are still

          School, university     (eg high school                          Grade,
Dates                                               Subject                           obtained or
          or college             certificate,                             GPA

D. Work experience

Please describe any work experience which is relevant to your proposed study programme:
              Name of
Dates                                        Job title and responsibilities

E. Finances

In fairness to other applicants, we are unable to consider applications from candidates who have
not already secured sufficient funds to meet their tuition fees and living expenses at the time of
application (after taking account of the possible award of a Sussex Law School Postgraduate
Scholarship). Please state below how your tuition fees and living expenses will be met:

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F. Personal statement

A Sussex Law School Postgraduate Scholarship will be awarded to students who possess the
highest academic ability and potential, not on the basis of financial need. The selectors will pay
special attention to the information you provide below.

Please tell us about your academic achievements and ambitions. In particular, please state why
you believe that you should be considered for this scholarship:

G. Declaration

I hereby declare that I have understood and comply with the eligibility criteria, and I make a true
statement about my details.

 Signature:                                       Date:

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Notes for completing the application form

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must:

          be applying for one of the following Masters degrees

                   LLM in European Law

                   LLM in International Trade Law

                   LLM in Family and Child Law

                   LLM in International Law: Rights and Responsibilities

                   LLM in Law and International Security

                   LLM in Master of Laws

          commence the degree in October 2009 (awards cannot be deferred to subsequent years)

          be classified as paying “UK/EU” tuition fees


Current Sussex undergraduate students are eligible to apply.

How to complete the form
1.       Please complete the application form in type or write in CAPITAL letters and BLACK ink.

2.       Please quote your email address as all correspondence will be via email.

3.       Please make a copy of the form for yourself before sending it to Sussex.

4.       When completed, you should return the form to arrive by 1 June 2009 by email, post or fax to:

         Sussex Law School Office
         Sussex Institute
         Essex House 1/2
         University of Sussex
         Brighton, BN1 9RF

         F +44 1273 877587


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