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									     I understand that Federal law provides me, after enrollment, with a right of access under certain circumstances to this Statement of
     Referee and that no school may require me to waive this right.

     I hereby o waive o do not waive my right of access to this Statement of Referee.

     Date                                            Signature

                                                       LLM STATEMENT OF REFEREE
                                             Note: Please type if possible; otherwise, print in ink.

                                       (LAST NAME)                           (FIRST NAME)                              (MIDDLE NAME)

is an applicant for admission to Stanford Law School. Each year the number of applicants to the School far exceeds the number that
can be accepted. You will greatly assist this applicant and the School by providing specific and candid answers to this inquiry. The
information you provide will be treated as confidential except that the applicant may elect to retain the right of access (see waiver
above). Prompt completion of this form will be appreciated by both the applicant and the School, for the application cannot be acted
on until this form is received from you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Instructions to Referees of LLM Program Applicants
Applicants to Stanford Law School’s LLM program are required to submit at least two letters of recommendation.

Each candidate is asked to describe his or her experience in legal practice; especially as it relates to the specialization to which the
candidate is applying. An applicant may provide you with a copy of his or her application with these instructions.

Please make your letter as detailed and frank as possible. In writing your reference, it would be helpful to the Committee on Graduate
Admissions if you were to consider the following selection criteria:

1.    The applicant’s experience in legal practice.
2.    How an LLM degree might be useful to the applicant’s ongoing work, professional development, and career goals as a
3.    The applicant’s intellectual ability, maturity, and aptitude for legal scholarship.
4.    The applicant’s reliability, character, and ability to engage in collaborative intellectual interaction.
5.    The applicant’s English language proficiency.

Please indicate your evaluation of the applicant with respect to the following qualities:

                         Inadequate             Average              Good                   Excellent      Outstanding            One of the top
                        opportunity to          or below         (above average)            (top 10%)       (top 5%)               in my career
 English language
 writing skills
 English language
 oral skills

Stanford Law School attaches considerable weight to letters of recommendation. We can only accept letters of recommendation written
in English.

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Name (please type or print)


                                                            Please send this directly to:
                              Office of Admissions, Crown Quadrangle, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, CA 94305-8610

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