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					                          Aerospace MBA
The Toulouse Business School Aerospace MBA program

             Boost your career in Aerospace
Table of contents

                    The Toulouse Business School                      2
                    (Leader in Business and Management Education)

                    Ensuring quality standards                        3

                    Toulouse, quality of life                         4

                    Aerospace industry in Toulouse                    5

                    Why the Aerospace MBA program                     6

                    Toulouse Business School                          7
                    (leader in aeropace management education)

                    The CERMAS                                        7

                    Curriculum                                       8-9

                    Testimonies                                      10

                    Support from industry leaders                     11

                    Living expenses and tuition fees                 12
                    Admission - Application process - Scholarships
A message from the director
Thank you for your interest in the Toulouse Business School Aerospace

MBA program. I am extremely proud of the exceptional education we

are offering the world’s aerospace community. Our goal is to provide

leadership in education and research in the field of Aerospace

Management and we have designed an MBA program of international

quality that is directly linked to the industry.

The Aerospace MBA experience offers a unique and fruitful learning

environment. The cultural mix of experienced aerospace professionals

coming from all over the world, combined with the very high standard

of lectures and conferences, gives the opportunity to marry theory and

practice in a multi-cultural and cross-sector environment while at the

same time meeting, benchmarking and networking with top

professionals and colleagues alike.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact

our office. If you feel ready to commit yourself to such an exceptional

endeavour, we would be delighted to review your application.


                                              Jacques TOURNUT, Ph.D, Director

                                                                 AEROSPACE MBA - TOULOUSE BUSINESS SCHOOL   1
Toulouse Business School
(Groupe ESC Toulouse)
Leader in Business and Management Education

                               Founded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toulouse,
                               Groupe ESC Toulouse offers prestigious education on a national and
                               international level and has become, in its 100 year-old existence, a privileged
                               partner for companies. The establishment is recognized by the Ministry of
                               National Education and is thus able to welcome students benefiting from
                               national scholarships.
                               Groupe ESC teaches and trains almost 2300 students per year in
                               undergraduate and graduate programs and has a network of over 9500
                               alumni throughout the world.

                               3 training programs                               6 Research Groups
ABOUT GROUPE                   for beginning managers                            - Finance Group
ESC TOULOUSE                   - Bachelor Programme in Business & Management     - European Research Center for Aerospace
- Founded in 1903
                               - Toulouse Business School ESC (Master)            Management (CERMAS)
- 2350 students
- 1900 trainees in             - Toulouse Business School Specialized Masteres   - Centre for European Research in Employment
  executive and continuing      (Postgraduate)                                    and Human Resources
- 9500 graduates                                                                 - Internet Marketing and e-Commerce
- 68 resident faculty          2 training programs for experienced               - Research Group on Entrepreneurship and
                               managers                                           Growth Strategy
- 44 affiliated faculty
  members                      - Capitolis: Executive Education                  - Contemporary Issues in Management
- 55 visiting professors
                               - Aerospace MBA:International Business Training
- 1000 contributing
  professional faculty from     for Aerospace Executives
  the corporate world
- 55 partnerships with
  international institutions
- Bachelor, a three-year
  undergraduate program
- ESC «Grande École»,
  a three-year graduate
- 23 post-graduate
  Specialized Masters
  (1 in English)
- 1 internationally
  acclaimed Aeronautics
  and Space MBA,
  Aerospace MBA
- 6 research laboratories
- 1 center for executive
  education, Capitolis
- Two campuses, one in
  Toulouse, one at ESEC in

Ensuring Quality Standards
The main processes evaluated by all 3 accreditation
systems are:
- the coherence of the institution’s strategy
- the quality and effectiveness of faculty mana-
 gement (recruitment, development, promotion)
- the production of intellectual contributions          These accreditations are the fruit of a major effort
 (faculty qualifications, research)                      made by Groupe ESC Toulouse over the past several
- for each program of studies: the coherence of the     years to develop the excellence of its faculty and
 program and course content ; the processes for         raise the level of its programs:
 renewing programs and courses                          - reinforcement of the research professor complement,
- the rigor of the student selection process, student    through a sustained recruitment drive
 follow-up and placement, and the development           - optimization of faculty qualification levels: all
 and improvement in teaching methods and                 new recruits to faculty must have a PhD ; strong
 program content                                         incentives for faculty to produce intellectual
- the solidity of links with the professional world      contributions (books, research articles, case
                                                         studies, etc.)
The procedure that leads to accreditation is a long     - organization of the Groupe’s research effort into
one (several years on average, 3 to 4 for AACSB).        five Research Centers designed to develop real
It is also a very demanding one, involving all the       expertise in the following domains: Finance,
parties concerned.                                       Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship,
The rigor and scrupulousness of this process and         e-business, and Aerospatial
the constant verification of information guarantees
the seriousness of these accreditations and -by the
same token- the quality of Groupe ESC Toulouse’s

                                                                                                 AEROSPACE MBA - TOULOUSE BUSINESS SCHOOL   3
Toulouse Quality of life
                                               One of France’s most lively
                                               and welcoming cities.
                                               The European capital of aeronautics and space,
                                               Toulouse is home to more than 150 international
                                               companies (EADS, ATR, Motorola, Siemens, Sony,
                                               to name a few). It is in Toulouse that the largest
                                               plane in history, the Airbus A380, is assembled.
                                               A unique concentration of grey matter: Toulouse
                                               is at the same time the largest French research
                                               center after Paris and the biggest university town
                                               after Paris (120,000 students.)
                                               Living life to the fullest with opera at Théâtre du
                                               Capitole, classical music at Halle aux Grains or rock
                                               at Zénith. Feast your eyes upon Cathédrale Saint-
                                               Sernin, La Place du Capitole or the Space museum,
                                               Cité de l’Espace. Then go for a true feast in one of
                                               Toulouse’s fine restaurants, many of which have a
                                               southern feel and taste. Come taste the sunshine!

                                               Toulouse is also very close to:
                                               - The Pyrénées, ski resorts
                                               - Carcassonne
                                               - The Mediterranean sea
                                               - The Atlantic ocean, Biarritz
                                               - Spain, Barcelona

Aerospace industry in Toulouse
Today aerospace companies are faced with
3 major challenges
To be more flexible, more reactive, more efficient       To face these challenges, companies need knowled-
in a permanently changing environment.                  geable and up-to-date managers to implement
                                                        changes, enhance individual and collective perfor-
To be global players, partners in collective projects
                                                        mance, and to be active networkers of their
or independent players in an internationally
                                                        company and in so doing, play the role of strategy
competitive environment.
                                                        accelerators. The Aerospace MBA has been created
To remain at the cutting-edge of technology while       for them in the European aerospace capital at the
maintaining      state-of-the-art     management        EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB accredited Toulouse
efficiency.                                             Business School.

Toulouse, European aerospace capital
Toulouse is an international aerospace capital, at      Toulouse Business School,
the heart of the Aerospace Valley. The area is a        a participant in the national
leading aeronautics region and it also covers 25%
                                                        competitivity centers…
of the European space activity.
Toulouse is both an exceptional concentration           Toulouse Business School, via its education and
in research and development with 400 laboratories       research portfolios, is a participant in the two
or research centres bringing together more than         world-class competitivity centers set up in the Midi-
10,000 scientists and a leading university town with    Pyrénées Region: Aeronautics, Space, and On-Board
3 universities and 14 prestigious Grandes Écoles        Systems; and Cancer, Health, and Biotechnology.
(13 engineering Schools and the Toulouse Business
This constitutes a unique competence pool
with worldwide acknowledged expertise.

                                                                                                 AEROSPACE MBA - TOULOUSE BUSINESS SCHOOL   5
the Aerospace MBA Program
                               A competitive advantage                              Connected to the real world
                               With an MBA degree you acquire a competitive         To fill industry needs and to solely concentrate on
                               advantage by learning the management tools that      the issues relevant to the aerospace industry, we
                               are necessary to effectively manage and compete      are advised by a steering committee whose
                               in the constantly changing industry.                 members are industry leaders, namely:
                                                                                    - José ABRAMOVICI: CALyon (merger between
                                                                                     Credit Agricole and Credit Lyonnais), General
                               Aerospace oriented                                    Manager, Transportation Group
                                                                                    - Eric AUVRAY: IBM Global Services, General Manager
                               This generalist MBA program, targeting future
                                                                                    - Michael DELANEY: The Boeing Company, Chief
                               aerospace leaders, enables participants to have
                                                                                     Engineer (Aerospace MBA 2003)
                               access to the latest academic knowledge and
                                                                                    - Jean Christophe ESCULIER: Thales, Senior Vice
                               research while sharing experience and expertise
                                                                                     President, Key Accounts
                               with top professional experts from leading
                                                                                    - Mario FORMICA: ATR, Vice President, Marketing
                                                                                     and Sales
                                                                                    - Philippe GALLAND: Eurocopter, Vice President,
                               Multicultural environment                            - Carlo LOALI: Aermacchi, Senior Vice President
                               Multicultural environment: the multicultural          Marketing
                               diversity of our program has long been recognized.   - Gael MEHEUST: SNECMA, Vice President, Airbus
                               The international diversity of the teaching staff     Programs
                               (from both academia and industry) and participants   - Gilberto PERALTA: GE, Vice President, Marketing
                               (the program attracts participants from North         EADS/Airbus
                               America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle       - Erik PILLET: AIRBUS, Executive Vice President, HR
                               East, Asia and Far East Asia, totalling 10 to 15     - Hervé SCHWINDENHAMMER: IAS, General Director
                               nationalities every year) create a unique challen-   - Alfred SPAIN: Jetblue Airways Corporation, Senior
                               ging learning environment.                            Vice President, Operations

Leader in
Aerospace Management Education:
Toulouse Business School
The Toulouse Business School has developed several programs around the
aerospace industry:
- Master’s Program: Major in Aerospace Management
- Specialized Master’s Program: Air Transport Management
- MBA Program: Aerospace MBA
- Executive Education: Aerospace Short Courses

The Aerospace MBA program is closely linked to CERMAS (CEntre for
Research and Management in Aeronautics and Space) which provides our
participants with the latest knowledge and research.

CERMAS was created in 1999, first under the              CERMAS’s location in Toulouse has made it possible
direction of Dr. Lauriol, Prof. Lawrence took over in   to establish close links with aerospace companies,
2000 and Dr. Gudmundsson in 2001. The creation of       such as EADS and Airbus SA, and the intention of
the Center was prompted by the School’s location        the centre is to provide internationally orientated
in Toulouse (the aerospace capital of Europe) and       academic research output related to the local             Sveinn Gudmundsson,
the imminent launch of the Aerospace MBA, which         industrial strength in aerospace.                         Ph.D.
ran for the first time in 2000.                                                                                    Director of CERMAS
                                                        The research focus of CERMAS concerns all aspects         OUR pedagogical
In the 1990s the global restructuring of the            of aerospace and aviation strategic management.           philosophy
aerospace industry and the perception in Europe         The vision of the center is to become a world-class       - To develop a flexible and
                                                                                                                    creative learning
that the newly consolidated U.S. prime companies        research forum for aerospace and aviation                   process
posed a major competitive threat to the more            management.                                               - To broaden knowledge
fragmented European industry, caused a renewed          CERMAS research covers one or more primary focus            rather than deepen it
                                                                                                                  - To encourage innovative
focus on aerospace management. Europe emulated          areas:                                                      thinking and open-
the U.S. pattern of consolidation creating many         1) AIRLINES;                                                mindedness
management challenges for the newly formed              2) AIRPORTS;                                              - To enhance managerial
companies. Thus, there is a pressing agenda in          3) AEROSPACE, with the main emphasis being on the
                                                                                                                  - To emphasize a global
aerospace management with which CERMAS                  COMMUNAL INTERESTS OF AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURERS                world
engages.                                                AND AIRLINES/AIRPORTS.

                                                                                               AEROSPACE MBA - TOULOUSE BUSINESS SCHOOL        7
                               The program is divided into five stages
                               Stage 1: Team Building Seminar
                               A one-week course designed to break down national barriers, deepen the understanding of other cultures
                               and create a strong team spirit. It also offers communication and presentation skills training. At the end,
                               students will team-up by groups to undertake a six month multi-cultural team project.
                               The program is then structured according to the matrix approach:

                                                                                                                CORE MODULES

Jacques Tournut, Ph.D.                                                                                                                        ste nt
                                                                                                                                            Sy me
Director                                                                                                                                         ms
                                                                                                                                        at. age
                                                                                                                      un d

                                                                                                                                    orm an
                                                                                             om l

« Nowhere else in the
                                                                                                                   co an

                                                                                           on ia


                                                                                                                   dS g

                                                                                                                                 Inf rat. M
                                                                                         Ec ager

                                                                                                                an ketin


                                                                                                                Ac nce

world could you find such
                                                                                                                                 Re n




a large number of origins



and cultures and so many
manufacturers, airlines,                           Legal Aerospace Environment
service companies,
electronics businesses and
                                                   Managing International Projects
research organisations, all
                               PROCESS WORKSHOPS

connected in some way to
the aerospace sector.
                                                   Managerial Accounting
That’s why we attract
high-calibre students from                         Change Management
all over the world eager to
join the program. »                                Knowledge Management

                                                   Supply Chain Management

                                                   Risk Management

                                                   Managing Alliances and Partnerships
                               ELECTIVE TRACKS




                                                   Defense and Space

Stage 2:                                                                                         Stage 3:
Core Management Skills                                                                           Process Workshops
Core courses designed to develop theoretical skills                                              Courses designed to apply a range of skills
and deepen understanding of core business topics,                                                developed in stage 2 to a wider business approach.
taught mainly by resident faculty with contributions                                             These courses deal with key management problems:
from professional experts:                                                                       - Legal Aerospace Environment
- Managerial Economics                                                                           - Managing International Projects
- Strategy                                                                                       - Managerial Accounting
- Finance and Accounting                                                                         - Change Management
- Human Resources Management                                                                     - Knowledge Management
- Operations Management and Information Systems                                                  - Supply Chain Management
- Marketing and Sales                                                                            - Risk Management
                                                                                                 - Managing Alliances and Partnerships

Stage 4: Elective tracks on Aerospace                                                            Stage 5: Corporate Mission or
Sub-Sectors                                                                                      Research Project
Students choose one out of four tracks and two                                                   After the introduction to research and consulting,
elective courses depending on their personal aims                                                this final element of the program offers students
and objectives:                                                                                  the opportunity to put theory into practice by
                                                                                                 actively working in the industry.
Courses/Tracks                        OEM               Airlines   Airports    Defense & Space   However, those who prefer may elect to use this
Business Development                                                                             time to undertake a theoretically based research
Managing Customer Support                                                                        project at CERMAS (CEnter for Research and
Managing Sub-Contractors                                                                         Management in Aeronautics and Space). The
Managing Space&Telecom                                                                           aerospace research center of the Toulouse Business
Defense Procurement                                                                              School has close links with the Aerospace MBA. Not
Air Transport Simulation
                                                                                                 only does it offer students the possibility of actively
Managing an Airport
                                                                                                 contributing to consultancy projects but it also
Security and Related issues
                                                                                                 develops process-oriented case studies for use in
Managing an Airline
                                                                                                 the program.

In addition to the above stages, participants are offered personal and communication skills development
courses. They also have to undertake a multicultural team project and are offered Team Building follow-
up sessions.

                 FULL TIME F OR MUL A 1 Year                                                              PA RT T I M E F O R M U L A 2 Ye a rs

              SEMESTER 1                                           SEMESTER 2                              YEAR 1                           YEAR 2
              Team Building Seminar and Business Trip
  Nov.                                                     May                                    Jan.     Preparation,            Feb.
                                                                                                           Reading Time                    Preparation, Reading
                                                                    Elective Tracks                        Distance learning               Time
  Dec.                                                    June                                    Feb.                             March
                                                                                                           Team Building Seminar
                                                                                                                                           Distance learning
                 Core Modules
  Jan.                                                     Jul.                                   March    Cores Modules           April   Elective Tracks

  Feb.                                                     Aug.     Corporate Mission
                                                                                                  July                             July
                                                                    or                                     Preparation,
                                                                                                                                                                  In-Company project

                                                                    Research Project                       Reading Time                    Corporate
 March                                                    Sept.                                                                            Mission
                 Process Workshops                                                                Aug.     Distance learning       Aug.
 April                                                     Oct.                                                                            Research
                                                                    Presentations                 Sept.    Process Workshops       Sept.   Project


                                                                                                                                                  AEROSPACE MBA - TOULOUSE BUSINESS SCHOOL   9
                             Hugo Castro - Chile                                   material presented also emphasized key issues
                             (Aerospace MBA 2002)                                  relative to the many international considerations
                                                                                   of the industry.
                             « My experience during the AeMBA was
                                                                                   Another strength of the program was the
                             wonderful! I was looking for international and
                                                                                   relevance of the instruction to aerospace
                             multicultural business environment, and this was
                                                                                   professionals. The foundation of the course work
                             the right place to do it:
                                                                                   centered on the same core subjects that most MBA
                             - high level of teachers and speakers
                                                                                   programs offered. However, the majority of the
                             - great support from the school staff and industry
                                                                                   case studies, examples, and assignments focused
                             In addition, Toulouse is a great place to live:
                                                                                   on very pertinent topics from the aerospace
                             beautiful, with a lot of leisure and cultural
                                                                                   industry. The workshop and elective courses
                             activities. If you want to be linked with the
                                                                                   provided further opportunity to apply the core
                             aerospace industry, Toulouse is the European
                                                                                   business training to specific aerospace subjects.
                             Aerospace Capital city. »
                                                                                   Additionally, the collective experience of the
                                                                                   students within the aerospace industry added
                             Pierre TCHOUKAVOFF - France                           greatly to the learning experience.
                             (Aerospace MBA 2002)                                  The quality of the instructors was another
                             « My time in the aerospace MBA was a real             advantage of the Aerospace MBA program. The
                             pleasure.                                             full-time ESC instructors demonstrated excellent
                             I discovered the aerospace industry the best way      understanding of the core business topics that are
                             and developed an everlasting friendship with          essential to an MBA program. What made the
                             brilliant fellows.                                    program unique was the amount of instruction
                             The academic and professional inputs were             that came from industry professionals, both from
                             outstanding. By the way, it was a real boost in my    within France as well as from other countries.
                             career as well.                                       This exposure to industry leaders not only gave
                             Long live the Aerospace MBA program!. »               insight into their respective companies and
                                                                                   agencies, but it also helped to establish a network
                                                                                   of professional contact worldwide. The willingness
                             Tony VOGT - USA
                                                                                   of industry to participate in such a way is another
                             (Aerospace MBA 2001)
                                                                                   testimony to the respect that the Aerospace MBA
                             « The Aerospace MBA was a very valuable               has gained with the industry. »
                             experience for me because of the combination of
                             unique aspects that it can offer that other
                             programs cannot.                                      Patrick MATHIEU - France
                             The foremost benefit for me was the international      (Aerospace MBA 2003)
                             exposure that this experience provided. Living and    « The Aerospace MBA was a real opportunity to
                             studying in France introduced me to a different       exchange with recognized aerospace executives
                             culture, which illustrated different approaches to    and to learn from the Toulouse Business School
                             dealing with people and situations on both a          education team as well as from the 2003 delegates.
                             personal and professional perspective. The            Coming from a consulting company, it was also for
                             Aerospace MBA program further added to the            me a strong career booster to reach easily a new
                             international awareness by bringing together          position in the Airbus Information Systems Strategy
                             professions from many different countries to work     & Governance department.
                             and learn together in team situations. Each student   Last but not least, the Aerospace MBA Alumni is
                             offered their own unique perspective on the           an efficient network allowing me to share
                             aerospace industry based on their unique              experiences and to seek advice in my day-to-day
                             experiences working in their country. The course      business. »


Support from Industry leaders

Previous                             CLASS 2002

graduation                          William Gordon (New Zealand)
                                    receiving his MBA degree from
                                    Jean-Paul Bechat, President and
ceremonies                          CEO of SNECMA Group

                                                                        CLASS 2005
                                                                       Steffen ULM (Germany) receiving his MBA degree from
                                                                       Sir Charles Masefield, President of BAE Systems plc.
 CLASS 2000                          CLASS 2003
Atique Chisty Rahman (Bangladesh)   Yonghui Wang (China) receiving
receiving his MBA degree from       his MBA degree from
Philippe Camus, Co-President        Noël Forgeard, President and CEO
and CEO of EADS                     of AIRBUS

 CLASS 2001                          CLASS 2004
Jean-Paul Pourqué (France)          Nwabisa Mtshali (South Africa)
receiving his MBA degree from       receiving her MBA degree from
Alan Mulally, CEO of BOEING         Jean-Cyril Spinetta, Chairman
COMMERCIAL AIRPLANES                and CEO of Air France

                                                                                        AEROSPACE MBA - TOULOUSE BUSINESS SCHOOL   11
                         Living expenses and tuition fees
The Toulouse Business
School is supported by
GIFAS (French
Aeronautics and Space    Fees:                                                 Living expenses:
Industry Group which     The program fee covers tuition, student fees and      (assuming you live alone for a 13-month period)
includes more than
200 companies) and       course materials including text books. Participants   - Rent and utilities. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6,500 euros
IAS (Institut            are provided with a laptop and software. A non-       - Food . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3,300 euros
Aéronautique et
                         refundable deposit is due upon acceptance into        - Transportation                 ..........................                  700 euros
                         the program. Please contact us or refer to our        - Miscellaneous . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,500 euros
IAS is a non-profit
Cooperation Agency       website for current tuition fees and payment          -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
formed by GIFAS in       schedule.                                             TOTAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12,000 euros
1980 and supported by
the ministries related
to aerospace: Foreign
Affairs, Defense,
Transport, Education,
Finance and Industry.
IAS and Toulouse
Business School offer
a limited quantity of
full and partial
                         (see enclosed application form that can also be downloaded from our website)
scholarships, the
number varying from
year to year. This
financial aid is          Academic qualifications, professional                  To apply
restricted to
participants employed
                         experience                                            Complete the application form (downloadable
by an aerospace          Applications are reviewed by the Aerospace MBA        from our website), enclose a 100 euro application
company from             admission committee and admission is based on         fee and send both to the Aerospace MBA program
developing countries.
                         both academic qualifications and professional         Director.
                                                                               Send the following documents with your
                         You must have the following qualifications:            completed application form:
                         - A minimum of 3 years of professional experience     - Original transcripts of previous university studies
                         - A bachelor’s degree or equivalent undergraduate     - English test results
                          degree from a recognized academic institution        - Two letters of reference
                         - At least 2 letters of reference from work-related
                          or academic sources
                         - 750 on TOEIC or 550 on TOEFL

                                                                                                 AEROSPACE MBA - TOULOUSE BUSINESS SCHOOL                               12
                                Aerospace MBA alumni come from


                                                               ENGLAND                         UKRAINE
                                                                    FRANCE          ROUMANIA                                                              KOREA

            USA                                      PORTUGAL        SPAIN    ITALY
                                                                                          TURKEY                                              CHINA
                                                                                      GREECE     LEBANON
                                                                  MOROCCO                        JORDAN
                                                                                                                                      NEPAL                      TAIWAN
                                                                                                                                 BANGLADESH           VIETNAM
                                                                                                                                 INDIA           THAILAND

                     COLOMBIA                                                                                                                         MALAYSIA

                     BOLIVIA                                                                                                                                                 FIJI

                                 BRAZIL                                               SOUTH

                                                                                                                                                                      NEW ZEALAND

                       Aerospace MBA - Toulouse Business School
                                             A worlwide reference for higher education

                                               To assess the quality of our                    EQUIS, European Quality
                                        institution, the Toulouse Business                     Improvement System (from EFMD:
                                        School engaged an audit process                        European Foundation for
                                           with the 3 major accreditation                      Management Development).
                                              bodies for business schools.                     European in origin, this certificate
                                            After EQUIS in 2001, AMBA in                       was created in 1998.
                                             2002, the Toulouse Business                       AMBA, Association of MBAs (Master
                                              School achieved the AACSB                        of Business Administration). British
                                                    accreditation in 2003.                     in origin, this certificate was
                                          These 3 accreditations are the                       created in 1968.
                                        most prestigious seal of approval
                                             a business school can earn.                       AACSB, Association to Advanced
                                                                                               Collegiate Schools of Business.
                                                                                               American in origin, this certificate
                                                                                               was created in 1916.