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									                                                                                                     March 2010

                 of Tau Beta Pi
                                                                                                   A Publication
                                                                                              for the Collegiate

  Exploring Media Strategy
                           by Dylan S. Lane, Communication Specialist

F    or	125	years	Tau	Beta	Pi	has	
     recognized	superior	scholarship,	
     leadership,	and	achievement	in	
                                          	 As	the	Association	cel-
                                          ebrates	its	125th	anniversary,	
                                          we	have	an	opportune	time	to	
                                          brainstorm	for	the	future.	So-
	 As	the	mission	of	Tau	Beta	Pi	has	      cial	media	are	only	as	strong	
remained	constant,	the	manner	in	         as	the	audience	that	uses	
which	Tau	Bates	use	the	Association	      them.	In	order	to	mobilize	our	
to	develop	skills	and	relationships	to	   ranks	and	focus	our	resources,	Tau	Beta	Pi	
help	further	their	personal	and	pro-      needs	to	formulate	a	strategy	that	defines	
fessional	ambitions	constantly	neces-
sitates	development.
	 Tau	Beta	Pi	International	Head-
quarters	manages	a	website	as	a	
                                          the	role	of	social	media	in	the	Association	
                                          for	the	next	five	years.
                                          	 For	example,	it	is	relevant	to	discuss	
                                          the	original	concepts	of	TBPConnect,	an	
                                                                                                   THIS	ISSUE

primary	resource	for	its	members	and	     inCircle	network.	Investing	in	an	exclu-       Exploring Media Strategy         1
interested	parties	that	has	amassed	      sive	social	network	for	Tau	Bates	was	
more	than	5.5	million	hits	on	the	main	   deemed	a	member	benefit	that	would	
                                                                                         Welcome KY G and ID G            3
page.	                                    offer	international	networking	oppor-
	 More	recently	the	Association	has	      tunities,	a	private	web-based	forum	
joined	the	realm	of	social media.	For	    for	members	to	discuss	the	Society,	           Chapters Must File 990-N         3
some,	apprehension	accompanies	           engineering,	or	events	(social	and	pro-
the	words	social	media,	but	these	        fessional),	and	a	resource	for	chapter	        Initiate Just One More!          4
networks	such	as	TBPConnect,	Tau	         communications.
Beta	Pi’s	free	and	exclusive	social	      	 There	are	many	other	uses	for	TBP-           2010 Spring Conferences          4
network,	Linked-In,	and	Facebook	         Connect	that	have	been	developed,	
offer	exciting	opportunities	for	all	     thanks	to	inCircle	and	the	Tau	Bates	          Nominate a McDonald Mentor 4
Tau	Bates.                                who	have	provided	useful	content.	
                                                              Continued on page 2        Nominate a Laureate              4

                                                                                         Must-See TBP Web Pages           5

                                          T          B                                   Chapter Anniversaries            5
                        P                                                                Alumnus & Student News           6

                     B                                P                                  Member Benefits                  7

                                                                                         Issue avaIlable at
 Page                                                                                         Tau Beta Pi Bulletin

   Currently,	an	important	aspect	of	         Could	the	Association	do	more	for	    	 In	less	than	a	year,	the	blog	regis-
inCircle	is	the	Careers	section.	This	    its	members?	How	can	Tau	Beta	Pi	         tered	more	than	6,000	unique	hits.	The	
unique	job	resource	has	expanded	to	      reach	more	members	and	offer	mean-        focus	of	the	blog	is	engineering.	Like	
include	66	partner	companies,	a	job-      ingful	membership?	What	limitations	      Tau	Beta	Pi,	the	blog	strives	to	give	
search	engine,	and	much	more.	            should	Tau	Beta	Pi	follow	with	re-        attention	to	all	areas	and	aspects	of	
                                          gards	to	promoting	the	Association	in	    engineering.	
                                          new	social	media	realms?
                                              The	challenge	for	the	Quasquicen-
                Have	you                  tennial	to	Tau	Bates	is	as	follows:	                  Searching
          expressed	interest	in	          	    Take some time to explore the                for	daily	news	on
               a	company                       different avenues of media                     Tau	Bates	&
             looking	to	hire                   and communications associated                engineering	FYI?
               Tau	Bates?                      with Tau Beta Pi.
                                          	 Identify	one	aspect	of	communica-                 VISIT	NOW!
             TRY	IT	NOW!                  tion	that	appeals	to	you.	Now,	report	
                                          feedback	on	positive	features,	missing	
                                          or	negative	components,	and	how	to	
    Thanks	to	the	efforts	and	visions	    build	onto	the	current	communication	     	 With	announcements	from	Head-
of	some	alumni,	Tau	Beta	Pi	is	well	      lines.                                    quarters,	news	on	Tau	Bates	and	their	
represented	on	Linked-In	with	an	         	                                         careers,	and	cutting	edge	engineer-
official	member-group.	This	group	has	                   Looking                    ing	news,	any	reader	is	sure	to	find	a	
merged	sister	groups	and	blossomed	                 	for	professional               story	of	interest.	
with	nearly	4,000	Tau	Bates!	                      networking	with	an               	 If	you	need	help	finding	Tau	Beta	
    The	Discussion	section	in	this	                     exclusive                   Pi	communications,	start	with
group	is	a	popular	forum	for	discus-               engineering	group?     	
sions	on	engineering	and	job-related	                                               	 From	here	you	will	find	access	to	
topics.	                                            SIGN	UP	NOW!                    TBPConnect,	AlumNet,	The	Best	
    Upon	the	merger	of	this	group,	                                                 People	Engineering	Job	Board,	Tau	
we	decided	that	membership	would	                                                   Beta	Pi’s	HQ	Blog,	our	Facebook	fan	
be	restricted	to	members	who	verify	                                                club,	and	much	more.
their	records.	This	has	improved	the	     	 Together	we	will	construct	a	com-       	 Remember	that	ignoring	the	cur-
integrity	of	Tau	Beta	Pi’s	Linked-In	     munications	and	social	media	strategy	    rent	direction	and	role	of	social	media	
group,	but	has	excluded	more	than	        for	Tau	Beta	Pi’s	future.	                in	non-profit	organizations	would	be	as	
1,000	requests	from	individuals	whose	    	 Be	sure	to	experience	each	com-         injurious	as	references	to	Tau	Beta	Pi	
membership	could	not	be	verified.	        munication/media	tool	in	its	unique	      as	a	fraternity.	
    This	is	the	type	of	decision	that	    niche.	Tau	Beta	Pi’s	HQ	Blog,	hosted	        As	members	of	Tau	Beta	Pi,	you	
helps	shape	the	social	media	strategy	    by	WordPress,	has	been	live	since		       bear	the	responsibility	of	shaping	the	
of	the	Association.                       December	2008.                            Association,	and	Headquarters	is	here	
    It	is	important	that	all	members	     	                                         to	support	and	facilitate	the	vision	of	
provide	feedback	about	how	Tau	Beta	                                                Tau	Beta	Pi	Founder	Williams	and	
Pi	represents	itself	in	the	realm	of	       Tau Beta Pi: THE BENT                   current	members	alike.
social	media,	regardless	of	experience	
with	communications	tools.	

                                                                                     New Member Benefit:
  TBP Special Discount                                                               PPI test-review products
                                                                                     As	a	result	of	a	new	partnership,	
  Members	of	TBP	may	be	eligible	                                                    Professional	Publications,	Inc.,	is	
  for	an	additional	discount	off	their	                                              offering	verified	Tau	Beta	Pi	mem-
  automobile	insurance	through	a	                                                    bers:
  partnership	with	GEICO.		                                                          •	30%	discount	on	PPI-published	
  	 This	special	member	discount	is	                                                 products,	including	exam	preparation	
  eight	percent	in	most	states	and	is	                                               materials	for	the	FE	and	PE	exams.
  available	to	qualified	members	in	45	
  states	and	the	District	of	Columbia.	                                              	 Enroll	online	at:
  To	take	advantage	of	the	discount,	                                                pages/ForMembers/Index.cfm.	
  bers	and	select	the	GEICO	link	
  under	“Member	Benefits.”
    March 2010                                                                                                       Page 

Chapters must file                            TBP Engineering Futures
                                                                                           New MindSET Grants
The	IRS	requires	non-profit	organiza-         Designed for Excellence!
tions	that	do	not	file	an	annual	form	990	        BRING EF TO YOUR CAMPUS!                 Your chapter could receive up to
to	file	a	990-N.	This	affects	most	TBP	                                                    $1,000 to conduct a project helping
chapters,	which	are	required	to	visit	        Bring	the	award-winning	EF	program	          to educate local K-12 students in the	and	submit	the	online-only	           to	your	campus.	Contact	Sherry	King	         STEM disciplines.
Form	990-N	no	later	than	the	15th	day	        (	today	about	hosting	            The money is available to chapters
of	the	fifth	month	after	the	close	of	the	    an	EF	session.	Download	a	set	of	fliers	     from Tau Beta Pi’s MindSET Program
chapter’s	fiscal	year.	                       to	help	promote	the	event	at	www.            to involve young students in their
	 For	example,	if	the	fiscal	year	ends          communities and develop engineering
May	31,	the	e-postcard	is	due	by	Octo-        sources/index.cfm.	                          modules that stress the importance of
ber	15.	Information	about	Form	990-           	 The	TBP	Engineering	Futures	               math and science.
N	and	are	available	on	the	           Program	won	the	American	Society	                Send your chapter proposal to
Chapter	website.	Officers	need	to	be	         of	Engineering	Education	Corporate	          Headquarters. Application guidelines
aware	of	this	new	federal	requirement.        Member	Council’s 2007 Excellence in          are in Section C-VI of the President’s
Failure	to	submit	will	result	in	a	chap-      Engineering Education Collabora-             Book on the website.
ter	losing	its	tax-exempt	status.             tion Award.	                                     Up to 10 grants may be given, and
	 This	is	a	required	report	for	re-              This	recognition	validated	two	           proposals will be considered on a
ceiving	a	Secretary’s	Commendation.	          decades	of	effort	by	TBP	Facilitators	       first-come, first-served basis. Florida
Chapters	must	forward	a	copy	of	the	          and	engineering	students	since	1988.	        Delta won the first grant of $500 in
acknowledgment	email	received	from	           During	a	recent	three-year	period,	          January.
the	IRS	to	receive	credit	for	submit-         3,100	students	each	year	participated	             [Visit]
ting	the	report.                              in	206	sessions	annually.

Welcome KY G & ID G!                          Educational Loan Fund                       MindSET Project Goals
Two	new	chapters	established	by	the	          Since	1935,	Tau	Beta	Pi	has	assisted	       The	TBP	MindSET	Program	is	chal-
2009	Convention	are	being	installed	          student	members	with	their	financial	       lenging	chapters	and	alumnus	volun-
with	the	initiation	of	their	charter	         needs	while	in	school	or	with	payment	      teers	to	help	reach	a	goal	of	10	new	
members	this	year.	Kentucky	Gamma	            of	their	initiation	fees	through	our	       MindSET	projects	by	October	2010.
officially	came	into	being	on	February	       Student	Loan	Fund.	We	are	pleased	to	       	 To	achieve	this	goal	the	MindSET	
27,	2010,	at	Western	Kentucky	Univer-         offer	this	service	for	student	members	     National	Management	Committee	
sity	in	Bowling	Green,	KY,	with	Vice	         in	amounts	up	to	$2,500	per	member.         is	contacting	Regional	Management	
President	Solange C. Dao as	official	         	 Repayment	is	required	to	begin	           Committee	members	and	advisors	of	
installing	officer.	                          after	three	years,	and	a	simple	inter-      chapters	that	currently	participate	
	 Idaho	Gamma	at	Boise	State	Uni-             est	rate	of		six	percent	is	charged	from	   in	K-12-related	community	service	
versity	in	Boise,	ID,	will	officially	join	   the	day	the	loan	is	received.               activities.		      	        				
the	Society	on	March	13,	2010,	with	          	 Interested	students	can	obtain	prom-      	 It	may	not	be	widely	known,	but	
Councillor	Norman Pih	serving	as	in-          issory	notes	and	loan	applications	from	    your	chapter	can	start	a	MindSET	
stalling	officer.			                          their	chapter	president,	the	website,	      project	by	incorporating	the	core	
	 	This	brings	the	number	of	active	          or	the	international	Headquarters	in	       components	of	MindSET	into	existing	
collegiate	chapters	to	236.	                  Knoxville.                                  K-12	service	activities.
Page                                                                                                  Tau Beta Pi Bulletin

     Initiate One More Electee!                                                              Spring Conferences
           e’re	well	on	our	way	to	           	 Chapter	officers	must	continue	to	
           meeting	the	goal	above	for	        provide	the	personal	touch	to	reach	
          a	third	straight	year!	This	        out	to	eligible	students	and	follow	up!	
         should	be	a	continuing	goal	         A	letter	from	the	dean	to	the	parents	
of	every	chapter!	Growth	allows	a	            of	the	electees	can	be	effective	as	well.
chapter	to	develop.	In	the	Chapter	           	 The	enduring	strength	of	TBP	is	             The District Program	provides	
Development	Cycle,	increased	                 you,	the	member.	You	will	carefully	           a	vital	link	between	the	national	
membership	leads	to	better	leaders,	          elect	new	members	who	will	then	               organization	and	individual	chapters.	
campus	service,	an	improved	image,	           improve	and	strengthen	your	chapter.	          Each	year	the	Directors	gather	
more	members,	…	and	on	it	goes.               Be	sure	to	contact	candidates	and	let	         students	for	regional	conferences	
	 During	the	fall,	a	total	of	126	            them	know	of	our	sincere	desire	for	           to	provide	both	retiring	and	new	
chapters	and	the	Association	as	              them	to	join	us.	Take	time	to	ensure	          officers	opportunities	to	discuss	
a	whole	were	meeting	this	goal.	              that	they	receive	your	invitations.	           chapter	operations	and	to	socialize.		
California	Epsilon	was	leading	the	           Help	them	to	understand	what	it	is	            All	chapters	are	urged	to	elect	new	
way	by	initiating	34	more	electees	           about	TBP	that	made	you	join.	After	                     b
                                                                                             officers		 efore	their	District	confer-
than	fall	2008.	An	additional	48	             initiation,	interact	with	them.	You	can	       ence.	New	and	outgoing	officers	are	
chapters	increased	the	number	of	new	         build	an	even	greater	Society.	It	just	        encouraged	to	attend.	
members	by	10	or	more.	Forty-six	             takes	a	little	time.                           DISTrICT loCATIon            DATE
chapters	initiated	all	their	electees	in	
                                                           														—Roger	E.	Hawks
the	fall!	                                             Assistant	Secretary-Treasurer         1        Burlington, VT      Feb. 26-27
                                                                                             2        new York, nY        Feb. 20-21
                                                                                             3        State College, PA   Feb. 12-13

            Nominate a Laureate!                                                             4
                                                                                                      Charlotte, nC
                                                                                                      Boca raton, Fl
                                                                                                                          Apr. 10
                                                                                                                          Apr. 10
  Exceptional	Tau	Bates	are	recognized	annually	at	each	Convention	for	their	                6        Huntsville, Al      Feb. 5-6
  talents	and	contributions	to	society	beyond	the	normal	perimeters	of	engineer-             7        Athens, oH          Apr. 10
  ing.	Last	year,	four	outstanding	students	were	recognized	for	accomplishments	
                                                                                             8        Chicago, Il         Apr. 10
  in	athletics,	arts,	and	diverse	achievements.	They	each	received	a	$2,500	cash	
                                                                                             9        Tulsa, oK           Feb. 27
  prize,	a	plaque,	and	national	publicity	in	THE BENT	and	on	the	web.	
      The	Tau	Beta	Pi	Laureate	Program	has	been	honoring	collegiate	members	                 10       Austin, TX          Feb. 27
  since	1982	and	has	recognized	contributions	of	Tau	Bates	in	the	arts,	athletics,	          11       Minneapolis, Mn     Apr. 10
  diverse	achievements,	and	service.	Chapters	select	nominees	from	their	mem-                12       laramie, WY         Feb. 27
  bers;	information	on	how	to	proceed	is	found	in	the	President’s Book	(pp.	C-29	&	          13       Albuquerque, nM     Mar. 5-6
  30)	and	on	the	web	at	                                                   14       Spokane, WA         Mar. 27
      If	an	extraordinary	member	in	your	chapter	qualifies,	submit	a	nomination	
                                                                                             15       San luis obispo, CA Mar. 6
  package	in	digital	format	to	Headquarters	by	April	1—to	the	attention	of	Secre-
                                                                                             16       las Vegas, nV       Apr. 24
  tary	Treasurer	Froula.	

                          Seeking TBP–McDonald Mentor Nominees
  Marion	and	Capers	(North Carolina                                                            Any	 chapter	 or	 member	 may	
  Gamma ’74)	McDonald	and	the	As-                                                          nominate	 one	 (or	 more)	 alumnus	
  sociation	have	established	an	award	                                                     member(s)	for	the	award.	The	follow-
  to	celebrate	excellence	in	mentoring	                                                    ing	material	is	required	to	be	sent	in	
  and	advising	among	TBP	educators	                                                        digital	form	to	the	Executive	Director	
  and	engineers.	The	honor	recognizes	                                                     by	April	1:
  those	 who	 have	 consistently	 sup-                                                         1)	A	one-page	summary	of	achieve-
  ported	the	personal	and	professional	                                                    ments	 and/or	 contributions	 of	 the	
  development	 of	 their	 students	 and	                                                   nominee	exemplifying	the	objective	
  colleagues	through	mentorship.                                                           of	the	award.
      The	 TBP-McDonald	 Mentor	 is	                                                           2)	 Two	 letters	 of	 reference	 from	
  chosen	 by	 a	 committee	 of	 national	                                                  persons	 other	 than	 the	 nominating	
  officials	 and	 will	 be	 presented	 a	                                                  party	or	sponsoring	chapter	president	
  special	 medallion	 and	 a	 $2,000	 cash	   the	honoree’s	chapter	if	nominated	by	       who	are	familiar	with	the	nominee’s	
  award	($1,000	to	honoree	and	$1,000	        a	member).	Only	one	award	will	be	pre-       contributions	and	achievements,	such	
  to	 the	 nominating	 chapter—or	 to	        sented	at	any	annual	Convention.             as	a	dean	or	supervisor.
  March 2010                                                                                                                Page 

                                  EXPLORE HQ’s MUST SEE WEB PAGES
                                  Whether you’re a new member or a veteran chapter officer,   check these helpful Tau Beta Pi web pages.

                                  Tau Beta Pi Welcome                                         Tau Beta Pi Home Page
                                  “Designed to be helpful to                                  “Find everything by bookmarking this page
                                  first-time visitors.”                                       in your browser.”—Angie Boles
                                  —Ray Thompson                                               Log on:
                                  Log on:
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               TBPCONNECT                                                                     Chapter Website
               “You’ll find other Tau Bates in your state                                     “This page leads to everything a chapter could
               and around the world. Create a network with                                    want, including its own bylaws. It’s indispen-
               students, alumni, and friends. Join in the fun.”                               sible for filing your reports.”—Roger Hawks
               —Dylan Lane                                                                    Look Under: Chapters
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               Distinguished Members                                                          2010 Convention Information
               “Self explanatory! You’ll find an amaz-                                        “It has all the details you need for attending the
               ing number of accomplishments by Tau                                           next Convention.”—Sherry King
               Bates.”—Debbie Dewine                                                          Look Under: Convention
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               Subscribe to THE BENT                                                          Chapter Materials Order
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               your initial four-year subscription to a Life                                  posters, honor cords, stoles, castings, and other
               Subscription right away.”—Betty Harless                                        necessary supplies...without a credit card.”
               Look Under: Publications                                                       —Rebecca Davis
                                                                                              Look Under: Chapters and under Resources
                               2010 Chapter Anniversaries
125th     Pennsylvania Alpha                  June 15, 1885                  lehigh University
100th	    New York Delta                      January 17, 1910               Cornell University
          Massachusetts Alpha                 May 14, 1910                   Worcester Polytechnic Institute
75th      California Gamma                    January 26, 1935               Stanford University
50th      Louisiana Delta                     March 5, 1960                  University of louisiana at lafayette
          Indiana Gamma                       December 10, 1960              University of notre Dame

25th      Florida Epsilon                     February 9, 1985               Florida Atlantic University
          New Mexico Gamma                    March 2, 1985                  new Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
          Massachusetts Theta                 March 9, 1985                  University of Massachusetts lowell
          Colorado Epsilon                    november 23, 1985              University of Colorado at Denver
 Page                                                                                             Tau Beta Pi Bulletin

                            Alumnus & Student News
USA Science & Engineering Festival                                Alumnus Chapters
Tau	Beta	Pi	is	proud	to	be	an	official	partner	of	the	            Two	alumnus	chapters	are	reaching	out	to	local	Tau	Beta	Pi	
inaugural	USA	Science	&	Engineering	Festival	to	be	held	          members.	The	Bluegrass	Alumnus	Chapter	in	Lexington-
in	the	greater	Washington,	DC,	area	in	October	2010.              Frankfort,	KY,	is	pursuing	efforts	to	reactivate	a	dormant	
	 The	festival,	which	will	be	the	country’s	first	national	       alumnus	chapter	to	assist	Kentucky	Alpha	in	hosting	the	
science	festival,	is	a	collaboration	of	more	than	500	of	the	     2012	Convention.	Meanwhile,	Tau	Bates	in	Philadelphia	are	
country’s	leading	engineering	and	science	organizations	          seeking	alumni	interested	in	helping	to	establish	a	new	Phila-
and	aims	to	re-ig-                                                delphia	Alumnus	Chapter.	Contact	information	can	be	found	
nite	the	interest	of	                                             at	or	on	TBPConnect.
our	nation’s	youth	
in	the	sciences.
	 The	culmination	                                                Alumnus Spotlight
of	the	festival	will	
be	a	two-day	expo	                                                The	American	Diabetes	Association	has	announced	the	elec-
on	the	National	Mall	                                             tion	of	Joseph	C.	Cook	Jr.,	Tennessee Alpha ’65,	to	its	board	
on	October	23-24,	                                                of	directors.	Mr.	Cook	has	been	actively	involved	with	the	
which	will	give	at-                                               ADA	for	several	years.
tendees	of	any	age	
the	opportunity	to	                                               Former	president	and	CEO	of	the	National	Action	Council	
explore	all	facets	of	                                            for	Minorities	in	Engineering,	Dr.	John	B.	Slaughter,	Wash-
science	and	engineering	through	enjoyable	hands-on	activities.    ington Beta ’56,	has	accepted	a	dual	teaching	position	as	a	
	 People	across	the	country	are	encouraged	to	hold	satellite	     professor	of	education	and	engineering	at	the	University	of	
events	in	their	communities	the	same	weekend	to	help	cel-         Southern	California.	
ebrate	the	festival.	For	more	information,	visit	www.usasci-                                                 Haiti’s	devastating	earthquake	has	raised	questions	about	
                                                                  the	country’s	building	codes	and	materials	used	in	many	
                                                                  buildings.	In	separate	articles,	Anne	Kiremidjian,	New York
Student Spotlight                                                 Alpha ’72,	for CNN	and	Allen	L.	Jones,	Idaho Alpha ’86,	
                                                                  in	the New York Times	gave	their	professional	opinions	on	
Southern	Methodist	University	has	announced	that	senior	          contributing	factors	to	the	devastation.
electrical	engineering	student	Ceena	Hall,	Texas Iota 2011,	
has	been	selected	to	participate	in	NASA’s	undergraduate	         Christopher	Bruhn,	Missouri Beta ’85,	has	been	awarded	the	
student	research	program.	As	part	of	the	program,	Hall	will	      second	annual	O’Donnell	Texas	AP	teacher	award	for	2010.	
intern	at	the	engineering	and	avionics	division	at	the	Johnson	   Bruhn	is	an	AP	physics	teacher	at	the	School	of	Science	and	
Space	Center	(Houston,	TX).                                       Engineering	in	Dallas.	

Emily	Tao,	Connecticut Beta 2010,	was	a	finalist	for	the	         Two	Tau	Bate	alumni	have	recently	published	books.	Dr.	
women	of	innovation	award	from	the	Connecticut	Technol-           Henry	Petroski,	P.E.,	New York Xi ’63,	has	written	his	third	
ogy	Council.	Tao	is	majoring	in	materials	and	biomolecular	       book,	entitled	The Essential Engineer,	which	became	avail-
engineering	and	was	one	of	three	finalists	for	“collegian	        able	in	late	February.	Dr.	Adedeji	Badiru,	P.E.,	Tennessee
innovation	and	leadership.”	She	is	also	a	2009-10	Tau	Beta	Pi	    Gamma ’79,	has	recently	published	The Physics of Soccer:
Scholar.	                                                         Using Math and Science to Better Your Game.

Emily	Knowlen,	Wisconsin Delta 2009,	was	highlighted	in	
her	local	newspaper,	the	River Fall Journal,	for	being	se-        Engineers Week 2010
lected	as	the	class	respondent	for	the	fall	commencement	at	
the	Milwaukee	School	of	Engineering.		Among	her	recogni-          Discover	Engineering,	was	the	
tions,	she	was	nominated	for	“Who’s	Who	Among	Students	in	        theme	for	Engineers	Week	
American	Universities	and	Colleges.”                              2010,	celebrated	February	
                                                                  14-20.	This	is	also	the	20th	
Allison	Daniello,	New Jersey Epsilon 2010,	was	awarded	two	       anniversary	of	DiscoverE-
scholarships	for	the	2010	school	year.		She	received	the	Jerry	   identified	programs.	Intro-
Kilby	memorial	scholarship	from	the	Professional	Engineer-        duce	a	Girl	to	Engineering	
ing	Society	of	Southern	New	Jersey	and	a	scholarship	from	        Day	was	February	18.	Visit	
Lockheed	Martin	Corporation,	Moorestown,	NJ.	Daniello	has	for	more	
been	elected	Recording	Secretary	of	NJ	Epsilon.                   information.	
     March 2010                                                                                                                              Page 

Partnership Opportunities                                Honor Cords Available                             Find Advisors w/ AlumNet
Teach	for	America	and	Tau	Beta	Pi	                         TBP	honor	cords,	chosen	by	the	                 Tau	Beta	Pi’s	AlumNet	Program	was	
are	exploring	a	partnership	in	con-                       2004	Convention,	are	available	to	               created	to	pair	students	with	alumni	
junction	with	the	Tau	Beta	Pi	                            complement	the	beautiful	gradu-                  for	the	sharing	of	information	about	
MindSET	Program.                                           ation	stoles.	Order	your	supply	                jobs	and	academe.	The	service	has	
    By	joining	Teach	For	America,	you	                      in	quantities	of	five	or	more	at	              been	expanded,	and	chapters	can	now	
can	use	your	engineering	expertise	              	under	Chapter	Re-                   use	AlumNet	to	find	potential	chapter	
to	make	a	significant	difference	in	the	                   sources	to	obtain	a	special	price	              advisors	and	speakers.	More	than	100	
lives	of	children	growing	up	in	low-                         of	$11,	down	from	the	normal	                 alumni	have	already	indicated	a	willing-
income	communities.	You	can	help	                                     price	of	$15.                        ness	to	serve	as	an	advisor.	To	get	in	
expand	and	diversify	the	pipeline	of	                                                                      touch	with	an	alumnus	about	a	certain	
future	engineers	by	providing	more	                                                                        field,	company,	institution,	or	chapter	
students	with	the	skills	they	need	to	be	                                                                  assistance,	simply	register	online	at	
successful.                                                                                      	Click	on	the	AlumNet	
    Full	salary	and	health	benefits.	                                                                      link	under	“For	Members”	and	follow	
Seeking	all	academic	majors.	No	
                                                       BULLETIN on Web Only                                instructions.	
education	courses	or	experience	                                                                               Complete	the	brief	contact	request	
required	to	apply.	To	learn	more	                      Because	of	rising	postage	costs	and	in	             form,	and	the	necessary	alumnus-con-
visit	                        an	effort	to	save	precious	resources,	              tact	information	will	be	sent	to	you	by	
                                                       this	and	all	future	issues	of	THE	BUL-              email	from	the	program	coordinator.	It	
                                                       LETIN	will	be	available	only	at	www.                is	your	responsibility	to	follow-up	and	
                                                                                         to	make	contact	with	the	alumnus.

        Important Deadlines
  • March 1        Scholarship Application
  • April 1        Ratification Ballot,
                   McDonald Mentor, and
                   Outstanding Advisor
  • June 1         Convention Bid for 2013
                   Curriculum Appeal
  • None           MindSET Project Proposal

                THE Bulletin
                 of Tau Beta Pi                               Krishna M. sadasivaM, Tn A '95.
                  (ISSN 8755-5670)

 Vol. LXXXIII        March 2010               No. 3

        International Headquarters
     508 Dougherty Engineering Building, UT
                                                           Special Benefits for Members
                 P.O. Box 2697                              TBP members can access these benefits via the “ForMembers” tab
            Knoxville, TN 37901-2697
           Telephone: 865/ 546-4578                         • AlumNet—online student/alumnus mentoring service.
              FAX: 865/ 546-4579
               Email:                           • Engineering Futures—sessions on people skills for engineering students.
                                                            • Fellowships/Scholarships/Laureate Nominations by Chapters.
 Executive Director & Editor: James D. Froula, P.E.,
  Tennessee Alpha ’67
                                                            • GEICO—excellent rates and additional discounts for auto insurance.
 Asst. Secretary-Treasurer: Roger E. Hawks,                 • LTCFP—education program with access to favorable rates on long-term care insurance.
  New York Lambda ’75
                                                            •—free quotes for most types of insurance.
                Executive Council
 President: Dr. Larry A. Simonson, P.E., South              • My Home Benefits—real-estate services and moving discounts.
  Dakota Alpha ’69, Rapid City, SD
                                                            • nuResume —students: market yourselves for internships. Sign-up for nuAlerts today!
 Vice President: Solange C. Dao, P.E., Florida Alpha
  ’95, Maitland, FL                                         • PPI—discounts on professional licensing exam review materials (FE/EIT, PE, LEED, & more).
 Councillor: Dr. Jonathan F.K. Earle, P.E., Florida
  Alpha ’65, Gainesville, FL                                • Student Loans—from $75 to $2,500 for initiation-fee or educational assistance.
 Councillor: Jason A. Huggins, P.E., Florida Alpha
  ’96, Gulf Breeze, FL                                      • TBPConnect—for-members-only chapter and member networking tool.
 Councillor: Norman Pih, Tennessee Alpha ’82,               • The Best People Engineering Job Board—browse jobs and post résumés online.
  Flagstaff, AZ

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