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Symetra was one of the early entrants
into the structured settlement market.
We remain committed to our clients
now and in the future. Customer
Service Representatives are available
to assist from the inception of the
contract until the last payment is made.

By structuring a settlement claim with
Symetra, you gain the edge you
deserve through experience, expertise                                                                       STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS

and excellence.

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                                                                                                 LSS-5011                            11/05
What is a Structured Settlement?                  added benefit of replacing a portion of these         payments directly to the party who is to
                                                  funds. If lifetime benefits are designed, the         receive them.
Personal injury claims used to be settled
                                                  worry of outliving income does not exist.
merely by exchanging a sum of money for a
                                                                                                       Often defendants transfer their payment
release of the claim. In contrast, a Structured   Stability                                            obligations to a third party through an
Settlement may offer not only an immediate        When a Symetra Settlement Annuity is used            assignment agreement. The third party
cash payment but also future payments             to fund the Structured Settlement you gain           (assignee) has the sole obligation to make the
“structured” over time to meet a person’s         an extra edge. Our administrative experience         payments and will buy and own the annuity.
ongoing financial needs. A Structured              and financial strength provide both stability         This assignment is an advantage because
Settlement can be designed to provide payments    and peace of mind.                                   assignees have extensive experience in handling
for a certain period of time or extend
                                                                                                       the administration of Structured Settlements.
throughout the lifetime of the injured person.    What types of claims are best suited                 The assignee can be responsive to all future
                                                  to this type of settlement and                       questions and servicing needs.
Why a Structured Settlement?
                                                  payment method?
                                                  Structured Settlements should be considered          How are Assets Invested?
                                                  any time a physical injury claim is being settled.   Symetra’s investment portfolio strives for
A Structured Settlement removes the burden
                                                  They are especially useful where individuals         the highest yield possible consistent with the
and risk of investing and managing large
                                                  require financial security over a period of           safety needed to ensure that we will meet our
sums of money. It offers a predictable,
                                                  time and other special needs exist such as:          long-term obligations.
steady source of income, and can reduce the
possibility of exhausting all the settlement
                                                      • Continuing medical expenses and care           We diversify our assets among different bond
funds while needs still exist.
                                                      • Earning potential is reduced as a result       issuers to limit the portfolio’s exposure to any
Tax-Exemption                                           of the injury                                  particular segment of the economy. Cash
All benefit payments received in a Structured                                                           flows from bonds are closely managed to
                                                      • Future educational or rehabilitation           provide for benefit payments as they come due.
Settlement of a workers’ compensation or
                                                        needs exist
physical injury claim are income tax exempt
under current tax law. This is a significant           • Lack of experience in money                    The financial stability of the life insurance
advantage over “cash-now” settlements where             management                                     company issuing the annuity is important. Most
taxes must be paid on the interest earned on                                                           people have neither the time nor resources to
                                                      • Money is awarded to a minor or person
money invested.                                                                                        thoroughly research the financial condition of
                                                        deemed legally incompetent
                                                                                                       a company. There are several rating companies
Flexibility                                                                                            that specialize in this analysis. Their evaluations
The stream of income can be structured to         How does a Structured Settlement                     are a good source of information regarding
meet present and future needs. Short term or      work?                                                the strength and dependability of life insurance
lifetime plans can be designed because of the                                                          companies.
                                                  Once the parties have agreed to settle their
flexible nature of a Structured Settlement.        claim through the use of a Structured
Income                                            Settlement and payment amounts are agreed
                                                  upon, the defendant funds its obligation by
Because an injury may affect future earning
                                                  buying a settlement annuity. The life insurance
potential, a Structured Settlement has the
                                                  company that issues the annuity makes the
                                                                                                                              Symetra Structured Settlements

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