Texas Forest Service Administration Organization Chart by fsu97759


									                                                         Texas Forest Service
                                              Administration Organization Chart
                                                                     Board of Regents
                                                               Texas A&M University System

                                                                   Michael McKinney

                                                                Interim Vice Chancellor
                                                                      Mark Hussey

                                                                    Interim Director
                                                                      Tom Boggus

                       Executive Assistant to Director                                       Communications Manager
                              Janelle Overhouse                                                    Linda Moon

                                    Hub Coordinator
                                     Alan Degelman

                    Associate Director for                       Associate Director for          Interim Associate Director for
                                                                                                Forest Resource Development &
                 Finance & Administration                      Forest Resource Protection
                                                                                                      Sustainable Forestry
                        Robby DeWitt                                    (Vacant)                           Bill Oates

             Budgets & Accounting                           Fire Operations                     Sustainable Forestry
             Human Resources                                Mitigation & Prevention             Forest Inventory Analysis
             Information Resources                          Predictive Services                 Water Quality
             Payroll & Support Services                     Planning and Preparedness           Forest Taxation
             Purchasing                                     Capacity Building                   Economic Analysis & Resource
             HUB Program                                    Incident Response                   Planning
                                                            Law Enforcement                     Facilities Maintenance
                                                            Fire Administration                 Central/West Texas Operations
                                                                                                Urban Forestry
                                                                                                Forest Pest Management
                                                                                                Western Gulf Pine Tree Coop
                                                                                                Forest Legacy

                                                                                                                        Executive Team Members =

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