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                                            Law Reviews And Journals                    Reapportioning The Burden Of Un-
                                                                                        certainty: Storekeeper Liability In
                                            “Arbitration Of Disputes Between            The Self-Service Slip-And-Fall
                                            Consumers And Financial Institutions:       Case” 41 UCLA L. Rev. 861
                                            A Serious Threat To Consumer Protec-        (February, 1994)
                                            10 Ohio St. J. On Disp. Resol. 267
               Slip & Fall                  (1995)

                                            “The Ohio ‘Standard’ For Workplace
                                            Intentional Torts: Fyffe v. Jeno’s, Inc.,
                                            570 N.E.2d 1108 (Ohio, 1991)”
Texts                                       61 U. Cin. L. Rev. 331 (1992)

Slip, Trip And Fall: Decisions From         “Who Is Winning The Collateral                              The Dayton Law
                                                                                                      Library Association
Ohio’s Courts                               Source Rule War? The Battleground In
The Ohio Practice And Procedure Institute   The Sixth Circuit States”
OHIO KFO 196.3 .S58 S58 1988                31 U. Tol. L. Rev. 425 (Spring, 2000)
The Slip And Fall Handbook                  “A Right To Access To Court Under
Stephen I. Rosen                            The Petition Clause Of The First
KF 8925 .N4 R67 1983                        Amendment: Defining The Right”
                                            60 Ohio St. L.J. 557 (1999)
Cumulative Supplement 1984 The
Slip And Fall Handbook                      “Slips And Falls In Interior Premises”
Stephen I. Rosen
KF 8925 .N4 R67 1983 suppl. 1984
                                            76 MI Bar Jnl. 978 (September, 1997)

Slip And Fall Practice                      “Self-Service Slip And Falls: Is The
Charles E. Turnbow                          Storekeeper’s Burden Too Great?”
KF 8925 .N4 T87 1988                        48 La. L. Rev. 1443 (July, 1988)

Winning The “Slip And Fall” Case            “When The Bough Breaks: A Proposal
Neil T. Shayne                              For Georgia Slip And Fall Law After
Practicing Law Institute                    Alterman Foods, Inc. v. Ligon”
KF 8925 .N4 W56                             55 Wash. U. J. Urb & Contemp. L.
                                            73 (Winter, 1999)
Winning The Slip And Fall Case 1993
Neil T. Shayne
Practicing Law Institute
KF 8925 .N4 W56 1993