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Elsewhere, Elsewhen: Replica Project
Michael Lee
The installation is the artist‟s attempt to explore the relation between old and new,
through the conceptual framework of „the double‟. It takes the old Drama Centre at Fort
Canning Hill and the new Drama Centre at National Library as comparative sites of
investigation and attempts to discover „doubles‟ between them.

Recent Young Artist Award recipient Michael Lee is a Singapore-based artist, writer and
curator. He has won awards for his collaborative videos, including first prize for the
Experimental Category in the University Film and Video Association Student Short Film
Competition 1997 in Texas, U.S.A., and the United Television International Award for
Distinction 1996 in Singapore. His artworks have been exhibited internationally, such as
in Philadelphia, London, Sao Paolo, Hong Kong, Nagoya, Beijing, Bangkok and
Singapore. Concerned about the relations between desire and space, Lee is particularly
intrigued by how human aspirations may reflect, inspire and interact with the
architectural environment – an intrigue he has been exploring through various media,
including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, video and text.

Each of us has a double somewhere, sometime. We love the double, and we hate it –
sometimes simultaneously.

5 – 10 November | 10am to 8pm | Drama Centre Foyer, Level 3

Visitor Centre
spell #7
Looking for some direction in your life? Then visit Visitor Centre! Innovative arts group
spell#7 invites you to a hospitality suite with a difference. Combining interactive events,
performances, installations and public discussions, Visitor Centre will pamper and prod,
delight and deceive, guide and beguile. All we ask in return is whatever that is you've got
coming out of your mouth: a story, a memory, a motto, a curse, a shopping list…

Visitor Centre is part of spell#7‟s „Public Relations‟ project, which stages fun and
challenging encounters between artists and other members of the public. In this event,
artists and civil society groups will provide a wide range of activities for visitors to
participate in. Get a massage at the Wordspa; share your memories with the Library
Lexicon; join in a National Language Class; feed the Artist in Residence; and watch our
Hospitality staff run that extra mile, just for you. Each evening, a different civil society
group will conduct an „Open Closed Door‟ session, where you are invited to sit in on
topical discussions normally held behind closed doors. On the final day, a presentation
will be made on all the activities that have taken place. Visitor Centre: it‟s all there,
waiting for you – all you have to do is find it.

5 & 6 November | 10am to 8pm | Visitors Centre, Level 5
7 - 11 November | 4pm to 8.30pm | Visitors Centre, Level 5
Project RRR
Meet Roving Reporter Rahim and his trusty cameraman sidekick whose mission is to
capture participants of the fun-filled DC Celebrates! on film. Be entertained by his
unusual interview techniques and comic antics! This is your chance for 30 seconds of

5 – 11 November | 10am to 6pm | Various Locations



Drunken Prawns
Action Theatre
A brand new production by ACTION Theatre of an award-winning play by celebrated
playwright Desmond Sim. Produced by Ekachai Uekrongtham, Drunken Prawns is a
fresh succulent theatrical dish for the whole family! Come for a heart-warming and
hilarious treat that will make you laugh, cry and remember the precious experiences of
growing up in an Asian family. This new production features an extended version of the
script spiced up by the delicious interactive elements where you will get to be a parts of
the play's action! The performance will be immediately followed by a lively post-show
discussion led by the playwright, the director and the cast. Starring Henry Heng and
Chermaine Ang.

5 Nov 2005 | 3pm & 5pm | DC Black Box, Level 3
6 Nov 2005 | 1pm & 3pm | DC Black Box, Level 3

Parent Trap!
Cake Theatrical Productions
A highly entertaining and thought-provoking Forum Theatre performance, Parent Trap! is
about a feisty teenager who makes a demand that requires her cash-strapped mother to
dig deep into her savings, resulting in an explosive outburst and a great deal of
unhappiness! Will the teenager get what she wants? Will the parent manage to impart to
her a valuable lesson about the value of money? Audience members are invited to step
into the role of the Mother who tries to negotiate with the terribly upset Teenager. A
highly interactive performance, certain to entertain and educate! Written & directed by
Natalie Hennedige.

7 November | 12pm & 2.30pm | Function Room 3, Level 3
8 November | 11am | Function Room 3, Level 3

The Bookworm and The Wolf/Judging by Appearance
Arts Theatre of Singapore
Come join the actors of Arts Theatre as they entertain you with a musical play with lots of
humour thrown in!

8 November | 5 pm | Drama Centre Foyer, Level 3
9 November | 2pm & 5pm | Drama Centre Foyer, Level 3
Puppets Alive!
The Finger Players
Watch how puppeteers turn lifeless objects into living and colourful creatures and
humans! Be enthralled by the “belly” dancer who will twist and turn and work the
audience into a hip-twisting frenzy and the “child” star that serenades with a pop song.
These puppets will tickle your funny bones!

9 & 10 November | 11.30am & 12.30pm | Function Room 3, Level 3
(Performance and post-show interactive session)

Dua Da Ji/News Buster!
Since the success of News Theatre in 2001, Li Xie, Drama Box‟s Associate Artist and
2005 Young Artist Award recipient, has once again turned the spotlight on news and
created a “mockumentary” – News Busters! Debuting last New Years Eve, this
performance has since gained popularity. Watch Italian impromptu street theatre meet
family soap opera! Chew on its wicked doses of satirical humour as we relive the recent
headline news.

Created by Li Xie with collaborators Tay Kong Hui, Koh Hui Ling and Evelyn Chia

11 November | 7.30pm | DC Black Box, Level 5

Lao Jiu – The Musical
The Theatre Practice
~ Kuo Pao Kun‟s classic play, now a groundbreaking musical ~

After eight daughters, a son is finally born – and no ordinary son is he.

Lao Jiu, the ninth-born, is the pride and joy of his father, an ex-gangster. It was foretold
that this brilliant young man will achieve great success in life. Now on the brink of
winning a prestigious scholarship that will ensure a glorious career, Lao Jiu finds himself
more fascinated by the dying art of puppetry and yearns to be a student of Shifu, his
father‟s closest friend. Torn between reality and dreams, modernity and tradition, he is
determined to find his destiny.

Kuo Pao Kun‟s classic play is brought back to the stage in a groundbreaking musical
adaptation. This endearing story is now set to music and lyrics that will touch your heart
in an unforgettable way. Featuring spectacular choreography and puppetry, the
production brings together some of the best talents in Singapore and international artists
from across three continents. Lao Jiu: The Musical will speak to you like no other.

11 November | 8pm | Drama Centre Theatre, Level 3
Tickets are sold through SISTIC
S$60, S$45, S$30, S$20 (excluding SISTIC fee)

Bhangra! Bhangra!
Singapore Bhangra Troupe
Move your feet to the drums as the lithe gyrating forms of the Bhangra dancers sway to
the rhythmic breats. You‟ll thoroughly enjoy this energetic bhangra dance performance!

5 November | 1pm & 3pm | Function Room 3, Level 3

Odyssey Dance Theatre
Instinct, a natural feeling or knowledge that living things seem to have; without thinking
and without being taught. With creature-like movement, dancers will illustrate and reveal
the human instinct and desire, while exploring the dual personalities of humans.

6 & 7 November | 1pm & 2pm | Drama Centre Foyer, Level 3

Crying Earth
Frontier Danceland
A vivid depiction of the slow impending destruction of our environment, this moving
performance expresses the inherent message that we must save that which exists,
before it too becomes extinct. Existence or extinction - it is our choice..."

10 November | 3pm, 4pm & 5pm | Drama Centre Foyer, Level 3

Paint Me a Story
Moving Arts
A colourful fun-filled dance work developed and inspired by the paintings of American
artist Keith Haring. Active participation is encouraged as audience members are taken
through a series of activities during the performance that will enhance their viewing

9, 10 & 11 November | 11.15am, 12.45am & 2.15pm | DC Black Box, Level 3

Sri Warisan

This dance performance focuses on the richness of Malay dance with the use of silat
movements. Silat, a traditional martial art form, was used to defend oneself and not to
attack. Accompanied by the gurindam, beautiful rhythmic verses and drums, martial arts
movements are transformed into enchanting dance work.

11 November | 4.30pm | Function Room 1, Level 3
(Performance and post-show interactive session)

The Bowl
Nanyang Clay Group
An exhibition by a group of potters bonded by a common interest… the process of giving
physical form to their emotions. Watch the demonstrations by the master potters and try
your hand at making your own pot!

5 – 11 November | 10am to 6pm | Function Room 2, Level 3
Demonstration and interactive session at 2pm daily

Reading between the Lines: A Photography showcase
OBJECTIFS, Centre for Photography and Filmmaking
The photography showcase introduces the works of locally-based artists. Featuring
works from Aidah Dolrahim, Deanna Ng, Julian Cohen, Quentin Lee, Chia Yan Wei and
Yian Huang, all photographers from Shooting Home, an annual photography mentorship
programme by Objectifs - Centre for Photography and Filmmaking. Curated by local
photographer and printmaster, Chris Yap.

5 – 11 November | 10am to 6pm | DC Black Box Foyer, Level 5

Local Short Film Screening: A Screening

Short films; small gems that express the versatility and vibrancy of a community. A form
of expression for many youths constantly exposed to new technologies. A creative outlet
featuring "The Secret Heaven" by Sun Koh, "Crocodile Journals" by Yeo Lee Nah and
"Nana & Damien" by Lionel Chok. Curated by Objectifs - Centre for Photography and

5 – 11 November | 10am to 6pm | VIP Lounge, Level 3

Note: These short films will be screened at various TV stations around the building. The
target group is small clusters of people as one of the characteristic sofas of the drama
centre will be positioned in front of the set-up.

Film Synopsis

The Secret Heaven
Director: Sun Koh
(16 min / Mandarin with English subtitles / Singapore)
A five year old girl is an underachiever who spends most of her time trying to skip piano
lessons. When cornered by her piano teacher and mother, she discovers a most
ingenious way to break free – by going to heaven. The Secret Heaven has travelled to
18 festivals internationally and has garnered multiple awards including the much coveted
Silver Hugo at the 38th Chicago International Film Festival. Other awards include Best
Director 2002 (Short Film Competition), 15th Singapore International Film Festival, 2002;
Prix Du Public Du Meilluer Court Metrage 2002 (Audience Grand Prix for Best Short Film
2002), 8e Festival Etoiles & Toiles d’Asie (8th Festival of Asian Films), Lyon, France
2002; People‟s Choice Award for Best Short Film, 5th Women‟s Film Festival in Seoul,
2003; and Audience Award, 1st Short Shorts Film Festival Asia 2004, Tokyo.
Sun Koh:
In 1997, after winning the Best School Video Production Award at Ngee Ann Polytechnic,
Sun was sent to Los Angeles on a DVD Training Grant with Time Warner Inc and also
took classes in Scriptwriting and Color Grading (Telecine) at the UCLA Extension. Since
graduation she has since done a number of telemovies and seriesfor MediaCorp
Channel 5 and Arts Central, and is now developing a new film project.

Nana & Damien
Director: Lionel Chok
(10 min / Singapore)
When the only love of your life has a biological make up of 95% plastic and 5% synthetic
fibres, you know that you have reached the lowest point in your existence. But this is not
the case for some… Being the true-life story of one man and his mannequin, Nana &
Damien is a love story for the 21st century.

Lionel Chok:
Lionel Chok has been writing, producing and directing for the last ten years. His
repertoire includes “Dirty Laundry”, a telemovie shot on Hi-Definition and “Adultery”, a
full-length play he wrote and directed. He is currently producing an independent feature

Crocodile Journals
Director: Yeo Lee Nah
(7 min/ Singapore)
A crocodile disguises himself as a human being, to live in the human world. Although no
one knows about his true identity, they ostracize him all the same, as they sense that he
is different. The relationship of people and crocodiles are both of fear and fascination.

Unable to make any meaningful contact, the crocodile is disillusioned and starts to
become more and more of a recluse. One day, he gets an invitation to his company's
masquerade party! Excitedly, he decides to go as himself. As he starts to enjoy the party,
the hostess makes a surprise announcement. Everyone has to remove their masks!

The film has been screened at many international film festivals including the prestigious
Annecy International Animated Film Festival, France; Melbourne International Film
Festival; Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland; and also received an
Honourable Mention in Environmental Activism and Social Justice category, EarthVision
Television Series 2005, California.

Yeo Lee Nah:
Yeo Lee Nah is a performer at heart, whose love for performance found its channel in
filmmaking, animation and design. Following her set design career in the Singapore
Television of Singapore (now Mediacorp), she decides to expand her horizons at the
California Institute of the Arts where she received a Bachelor‟s in Scene Design (Theatre
School) and a Master‟s in Experimental Animation (Film and Video School). Upon her
return to Singapore, she was an Art Director in Mediacorp Raintree Pictures‟ feature film,
“One Last Dance”, stars Harvey Keitel in a cameo. She is currently directing and
developing animation content at Lights and Shadows Pte. Ltd., Singapore.

The Philharmonic Winds
Since its formation in 2000, the Philharmonic Winds has endeavoured to present only
meaningful, meticulously prepared concerts; scarce in quantity and unusual in content.
In July 2005, the Philharmonic Winds was awarded a Gold with Distinction at the 15th
World Music Contest, held every four years in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. A musical
experience not to be missed!

5 November | 4.15pm & 5.45pm | Drama Centre Foyer, Level 3

Singapore Guitarist Network 2005
The local classical guitar event of the year! A first-of-its-kind collaborative event with a
smorgasbord of guitar music! Catch well-known classical guitarist Mr. Ernest Kwok in
action with an introduction by Cultural Medallion recipient Mr. Alex Abisheganaden,
Music Director of the SGN 2005.

6 November | 4pm & 5.15pm | Drama Centre Foyer, Level 3

Magical Sounds of Gamelan
Gamelan Asmaradana
Unfamiliar with gamelan music? Let Gamelan Asmaradana take you on a musical
journey featuring a mix of classical, folk and contemporary gamelan pieces. Don‟t miss
exciting modern gamelan pieces such as Ladrang Kampung and folksongs like Dayung
Sampan, Lenggang Kangkong and Bengawan Solo where Chinese musical instruments
like the guzheng and Chinese flute will perform with the gamelan.

6 November | 12pm & 2.30pm | Function Room 3, Level 3

Gamelan Workshop
Gamelan Asmaradana
The enrichment workshops aim to give participants a hands-on experience of learning
and playing the gamelan as well as give an introduction to the world of gamelan music.
Beginning with a short demonstration by the musician, participants will then be
introduced to the different instruments of the gamelan, and how they are played.

7 & 8 November | Drama Centre Black Box, Level 5
1.30pm (Gamelan in Wayang Kulit)
3.30pm (Music for classical Javanese court dance)

This bubbly group of teenagers come from Temasek Secondary School and are headed
by their teacher, Mr Jared Oh. Bounded by their passion for music and built on the bonds
of friendship, these talented and enthusiastic teens will bring you popular hits with a
dash of their own style and to top it off, they are accompanied by Singapore's Champion
Beat Boxer 2005!

11 November | 2pm & 5pm | DC Black Box Foyer, Level 5
Expressions@The Plaza

Acapella! A treat for musical ears!

The LaoLangs were specially formed for the Budak Look and Sound-A-Like contest two
years ago and since then, it has been performing actively. Recently, it was also featured
at the local AcappellaFest concert at Kallang Theatre. Made up of a bunch of good
friends, theirs is an eclectic selection of folk, pop, acappella and more!

5 November | 2pm at Drama Centre Foyer, Level 3 | 5pm at The Plaza, Level 1

Verve Enharmonics
Friendship and the passion for acappella music is what this group thrives on. Formerly
from the NUS acappella club they formed called Resonance, these five friends have
moved on to develop a truly soulful groove as an ensemble. Watch out for their Bee
Gees hits and more!

6 November | 5pm | The Plaza, Level 1

Taro the Dragon Boy
ACT 3 Theatrics
ACT 3 Theatrics transforms this colourful Japanese folktale into a dramatic storytelling
that incorporates mime and masks. Watch how the masks give life to demure humans,
grumpy Ogres, and Beings in-between, with a storyteller who illuminates the tale with
nine character voices. Audience members will also be invited to try on masks and
assume roles after the exciting show!

5 & 6 November | 2pm, 4pm & 6pm |The Plaza, Level 1

Young People Performing Arts Ensemble
Come experience crosstalk, the traditional Chinese art of comic dialogue. Be entertained
by rapidfire repartees and jokes brought to you by YPPAE. For enthusiasts, there is even
a Chinese tongue twister workshop! So don‟t miss out on the action!

5 November | 4pm | Function Room 3, Level 3
(Performance and workshop)

6 November | 12.30pm |The Plaza, Level 1