Hating winter
I am typing this on a Friday evening and it is Snowing outside. Perhaps what galls me most is that I have no recollection of the weatherman saying it was supposed to snow. I seem to recall hearing something about temperatures in the 40s Saturday and Sunday, which would not be a bad week end for late November. But Winter is something that I olerate. I definitely don't enjoy it. I suppose I could find a job in a state where it doesn't snow, but then I wouldn't have anything to complain about. And they would probably have something else I don't like. Maybe cock•oaches. Cold I can tolerate as long is my apartment is warm an'd my place of work). Vhen I have to be outside, I mve a nice warm parka and try to avoid situations /here I'm outside very long. I did get stuck in a nowdrift once when it was ' degrees below zero. Forinately, rny parka zips into snorkel hood, the small ictiing keeping most cold nr o u t , I also had a pair of vai m corduroy pants on incl, as I recall, two pairs of .ocks, so even though I had o walk at least three-quartrs of a mile to get help, I id not get any frostbite. I recall that same winter 197h-77> hearing on the idio about a man who got uck in the Detroit area bout a quarter-mile from is office. He was wearing nly a light topcoat and by 'ie tune he got to his office n fool, he w;n so badly o s t b i t t e n he had to be ospilalixed. I have yet to figure out hv .some people will set out ) a winter's journey by car, earing only a light jacket id gloves, not able to mceive of anything hap'ning dial might force cm out of t h e i r heated rs Bui I digress. What I hate > I about winter is driving, '^vi'i! when the roads are •ar and i t is sunny, there is va\s t h e possibility of ting an icy spot. uul when roads aren't ai and it isn't sunny, re are lots of slippery >ts And even if I stay on t o a d , someone else may and take me with (hem. art of the problem is that w r i t e about accidents r\ week and sometimes tograph their aftermath. I thus am well aware that accidents happen to normal people who didn't expect it to happen to them and that sometimes they are killed or maimed for life. I don't mean to be morbid. I have never lost any sleep over the prospect that I might someday be hurt in an accident, I have, of course, lost sleep going to photograph other people's accidents. I recall two winter accidents, one at a time when winter appeared over. It was March or maybe even April and the temperature was probably in the 50s. I was working for the paper in Three Rivers then and a respected member of a nearby community, a part-time policeman, was killed when driving home from the county seat where he had testified as a witness in a criminal trial. What had happened? His pickup hit an icy spot -- it was always shaded from the sun by a tree so hadn't melted - went out of control and slammed into a tree. The other accident involved my car. I was returning to Monroe from Lansing on a Sunday and slid off US-23 south of Ann Arbor. Conditions were treacherous as stretches of the road were alternately clear and dry, then solid ice. Before I could get my car freed from the snowbank it was in, another car slammed into it, doing several hundred dollars worth of damage. At that, I was lucky. I was in my car when I saw the out-of-control car coming toward me and got out of mine in t i m e . About a mile behind me, a young woman spun off the road, got out of her car and was struck and killed by another out-of-control car. I first heard about the other accident when I was sitting in a state police car t e l l i n g about my accident. I next heard about it the next morning. The woman was a Monroe county resident and I had to write about her fatal accident for the Monday paper. Chances are I will survive this winter but 1 am looking forward to spring.

3 hospitalized as icy roads
Icy road conditions were contributing factors to two accidents Monday that sent three area residents to the hospital. Numerous car-deer accidents were also reported recently. Reported in fair condition Tuesday afternoon in Hills and Dales General Hospital was Lawrence Wasserman, 29, of 6056 Bay City-Forestville Road, Cass City. Sandusky slate police said he was eastbound on Bay City-Forestville Road, a half-mile east of M-53, when he lost control of his car on icy pavement. It skidded into a ditch on the south side of the road, hit an embankment and flipped onto its top. Nancy Brandibur, 16, of 3758 Shaw Road, Kingston, and one of two passengers in her car were treated and released from Caro Community Hospital after a mishap at 11:35 a.m. The passenger was Karen Banowski, 16, of 57119 E. Sanilac Road, Kingston. Sheriff's deputies reported their car was headed southeast on E. Dayton Road when Marion Jaynes, 38, of Caro, headed north on Ryan Road, turned left onto Dayton. Miss Brandibur braked but her wheels locked and the car slid across the centerline into the other auto, Ms. Jaynes having steered onto the north shoulder in an attempt to avoid the collision. Gerhard J. Struck, 70, of Elkton, sought his own treatment after an accident at 2:50 a.m. Monday, according to Caro state police. Troopers said he was westbound on slippery Bay City-Forestville Road, west of Richie Road, when the right front tire of his car dropped off the edge of the pavement. In steering back onto the road, he lost control. The car spun, hit two trees on the north side of the road and came to a h a l t in the ditch. Terry Lynn Shanks, 18, of Owendale, sought her own treatment after a 1 a.m. accident last Thursday. Huron county deputies said she was northbound on Notter Road, about V/2 miles north of Owendale, when her car went out of control and landed in the east ditch. CAR-DEER ton Road, hit a deer at 10:30 p.m. Saturday. At 11:15 that night, John F. Kloc, 64, of 5786 E. Shabbona Road, Deford, collided with a deer while eastbound on Deckerville Road, east of Kurds Corner Road. At 3:28 p.m. Sunday, Chester A, Sieradzki, 44, of 350 N. Crawford Road, Deford, was northbound on Cemetery Road, south of Kelly Road, when his vehicle struck a deer. Saturday, according to Caro State police, Douglas A. Englehart, 29, of 5744 DeLong Road, Cass City, southbound on Cemetery Road, north of DeLong, collided with a deer. At 1:10 a.m. Monday, troopers reported, Sherlock G. (Joe) Frederick, 45, of 6349 Church Street, Cass City, was eastbound on M-46, west of Leix Road. His car missed the first deer to cross the road but struck the second.

contribute to 2 car accidents
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PAGE FIVE LEGAL NOTICE In accordance with the provisions of Act No. 300 of the Public Acts of 1949, as amended, the Board of Tuscola County Road Commissioners did, at a regular meeting of said Board held on November 22, 1978 determine that a bridge on Murray Road over the White Creek located in Sections 28 & 29, Ellington Township be closed to all traffic. This closure to be effective imthe car was Kenneth Skinner mediately upon posting of of Caro. the necessary signs.

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Charges man after squabble
An alleged father of an illegitimate child, subject of a paternity suit by the mother, is seeking to press charges of assault and battery against the young woman's father as (he result of an incident last Friday. Cass City police, who requested those involved not be identified, said the youth went to the woman's home to see his son. The mother wasn't there and her father told him to leave. The 18-year-old said the father pushed him out the door, stepped on his foot, pushed him down the porch seps, pulled out a pocket knife and threatened to cut him, then kicked him in the shoulder. The father denied to police he pulled a knife but admitted he stepped on the youth's foot when the latter was going out the door. Police turned the investigation report over to the prosecutor's office to decide whether a warrant charging assault and battery should be issued against the young mother's father. Previously scheduled was the youth's appearance in court Monday to answer the paternity suit. He pleaded innocent before Circuit Judge Norman A. Baguley and will be tried on the charge. Carl Pinson of Belleville reported to Caro state police

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Harry G. Hurd, 62, of Fair Haven, struck a deer at 6:25 p.m. Nov. 20 while eastbound on M-81, west of M-53. Robert L. Van Camp, 34, of Decatur, 111., was westbound on M-81, east of Crawford Road, at 6 p.m. Nov. 21 when his car struck a deer. George B. Driver, 64, of Caseville, was headed east on M-81, west of Dodge Road, Wednesday, Nov. 22, when a deer ran into the side of his car. At 6:35 p.m. last Thursday, the car of 'Max E. Cooper, 51, of 7724 Hadley Road, Cass City, collided with a deer while he Avas northbound on Cemetery OTHER ACCIDENTS Road, north of Kelly Road. Cass City police investiAt 11:10 a.m. Nov. 20, gated all four of the above according to Cass City pomishaps. The next four were lice, Myron A. Fisher, 41, of investigated by Tuscola Daus Road, eastbound on county deputies. Pine Street, was turning into At 6:15 p.m. Friday, Gorthe parking lot west of Oak don A. Watson, 27, of SilverStreet when his vehicle was wood, was northbound on struck in the right side by a Crawford Road, south of westbound truck. Driver of Deckerville, when his car the other vehicle was Alva struck a deer. The vehicle A. Nelson, 54, of 711 N. then spun around and went Kingston Road, Deford. into a ditch on the west side In the Provincial House Saturday that his travel of the road. parking lot at 3:15 p.m. last trailer was broken into some Ronald L. Kappen, 28, of Wednesday, village police time since Thursday. It was 3192 E. Cass City Road, Cass reported, Irene M. Doerr, 49, parked at Severance and City, westbound on Elmof 6720 Third Street, backed Duprey Roads in Ellington wood Road, east of Reminginto a parked car. Owner of township for him to use while deer hunting. Entry was gained by breaking a window and screen. Taken were a sleeping bag worth $40; single shot shotgun, $60; three water jugs, t o t a l of $10, and a picnic cooler, $15. Cans City police made two arrests during the past week on warrants from district Merchants participating Closet; Beth Louks, Cass court, in the free turkey drawing City, from Croft-Clara LumDarrellJ. Field, 19, of 7(158 held under the auspices of ber, Inc.; Minnie Askevich, Deckerville Road, Deford, the Cass City Retail Com- Owendale, from Erla Food was arrested last Wednesmittee this week announced Center, Concluding the list are: day for failing to appear to the winners in the promoMrs. John Bryant, Cass tion. answer a citation charging him with driving in violation There were a total of 19 City, from Federated Store; of license restrictions, drivturkeys given away. The Bill Spaid, Cass City, from ing without corrective lenses winners and the stores in Gambles, Cass City; Mrs. and possession of open inwhich the prize was won Jack Hartwick, Cass City, from Kristy's Kloset; Alice toxicants in a motor vehicle. were: Eugene Mascarro, 25, of Mike Stek, Cass City, from Moffat, Cass City, from Bay Port, was arrested FriAlbee True Value Hard- Kritzmans', Inc.; Vernitta day for failure to pay fines ware; Mrs. Thomas Smith, Spencer, Cass City, from Old and costs resulting from his Cass City, from Ben Frank- Wood Drug; Barb Hanby, guilty plea to a traffic lin Store; Merle Popour, Cass City, from the Paint violation. Cass City, from Coach Light Store; John Tomczak, Cass Both men were lodged at Pharmacy; Sandy Nizzola, City, from Quaker Maid the county jail and have Cass City, from Cass City Dairy Store; Bonnie Lamsince been released pending Sports, Inc.; Lois Papp, ing, Decker, from Richard's final disposition of their Cass City, from Cass City TV, Appliance & Furniture; cases in district court. IGA Foodliner; Bob O'Dell, Mary Thomas, Owendale, Village police turned a Cass City, from Chappel's from Sommers' Bakery and 14-year-old boy over to his Men's Shop; Cindy Doerr, Restaurant; Dawn Hughes, parents after he was caught Cass City, from the Clothes Snover, from The 'Vord Book Store. last Wednesday inside the Coach Light Pharmacy shoplifting three candy bars.

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Bauer accepts post

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Wayne W. Bauer of Cass City has been appointed manager of the Wickes Agriculture grain terminal in Carrollton.

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Wayne Bauer For the past five years he has been general manager of the Thumb Co-op Terminal, Inc., in Elkton. Bauer is a graduate of Sebewaing High School and Michigan State University, 1971, with a B.S. degree in agricultural mechanization. The terminal manager, his wife Kathy and their children Rebecca, 6, and Lisa, 1, live at 6861 Herron Drive. He started his new position Nov. 1.


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