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									No. 85                                                                                                     Aug. 2009

                   Stamfordham                                       Communicator
    could have wished for a more auspicious start to Communicator’s eighth year, but clearly, it was not to be. I was
I  supposed to check with the printer when, or even if, he was going on holiday, but left it too late. When I did
   ring, he’d gone! I did the usual thing and e-mailed everybody I could to explain that it was online in the usual
spot, the S.P.C. website, so it remains to apologise to those not online if you were expecting your copy earlier than
         Mind, it didn’t stop there. I was unable to get confirmation of the one time-sensitive entry, the S.W.I. trip,
which in the end was cancelled, owing to lack of support. Then I jumped the gun on the “closure” of the road
across the Green S of the Bay Horse. The correction, which includes a heart-warming explanation is on the last
         Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to producing a stress-free September issue on time!                    Editor.

                               STAMFORDHAM CHURCHES TOGETHER

                                    ……present the return of the famous

           Stamfordham Holiday Club: 'SHOWSTOPPERS'
     in Stamfordham Village Hall 1st – 4th September (last week of the summer holidays)
         Ages 3-15 yrs.                                 More details:  01661 825669

                                     STAMFORDHAM PARISH COUNCIL

Edited MINUTES of a meeting of Council held in Stamfordham Village Hall on Wednesday 15 July 2009.
Present:         Councillor E C T Trevelyan                        Chairman
                 Councillor S Lough
                 Councillor S Noble
                 Councillor D Spearman
Also present: Mr K W Dodd                                          Clerk
Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Irvine, Fitzpatrick and County Cllr Jones.
Minute 218. Police had now responded, saying that officers had visited but not found any particular problem with
inconsiderate parking. Cllr Noble quoted a recent example of a 4WD vehicle causing an obstruction. It was felt
that the main problem was caused by school parents.
Minute 225. Interactive speed signs. Cllr Trevelyan produced photos of two speed signs, one showing a much
shorter mounting pole. He was of the opinion that the poles installed in Stamfordham were too high. This
comment and the photos to go to County Councillor.
Minute 228. A new dog bin had been obtained and had now been fixed near the school entrance.
Minute 231.c. Knotweed. Chairman had obtained a mass of information on eradication of Japanese Knotweed.
As there appeared little chance of the unknown landowner taking action, it was agreed to meet on Monday 20th to
cut as much as possible of the weed and enclose in bin bags to prevent spreading. Spraying of the regrowth later in
the year was an option.
Parish Meeting Minute 3. There had been complaints about the lack of organisation of the Cyclone races on the
Saturday. This was said to be due to the lack of marshals, as only 12 had turned up instead of the 18 expected.
Two cyclists had been caught urinating, despite portaloos being provided only a few yards away. They had been
reported to the organiser. The Sunday races, in particular the rolling road closures, had gone well and the Ladies
Keep Fit had taken over £800 from sale of refreshments, to be passed to the Village Hall as either a donation or
through future room charges.
234.     PLANNING MATTERS. Application:

20090302: Graham, The Plough Inn. Alterations to existing access to highway.
20090354: Nichols, Rugley Villa, Grange Road. Installation of solar water heating system and two solar panels to
roof.      No objections to either of the above.
D M Stanley - photocopying StamComm 83                               £59.10
Stamfordham PF & Village Hall - room hire May 09                     £15.00
Glasdon UK Ltd - New dog bin (Retriever 35)                        £270.15 inc VAT
K W Dodd - Clerk's salary April/June incl                          £443.75
K W Dodd - Clerk's expenses March/July                               £33.29 inc VAT
Northumberland County Council - play area rent 09/10               £120.00
236.     PLAY AREA. It had not been possible to have the remains of the two springs removed. Chairman to
arrange for the bases to be dug out. Various ideas were put forward for improvements. The County Council
"Community Chest" could be a source of funding. Proposals from Cllr Athey were awaited.
237.     COUNTY COUNCILLOR. Cllr Jones had sent a telephoned report:
*        Grass on the Green which had been left in a very untidy state had been reported to the officer responsible
who had promised it would be cleared up. Cllr Fitzpatrick had sent photographic evidence of the "silage field".
*        Highways had been asked to clear out all gullies. It was pointed out that sucking out the gullies did not
help if the outflow drain was not cleared, as otherwise the gully just filled up and overflowed again. The need for
weed killing and removal on roads and footpaths was also mentioned.
*        The big pothole on the Hawkwell footpath had been reported as attended to, but Cllr Spearman said it was
still a muddy hole, and concrete on the bridge needed attention.
*        Closure of day care centres was supposed to be going to save £400,000, and it would be difficult to
identify alternative savings. Cllr Noble thought that the vast expenditure on producing a self-congratulatory
booklet delivered to all households in the County could well be saved instead of closing day care centres.
*        Cllr Jones reminded members of the Community Chest grants of up to £5000 which were available, until
the allocation was used up.
238.     PONTELAND/STAMFORDHAM COMMUNITY FORUM. Clerk had informed Ponteland Town
Council and Suzi Goncu, County Locality Officer, that Stamfordham wished to join with Ponteland in a
Community Forum. The Town Clerk had acknowledged the letter, but there had been no further response. Suzi
Goncu appeared to be assuming that the arrangement was going ahead, but without Ponteland's approval this was
not the case. Clerk to chase up.
239.     WEATHER VANE REPLACEMENT. Paul Curtis who had been dealing with this when he was on
Council, had not been able to give any information. The County enquiry service had been asked for help but apart
from an acknowledgement there had been no response despite a reminder. Clerk to chase up again.
240.     FLOOD PREVENTION. The request to County for a supply of sandbags and sand to have on hand in the
village had met with a negative response, saying that the Bearl Depot was near to Stamfordham, and that sandbags
had to be stored in a suitable environment so that they would not rot. Clerk to ask for details of a 24 hour response
contact at Bearl Depot. The Environment Agency had informed Chairman that they were now going to serve a
notice on Bells Garage to gain entry to test the material blocking the second arch approach. If it was "natural", it
was unlikely that anything could be done, but if it was "man made infill" then that would be removed to reduce the
obstruction to the river flow.
242.     PONTELAND LEARNING TRUST. A consultation was taking place about Ponteland High School and
other bodies forming a new Trust to give more independence. Cllr Noble took the booklet for perusal.
243.     LOCAL TRANSPORT PLAN 2010/11. Council was invited to submit three priorities to be considered
for the Plan. It was agreed that road markings outside Stamfordham First School should be first priority, with
other traffic calming on Grange Road, in particular a wider pavement at the Pont Bridge, as second priority. If bus
shelter repairs could be included then that should also be noted, under the "encouragement to use public transport"
         Castle Morpeth CAB (now merged as DAWN (Advice) Ltd)               £75 to be paid in September.
         Vitalise                                                     No grant.
         Clerk to comment that changing the name from CAB to DAWN was a retrograde step.
245.     DAY CARE CONSULTATION. Northumberland NHS Care Trust was consulting on the proposed
closure of Day Care Centres. Those on the list for closure included Ponteland, Prudhoe and Hexham. Meetings
had been publicised and had been held in June. No deadline for comments was given. Daljit Lally, Executve
Director of Adult Care at County Hall would be happy to receive comments or answer queries.
246.      NEXT MEETING was confirmed as Wednesday 16 September 2009 at 1930hrs.

247.     OTHER BUSINESS. Cllr Lough reported that garden waste bags previously available from Matfen Shop
at £1 for 10 were now being charged at £3 for ten. County Cllr to be asked for comment on this steep rise in price.
                       Potholes and other highway faults - ring free  0808 100 8 9 10
                               Street lighting faults ring free  0800.085.0029
                          + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

                           Road Closure [Including helpful clues - I hope! –Ed.]

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 - Section 14
As Amended by Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991
Temporary Road Closure 3344 Cheeseburn Grange Junction [Hopper’s Shop and over the bridge there] to
Paddock Lane Ponteland [The stretch of lane through Dalton – 30mph speed limit]
        For your information the County Council intends making an Order under the above Act to prohibit the use
by vehicular traffic on that section of the C344 Cheeseburn Grange Junction to Paddock Lane Ponteland for a
length of 1300 metres from its junction with the Dalton Mill Farm access Road heading in a westerly direction in
the county of Northumberland. [In effect this is the stretch of road from the bridge at Cheesburn and Heugh
Mill Lane through to the 30mph sign at Dalton]
        The Temporary Order is to be effective from the 30th of August 2009 until the 20th of November 2009.
It is expected that the road will only be closed from the 31st of August 2009 until the 04th of September
2009 however it will be closed continually during this period.
The alternative route for eastbound vehicular traffic is to head southeast along the C343 Stamfordham Junction to
Stamfordham Road turning left and heading north along the C345 Medburn Junction to Black Heddon Junction,
follow this road and turn left again to rejoin the C344, [Turn right at Hopper’s Shop, through to the Medburn
Road just before Western Way Garage, turn left there and follow through to the Dissington Hall junction] Vice
Versa for westbound vehicular traffic.
The closure has been requested by Northumberland County Council in order to carry out carriageway patching and
resurfacing works.


T    he Parish Council are hoping to get the old weather vane put back up on the Market Cross but need some help.
     Has anyone got any photographs/pictures of the Market Cross, complete with weather vane, before the last time
it blew down? They have the very old photographs from the book compiled by Robbie Stappard, but would
appreciate being able to borrow any more recent ones. They just need them long enough to take copies. Chairman
Edward Trevelyan and Councillor Sue Noble are hoping to have a site meeting with Northumberland County
Council's Historic Buildings Advisor somebody who will advise them on the best way forward. Look out for updates
in the minutes of forthcoming Parish Council meetings. You can contact Sue on  886223 or at Close House, 7,
Brewery Close. Edward can be contacted on  886225. Thanks in advance.
                                         Stamfordham WI Meeting July

W      hen asked to turn up with a candle, an old plate and pair of scissors, I doubt the members imagined taking a
       thing of beauty home with them.
However, following Maria Shuttleworth’s expert guidance, we all made a magnificent Organza Flower. No two
were alike and each had the unique stamp of something only a handmade item can have.
As usual with our workshops, not only the work was in stitches, but each and every member was too. A fun
evening was had by all, with a reminder to take home, thanks to Maria. I wish learning at school had been this
entertaining!                                                                                         Linda Boylan
Don’t get caught out – make sure you are on the electoral register

R    esidents in Northumberland are being urged to safeguard their vote at election time by sparing just a few
     minutes of their time to get their name registered on the electoral roll.
The plea comes at the start of the annual canvass, as local authorities in Great Britain are delivering electoral
registration forms to all households. It also comes at a time of continued speculation of a General Election date as

the next one must be held by June 2010.
         All 150,000 householders in Northumberland are being asked to look out for the annual canvass form
which will be dropped through letterboxes at the end of August. Electors are asked to simply complete the form,
sign it and then return it to the council as soon as possible. If a child becomes 18 during the life of the register
(December 1, 2009 – November 30, 2010) they too should be included on the form.
         If it is more convenient for you, you can also register by ringing the free phone number  08000 251 088.
Alternatively, you can log on to www.ElectorRegistration.co.uk/northumberland and register your details on line.
At every election people lose their right to vote because they don’t realise that to be eligible to vote they have to
register – please make sure you are not one of them.
         If you have any queries regarding electoral registration, please ring Northumberland County Council’s
customer service line on  0845 600 6400.
                                                                                                        Northumberland County Council, 12th August, 2009

                                                                               FOR SALE

Table style Desk by Dams International
W 1.3m x D 1.02m (75cm at cut-out) x H 72cm
Heavy, light-coloured, laminated wood top. Metal & wood legs. At present ‘flat-packed’
Could deliver locally. Reasonable offers.
 01661 886432                                 Two colour pics on www.migdalski.co.uk/SCR.htm

                                                                                                            Content of Communicator - a Clarification
                                                                                                       Essentially, Stamfordham Communicator is an
                                                                                                   organ for the dissemination of information.
                                                                                                   Occasionally political (small p!) points will be raised
                                                                                                   (e.g. Moan of the Month), but ultra-sensitive matters
                                                                                                   of a personal nature cannot be published here, unless
                                                                                                   the editor has a specific instruction from the Parish
                                                                                                   Council, which, as principle funder, has ultimate
                                                                                                   responsibility for what appears.   Ed.

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If anybody happened to notice, the Village Hall website was suspended on 17th. Aug. apparently for non-payment
of fees, which I thought the ISP had, or should have, paid. I haven’t a clue what’s going on, but will try to find out
and reorganise things.                                                                                             Ed.

    Village Store Opening Hours:
    Monday - Friday 7.30am - 6.00pm                                                              Chris Oldroyd
    Sat & Sun          8.00am - 5.00pm
                                                                          The arrival of a new baby [Congratulations, Chris
    Newspapers                  Magazines
    Groceries                   Local Produce                         and Sharon! – Ed.] has meant that Chris finds that he
    Cash Machine                Stamps                                has to reduce his PC repair workload, in order to
    Cards & Gift Wrap           Gifts                                 concentrate on his full-time job.
    Logs & Kindling             Coal                                      He is happy to be available for existing customers,
            Please note the Coffee Shop                               though they should expect a reduced service.
             is now open for the season                                    Communicator will publish when Chris is back
 01661 886202                                                      in full PC trouble-shooting mode.
 info@matfenvillagestore.co.uk                                           **************************************

                                                                                                         Car Nerd Enquiry
                                                                                              A couple of Saturdays ago at about
              An exhibition of textile art by                                             10am, I was leaving Matfen, back to
                                                                                          Stamfordham, and met a dark-coloured
                  IT HAPPENS                                                              (black?) MG Midget. Was that anybody
                                                                                          from this village? (Only asking because
                                                                                          there are more classic car owners in the
                                                                                          immediate vicinity than I had thought!)
                                                                                                     No “Chance for a First !”
                                                                                              I was, as everybody now knows,
                                                                                          completely wrong about the kerbstone
                                                                                          across the Green road! I had written and
                                                                                          posted this article before the work was
                                                                                          completed – which, on reflection, was a
                                                                                          very daft thing to do. It highlights the main
                                                                                          point for us pessimists: that things that look
                                                                                          dodgy are not always necessarily so.
          Pebbles Gallery & Art Café                                                          In this particular instance, I am happy
                               Allendale                                                  to report that the minor reconfiguration
                                                                                          (which does not close off the road!) was to
        2nd September to 29th September 2009                                              divert rainwater down the main road and
                                                                                          prevent its encroachment on the Brinkburn
                     Viewing times 10am – 5pm                                             Place section of South Side. Full marks to
                          Seven days a week                                               N.C.C. Highways for that!
                                                                                                                           Phil de Spesse
        An exhibition of textile hangings and art figures                                            * * * * * * * * * * *
            by a new local group of textile artists.                                         Stamfordham Carpet Bowls Club
           Anne Tuck, Gillian Arkley, Chris Dixon                                             The Club begins its new season on
                       Rose Stanley                                                       Monday 7th. Sept. The Fixture list is now
                                                                                          on the Village Hall website.
For more information contact: ithappens4@yahoo.co.uk
          Pebbles Gallery:  01434 683975

Items for Issue 86 to Editor by Sun. 13th. Sept. please [ 01661 886432 or david@stanley92.freeserve.co.uk or St. Quentin, Grange Ave. NE18 0PG]


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