3 types of UV Rays by maclaren1


									  Sun Protection

Why Bother?
UV rays…
• get through clouds, fog and haze
• are reflected by water, sand and snow
   – reflection can ↑ their strength

• malignant melanoma
• non-melanoma skin cancer
• cataracts
• impaired immunity
            3 types of UV Rays
Ultraviolet A rays (UVA)
• most of the sun’s natural light
• penetrates deep into the skin causing wrinkles &
  increased aging
• concerns over long term hazards

Ultraviolet B rays (UVB)
• needed for vitamin D production
• most damaging to skin
• 1000x stronger than UVA rays
• main cause of sunburns

Ultraviolet C rays (UVC)
• never reach the earth surface
• filtered out by the atmosphere
Who is at risk?
• light colored skin, eyes
  & hair

• work, play & exercise in
  the sun

• had several blistering
  sun burns as a child

• take prescriptions
  which increase their
  sensitivity to the sun
            What to do?
• 11am - 4 pm
• UV index greater
  than 3

• Cover your arms
  and legs
  → loose fitting
  → light colored
  → tightly woven
  → light weight

     Broad spectrum SPF 30

   20 minutes before going outside

       Reapply ever 2 hours
            Wear Sunglasses
• even if the sun does not bother your eyes

• all seasons

• UVA and UVB protection
  – even if your lenses are dark

• even shading

• it is not about $$$
  Check your skin for changes regularly

Look for any:

• changes in birthmarks or moles
   – shape/color/size/surface

• new growth

• sores that do not heal

• patches that bleed, swell, itch, or
  become red & bumpy
   A B C D E’s

A - Asymmetry
B - Boarder
C - Color
D - Diameter
E - Evolution

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