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   Parks & Recreation
    Summer Activities

          PO Box 175
   Chesterfield, N.H. 03443
       Melissa Metivier
Director of Parks & Recreation
      603-363-9305 Beach
   603-363-8383 Home Office
                Summer Recreation Program
              It's almost time! The Chesterfield Summer Recreation
              Program will be beginning soon. New: This season the
              Recreation will offer a 5 day/week option (Mon – Fri) as well
              as the 3 day/week option (Tues, Wed & Thur).
              It is an eight week program offered to the following town
residents: Spofford, Chesterfield and West Chesterfield. It is offered to
children from age 5 through 12. The Program begins Monday June 28th
and runs through Friday, August 20th. Hours are: 8:30 am to 4:00 PM.
Please be advised that, any parent (sitter) not picking up their
child/children by 4:00 PM will be charged a late fee of $5.00 per
day. Early drop-offs & late pick-ups will be available for an
additional cost of $10.00/day - per child (7:30am-8:30am & 4:00pm
– 5:00pm). Arrangements need to be made the week before for
proper staffing.
            There is a limit to the number of participants that can register
            for the program. The maximum is set at 150 children. The
            number of 5-6 year olds is limited to a maximum of 20
            children. Registration time is now.
Registration fee: 3 Day Option: $75.00 per week; or $400.00 per
season. 5 Day Option: $125.00 per week; or $680.00 per season. If
paying for the season, each additional child per family is 50% of the
season price. Payment is to be made in advance with registration.
The deadline for registration is Friday, June 18, 2010. Registration
after the deadline date will be charged a late registration fee of $10.00.
           Please make check payable to the Town of Chesterfield
           Parks & Rec... Mail your registration and- payment to:
           Melissa Metivier - Town of Chesterfield Park & Rec.
           Director, PO. Box 505, Spofford, N.H. 03462 or drop it off
at the Town Offices no later than June 18, 2010.
Jennifer Schlichting will be returning this year as the Summer Recreation
Program Leader for a fabulous season of summer fun. We are looking
forward to having a safe and fun filled Summer Program.
Swim Lessons for Recreation Participants only will be offered by the
American Red Cross at Ware’s Grove for cost and details see the Summer
Fun and Fitness page.
For more information, please refer to the Parks & Recreation
link on the Town’s website at
Summer Recreation Program Weekly Themes

                                    Week 1: Holiday Week
                                       Introductions, Group Banners
                                         Independence Day, etc….

          Week 2: Safety Week
       Water Safety, Guests Speakers from
        Police, Fire & Rescue squads, etc...

                                      Week 3: Nature Week
                                        Rock Festival, Flower Pots
                                         Wildlife Murals, etc…

          Week 4: Water Week
                 Water Balloons
          Water Games and Relays, etc…

                        Week 5: Dance Week
                           Line Dances, Group Routines
                             Dance Competition, etc…

              Week 6: Theatre Week
                     Resident Acting, Plays
                      Puppet Shows, etc…

                         Week 7: Blast off to Space Week
                                 Alien Masks, Solar System Design
                                        Space Ships, etc...

          Week 8: Circus Week
          Peanut Carnival, Face Painting
       Clown Day, Good-bye Pizza Party, etc…
      Safety, Respect for self / others and: Preservation of Property is expected at all
              times from all participants of the Summer Recreation Program.
1.      All bikes must be parked at the bike rack.
2.      All recreation members will put their own trash in the trash cans and help with clean-
        up throughout the day.
3.       No glass containers are to be brought to the Summer Recreation area.
4.      No climbing on fences.
5.      No smoking.
6.      No throwing sand.
7.       No profane, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise unacceptable language will be
8.      All registered members will check in with a Counselor when arriving at and when
        checking out of the Recreation area.
9.       Only registered members may participate in the Recreation Program.
10.      Only swimmers in levels 4 - 7 can swim to the deep part of the buoys.
11.     Floatation toys are permitted in the water only with the
         approval of the Summer Rec. Leader, Lifeguards, or by
         the Director of Parks & Rec.
12.     Blowing the whistle is the signal to Recreation members to buddy up and wait for
        further instructions.
13.     Three whistles by the Lifeguard or Staff is an emergency signal; all swimmers must get
        out of the water immediately and stand up by the fence.
14.     No chewing gum while swimming / playing in the water.
15.     No snapping towels.
16.     Children who dig or build on the beach must Fill in their
        holes when finished.
17.     All swimmers must stay within the designated area made
        by the Counselor.
18.     All Recreation members will have a buddy during the
        swimming time.
19.     All Recreation members should bring an appropriate lunch / snack.
20.     All Recreation members will need to bring appropriate clothing for the day. (Bathing
        suits, Towel, Extra change of clothes, etc.)
21.     All Recreation members will be responsible for their own personal belongings.
22.     In the event that your child will be picked up by another adult, a written note will be
23.     There will be no physical fighting.
24.     Sun Screen must be adequately & liberally applied to your child / children
        30 Minutes prior to arriving at Rec.
We want our participants in the Summer Recreation Program to have a positive experience. We have three
important roles for the participant's behavior.
       1. Act in a safe manner
       2. Respect Others
       3. Respect property
Level One:
Most misconduct is minor and is limited to offenses that can be easily handled by the counselor. This could
include, but would not be limited to; uncooperative or disrespectful behavior, not putting away personal
possessions or summer recreation equipment, littering, misusing equipment, or minor infractions of beach or
Summer Recreation -rules.
Level Two:
More serious misconduct will result in a behavior / Discipline report being filed with the Summer Recreation
Leader and Director. A copy of this report will be sent home to the parent / guardian to sign and return with the
child on the next recreation day. A brief meeting with the child's parent / guardian, child and counselor to review
appropriate behavior and consequences will be necessary before the child can return to the program. Examples of
behavior that would cause a behavior / discipline report to be filed could include, but would not be limited to;
acting in a way that would put oneself or others in danger, damaging property, using insulting or profane
language, continued disrespect to adults or other recreation participants.
Level Three:
Depending on the severity of the recreation participant's behavior, the Summer Recreation Leader or Parks &
Rec. Director will have the authority to send the child home from the recreation program (immediately after an
incident occurs. Harassment includes verbal or physical conduct that creates an intimidating, hostile or
offensive environment for others. Examples of harassment could be, but are not limited to; actual or threatened
physical aggression, demeaning comments or behavior, slurs or insults, and inappropriate sexual comments or
actions. The child will not be allowed to attend the next scheduled day of recreation, and will not be allowed
to re-enter until a conference with the child, parent / guardian, and the Recreation staff occurs.
Level Four:
If level three (misconduct occurs a second time, the recreation participant will be expelled from the program,
and will not be allowed to return for the remainder of the summer with no refund of enrollment fees.
Levels and Consequences:
Level One Violation             ● Verbal warning

                                ● Sit out of activities for 15 min or longer

Level Two Violation             ● Discipline report sent home

Level Three Violation           ● Suspension from the program for 1 session.
Level Four Violation            ●Expulsion from the program for the
                                 rest of the summer.

All disciplinary actions given will be at the discretion of the counselor with the consideration of the number
of previous offenses.

                                         Summer Recreation Program
                                            Registration Form
I_____________________________(parent, guardian) understand the intent of the Chesterfield Parks& Recreation

Department’s Summer Recreation Program and will cooperate with the Director and Recreation Staff.

Name__________________________________________________Age______________Phone #___________________________

Name__________________________________________________Age______________Phone #___________________________

Name__________________________________________________Age______________Phone #___________________________

Address: ______________________________________________City: ______________________________Zip: ______________

Emergency Contact:_________________________________Relationship:__________________Emergency #_______________

Mother’s Name: ______________________Phone #___________Father’s Name: _____________________Phone # __________

Doctor’s Name: ______________________________________________________________Phone # _______________________

Allergies or Other Medical Conditions: _________________________________________________________________________

Mode of Transportation: Walk, Bike, Parent, Friend (Please circle one)    Other: _____________________________________

If you will be car pooling, who do you give permission to drop off or pick up your children: __________________________

                                                     Registration Fees:
Please indicate registration option as well as the number of children attending. If you do not choose the season pass, you
must indicate the days and / or weeks your child / children will be in attendance and pay in advance.
____ 3 Day–Full Season: $400.00. (Tues, Wed & Thur)Each additional child (per family) is $200.00. ___#of children______

____3 Day-Week: $75.00 per child. (Tues, Wed & Thur) Week #'s Attending__________________ # of children______
_____5 Day–Full Season: $680.00. Each additional child (per family) is $340.00._______ # of children______

____5 Day–Week: $125.00 per child. Week #'s Attending_____________________________# of children______
____Per Day: $40.00 per child. Days / Dates Attending____________________________ # of children______
_____Early Drop-off / Late Pick-up: $10.00 per Day - per child Days/Dates Needed _____________________
               (Early Drop-off / Late Pick-up can be decided and paid for on a weekly basis the week prior to the need)
____Non-Resident 3 Day- Full Season: $700.00 Each additional child (per family)is $350.00.______________ # of children_________
____ Non-Resident 5 Day- Full Season: $1,200.00 Each additional child (per family)is $600.00.______________# of children_________
Please make checks payable to the Town of Chesterfield Parks & Rec. Dept. ***Amount Enclosed_____________
Please be sure to apply Sun Screen adequately and liberally to your child/children 30 minutes prior to
arriving at the Rec. Program.
                                  Chesterfield Parks & Recreation
                                              Permission Slip

NAME OF PARTICIPANT_____________________________________________________________-
My son/daughter has permission to participate in the Chesterfield Parks and Recreation Department's program. I
hereby waive, for myself and my child, the right to assert any claim arising out of injury to the child due to
participation in, preparation for, or travel to and from any recreation sport or activity, I acknowledge that
participation in the sport or activity authorized comes with certain risks which are hereby assumed. I
relinquish any right which I or my child might otherwise have for payment of medical costs or other losses
beyond whatever insurance I may have.
I hereby authorize the Director, Recreation Program Leader, staff and volunteers of the Chesterfield Parks &
Recreation Department to act for me, according to their best judgment, in any emergency requiring medical

Signature of Parent / Guardian

                                 Chesterfield Parks & Recreation
                          Rules, Regulations & Disciplinary Actions
I have read and fully understand the rules and regulations of the Chesterfield Parks & Rec. Summer Recreation
Program. I have also read and fully understand the Behavior Management Plan designed and implemented by
the Chesterfield Parks & Rec. Department to ensure the utmost safety of my child and all other members of the
Signature of Parent / Guardian

                            Rec. Swim Lessons Registration

Registration required – enclosed with Rec. Form by Friday, June 18, 2010
Cost $35.00 per Child

Swim Lesson Payments made to: Diana Warhall – On a Separate check from Rec. Fees!!!

Name____________________________________________ Age ____________ Phone _______________

Session 1 (week 7 – August 9-13)___________
                                 Wares Grove Beach
                                 The O’Neil - Kaiser
                                  Living Memorial

                    Opening Sunday, May 30th at 9:00 am for Memorial Day
                              Location: Route 9A ♦ Spofford, NH
                     Hours: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm: Memorial Day - Labor Day
                      Lifeguards on Duty from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm: Daily
                                    (Weather Permitting)
                          6:00 PM - 9:00 PM SWIM AT OWN RISK

  RESIDENT                                        NON-RESIDENT
  Child………….…..N/C                                Child……………..$3.00
   (under 12 & Seniors)                            (under 12 & Seniors)
  Adult……………..$3.00                               Adult……………..$6.00
   (12 and over)                                   (12 and over)
  Season Pass…......$60.00                        Season Pass…...$100.00
   (per Family)                                    (per Family)

                          North Shore Beach
           Opening Sunday, May 30th at 9:00 am for Memorial Day
                Location: North Shore Road ♦ Spofford, NH
             Please Help to keep this beautiful beach clean -
                       Carry Out what you Carry In
         Hours: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm : Memorial Day - Labor Day
                   All Hours SWIM AT OWN RISK!

Resident: Chesterfield, Spofford and West Chesterfield
Non-Resident: All other areas
Closing: All areas closed for the season on September 6, 2010
                 Beach Rules & Regulations

1. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all
2.   No running, pushing, dunking, playing tag, throwing
     objects, snapping towels, throwing sand, or any other type
     of inappropriate behavior in water or on beach.
3.   All waste and trash must be placed in trash containers.
4.   Swearing and profane language will not be tolerated, violators
     will be asked to leave.
5.   No swimming beyond buoy lines.
6.   No pets of any type on the beach or in the memorial area.
7.   No alcoholic beverages allowed.
8.   No shampoo or soap allowed in the water.
9.   No glass allowed on the beach.
10. Persons found violating any of the above rules and regulations
    may be evicted from the park and shall be fined not more
    than$200.00. (R.S.A. 214:7)
No Boats or Trailers of any kind are permitted in the parking
                  Summer Fun & Fitness
                               For Residents

                                             Biking Group
                                     Starting Location: Ware’s Grove Beach
                             9:30 – 10:30AM Tuesday – Friday Cost $4.00 per class
                              To register and for further information please contact
                                         Melissa Metivier at 603-363-8383

           Cardio Boot Camp
           For All Fitness Levels
 Increase your Cardio Endurance & Strength
      Monday & Wednesday from 5-6pm
             Sunday from 8-9 am
      at Ware’s Grove Beach – All Season
            Cost: $4.00 per class
  Contact Melissa Metivier at 603-363-8383

                                     Swim Lessons for Summer Recreation
                                             Participants - only
                                             Offered at Ware’s Grove during
                                                 Week 7 (August 9 - 13)
                                                Cost is $35.00 - per child
                                        Sign up on back of Rec. Registration Form
                                       Payments made on separate check from Rec.
                                         Contact Diana Warhall 603-363-8021

       Power Walk
      Spofford Lake
Monday - Friday 9:30am – 11:00am
 Beginning June 21st - August 20th
Starting from Ware’s Grove Beach
       Cost is $4.00 per class
  Please contact Melissa Metivier
                      Summer Events
                                      Fireworks!! on Spofford Lake
                                      Sponsored by the Spofford Lake Association
                                             Saturday, July 10, 2010
                                                     9:00 PM
                             Parking available at the Wares Grove & North Shore Beaches
                                                Rain Date: Sunday, July 11th

 Chesterfield Senior Citizen Luncheon
            Wednesday, July 7th
Held at The O'Neil - Kaiser Living Memorial
            at Ware’s Grove Beach

                                          Adult Morning Swim
                                       Monday & Wednesday from 7-8am
                                              at Ware’s Grove Beach
                                                  July -August
                                              Cost: $4.00 per class
                                     Contact Melissa Metivier at 603-363-8383

                      Hiking group
          Held at Various trails in the community
          Register By June 1st – Cost: $4.00 per class
Date: Mondays –June 5th – August 30th – Hikes begin at 9:30am
 To register please contact Melissa Metivier at 603-363-8383
American Red Cross Summer Swim Lessons 2010
                         North Shore Beach at Spofford Lake
                              Session 1 – June 28th - July 9th
                             Session 2 - July 12th - July 23rd
                        Lessons are offered to children age 4 and up
                   Class length -30 minutes or 45 minutes – depending on level
                          Cost is $60.00 per child / per session
              Sessions 3– July 26th – 30th MINI SESSIONS / 1 WK ONLY
              Sessions 4– August 2nd – 6th MINI SESSIONS / 1 WK ONLY
                           Cost - $30.00 per / per mini session
                        New students must be tested beforehand
                                 (see dates & times below)
                          11:15 – 12:00 –LEVELS 5 AND 6 with POWER SWIM
                          12:15 – 12:45 – LEVEL 4     1:00 – 1:30 – LEVEL 3
                           1:45 – 2:15 - LEVEL 2      2:30 – 3:00 - LEVEL 1

                      11:00 – 11:30 - LEVELS 5 AND 6 11:45 – 12:15 – LEVELS 3 AND 4
                     12:30 – 1:00 – LEVEL 2           1:15 – 1:45 - LEVELS 1 AND 2
                     2:00 – 2:30 – LEVEL 1

             A late registration fee of $10.00 will be charged to those paying after June 18.
                            At that time class placement cannot be guaranteed.

                                   SWIM TESTING
 Testing is only needed if you are a brand new student OR if you have progressed over the winter.
                    Returning students DO NOT have to come to swim testing

                           Thursday June 10h from 3-5 PM
                            Friday June 18th from 4-6 PM

          ANY QUESTION CALL 363 –8021 OR E-MAIL
Please complete a separate form for each child, enclosing a class fee of $60.00 for sessions 1 or 2
or $30.00 for sessions 3 or 4. Deadline for registration is June 18, 2010. Any registrations
received after the deadline are subject to a $10.00 late fee and class placement cannot be
Student’s Name _________________________________________ Age ___________
Parent/Guardian Name _______________________ Home Phone _______________
Mailing Address __________________________________ Town ________________
State _______ Zip ___________ Email Address _______________________________
Emergency Contact Person _______________________________________________
Emergency Phone _______________________________________________________
Has your child participated in the program before? ____ If yes, when___________
Last level of swim class your child completed _______________________________
Please check which session(s) your child will be attending:
Session 1 – June 28 – July 9 __________Session 2 – July 12 – July 23 ____________
Session 3 – July 26 – July 30__________Session 4 – Aug. 2 – Aug. 5 ____________
                  Swimming is a great way for kids to stay fit and have fun.
                      Please call (603) 363-8021 for more information.
Medical Information we should know about your child
I am fully aware of the risk inherent and hereby give my consent for the before mentioned
applicant to participate in the program offered by or in cooperation with Red Cross, and
hereby release the Red Cross, any of its elected or appointed officials or instructors from any
and all liability from injuries, claims, demands, costs, loss of service, expenses and or damages
that may be sustained by me or us or my minor child on account of his or her participation in
said program or assorted activities or events. I give my permission to the Red Cross to arrange
transport of my child by ambulance to a medical facility should the situation warrant.
Parent/Guardian Signature                            Date
I have enclosed a check payable to the American Red Cross for $ __________________________
Credit Card Payments:
Charge my: Visa _______ Master Card ________               Amount $_____________________
Card # ___________________________________________________Exp. Date _________________
(Print) Card Holder Name
Signature of Card Holder
                                ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS
                               Swimmer's Itch
Swimmers' itch is a natural phenomenon that occurs in many water bodies. It
is a temporary annoying but non-dangerous skin irritation caused by an
invisible parasite found in lakes and ponds. The skin irritation appears as
small itchy welts resembling a rash or mosquito bites.

The welts are caused by a tiny parasitic organism which normally lives in the
blood of waterfowl. The parasite's eggs are passed out of the bird and develop
into larvae that seek out snails. Once they mature, they enter the water again
to seek out birds, but sometimes select a human by mistake. Humans are not
suitable hosts for the parasite, so it dies and is dissolved. Our body reacts to
the intrusion by treating the organism as a mild allergy and produces
histamines that can cause a red itchy welt. These itchy bumps are no more
serious than an insect bite and can be treated with anti-itch creams.

Incidences of swimmer's itch are most common in late June and mid-July,
especially after heavy winds. Only 30% to 40% of the population is sensitive
to swimmer's itch, and very few of those will ever develop welts.

Since swimmer's itch can be reintroduced to the water through duck, shore
bird and goose droppings. Please do not feed or attract these birds while
near lakes or ponds.

Swimmer's itch is:
  •   Not caused by poor water quality
  •   Not contagious
  •   Not dangerous to humans

To reduce the chance of getting swimmer's itch:
  •   Apply waterproof sunscreen or baby oil to help prevent swimmer's itch
      organisms from entering the skin.
  •   Thoroughly and briskly towel-off or showering as soon as you leave the
      water to help prevent swimmer's itch organisms from entering the skin.
  •   Change out of your wet bathing suit as soon as possible after exiting the
  •   Keep anti-itch creams handy if your family is prone to allergies or if welts
            Beach Safety - Thunder & Lightning

Few people realize one of the most dangerous times for a fatal lightening strike is before
a storm arrives. Lightning can strike up to 20 miles away from the rain area of a
thunderstorm. Lightning can travel sideways for up to 10 miles. Even when the sky looks
blue and clear, be cautious. If you hear thunder, take cover. Lifeguards will clear and
close all swimming and beach areas well before a storm arrives. Out of the water for 30
minutes from the last sound of Thunder & Off the beach for 30 minutes from the last
sight of Lightning. Another time for potential lightening danger is at the end of a
thunderstorm. This is the reason a beach, once closed, will not re-open immediately after
a storm has passed. The safest place to be if you are at the beach during a thunderstorm is
in your car. Going under an open-sided shelter or beach pavilion will not guarantee your
safety. If you can hear thunder you are in danger, lightning could strike your location at
any moment.

If Outdoors:
   •   Get out of the water. It's a great conductor of electricity.                   Stay off
       the beach and out of small boats or canoes. If caught in a boat, crouch down in the
       center of the boat away from metal hardware. Swimming, wading, snorkeling and
       scuba diving are NOT safe. Lightning can strike the water and travel some
       distance beneath and away from its point of contact. Don't stand in puddles of
       water, even if wearing rubber boots.
   •   Attempt to get into a building or a car.
   •   If no structure is available, get to an open space and squat low to the ground as
       quickly as possible. (If in the woods, find an area protected by low clump of trees
       - never stand underneath a single large tree in the open.) Be aware of the potential
       for flooding in low-lying areas.
   •   Avoid leaning against vehicles. Get off bicycles and motorcycles.
   •   Move away from a group of people. Stay several yards away from other people.
       Don't share a bleacher bench or huddle in a group. Crouch with hands on knees.
   •   Avoid tall structures such as towers, tall trees, fences, telephone lines, or power
   •   Stay away from natural lightning rods such as golf clubs, tractors, fishing rods,
       bicycles, or camping equipment.
   •   Stay away from rivers, lakes, or other bodies of water.

   If you are isolated in a level field or prairie and you feel your hair stand on end
   (which indicates that lightning is about to strike), Crouch with hands on knees.
       Remove all metal objects. DO NOT LIE FLAT ON THE GROUND!
Chesterfield Parks & Recreation
            PO Box 175
     Chesterfield, NH 03443
       603-363-9305 Beach
    603-363-8383 Home Office