Dry Reed Switches Contact Form by hwr10459


									Dry Reed Switches

Contact Form

Form "A" (Normally Open)
Switch contacts will close in the presence of a magnetic field.

Form "C" (Single Pole, Double Throw)
Form "C" switches have transfer mode contacts.
When a magnetic field is applied, the common contact will
be transferred from the normally closed (N.C.) contact to the normally open (N.O.) contact.

Contact Material

Rhodium plated contacts are most popular. They have very stable characteristics and long life when
switching low level to heavy loads. This is due to Rhodium's high melting point and high hardness.

Ruthenium's hardness is even greater than that of Rhodium. Ruthenium contacts have better mechanical
wear and heat dissipation characteristics, yet only when switching low loads.
Because of these characteristics ALEPH has developed a double plated contact with Ruthenium Oxide
over Rhodium or Palladium. These double plated contacts have very good switching characteristics from
low level to heavy loads.

Mercury Wetted
Mercury wetted reed switches feature bounceless operation, and therefore do not require additional
bounce inhibiting circuitry. They have high power switching capability, low and stable contact resistance
characteristics, and long life. They may also be used for high inrush current switching.

Application Notes:

   1. When load conditions induce arcing, mercury may evaporate from the contact area. This may
      cause contact welding. Therefore, these switches should not be used in applications where arcing
      cannot be controlled.
   2. Mercury wetted switches must be operated only within +/- 30 degrees from vertical.
  Part No.       Description                                       Figure
 HYR 1532
 HYR 2001
 HYR 2034
 HYR 4001
                 General application switches
 HYR 5051        Switching power rating of 10 watt.
 ORD221          Applications are wide including switching
ORD2220          signal loads, driving electromechanical relays,
HYR 1002
                 Ultraminiature switches
HYR 1003         With glass capsule length of 7 to 12mm.
 ORD213          These switches use very little space.
 ORD211          Applications include miniature reed relays,
 ORD219          keyboards, etc.
HYR 1531
(for 110 VAC)
HYR 2003-1
 (for 220 VAC) High power switches
HYR 2003-2 Switching power rating between 20 and 70
  (high power) Watt. May be used for directly switching
 HYR 2016 power line voltages, i.e. 1 10 VAC or 220 VAC.
(for more than
   220 VAC)
HYR 1559
HYR 2016
HYR 5006         High voltage breakdown switches
                 Breakdown voltage rated from 1,000 to 2,000
HYR 5007
                 Volt. Reed switches with ratings up to 15 KV
HYR 5008         are available in larger sizes.
           High insulation resistance switches
 HYR 2010
           With I. R. rated at more than 10E + 13 Ohm.
           Low thermal EMF and RF switches
           With thermal EMF ratings as low as 5 µV /
           deg. C (other switches are approx. 40 µV /
 HYR 2011 deg. C). These switches are often applied in
           test equipment. They may also be used in RF
           applications due to low insertion loss
           High inrush current switches
 HYR 1506
           May be used for switching incandescent lamp
           or capacitive loads without external current
           limiting resistors.
HYR 2031-1 Close differential switches
           Feature low magnetic hysteresis between
 ORD2212 contact closure and opening.
 HYR 1554
 HYR 1555 Form "C" switches
           Feature break-before-make, single pole
 HYR 4003 double through (SPDT) contacts.
           Surface Mount
           Surface Mount Molded
  ORD311   Long Life

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