TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT MANAGER
                          JOB DESCRIPTION


Salary:           NJC PTS 35-37 £28,947-£30,546 per annum

Location:         Initially based in Uttoxeter with planned relocation to Stafford or
                  Hanley (negotiable)

Accountable:      To the Chief Executive Officer

Conditions of     A statement of conditions of service based on the NJC Local Authorities
Service:          APT conditions is available

Hours:            37 hrs per week with an expectation of some flexible working

Employment:       Is subject to satisfactory references, an enhanced CRB disclosure and
                  a probationary period of 6 months

Pension:          Adsis contribute 5% of salary (with a minimum staff contribution of
                  3%) towards a group personal pension scheme which all staff are
                  invited to join

Car Allowance:    This is an essential car user allowance post

The Post:         Adsis prides itself on delivering a professional service to our client
                  group, high quality training therefore is an essential element within our

                  We are seeking a dynamic individual who can develop an effective
                  training strategy for the service, enhance staff and volunteer training
                  programmes and develop productive links with the business
                  community. The individual will hold a key responsibility for ensuring
                  that high quality training translates into effective service provision.

The Service:      Adsis is countywide information, advice and support services for all
                  people affected by their own or someone else’s misuse of alcohol or
                  wider dependencies. As employers Adsis provides a programme of
                  relevant training.

                  We are working towards full implementation of an effective Equal
                  Opportunities policy and would positively welcome applications from all
                  sections of the community.

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                              JOB DESCRIPTION
                         DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES

  •   To participate as a key member of the Adsis Management Team and share
      responsibility within the decision making process for service development.

  •   To hold a lead responsibility for overseeing monitoring and evaluation of all training
      within Adsis and ensure that effective systems are in place to support this (including
      observed practice).

  •   To hold responsibility within Adsis for the management of training provision to new
      and established volunteers, paid staff and outside organisations including the private

  •   To design and develop innovative external and internal training programmes which
      meet or exceed recognised models of best practice.

  •   To identify and incorporate appropriate accreditation for training.

  •   To co-ordinate the delivery of training within Adsis utilising skilled staff and external
      trainers as appropriate in addition to personal skills.

  •   To take on line management responsibility for any sessional staff or paid assistants
      within the Training Department.

  •   To take a lead responsibility for developing and delivering the training arm of the
      Workplace Policy initiative within Adsis and to actively develop productive links with
      the private sector.

  •   To take a lead responsibility within the Management Team for the recruitment and
      selection of volunteers in line with service needs.

  •   To recommend plans for the continual development of training services to the
      Management Team and Board of Trustees.

  •   To explore new opportunities to generate training income.

  •   To develop and maintain a training policy and strategy to include a full training
      needs analysis for the service that can sit alongside the Adsis Business Plan.

  •   To identify funding sources for training initiatives and participate fully in the
      monitoring of budgetary spending.

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                               JOB DESCRIPTION
                          DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES

   •   To ensure that efficient systems are in place for the effective administration of
       training programmes and materials, in consultation with the administrative team.

   •   To represent Adsis at national, regional and local meetings and forums as

   •   To provide regular reports and information as required by the organisation,
       particularly to the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Trustees.

   •   To keep up-to-date with new developments in the substance misuse and training

   •   To operate within the framework of Adsis, its policies and procedures.

   •   To operate within anti-discriminatory and equal opportunities policies of Adsis.

   •   To carry out additional duties as may from time to time be required in the post.

This is a senior position within the organisation and flexibility will be one of the
characteristics of the successful applicant.

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1    AC3        Contribute to the development of the knowledge and practice of others

                Develop and disseminate information and advice about substance use, health
2    AD4
                and social well-being

3    BA3        Contribute to the development of organisational policy and practice

4    BC1        Develop, negotiate and agree proposals to offer services and products

5    BC4        Assure your organisation delivers quality services

6    CJH D8     Support and challenge workers on specific aspects of their practice

7    GEN 35     Provide supervision to other individuals
8    GEN36      Make use of supervision
9    HSC33      Reflect on and develop your practice

                Develop joint working agreements and practices and review their
10   HSC433

11   HSC3111    Promote the equality, diversity, rights and responsibilities of individuals

12   HSC3115    Receive, analyse, process, use and store information

13   LLUK L2    Identify the learning and development needs of the organisation

14   LLUK L4    Design learning programmes

15   LLUK L5    Agree learning programmes with learners

16   LLUK L7    Prepare and develop resources to support learning
17   LLUK L10   Enable learning through presentations

18   LLUK L11   Enable learning through demonstrations and instruction
19   LLUK L13   Enable group learning
20   M&L D1     Develop productive working relationships with colleagues
21   M&L D3     Recruit, select and keep colleagues
22   M&L D7     Providing learning opportunities for colleagues
23   M&L F12    Improve organisational performance
24   M&L F11    Manage the achievement of customer satisfaction
25   M&L F10    Develop a customer focused organisation

26              Develop organisational structures and systems to support volunteering

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                                               TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT MANAGER
                                                        JOB DESCRIPTION
                                                      PERSON SPECIFICATION

                 Essential                                                         Desirable                                            How / Tested
                                                                                                                                        When (A/I)
                                                                                                                                        Essential   Desirable

Education /      •   Relevant training qualification and experience                •   First degree level qualification or equivalent      A            A
Qualifications                                                                         professional qualification in a relevant field

Experience       •   Experience   of identifying training needs                    •   Managing resources (people/time/money)             A/I          A/I
                 •   Experience   of developing training programmes and            •   Experience of inter-agency work                    A/I          A/I
                     materials                                                     •   Experience of developing online training                        A/I
                 •   Experience   of delivering training programmes                                                                       A/I
                 •   Experience   of monitoring and evaluation                                                                            A/I
                 •   Experience   of working within a team setting                                                                        A/I

Knowledge        •   Knowledge of the principles and practice of training adults                                                          A/I
                     in vocational courses
                 •   Knowledge of the principles and practice of management                                                               A/I
                 •   Knowledge and understanding of alcohol and wider                                                                     A/I
                     dependency related issues
                 •   Knowledge and understanding of quality assurance                                                                     A/I
                 •   Commitment to and understanding of the voluntary sector                                                              A/I
                 •   An understanding of partnership working                                                                              A/I
                 •   An understanding of child protection issues                                                                          A/i

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                                              TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT MANAGER
                                                       JOB DESCRIPTION
                                                    PERSON SPECIFICATION
               Essential                                                    Desirable                                          Essential Desirable

Aptitude and   •   Ability to work as part of a management team                                                                   A/I
Skills         •   Project management skills                                                                                      A/I
               •   Ability to develop and deliver training programmes                                                             A/I
               •   Good organisational and time management skills                                                                 A/I
               •   Facilitating and network skills                                                                                A/I
               •   Evaluation and monitoring skills                                                                               A/I
               •   Ability to motivate and support others                                                                         A/I
               •   Ability to work autonomously and prioritise own                                                                A/I
               •   Ability to organise and monitor the work of others                                                             A/I
               •   Ability to effectively utilise computer software,                                                              A/I
                   including Powerpoint, Internet, Word etc
               •   A commitment to delivering quality services                                                                    A/I
               •   A commitment to multi agency working                                                                           A/I
               •   Ability to work flexibly including some                                                                        A/I
                   evening/weekend work
               •   Abiility and commitment to integrate an Equal                                                                  A/I
                   Opportunities approach in all aspects of work
               •   Have access to a car and current driving licence                                                               A/I

         A = Application I = Interview. NB: As part of the interview process you may be asked to participate in a skills based test. Further
         details on this will be provided if successfully invited for interview

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