REGIONAL SALES MANAGER
                                         JOB DESCRIPTION

Position Title:                                   Regional Sales Manager

Reports To:                                       National Sales Manager

Skill Requirements:                               Excellent interpersonal and written and spoken
                                                  communication skills. Must be able to travel a
                                                  minimum of 60% overnight away from home. Prior
                                                  field sales or management work in valve industry

Minimum Education Requirements:                   Four-year degree or equivalent experience in sales,
                                                  marketing or the valve industry.

Advancement Opportunities:

Richards Industries Valve Group

Our company is a manufacturer of specialty industrial valves sold throughout the world. We employ
approximately 130 people. The main plant and office center is in the Hyde Park-Oakley section of
Cincinnati, adjacent to the Hyde Park Shopping Center. It is less than five minutes drive from the Smith-
Edwards or Ridge Road exits of I-71.

Our company is large enough to provide a very broad range of experience and exposure to those in the
company, and it is small enough for each individual to know the total picture and to gain broad

Our company was founded in 1948. We have grown steadily, and we have a very strong financial
position. There has never been a layoff or a workweek less than 40 hours in our plant.

Our products are sold through manufacturer’s representatives and distributors. Sales efforts are
concentrated primarily on the wet processing industries. In addition, we are active in HVAC, OEM,
mechanical contractor and constructor/engineering markets.


Specific Responsibilities:

1.      Application Engineering: The Sales Manager must have technical knowledge of our products.
        This involves three categories:

        A.        Product Performance and specifications
        B.        Application of products to specific industries and processes
        C.        Product Troubleshooting

        "A" is easily learned, as the bulk of the knowledge is contained in our catalogs. “B" and "C" are
        more difficult and are gained by experience and by study of our library of technical literature.
        Very time-consuming and technically complex applications are referred to the Administrative
        Engineering section of our Engineering Department.

2.      Motivation and education of our Reps. Our Reps handle other lines, and your objective will be to
        get them to spend a maximum amount of time selling our products.
                                    REGIONAL SALES MANAGER
                                        JOB DESCRIPTION
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Specific Responsibilities (cont):

3.     Penetration of new markets where Richards Industries does not have distribution. Recruitment
       and cultivation of high quality Rep prospects as a method of expanding our export business.

4.     Evaluation of Reps already established. The establishment of realistic sales quotas and
       methods of assisting Reps to attain the quotas.

5.     Conduct product training and application seminars for Reps and customers, both at the factory
       and in the field. The seminars will cover equipment application, new products, sales
       techniques, etc.

6.     Termination and Replacement, when necessary, of Representatives and Reps not performing
       to the benefit of Richards Industries’ sales and marketing goals.

7.     Trips to support, evaluate and train new and existing Rep personnel. This includes participation
       in trade shows, troubleshooting valve products in the field, and evaluating valve applications in
       the world market.

8.     Ongoing search for products for which Richards Industries might obtain marketing
       license/ownership rights in order to expand existing product offerings.

9.     Participation in planning and formation of Richards Industries marketing and sales strategy.

10.    Quotations: Timely Preparation and submittal of quotations to Reps and to customers. These
       may be simple verbal quotations, or may involve extensive technical documents supplied by the

11.    Maintain the correspondence and quote files.

12.    Ensure that orders received have the correct financial documentation and back-up so that
       payment is assured. May assist Accounts Receivable in matters of collection.

13.    Other duties as assigned, including but not limited to the following:

       A.      Assistance in coordinating monthly newsletter, marketing promotions, literature, and
               competitive information.

       B.      Hosting visiting Reps at the factory.

General Responsibilities:

1.     Communicate with our customers and Reps to answer their technical questions.

2.     Interact with other departments in the organization to insure the proper handling of customer

3.     Travel nationally to increase our volume of business through work with Reps, trade shows, and
                                   REGIONAL SALES MANAGER
                                       JOB DESCRIPTION
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Compensation is open, depending on an individual's experience, record of accomplishment, and
demonstrated earning power.

We offer a competitive benefit program that includes:
1.     Medical and dental insurance
2.     Prescription drug card
3.     Life insurance (equal to your annual earnings)
4.     Short and long term disability
5.     401(k) Retirement Plan with company contribution
6.     Paid vacation
7.     An average of 12 holidays and Personal Days combined
8.     Profit sharing

Basis of Selection

We evaluate each candidate in terms of the company’s needs and requirements, our estimation of how
well the candidate will perform in the job (based on their education, experience, and skills), and the
individual’s advancement potential. The person selected will undergo interviewing and aptitude testing
to assist in determining his or her capability for success in this position.

We do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment based on race, color, sex,
age, religion, national origin, disability or veteran status.


This position is for an enthusiastic and energetic person who would like to join a progressive and
growing company. We offer regular performance appraisals, a pleasant working environment, and
great opportunity for advancement.

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