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					                               BUILDING MANAGER
                                JOB DESCRIPTION

                           Lorig Management Services, LLC

PROPERTY:             Wallingford Center

JOB TITLE:            On-site Resident Manager

DEPARTMENT:           Property Management (On-Site)

ACCOUNTABILITY: Connie Strader, Senior Property Manager

POSITION:             Full-time (40 hrs/wk)

START DATE:           May 10, 2004

JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for managing all retail and residential building
operations, residential leasing, renewals, maintenance through hands-on leadership and
delegation of assignments and projects. To be innovative and creative in residential
leasing, promotional/marketing, market surveys, administration consistency and
enhancing systems already in place. Accountable for and manage financial projections,
statements, budgets, analysis, variances, delinquencies, operating plans and other
assignments as they may arise. Interaction with retail tenants, Merchants Association and
community groups.

  • Ability to communicate clearly and work well with others.
  • Ability to use people and financial resources effectively.
  • Follow-thru with projects and aptitude to schedule and organize time and
     resources to accomplish multiple tasks.
  • Ability to quantify and produce expected results and be responsible for the results
     of the work.
  • Ability to creatively solve problems and innovatively get results.
  • Capacity for detail oriented paperwork, organization and filing.

   • To manage site (both residential and commercial tenants)
   • Monitor delinquents, rent roll, abandonment, transfers, letters to residents, and
     other applicable functions and see them through to correction and current balance.
   • Be available in case of incident or emergency (submit incident reports).
   • Manage time and workload effectively. Tenant or customer conflict resolution.
   • Ability to accurately calculate rents and lease figures. Establish policies and
     procedures (with property manager) as necessary for successful operations.

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   •   Report to/communicate with property manager weekly or as needed on building
       operations through reports and meetings.
   •   Provide necessary support to property manager in obtaining market research,
       performance analysis, etc.
   •   Supervise, create and report financials (delinquencies, budgets, variances, etc.).
   •   Be responsible for residential lease renewals, organization and ultimately
       complete property performance. Create systems for tracking, accountability and
       operations as needed (i.e., reports, lease tracking logs, etc.).
   •   Property walks and supervision of contracted services (including capital projects).
   •   Work with community in outreach and inclusiveness for the property.
   •   Monitor all systems, emergencies, maintenance, preventive maintenance, and do
       analysis of the site as a business for short and long-term success.
   •   Perform property walks, develop functions for resident retention, manage leases
       and residential renewals, review success with surveys, participate in merchant and
       community meetings/events, etc.

  • Computer literate (Word, Excel, IE, Outlook & Publisher).
  • Knowledge of Yardi/property management software and/or ability to learn
  • Understand, follow and train on Fair Housing guidelines.
  • Ability to create and review budgets and financial statements analytically.

  • Bachelors’ degree preferred.
  • 5 years experience in RE/property management plus current WA RE license
  • Sense of humor and ability to manage multiple tasks needed for position.
  • Culturally aware and able to work with diverse groups of people and interests.

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