Phoenix Coffee Store Manager Job Description by skr83537


									Phoenix Coffee Store Manager Job Description


        Ensure smooth operation of the store
        Order (or oversee ordering) of all supplies & goods and actively manage COGS
        Coach and Develop Employees
        Schedule, hire, train employees
        Coach and discipline employees or terminate
        Maintain store cleanliness, appearance and organization
        Uphold quality of customer service and customer education
        Account for all cash
        Maintain equipment and facility
        Keep accurate records at the store
        Live out company values, mutual respect, the business as an organism, and using what we
         already have to solve problems
        Implementing new policies and menu items
        Meet sales goals
        Developing relationship with community, from non-profits to musicians, etc
        Manage labor percentage
        Overall store profitability


        Clear, consistent and compassionate communication with staff
        Maintaining and monitoring accuracy on waste, comp and consumption sheets
        Accurate records of Net 1 sales
        Keep Sales & Labor Report Updated and actively managed
        Organizing and updating all employee records: contact information, hire letters, applications,
         disciplinary actions, annual planning sessions, awards of recognition, tardiness issues, pay rates
        When hiring: check references, working interview, interviewing, call backs, etc.
        Establishing and overseeing regular maintenance and cleaning schedule: compressors on coolers
         and freezers vacuumed(dated), recharging water softener, cleaning and adjusting grinders
        Taking care of equipment issues, calling service people, communicating with roastery, etc
        Ordering of supplies: keeping inventory at minimum, records of what is ordered, returning
         inaccurate items
        Making sure all products are fresh and of the highest quality
        Reviewing task lists, modifying when necessary
        When there are drawer inconsistencies: investigating discrepancies, email/call Megan about
         problem, using as opportunity to reeducate staff about drawer procedures
        Arranging and promoting store events: music, arts, etc.
       Updating register, paper menu, menu boards for price accuracy
       Weekly division of tips
       Keeping staff updated on coffee supplies: out of stock merchandise, beans and tea/new coffee,
        merchandise for accurate selling and special orders
       Customer relations: handling customer complaints, setting example and educating staff on sales
        techniques and superior service
       Compliance of all health code standards: sanitation, head wear, thermometers in all coolers at
        the right temperature, food storage, etc.
       Providing encouragement and resources to employee’s interest in specialization of coffee
        industry(coffee culture, tea knowledge, financial responsibility, competitions, etc.)

Essential Job Functions

       Able to work proficiently as a barista
       Assertiveness, ability to clearly communicate even in emotionally fraught situations
       Math and computational ability
       Good social skills
       Follow through on things that are planned
       Positive attitude
       Ability to be proactive and organized
       Passion for coffee and for people

Expected Level of Performance & Metrics

       Keep three weeks of schedules posted at all times
        Financial Performance of the store should exceed the café’s performance from the previous
        year and meet or exceed our projections
       Store Visits. All items on the store visit checklist need to be attended to. I expect you to take
        care of additional items that I report on the store visit before the next store visit.
       Staff Commitment and Professionalism. How committed and professional is your staff? Are
        they interested in doing barista jams, competitions and other events? Are they here for the long
        haul? I also look for the least amount of employee turnover at each store.
       Proactive planning and strategizing. Are you moving the store ahead strategically and
        proactively making it a better operation, looking to the future? Because that is what moves the
        company forward.
       Customer service and community building. Does your staff really and genuinely serve the
        customers and the community that we are in? How many complements do we get about the
        service at your store?

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