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					                         Clinic Manager Job Description
STATUS:                  Full Time (Exempt)
SALARY RANGE:            $32,000 - $50,000 DOE, plus benefits
REPORTS TO:              Executive Director
                         High school diploma minimum, College degree preferred. Certification as
                         Reproductive Health Specialist and Medical Assistant, experience in the medical
                         field (reproductive health preferred), previous supervisory skills, computer
                         skills, strong organizational and communication skills, strong knowledge of
                         Family Pact and/or Medi-Cal systems, strong knowledge of Title X funding and
                         related requirements.

Personnel Management, Training & Coordination:
    • Serve as liaison between Medical Director and other Clinical Staff.
    • Hire, train, supervise and evaluate Clinic Assistants and Receptionist.
    • Oversee Licensed Clinical Staff adherence to Women's Clinic programs, protocols, quality assurance
       guidelines and insure current licenses are in good standing.
    • Coordinate Clinician, Physician and Clinic Assistants schedules.
    • Coordinate and document staff trainings, continuing education and staff meetings.
    • Review staff time for payroll.
    • Maintain current personnel information and staff health exams etc.

Program, Systems & Procedures/Protocols Management:
   • Develop implement and maintain systems/procedures to ensure agency compliance with
       Department of Health Services, Title XXII and HIPAA standards.
   • Supervise compliance of Family Pact, Title X, Medi-Cal and EAPC
       programs and billing requirements.
   • Maintain all medical protocols and provide for updates as necessary.
   • Participate in ongoing quality assurance review activities.
   • Arrange, participate in and document quarterly Clinician meetings.
   • Work with Medical Records to implement patient fee and billing changes.
   • Attend trainings or meetings as directed.

Patient follow up:
    • Follow-through on abnormal lab test results.

Purchasing & Inventory control:
   • Purchase medical supplies, medications, and equipment.
   • Maintain quarterly medical inventory, storage areas, and emergency kit.
   • Arrange for routine equipment servicing and prompt repairs when needed.
   • Meet with vendors and assess new products or changes to clinic systems.
   •     Other duties as assigned by Executive Director.