• Detect impending failures – so that timely, planned
  maintenance can be scheduled before they lead to failure and
  unplanned downtime.
• Reduced periodic maintenance – through reliable knowledge of
  a machine’s health.
• Identify maintenance priorities – critical before a planned
  shutdown when there are pressures on time and resources.
• Understanding the underlying cause of persistent problems –
  allowing effective solutions to be put in place.
                                     Effective condition monitoring programmes optimise
                                     plant asset efficiency, help avoid costly production
                                     outages and provide valuable decision-making support
                                     to the maintenance function.

AV Technology (AVT) is a test and    DELIVERING VALUE                 VIBRATION ANALYSIS AND               INFRARED THERMAL IMAGING
measurement consultancy,             With our sophisticated CM        ROUTINE CM SURVEYS                   Many failure processes generate
established in 1976. An              techniques we have helped        All rotating equipment has a         excess heat. By measuring the
independent company specialising     customers to benefit from:       vibration signature. Understanding   intensity of the infrared radiation
in the fields of: condition and                                       how that signature relates to        emitted by your plant, our
structural monitoring and noise      • Fewer breakdowns as a result                                        experienced engineers can
                                                                      machine condition and
and vibration consultancy.             of proactive detection of                                           uncover valuable information
                                                                      performance is critical to any
                                       impending failures             worthwhile vibration analysis        about your plants’ operating
We operate an ISO 9001:2000
                                     • Greater productivity through   service. We take condition           condition. For example, infrared
approved QA system and apply
a strict health and safety policy.     enhanced uptime                                                     thermal imaging can be used
                                                                      monitoring the critical step
AVT is part of the Ionix Group of                                                                          to identify:
                                     • Reduced costs through          beyond analysis to valuable
companies.                             better planning and            diagnosis and prognosis.             • Hot joints caused by faulty
                                       scheduling of maintenance,     Vibration analysis involves the        connections in electrical
We employ a range of state-of
the-art Condition Monitoring           and confidence to extend       periodic measurement of                circuits
(CM) techniques that can               maintenance intervals          machine vibration from either        • Insulation degradation that
determine the condition of           • Superior equipment             machine bearing housings,              could lead to costly heat losses
equipment and components as            performance by means of the    supervisory panels or other
                                                                                                           • Misalignment of bearings
they operate. Applying our             rapid diagnosis of machine     permanently installed sensors.         and gears
technology and expertise we can        inefficiencies and faults      The following range of machine
identify underlying and                                                                                    • Incorrect installation or poor
                                                                      faults and reliability problems
developing failures, reduce          • Prolonged machine life                                                lubrication of bearings.
                                                                      can be identified:
maintenance costs and optimize         through optimized                                                   • Electrical phase imbalance
availability and productivity.         maintenance scheduling         • Bearing defects                      that can lead to power loss in
Applied individually or              • Higher product quality                                                electrical motors
                                                                      • Misalignment
collectively the following             resulting from optimal                                              • Blockages and dead spots
techniques and services provide a                                     • Imbalance
                                       machine performance                                                   in circulation systems such
valuable insight into your plants’                                    • Soft foot                            as the cooling tubes of
                                     • Reduced energy costs through
condition and reliability:-                                           • Mechanical looseness                 heat exchangers without
                                       the identification of heat
                                       losses or system leaks         • Resonance                            cracking lines.
• Vibration Analysis and
  Routine CM Surveys                 • Increased safety through       • Bearing pre-loads and
• Infrared Thermal Imaging             improved plant integrity         incorrect assembly.
• Lube-Oil Analysis                  • Reduced or deferred capital    • Gear mesh abnormalities
• Ultrasonic Acoustic Inspection       expenditure through superior   • Journal bearing faults
                                       asset utilization              • Belt drive faults
• Vibration Troubleshooting
• Maintenance Consultancy            We maintain leading-edge         • Pump cavitations and process
                                     practices through the              flow problems
                                     development, implementation      • Beat frequencies
                                     and use of process maps, ISO
                                     standards and an ISO standard
                                     complaint management system.
With AVT’s managed lube-oil          INSPECTION                           A complete condition monitoring       AVT also provide a range
analysis service, you can have       This inspection technique            programme is based upon a             maintenance consultancy services
additional warning of imminent       involves the detection of high       strategy of detection, analysis       linked to our condition
machinery failure. Analysis of oil   frequency noise and has many         and rectification. Straightforward    monitoring activities including:
taken from plant machinery has       applications across both static      machine faults can be detected
proved to be one of the most         and rotating plant. Ultrasonic       by routine vibration analysis         • Plant criticality assessments
effective ways of trending wear      acoustic inspection can be used      surveys. By contrast, sophisticated   • Maintenance strategy
and determining wear-particle        to identify steam and air systems    equipment and troubleshooting           development
                                                                          techniques need to be used for
origin. By analyzing the condition   leaks saving energy costs and                                              • CM programme design,
                                                                          more complex faults. AVT have
of wear particles, the root cause    also enables the identification of                                           implementation, development
                                                                          considerable experience in
of wear can often be identified      bearing defects on highly critical                                           and support
                                                                          vibration troubleshooting and
and preventive steps can be          slow speed machines, where                                                 • Root cause failure analysis
                                                                          complex turbo-machinery
taken. For example, lube-oil         vibration signals are often
                                                                          problem diagnosis, gained over        • Training courses
analysis can be used to identify:    suppressed and grease samples        many years working with major
                                     are unobtainable. In summary,        blue chip companies. This             These services compliment the
• Coolant leaks and external         ultrasonic acoustic inspections      background enables us to provide      fluid management, integrated
  material ingress –                 can be used to identify:             competent and experienced             maintenance and reliability
  contaminating the lubricant.
                                                                          engineers to help resolve             solutions provided by our sister
• Engine or transmission wear –      • Compressed air and steam
                                                                          machinery issues such as:             company Asset Maintenance
  from particulates and fuel           system leaks
                                                                                                                Solutions (AMS).
  leakages                           • Bearing defects on slow speed      • Single and multi-plane
• Combustion problems –                critical machines                    in-situ balancing                   To find out how AVT can create
  through high soot content          • Faulty transformers,               • Complex machine                     a competitive advantage for
                                       switchgear and other                 investigations and problem          your organisation please
• Product contamination –
                                       electrical discharge problems        solving                             contact us on:
  compressor flash point values
                                     • Faulty steam traps, pressure       • Turbo-machinery start-up /          T: +44 (0)161 491 2222.
Moreover, because an aged              relief and non-return valves         shutdowns and                       F: +44 (0)161 428 0127
lubricant damages machinery                                                 troubleshooting
instead of protecting it, lube-oil                                        • Machine baseline and                E:
analysis also reveals the                                                   acceptance testing
condition of the oil and helps to                                         • 3rd party witnessing
optimise service intervals.                                               • Failure investigation and
                                                                            warranty issues
                                                                          • Structural and modal analysis
                                                                          • Compressor performance
                                                                          • Machinery protection panel
                                                                            calibration checks

Head Office: Avtech House, Birdhall Lane, Cheadle Heath, Stockport SK3 0XX
T: +44 (0)161 491 2222 F: +44 (0)161 428 0127 E: W:

Regional Office: Office 20, 1st Floor, Westhill Business Centre, Arnhall Business Park, Westhill, Aberdeenshire AB32 6UF
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