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									                               DIRECT BILLING OF AIRFARE CHARGES
                                 FOR EMPLOYEE BUSINESS TRAVEL
Travel Agency
                                                                                                         Travel Incorporated
Georgia Tech has entered into an agreement with Travel Incorporated to arrange for the
                                                                                                         GA Tech Dedicated
prepayment of air travel for faculty and staff. Airfare charges with any other travel agency                   Agents
must be handled on a reimbursement basis to the traveler via the Travel Expense Statement.
Only charges for air travel (and associated service fees) may be directly billed to the Institute.     Phone: (770) 291-5190
Charges for rail travel, hotels, and other transportation modes must be handled on a                  Toll Free: (877) 548-2996
reimbursement basis directly with the traveler.
                                                                                                           Agents’ Hours:
                                                                                                       8:00am – 5:30pm (EDT),
Direct Billing Process                                                                                          M-F
    1)   Approval to travel must be obtained prior to ordering any airline ticket. In all cases,
         an approved Travel Authorization Request Form (TAR) must be signed by the                        Extended Hours:
         traveler’s Department Head or authorized delegate, Director, Dean, Provost, or VP.            5:30pm – 9:00pm (EDT),
         This form (with approval signature) must be retained by the traveler’s home                            M-F
         department. Note: A TAR is not necessary when paying for tickets by personal                   9:00am – 6:00pm Sat.
                                                                                                       12:00pm – 9:00pm Sun.
         credit card. Billing to personal cards is the preferred method of purchase.

    2)   A copy of the approved TAR must be received by Travel Incorporated prior to ticket issuance. The preferred
         method of receiving a Travel Authorization is via email directly to the travel agency at:
         For the purpose of this direct billing process, the approver’s name may be typed on the Travel Authority Form
         prior to forwarding the form after the TAR has been approved by the appropriate person. If e-mail attachment
         is not available, the approved TAR form (with approval signature) may be faxed to (770) 291-4150 (Attn: Megan
         McCann). Travelers should always confirm receipt of faxed TAR form by contacting the dedicated agents via
         telephone. Note: Should a traveler make changes to their arrangements once travel has commenced, all
         changes must be made directly with Travel Incorporated to utilize the Georgia Tech billing service.

    3)   The following information should be provided to Travel Incorporated at the time the ticket is ordered:

            10 Character Campus Reference number (reported on the TAR form)
            People Soft number
            Employee ID number (not social security number)
            Name of traveler, traveler’s destination, departure and return times, and seating preference
            Name and the telephone extension of the person requesting the ticket, and delivery information (if necessary)

         This information can be included in the e-mail with the attached TAR or the traveler may contact Georgia
         Tech’s dedicated agents at the numbers listed above.

    4)   Service fees for booking travel are as follows:
                   Employee Travel Booked Using A Personal Credit Card/Direct Bill
                   $23.00 Domestic Call In Tickets
                   $34.00 International Call In Tickets
                   No Fee for Voids & Refunds (Domestic and International)
                   No Fee for Exchanges when using a personal credit card

    5) Travelers (or travel arrangers) will receive e-mail/fax confirmation of the trip itinerary, ticket price, and service
         fee. This should be provided in lieu of passenger receipt for the Travel Expense Statement. If fax/email is
         not received stating that the ticket has been purchased, please make sure to contact Travel Incorporated.

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