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									Indirect Travel Agency Merchants

4NetTravel                   Altour International           Bliss Travel Service          Coltur Travel
8th Avenue Travel            Ambassador Tours               Blue Charm Expedition         Command Travel
A and A Travel Service       Ambassador Travel              Blue Skies Travel             Commonwealth Travel
A and E Travel World         Amcan Travel                   Bob Penna Travel              Complete Travel Service
A and W Travel Inc.          America World Travel           Bokay Travel Service          Concierge Travel
A Better Choice Travel       American and Caribbean         Bolack Total Travel           Concord Travel
A to Z Travel                American Travel                Borrelli Travel Service       Conejo Travel
AARP Passport Travel         Americas Travel Comp           Boscovs Travel Center         Consolair, Inc.
AB Travel                    AMEX Travel                    Bradford Travel Service       Contra Costa Travel
Abbey Travel Ltd.            Anchor Travel Inc.             Branson Travel                Conway Travel Gallery
ABC Travel                   Anchorville Travel             Breakaway Travel              Corniche Travel
Above and Beyond Travel      Anderson Travel                Broad Horizons Travel         Coronado Travel Group
Absolute Tours and Travel    Antietam Travel Service, Inc   Broadway Travel               Coronado Travel, Inc.
Acacia Travel Inc.           Anusha Travels                 BTI, The Travel Consultants   Corporate Travel Management
Accent Travel                Any Seasons Travel             Buja Travel, Inc.             Cosmic Travel
Access to Travel             AOL Travel                     BurrTravel Bureau             Cosmopolitan Travel
Action Travel Inc.           A-Plus Travel, Inc.            C and H International         Court Travel, Ltd.
Adelman Travel Group         Apollo Travel                  Cal Travel, Inc.              Courtesy Travel Service
Admiral Travel Bureau        Argonaut Travel Service        Camelback Odyssey Travel      Courtyard Travel
Advan Services Inc.          Armstrong Travel, Inc.         Candleridge Travel            Covenant Travel
Advantage Travel             Around the World Travel        Canyon Creek Travel           Coventry Travel, Inc.
Adventure Travel             Arta Travel                    Canyon Travel                 CPP Travel
Adventures in Travel         Ascot Travel                   Capitol Travel Service        CRC Travel
Aer Travel Inc.              Asia Pacific Tours             Caradonna Travel              Creative Marketing
Aerea Travels Inc.           Aspen Travel                   Carefree Travel               Creative Tour and Travel
Air Consolidators            Astro World Travel             Carefree Vacations            Creative Travel Center
Air Express Travel           Atami Travel Agency            Carols Travel                 Crossroads Travel
Air Fair International       ATC Travel, Inc.               Carpe Diem Travel             Crown Travel International
Air World Travel Inc.        Atlantic Travel                Carr Travel Ltd.              Cruise and Travel
Airtravel Experts            Atlas Travel International     Carroll Travel                Cruise Company of Omaha
Airways Travel               Austin Travel                  Carson Travel, Inc.           Crystal Travel
Aldine Travel                AVB Travel                     Cassis Travel Service         Custom Travel
Alexander Travel             Avenue travel                  Cem Travel Services           CVM Travel Group
Alfred Travel Center         Aviajar Travel Agency          Chase World Travel            CWT Alexander Travel
All About Travel             Away We Go Travel                    CWT Veterans Travel
All America Travel           B and A Travel Service         Chestertown Travel            CWT/River City Travel
All Country Travel           BB Travel, Inc.                Chicago Tour and Travel       CWT/Stockade Travel
All Inclusive Reservations   BJ Travel Center               China Travel Service          CWT/Travelbrokers
All Journeys Travel          Barrington Travel              Circulo Maya, Inc.            D H O Travel
All Points Travel            BC Tours and Travel            City Travel Tours             Dallas Travel, Inc.
All Seasons Travel           Beachwalk Travel               CKIM Group, Inc.              Daly Travel
All Star Travel Group        Bee Kalt Travel Service        Clarksburg Travel Service     Dans Travel
All World Travel             Bella Tours and Travel         Clarksville Travel            Daryles Destinatios
Allen Travel Service         Bella Vista Travel             Classic Travel                Deepak Travels CA
Allwell Travel               Best Tours and Travel          Clipper City Travel           Dennis Village Travel
Aloha Travel                 Biomet Travel, Inc.            Coble Cruise andTtravel       Desert Travel
Alternative Travel           Black Tie World Travel         Cockpit Travel                Desmo Travel
Destination Travel             Far Lands Travel                 Grand Travel & Tours            John M. Puccetti Travel
Destinations Unlimited         Fayette Travel Center            Grays Travel                    Journey House Travel
Diamond Head Travel            First Travel                     Groups Meeting Incentives       Journeys Abroad
Diplomat Travel Service        First Travel and Tours           H and S Travel                  JPI Miami
Dirt Cheap Travel              Firstworld Travel                Haber Travel Service            JPI Travel
Diversified Travel             Five Star Travel, Inc.           Hakins Meetings and Incentive JPI Washington
Do All Travel Company          Flexi World-Wide Travel          Harris Travel Service           JTB Travel
Doma Travel, Inc.              Flowerama Travel                 Hebron Travel LLC               Judy’s Travel Center
Dome Travel                    FLS Travel Services              Heres Joanie Travel             Julie Rose Travel
Dream Travel                   Formella Travel Service          Hickory Travel System           Just Cruises and Vacations
Dube Travel Agency             Fort Lauderdale Travel           High Performance Travel         Katarinas Travel Center
Duff Travel Service            Four Corners Travel              High Post Events                Katlin Travel Group
Duro Travel Services           Fox Hill Travel Bureau           Highwood Travel                 Kendale Lakes Travel Service
Eastern Travel Agency          Freedom Travel                   Hjorth World Travel             Kimnet Travel
Eastgrenbust Travel            Fresh Pond Travel                HN Travel                       King Philip Travel
Ecuatravel and Tours           Friendly Tours and Travel        Hobbit Travel                   King Tour and Travel
Eddas Travel Corner            Friendship Tours International   Holiday Travel                  King Travel
Edgewood Travel                Frosch Travel                    Honey Travel, Inc.              Kirsten Travel
Ejecutivo Travel Agency        FT Travel                        House of Travel                 Kuller Travel Company
Elandra                        Fuller Travel                    Hyatt Travel Service            L and I Travel
Emerald City Travel            Fun n Travel LLC                 Hydecks Travel, Inc.            L T International
Emerald Travel                 G and R Travel                   ICS Travel                      La Mena Travel
Emery Travel                   Galaxy Travel, Inc.              Ideal Travel, Inc.              La Ruta del Sol
Empress Travel                 Gallery of Travel                Imatur Travel                   La Ruta del Sol Travel
En Route Travel Service        Garber Travel                    Imperial Travel Service         Ladera Travel
Encore Events                  Garrity Travel                   Incentive Connection            Lafayette Travel
Encore Travel                  Gavin Travel Agency              Incredible Places               Lagniappe Travel Service
Encore Travel Center           Gemini Travel, Inc.              Independence Travel             Lake Forest Travel
Enterprise Travel              General Wholesalers              Individual Travel               Largay Travel, Inc.
Entertainment Travel           Genesis Travel                   Infinity Global Travel          LBN International Travel
Escapade Cruises and Tours     Geraci Travel                    Infinity Travel Management      Leaders in Travel
Espinal Tours and Travel       Get out of Town Travel           Integral Travel Service         Leecollis, Inc.
Esquire Travel Service         Global Access                    Interlink Tours                 Lees Travel, Inc.
ETC Group                      Global Excellence                International Tours             Leisure Life Travel
Ethels Travel Haus             Global Express Travel            Interport Travel Service        Lincoln Tours
ETS International              Global Link Travel               International Business Travel Lincoln Travel Agency
Eurocenter Plus, Inc.          Global Odysseys                  International Cruise and Travel Linda your Travelmaker
Excel Worldwide Travel         Global Travel Service            Island Mountain Travel          Litwin Travel
Exceptional Travel Service     Globalstar Travel Management     Island Resort Travel            Livingston Travel
Executive Travel Association   Glyndon Travel, Inc.             Israel to Go, Inc.              Lois Lane Travel, Inc.
Executours Travel Service      Golden Valley Travel             Isramworld                      Long Long Corporation
Expert Travel                  Goldfinger Travel Service        Jacobsen Travel Agency          Lotus International
Expert Travel Association      Good Shine Travel                Jade Tours                      Lunar Travel Agency
Express Travel                 Gova Travel                      Jalpak International            Lyllis Travel Tours
Extreme Network                Graham Travel                    Japan Express International Mactravel
E-Z Travel                     Gramatan Travel                  Jet World Travel, Inc.          Magical Travel
Fairwood Travel Center         Grand Holidays                   Jetway World Travel             Main Street Travel Center
Majestic Travel                North Miami Travel          Port World Travel           Sav on Travel Agency
Mandarin International Tours   Northridge Travel Service   Power Travel                Scandia World Travel
Mansour Travel Company         Novak Travel Service        PPD Travel Service          Scenic Travel Agency
Marias Travel                  Now Voyager Travel          Preferred Adventures        Scottie Travel
Mary Kay Travel LLC            Nutley Travel Service       Preferred Retreats          Sea Gate Travel
Massena Travel, Inc.           Oakbrook Travel             Preferred Travel, Inc.      Sea the World Cruise
Matchmakes Tours               Oconto Travel Service       Premier Travel              Sea to Summit Travel
May Crest Travel               Odyssey Travel, Inc.        Prescription for Travel     Seabreeze Travel
McCabe Travel Group            Old Town Travel             Prime Travel                Select Cruises and Tours
McLachlan Travel               Olde Towne Travel           Professional Travel         Select Travel
McMurray Travel Service        Olwell Travel Service       Protea Travel Service       Senator Travel
McVeigh Associates             Omega World Travel          PTA Travel and Cruises      Ser Travel
Mena Mexicana Travel           Omnibus Tours, Inc.         Pyramids Travel             Seven Springs Travel
Mena Tours and Travel          On the Go Travel, Inc.      R and R Travel and Tours    Shalom International Travel
Mercury Travel                 Onboard Tour and Travel     Rainbow Travel              Shanthi Travel
Meridian Cruises               One Stop Shop Travel        Raj World Travel, Inc.      Shelton Travel Service
Midwest Travel                 Onward Travel               Ramdil Travels, Inc.        Signal Travel and Tours
Millbury Travel Service        Orens Universal             RCW Travel                  Skyline Travel, Inc.
Miller Travel Service          Orleans Travel              Regency Travel, Inc.        Skyway Travel and Tours
Mission Travel                 Outer Cape Travel           Regency Travel, Inc.        Skyway Travel Services
Mission World Travel           Oz Travel, Inc.             REI Adventures              Small World Travel
Monarch Travel, Inc.           Pacific Air Travel          Rennert Cruise and Tours    Sony Pictures Travel
Monroe Travel Center           Pacific Travel              Rich Worldwide Travel       Sorensen Travel, Inc.
Montclair Travel               Pacific Travel Center       Richcreek Vacations         Southern Cross Tours
Monte Travel, Inc.             Palm Coast Travel           Rico Tours                  Sprayberry Travel
Monticello Travel              Pan Pacific Travel          Ridgewood Travel Bureau     Springboard Vacation
Moonlight Travel and Tours     Paradise Travel             Rinis Travel Service        St. Petersburg Travel
Msieur Travel                  Paramount Pictures          Rio Grande Travel           Star Travel
MSW li Travel                  Park Avenue Travel          Riviera Village Travel      Stengl Johnson Travel
Multiviajes Gutierre           Party House Travel          RLT Exclusive Travel        Sterling Travel
Mundi Travel Consultants       Passport Premiere           RMA Travel                  Steves Travel, Inc.
Murphy Travel, Inc.            Passport Travel             Road Rebel Entertainment    Stratton Travel Management
Mustang Travel                 Pat Walker Travel           Robustelli World Travel     Sun Bird Travel Company
Mzzo. Inc                      Pathway Travel Agency       Romantic World Travel       Sun Travel, Inc.
Nammar Travel Service          Peacock Travel, Inc.        Roux Travel                 Sunbelt Travel
Nancy’s Travel Center          Peerless Travel and Tours   Royal Express Travel        Sundancer Travel
Nashville Express Travel       Pegasus Tours               Royal Lane Travel           Sundial Travel, Inc.
National Travel                Perfect Choice Travel       Royal Travel                Sunshine Travel Cruises
Nation’s Executive Travel      Pers Travel                 Rufe Snow Travel            Superior Travel Service
Natraj Travel, Inc.            Personal Travel             Russian Service Bureau      Surely You Travel
New England Travel             Personalized Travel         Sabre Corporate Travel      Susan Pavey Travel
New Horizons Travel            Picasso Travel              Sakar, Ltd.                 Suzi Davis Travel
New World Travel               Pino Travel, Ltd.           Sanditz Travel Management   Take Me Away Travel
Noble Travel                   Places Pleasures            Sandy’s Get Away Travel     Takeoff Travel, Inc.
Noble Travel, Inc.             Plaza Travel, Inc.          Sankei Travel of America    Taylor Travel
North Bank Travel              Poe Travel                  Santa Cruz Travel, Inc.     Teletravel
North City Travel              Points of Interest Travel   Satvam Travels, Inc.        Tennessee Travel
The Cadillac Travel            Travel Friends               Travels-Etc.                  Village Travel Center
The Cruise Shop                Travel Guide, Inc.           Travelshowcase                VIP Agenda, Inc.
The Travel Bunch, Inc.         Travel in Style, Inc.        Traveltime Services           VIP Travel Services
The Travel Center              Travel, Inc.                 Traveltrust Corporation       Voyager Travel
The Travel Exchange            Travel Incorporated          Travel-Wings, Inc.            Wabba Travel
The Travel Gallery             Travel International Group   Travgroup                     Warwick Valley Travel
The Travel Group, LLC.         Travel King, Inc.            Treasure House Travel         Wehrli Travel Ltd
The Travel Planet              Travel Lifestyles            Tremont Travel Agency         Welcome Aboard Travel
The Travel Shop                Travel Mate                  Triangle / Global Travel      West University Travel
The Travel Station             Travel Network               Trilogy Travel                Westcliff Travel
The Travel Store               Travel of Harrington         Trio Travel Agency            Westland Travel
The Travelsmiths               Travel Partners              Trip Tours Ltd.               Weston Travel Service
Tickets to Paradise            Travel Pavilion              Triple S Travel, Inc.         Westside Travel, Inc.
Tico Travel                    Travel Planners              Tripsandtravel                Windermere Travel
Tigris Travel, LLC.            Travel Professionals         Tropical Travel Network       Windows Of The World
Tillamook Travel Unlimited     Travel Service Company       Trusz Travel                  Windward International
Time Flys Travel               Travel Service               Trvl Reservations             Windward Travel Agency
Time for Travel                Travel Store                 TTA Travel                    Winger Travel Agency
Time Travel International      Travel Syndicate             Turan Travel And Tours        Woodside Travel
Titchener Travel, Inc.         Travel Systems, Inc.         Turpak International Travel   World Class Travel
TJ Travel Services, Inc.       Travel Time                  Twin Horizons Travel          World Premiere Travel
Togoaway Travel Network        Travel Appointments          U.S. Travel World             World Travel
Tom Mann Travel, Inc.          Travel Arrangement           Ultima Travel, Inc.           World Travel Limited
Top Value Travel               Travel Bound                 Ultramar Travel               World Travel Management
Total Travel Consultants       Travel Center                Uniglobe Innovative           World Wide Adventure
Tour Plan International        Travel Clinic                Uniglobe Master Travel        World Wide Travel
Touraid Travel                 Travel Club International    Union Air Service             Worldlink Tour
Tower Travel Management        Travel Concepts              Unique Travel                 Worldtek Travel
Town and Country Travel        Travel Trams                 Unitours, Inc.                Worldview Travel
Trade Wind Associates          Travel Travel, Inc.          Uni-Travel                    Worldwide Golf And Tours
Tradewind Tours                Travel Travel Laguna         Universal Travel, Inc.        Wyndham Jade
Tramex Travel                  Travel Tyme                  Up And Away Travel            Yahoo Travel
Travel and Tours, Inc.         Travel Unlimited             Ursulas Travel                Youngs Travel Service
Travel Anywhere                Travel USA South             US Worldwide Travel           Yukien Travel, Inc.
Travel Connections             Travel Wise, LLC.            US1travel                     Zeca Travel
Travel Corner, Ltd.            Travel Time Services         Utopiatravel                  Zinks World Discover
Travel Corps                   Travel to Do                 Uyehara Travel, Inc.
Travel Destinations            Travel to Go                 V.I.P Travels
Travel Directions              Travel with Us               V.I.P. Unlimited Travel
Travel Dreams, Inc.            Travelcorp International     Vacation Travel Center
Travel Dynamics Group          Travelmaster                 Vacations In Asia
Travel Etc. Inc.               Travelmax USA                Valley Travel Service
Travel Executives              Travelmore/CWT               Value Travel
Travel Experts                 Travelnet                    Varela Travel Agency
Travel Ezee                    Travelocity                  Varsovia Travel Ship
Travel for Less Incorporated   Travelocity Business         Via Travel Of Texas
Travel for the Stars           Travelogue Enterprises       Vietlink Travel Service

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