Callista Student Management System Request for Access by vvq21088


									                        Callista - Staff Connect Request for Access
This form should be initiated by the relevant Pro Vice Chancellor, Head of School, Head of Centre or Head of
Administrative Section. For Callista – Inquiry access, the form can be forwarded directly to the Director of
Student Services. For Callista – Update access, the staff member will need to obtain relevant training. The
trainer will then forward the form to the Director of Student Services.

                                      UC ACCESS POLICY - CONDITIONS OF USE

The Callista Student Management System is available to staff          Staff who are also students of the University must ensure that
while undertaking their duties related to the operations and          no conflict of interest arises in their use of the system. The
mission of the University. The system contains personal               University will take appropriate action upon becoming aware of
information. The privacy of this information must be assured at       any illegal use of the University's services and facilities.
all times. The information can only be used for the purposes          Access to corporate database systems (including the Callista
for which it was explicitly designated. Use of the student            Student Management System) is granted subject to the above
management system is governed by a number of polices                  terms. The applicant agrees to safeguard their password and
outlined at:                                                          to immediately inform supervisors of any breach of security. You must        Signing this form indicates the user has read, understands and
comply with these policies when using the system, its                 agrees to be bound by the policies and conditions referred to
information content and information derived from its content.         above.

Applicant's Signature                                                 Date
               Type of Access                            Callista – Staff Connect Upload Results
                 (Please tick one)                            Callista – Inquiry/Staff Connect
                                               Applicant Information
   Family Name                                                            Given Name
        Position                                                              Staff No
Faculty/Division                                                     Department Name
    Department                                                    Telephone/Extension
           Code                                                         Email Address

Authorised __________________________________
                  Signature – PVC, Head of Centre/Unit/ Section

Security Roles
      Role Name                                                         Description
A1_STAFF_CONNECT                 Staff Connect User

GEN_INQUIRY                      General Inquiry

Other                            Specify:

Director of Student Services - The staff member is hereby authorised to have access to
the Callista System as appropriate for their position.

         Signature                                                                      Date
Callista System Security Administrator
                             Performed by                                                  Date
User advised of details

Form modified on 1/11/2006

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