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									                   Tourism on Galveston Island

How important is the Visitor?
     Everyone in the community benefits from an influx of tourism. Of
     prime importance to most persons is the dollar and cents effect.

      ** According to the Texas Department of Economic Development,
      without the local, state and federal tax revenues generated by travel
      spending, each Texas household would have faced an additional tax
      burden on $780 to maintain existing government services.

      ** Increased tourism business results in the employment of new
      personnel – currently the Galveston-Texas City area employs 7,070
      people who are directly impacted by tourism.

      ** Benefiting most are the facilities, service and attractions that
      have direct contact with the tourists. Hotels/motels, eating
      establishments, taxi cabs, buses and retail stores, find that their
      gross income is increased. Cultural, educational and social institutions;
      special events; museums and art galleries also enjoy increased

Who is a Visitor & How Many Visit?
     Anyone who comes to Galveston Island that lives 50+ miles one-way
     from home or stays overnight - received 4.4 million visitors in 2002.

Where do our Visitors Come From?
     In-State Top Cities
     Houston     43%
     Dallas      20%
     Austin       6%
     Waco-Temple 5%
     San Antonio 4%
     Beaumont    3%
     Harlingen    2%

      Out-of State Top 5
      Lafayette    3%
      Chicago      2%
      Oklahoma     2%
      Lake Charles 1%
      Topeka       1%
Average Distance    Traveled (miles)
     Under 300      74%
     301-500        13%
     501-1000        4%
     1001+           8%

How do they Get Here?
     Car/Truck 79%
     RV          1%
     Air         5%
     Ship        7%
     Train       0%
     Other       9%

Why do they Visit?
     Leisure guests accounted for 93% of all visitors, more specifically:
     67% Visited the Beach/Waterfront
     47% Went Sightseeing
      4% Visited Historic Sites
      1% Visited National/State Parks
      Business    7%
      Meetings    4%

Total Expenditure   Summary (Per Person Per Day)
Average ($)         $105.20
Food                 $27.50
Entertainment        $14.50
Room                 $20.40
Shopping             $18.40
Transportation       $20.90
Miscellaneous        $ 3.50

          Average party size (adults & children) was 3.4 people
          Average length of stay was 1.7 days
          79% traveled by car
          Average spending was $105 per person per day
          57% stayed in paid accommodations
          Average age was 41
          Average household income was $62,116

                                            Source: DKS&A DIRECTIONS
                                            Texas Economic Development Report 2002

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