Non-immigrant Visa O by tyl10582


									                             Non-immigrant Visa O
                                      (Spouse Visa)

1. Qualifications for the Applicant

     This application is for a person who has a Thai wife/ husband/ child only

2. Documents for the Applications

     2.1  Visa application form completely filled out.
     2.2  Passport or travel document whit validity not less than 6 months.
     2.3  One recent photograph full-faced (passport-sized photograph or 2 1/2 inches)
     2.4  A photocopy of your valid spouse Thai I.D card / passport
     2.5  A photocopy of your spouse Thai house registration
     2.6  A photocopy of a marriage certificate
     2.7  A formal letter from your spouse identifying who he or she is? and the
   relationship to you.
     2.8 A photocopy of a birth certificate of your child (if using your children as a
   sponsor for the visa)

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