HOPE PLUS Scholarship Application

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					                             HOPE PLUS Scholarship Application

Personal Information
Name:      First                        Middle                           Last
City:                                                State              Zip Code:
Phone:     Home (        )             Cell: (   )                  E-mail Address:
Birth Date:        /     /              Sex:        Male          Female
United States Citizen:          Yes  No
Marital Status:   Single           Married
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?             Yes             No

High School Information
Name of High School:                                         City                       State
Graduation Date:             /   /
Cumulative GPA:

List your three most significant honors and/or organizations:

List any extracurricular activities:

Work Experience
Jobs you have held (indicate dates):

                                                                      Application continues on back 
Provide a brief description of yourself, your goals, or anything else you want
us to know about you: (You may attach an additional sheet if necessary.)

Application Certification
I hereby certify that all information supplied by me in this application is accurate and complete
and that any misrepresentation of fact will constitute cause for nullification of my application
and scholarship eligibility including current and future years. In addition, I hereby grant
permission for The HOPE PLUS Scholarship Program and Augusta State University to include
my name on a publication of scholarship recipients and release information from the application
and from my academic and financial aid records to parties involved in the selection of HOPE
PLUS Scholarship Program recipients.
Applicant’s Signature:                                             Date:

This application is incomplete without the following documentation:
    Official high school transcript.
    Letter of acceptance from Augusta State University.
    Copy of the results of your processed Free Application For Federal Student Aid
       (FAFSA), i.e., Student Aid Report (SAR).
    Three letters of reference, with at least one being from a previous teacher or high
       school administrator. References from family members will not be accepted.

If you have any questions please call Dr. Larry Hornsby at 706-860-1291.
Please mail application and documentation to Dr. Larry Hornsby, 711 Whittington’s Ridge,
Evans, GA 30809